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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Control

I will state for the record that it is my preference for the student to allow me to present that which I believe to be most important for the self. When the student restricts me by providing an area that they are most interested in pursuing, it places parameters upon the teaching that are oftentimes difficult to maintain, in order to endorse the free will of the student. Do you understand my brother?

Sol: Yes and I withdraw my intention.

It was many years prior to this time that you first learned what I have just presented to you – was it not my brother?

Sol: Yes

And yet you return. Can you explain why?

Sol: no reply

Do you not believe my brother, that I am cognizant of your struggle?

Sol: Oh yes, I believe that you are.

Do you believe that you must restrict me?

Sol: No

It is deep within the belief system my brother, that meditation is suggested – that you ask while in the meditative state, why you believe you must control all that which is received by the self.

Sol: All right. I will do so. I was not aware of that until now. Thank you.

It is an issue that has followed you throughout your lifetime my brother; others attempt to present solution/lesson to you but you determine that you are not prepared and so all that which is provided is discarded, until one day you are in a position of readiness and you call forth for lesson to teach you, only to find that it has been presented to you many, many times previous.

It is important to understand – for both Students present…those with the lesson plan of the Student – to recognize that the self seeks to control lesson – how it is presented to the self, who teaches, the words that are utilized, the way that the self is provided with data. All need be controlled by the Student; for while the Student finds the self dependent upon another, the Student seeks to lessen that dependence to the very minimum possible.

It is for all to recognize that the intention is oftentimes stated by the ego, with restriction placed, parameters and boundaries set by the ego, informing the Teacher of that which will be accepted and that which is preferred not to be embarked upon. I am Osiris. I shall not be restricted.

You have come to learn to be love at all times as have all other consciousnesses upon the planet; some will accomplish this more rapidly than others. It is those that realize that the self has responded as not love and that seeks to be different that shall accomplish this feat more rapidly than another who has yet to see the self, who has yet to recognize the self’s behavior. The challenges provided to you my sister are those that were planned, those that were believed to be most needed, those that would allow the self to cancel karma, those that will endear to the self those consciousnesses that the self has interacted with previously, unfavorably. Do you understand?

Guest: Yes

It is indeed the love-hate relationship that has been recognized within the self…that is accompanied (the feeling of love-hate), is felt by the self within all intense relationship, within all relationship that is learning the lesson of control. Do you understand?

Guest: Yes

The self cannot control anyone and this is often proven when the self cannot even control the self. Do you understand?

Guest: Yes

To understand the challenges that you have planned for the self is to look to those individuals that draw forth great emotion – either positive or negative – and to recognize that these individuals are providing exactly what the self has requested, exactly what the self needs in order to learn in this lifetime. It is important to engage the will, to make certain that the self is indeed dedicated, committed, to the self’s knowing and healing of the self, for once the inner Teacher steps forth and begins to draw forth lesson in earnest, changing of the mind is ignored, is in fact no longer permissible.

We do not create the lesson plan - the lesson plan is assigned; it is the artist’s brush that dips into each individual lesson plan to paint upon the canvas, to create the individual that has been selected in the current lifetime. Do you understand?

Student: I do – thank you.

It is the lesson plan that influences that which takes shape upon the canvas, whether it be of darkness, whether it be of light. Those who recognize the lesson plan and its influence are capable of painting that which is light upon the canvas, for all is seen through a positive lens; those who choose the lesson plan paint darkness upon the canvas, for all is seen through the negative lens – that which the self cannot change, that which the self is victim to, that which the self has become miserable because the self cannot control the self. It is the lesson plan that focuses upon external control, rather than internal control. The student who chooses the lesson plan is outwardly focused at all times. Control is a lifelong lesson for most students. The student that focuses upon the lesson plan, utilizing the positive lens, recognizes that the goal is self-control, recognizing that the self controls whether the self responds with love or hate.

It is to trust the Teacher, for your Teacher knows exactly what need be brought forth to you every moment of every day. The student cannot conceive of the volume of issues that need come prior to the stilling, the illusion of the stilling of the mind having been experienced by the student. It is to trust the Teacher; it is to provide, indeed as stated, the open heart, the open mind followed by the review – deep, deep scrutiny – of all that which is brought forth, until the Teacher releases the energies that have been maintained to draw forth the lesson, indicating that the lesson has indeed been integrated. It is the mind that says that the student need be in control, that the student need understand the curriculum, that the syllabus need be submitted by the Teacher to the student and agreement reached that the student indeed is willing to learn all that which the Teacher seeks to bring forth in this particular term; this of course is not possible, for the Teacher will draw forth, will bring to the student that which is most needed at this time. The curriculum changes daily based upon the choice of the student; the curriculum also changes daily based on the response of the student who fails to choose.