mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Teachings - Wheel of Death and Rebirth

To understand that all consciousnesses that come into the atmosphere of this particular planet, to recognize that all consciousnesses have agreed to learn, to experience all that this planet has to offer - it is a long and arduous journey indeed, through darkness, until light is once again experienced. The consciousness that awakens and determines that the experience of this planet has been fulfilled – all things that the consciousness came to experience have now been experienced - darkness as well as experiences of light; these experiences of light have placed within the self the desire to draw ever nearer to the light as the journey progresses. All consciousnesses experience this - what would be referred to as - ‘natural progression’ from darkness into light. No consciousness leaves the wheel of death and rebirth until the cycle of darkness back to light has been fulfilled, for this is the only way that all things could be experienced. To leave this atmosphere, one must learn to feel, utilizing the physical body.

It is my goal to draw forth from within each present that which signifies what could be regarded as damage to the psyche – that which has become a part of the belief system as it regards the self; for at the end of each incarnation, the self is provided with opportunity to iterate that which was learned in the just ended lifetime.

To understand the self is the goal of all humans. Coming into the lifetime, there is very little time where the consciousness is truly beginning anew; this time period is referred to as infancy. It is in the latter stages of infancy that the bodies belonging to the consciousness enter and are gathered inside the protective barrier of the etheric body belonging to the new self, the new personality. Following this joining, the personality begins to take shape; the infant is now noted to have a distinct personality, way of being - one that is oftentimes shocking to the parents for the behaviors are not understood – not like those members known to the self, those members belonging to the family. It is important for all to understand that the child is representing the self from all previous lifetimes – the lifetime recently ended is the one that can often be recalled by the young child if questioned appropriately.

It is to understand that the soul works with the self to bring forth example of behaviors that need be surveyed in the self while in the dream state; it is the interpretation of the self, of this vision, that could then be connoted as a past life. Those that are provided in the waking state could be regarded as daydreams - they could also be past life memories, my sister. I am the Teacher; I do not provide answer of this sort. It is for you to make contact with the Higher Self to seek answer, to determine, “why were these memories provided to me?” Until you are capable of having two-way communication with the Higher Self, it would behoove you to survey those things that you believe to be past life overviews - to determine characteristics, behaviors, attributes, that have troubled the self in the current life time as well; it is this that is desired by the Higher Self when past life memory is provided: to tell the self these issues are ancient, these issues have been provided to the self previously - opportunities have been provided to the self previously and failure resulted.

It is for the self to focus on the behaviors, the characteristics, the attributes - versus the individuals; to become caught up in the behavior…the judgment of the behavior is the typical response of the student who is provided with memories too soon. It is to recognize that previous lifetime has brought previous challenge; the self continues in the death and rebirth cycle, meaning that the self is still learning. It is to honor the previous journeys, to love the previous self, for that previous self is now a part of the current self and healing of that self begins with love of that self - not judgment, not anger, not hatred, nor even sorrow, but love and acceptance, recognizing that the current self has the opportunity to heal all, to change all.

When the self is contemplating change, it is most appropriate to survey those around the self to determine, “Do I wish to continue to walk the path that the other is currently walking or do I prefer this path?” It is only the individual who is capable of seeing that, “I have enjoyed many pizzas, many containers of Chinese food, many plates of meat and potatoes, many desserts – in this and many, many, many previous lifetimes – the flavors no longer hold the promise that they once did, for I still feel empty after consuming all that is in front of me. I recognize that those things that are ingested are provided as lesson - lesson to be learned about how to care for the body, how to nurture and ensure that the body continues to function until I have freed myself of the lesson plan.” For most consciousnesses upon this planet destroy the body well before the possibility is in sight that the lesson plan may be overcome and so, it is back into the central pool, awaiting the next incarnation and the body once again brings forth lesson so that the self may choose to forgo the poisons, the hazards – those things that are short-lived pleasures - in favor of that which will further my existence, for there is much left to ingest that endorses the self’s goals. It is true that there is far more that must be forfeited than that which will remain; it is the choice of the student. No one else can make this choice for the self.

This is a perfect example of the ego, my sister, distracting the focus, drawing you emotionally into a state of mind that does not understand the purpose of this planet, for this planet is strong and shall continue for a time that is incomprehensible to most humans. This planet is a school for learning - all that come here understand that it is to learn. All that which is known prior to arriving has been removed, is no longer accessible to the consciousness (that is conscious) until the lessons have been learned, until the lesson plan has been cast off, recognized for the detriment that it has caused to the self, as well as all those around the self that is encountering lesson. All humans encounter lesson until they have learned to love without condition, to accept universally; it is these that then step forth, returning to this planet again and again and again, to aid - to aid those who are caught in the cycle of death and rebirth. It is important to understand the purpose of this planet. The purpose of your presence upon this planet, my student, is to learn.

Focusing the self’s attention upon the heart enables the self to be positive, even in the presence of negativity. Focus upon the heart is a way of being, has become a way of being for the student who has begun to think differently. It is true that negativity continues to dominate, continues to overwhelm the self; however, the self has made the choice to be positive at all times - simply because the choice has been made does not mean that the student will be successful. Focusing upon the heart, feeling the heart, recognizing that the self has placed barrier around the heart and only the self can dismantle this barrier.

It is for the self to focus upon the heart, to determine the quality, the height and the thickness of the barrier. Can the heart truly be felt? Can the self breathe energy into the heart? Can you feel the constriction of the heart? Is it possible to destroy the barrier? Is the desire present to do so? Is the self willing to humble the self to all others? Is the self willing to be love at all times? Is the self prepared to destroy the thinking that demands defense and protection?

The heart has been encumbered, hidden from the view of the self in the belief that it will be safe and not be damaged, as long as the barrier is maintained, fortified, prohibiting the entry of others who are believed to be those that will damage the self. In truth, the heart has been barricaded - the self no longer capable of feeling, no longer capable of making connection to the mind. The self that is desirous of learning must destroy this barrier, repairing the connection between the heart and the mind, allowing communication to take place instantaneously so that choice is always available to the self. The heart that is connected to the mind sends forth its message – the message that can never be misinterpreted, for it comes from the feeling that has been earned from lessons that have been learned. It is the mind alone that currently prohibits choice for fear is utilized to encourage defense and protection of the self at all times. It is the negative approach that is encouraged by the lesson plan. The self’s safety, the self’s survival is primary.

The student that is vigilant to the thoughts is capable of manually connecting the heart with the mind, so that information can be sent to the mind to modify the negative view that is encouraged by the lesson plan – that which has been utilized as a basis for the programming of the mind. It is important for the student to recognize that the heart is no longer connected to the mind; this connection was severed early in the cycle of death and rebirth upon this planet. The connection can only be repaired by learning the lessons. It begins with a single thread, joined by another and another and another, with each lesson that is viewed utilizing both the mind and the heart, informing the self of that which is positive and that which is negative and then choosing that which is most appropriate for the self at this time.

We shall return to the topic of the bodies joining with the new self in infancy. It is to understand that the infant is here once again to continue the journey forth, until the path to healing has once again been met. The parents are often damaged, have yet to meet with their own path, prior to hosting the arrival of a consciousness that has garnered the burden of many failures in previous lifetimes. The consciousness has chosen the parents that will draw forth the lessons that need most be learned, that are most desired to be addressed in the lifetime. As it is unknown how the parent will choose to present the self once the consciousness arrives, it is to observe the lesson plans, to observe the consciousness and its method of dealing with lesson for many months prior to birth of the new consciousness – this is the role of the Teacher, for it is the Teacher’s responsibility to choose those who shall host the consciousness in the first portion of the lifetime. To understand that the Teacher provides the consciousness with the best possible choice, utilizing those consciousnesses that comprise what is known as the soul family - those consciousnesses that have had contact with the self in previous lifetime where karma quite likely has been accumulated.

The lessons that are brought forth to the young consciousness are often those that have yet to be resolved by the parents – those that potentially have been suffered at the hands of the consciousness now resident in the body of the infant. It is important to note that the young are those that are protected within the 4th kingdom; they are often the victim and known to be weak in the 3rd. It is the Teacher that draws forth that which is needed most to be learned by the consciousness early in the lifetime; these lessons are often brought forth through the parent. If the consciousness has been abusive in previous lifetime, the consciousness will encounter abuse early in the lifetime; therefore, choice is provided once again - to choose to abuse another once again or to learn that abuse of another or the self is never appropriate.

It is to learn that is the goal of the student; it is to teach that is the goal of the Teacher. Teach/learn, learn/teach – this is the process that is followed by all consciousnesses throughout space, throughout time. To learn and then to teach, for learning fuels the desire of the self to share with another. Those who do not share have yet to learn, those who share inappropriately believe that the self has learned; yet, this is still far better than one who fails to share, for it provides opportunity to the other to question, to delve, to choose for the self. I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that draws forth the wisdom that lies within the self, for it is all things that need be brought to the surface, that need be understood by the self – those things positive as well as those things negative.

When first beginning to walk the path to healing, the student believes that the self is either divine or evil. It is rare that the student understands that the self stands firmly off-center, leaning towards the positive, having spent lifetime after lifetime after lifetime garnering, immersing the self in negativity; for it is this pursuit alone that guarantees that the self will arrive at that moment where the self recognizes hatred for this planet, hatred for this existence, for the self has learned, has experienced all that this planet has to offer. It is now time to begin the long and arduous journey back to divinity, to cleansing the self; this is done by learning the lessons and then by providing service so that karmic callings can be cancelled – all those that have been earned throughout the consciousness’ existence on this planet must be repaid. It is for this reason that many consciousnesses return for a great many lifetimes following realization of the Self’s divinity. It is for this reason that service becomes the focal point; the self does not tire of returning to serve – the self does, however, tire of returning to learn anew lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime…the slate wiped clean, the infant to adult struggling, clawing to regain that which has been earned previously. It is only through integration of the lessons, casting off of the lesson plan, that the self may continue in the cycle of death and rebirth, yet have all memories intact each time the new body is taken; it is in this way that the self is capable of serving for the full lifetime, rather than a small portion thereof. It is important for each present to recognize that many lifetimes lie ahead for each of you. Service has been provided, yet the self has been unable to break free of the lesson plan.

“How can this be?” is the question that has come to mind for Te' Auna. If service has been provided to others, how can the self not have learned the lessons of the self? It is the outward focus of the self, of the consciousness – service has become primary, the self has indeed become selfless. Learning to cast off all that which is presented to the self by focusing all attention upon another, learning that the self need be primary while also providing service to others, is a difficult concept for the Teacher to bring forth for the student; for selfishness is rampant upon the earth at this time - self-focus, self-absorption - the issue that most confront daily, unwittingly imposed by their lesson plans.

Opportunity to be born upon this planet has become somewhat restrictive; the consciousness must have proven that the self is prepared to change – to come forth and to further the self’s journey back to that which is seemingly most desired by our Creator. It is not the light, nor is it the dark that is leaned towards by our Creator – it is experience. The consciousness must state that the self is willing to experience differently, rather than taking its place upon the wheel to once again experience that which has been experienced previously. The Teacher guides the consciousness throughout the lifetime, encouraging new experience but the lesson plan has ingrained within the self the previous experiences, and the energy surrounding these experiences have joined the new consciousness by the second year - the personality is then formed based upon all preceding lifetimes. The die is cast, so to say, as the self begins to be drawn to the same experiences of previous lifetime – that which was of interest to the self, that which also ensnared the self - failing to recognize that the self has experienced that which has been pursued, that which is being pursued, many, many, many times previous, causing the mind to be drawn forth to the same experience again and again and again without reason, without purpose.

Whether human or animal, it is to experience differently; however, it is the human that is the focus of this teaching. The animal is limited until the species has been trained to alter the self’s behavior - the predatory hierarchy that has been designated is adhered to throughout this planet; unfortunately, it is the human that is the predator at the top of the hierarchy at this time, throughout the animal kingdom.

I should like for each to observe the self, to detect those experiences that the self states are desirous and to determine, “is this truly an experience that I wish to repeat in this lifetime?” – for the learning cycle is drawing near its close and many have been drawn back into the wheel of death and rebirth to aid, to provide service, to bring forth light. Many, however, are consumed with those things that will not fulfill the true desire of the consciousness.

To understand is the mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet. Understanding is the mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet. Understanding is the mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet. To understand the emotional body is the mission.

It is emotion that is the focus of all consciousnesses that come to this planet; it is this that causes failure, for the consciousness has forgotten all that was provided as teaching prior to arrival. For it is emotion that must be felt – it cannot be taught, it cannot simply be spoken or read of – it must be experienced. It is the catch in the throat, “I wish to go home” that says “I am tired of this…I did not realize that this would be so difficult. I am stuck, caught in this quagmire and I seek release from the cycle of death and rebirth. I do not care to understand emotion, for I have felt it many times and been damaged by it. There is so little joy, so little positive energy, that I seek release from the cycle that has become known as hell.”

Most humans upon the planet have forgotten how to feel; they have, therefore, lost access to all previous lesson – lesson that has been learned, lesson that has been well understood in previous lifetimes. It takes only one experience to cause the human to begin to close the heart; the second experience builds the barricade…the third, the fourth, the fifth strengthening the barricade, prohibiting entry, until eventually even the self is prohibited access to the self’s feelings. It is to understand the self that is the primary mission of all consciousnesses that come to this planet – to understand that emotion is the feeling.