mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Teachings - Knowingness

Soon after the student has placed the call to the universe, indicating that the self is prepared for a Teacher, the soul places the call; the Teacher arrives and is noticed by the student – often for the first time. The Teacher has been resident throughout the lifetime, escaping the notice of the self that has been focused upon the earthly experience. It is the Teacher that lies within that has carefully crafted the path that has been walked throughout the lifetime, drawing forth the experiences necessary, so that the self may learn that which has been failed by the self in previous lifetimes. Failure is practically guaranteed in the current lifetime as well; however, if it is time for the Teacher to appear, the likelihood that the self has begun to focus more attention upon the lessons has increased.

Once the Teacher appears the self begins to focus the attention upon all discord, all things negative – those things that come to the surface from the past, disturbing the peace, the tranquility – that which is believed to be balance – of the self, who is working diligently to understand all that has come before. The Teacher attempts to bring clarity frequently so that the student may begin to recognize the self, the self’s pattern – why the self continues to fail, even though great efforts have been expended to change the tide. The student becomes depressed, yet is unable to truly succumb to the pressure of the ego to quit, to cast off the desire to learn in the current lifetime; rather, to make a decision that the self will learn no more in this lifetime – the next lifetime or the next or the next or the next shall become the target. The Teacher continues to draw forth lesson, recognizing that the student has grown tired, recognizing the possibility that the student may decide to quit at any moment. The student has become combative, has informed the Teacher that the self is not desirous of lesson any longer, that the life experience has become unfavorable since the Teacher’s arrival.

To battle the belief system, the Teacher must work diligently, drawing forth that which lies within the self – that which has been learned through many countless lifetimes; for unless the wisdom is drawn forth from within - the knowingness that is unimpeachable, that cannot be taken away from the self regardless of the pressures brought to bear – unless this is brought forth, the student will forget the worthwhile nature of that which has been pursued consciously in the lifetime. The path of reconnection to divinity is long and arduous, desired by many, accomplished by few, [due to] failure to recognize the knowledge that lies within the self. To honor the knowingness that has no foundation, no root, is the goal.