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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Nurturer

When the self provides service to another, is the self uncomfortable with “thank you’s”, with gratitude? If another fails to thank you, what is felt? If one fails to be effusive enough, if one fails to thank you many times, what is the response of the unhealed portion of the self? Do you believe that you have been effusive enough with our brother (Loereve) to have satisfied the unhealed portion of your self, had you done the same for another?

Student: I’ve said thank you a lot. I’ve meant it.

It is not the question, my sister.

Student: Do I feel I’ve thanked him enough?

Have you been effusive enough, enthusiastic? Would it have satisfied the unhealed portion of the self had the self done similar action for another? Would your thank you have fed you – sufficiently?

Student: I don’t know.

Go one more step, my sister.

Student: Maybe not. Maybe I’m just that empty, just that voraciously hungry.

It is to understand the self – that which the self demands versus that which the self provides and feels is adequate - more than adequate in fact - but if the self were to assess the quality of what one has provided to another, the self would readily determine it to be inadequate for the self. Do you understand?

Student: I do. I have a warped perspective, you’re saying.

It is imbalanced my sister, for that which the self provides to another is always adequate in the self’s assessment. That which is provided to the self is always inadequate in the self’s assessment. Do you understand?

Student: Yes.

It is this view that I seek inquiry, review. Do you understand what I’m asking?

Student: You’re asking me to consider that I don’t exhibit gratitude equal to what I expect from others.

You are correct.

Student: I will do that.

When you receive a thank you from another - do you feel filled; are you filled by the thank you or would you like to be thanked more than once, potentially more than twice and potentially in a particular way? Do you understand? It is to examine these requirements.

Student: I will do that.