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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Arrogance

I should like to add to your experience with the owners of the dogs my sister, Student. To see the arrogance exhibited by each, to recognize the arrogance that belonged to the self regarding the self’s own animal. Do you understand?

Student: I do. I see it very clearly – thank you.

It is to draw the responsibility ever closer to the self, for the self continues to exhibit this arrogance. Do you understand?

Student: I do. Are there specific areas for me to pay attention to that I don’t see?

It is believed that you are capable of seeing all that is before you my sister, if you turn your attention fully upon it. It is to recognize the jeopardy that your animal poses to others and to see the arrogance of the self whenever the self allows opportunity that would most assuredly be unfavorable to another. Do you understand?

Student: I do – thank you…I do understand.

The judgment of the self for another is clue to the self of the self’s own failings; when recognized within another, particular behaviors, the student that walks the path to healing will notate the behavior that has been mirrored to the self and will immediately begin to examine the self for similar behaviors. Those who fail to utilize the examples presented shall find the self challenged similarly, until the self decides to take up the baton and to determine that which lies within the self.