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The Path to Healing

Teachings - The Path

The goal for all students is to learn. The goal for the Teacher is that the student will learn, that the student will focus the attention upon that which is being brought forth by the Teacher. The Teacher battles distraction. The student is busy, consumed by myriad choice, all vying for the time of the self. Time is indeed the enemy of the Teacher, thereby, of the student. The student that fails to recognize the amount of time that is wasted by the self each and every day is the student that taxes the patience of the Teacher. The mind, ever-busy addressing issues that could certainly be referred to as a waste of time; for the self is unable to effect change in any area other than that which originates with the self. All of humanity has been sold on the concept that the self need be informed of all that is happening throughout the world, for if one is not informed one may be in jeopardy. It is failure to recognize that all is as it should be for the self and that the self will always be prepared for that which the Teacher believes that the self need be prepared for. To trust the Teacher means to be focused upon the self, to seek counsel, guidance, assistance from the Teacher whenever the self is uncertain, for the Teacher shall always counsel the student, “Are you capable of effecting change? Will your participation, will your knowledge of this particular situation benefit others or is it merely data – that which goes in and creates concern?”

I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that is called to the student that has vocalized the desire to know and to heal the self. The student must prove that the self is indeed desirous of my presence, that the self is indeed willing to set aside all things other than that which is necessary for the self’s survival.

Understanding that the self must address not only the experiences and the karmic liability created in this lifetime but in previous lifetimes as well should inform the self that time is indeed of the essence and that every moment does indeed count. The student that seeks to improve subsequent lifetimes need be dedicated.

It is indeed a long and arduous journey pursuing a path that will return the self to the state of divinity that was experienced prior to entering this dimension. The common man is unable to embrace that this journey is desirable, for from the outside looking in, it is filled with misery, sacrifice, pain - the joys of this world tarnished, no longer desirable; rather, the self is focused upon removing the layers that have been placed, creating the burden that now hides the true self belonging to the consciousness. Lifetime after lifetime, the composite shifts, changes, and is provided with challenge, pleasure - both new experience and old, that which has been experienced in previous lifetimes; it is the experiences of previous lifetimes, profound experiences of joy or abject misery that linger, surrounding the new self, drawing or repelling the new self to or from experiences in the current lifetime. Those consciousnesses that awaken and determine that the self is ‘fed up’ with this life, ‘sick and tired’ of existing within this dimension, are those who have endured many lifetimes of lessons that have typically been failed, preparing the self for the lifetime when success can most likely be tasted, if only the consciousness can awaken to the self’s true potential.

The belief system is the target of the Teacher. As long as the student maintains a library of beliefs that have yet to be revealed to the self, it is the Teacher’s duty to expose all that which lies within, thereby enabling the self to see the self and to choose that which is most appropriate for the self at this time. Failure to recognize that the beliefs maintained by the self are faulty result in the student’s pursuit of avenues pursued in previous lifetime, believed to be that which is most appropriate due to the feeling of familiarity, due to the recognition of the self of that which is believed to be appropriate for one who walks the path to healing.

The student who walks the path to healing begins by garnering knowledge, often through books, persons that are regarded as persons of knowledge, as well as those close to the self; much is adopted from others, embraced by the self and made the own. The path is long and arduous, oftentimes knowledge maintained within is found to be erroneous – that which need be discarded, that which is difficult to uncover, for it has become a solid component within the belief system; a component that is oftentimes well hidden from the self, from others – indeed, from all except the inner Teacher.

The beliefs begin with those maintained regarding the self. If the self feels good about the self, then most generally the self will also feel good about others. If the self trusts the self, the self most likely will trust most others. If the self has faith in the self, the self can usually place the faith of the self in another. To love the self is to find within the self the ability to love another. The student that does not like the self, that does not trust nor have faith in the self, will generally not like others, will most assuredly not have faith or trust another. It is important to understand that this is a core belief – one that has been brought into the incarnation from previous incarnations; for it is the composite self that need be recognized, that will indeed be the focus of the current lifetime.

To recognize the self is the first step, for without recognition one is merely dancing in the dark, shadowboxing that which is believed to be at issue. If the self is willing to embrace that the belief system contains all that which has been learned and all that which has been failed in subsequent lifetimes, so that the self may benefit, so that the self may learn in this lifetime, thereby creating the composite for the next lifetime. To improve the plight of the self is the goal, to learn the lessons at hand is that which is most desired by the inner Teacher – that all lesson presented shall be embraced, reviewed by the self, questions put forth until understanding has been achieved; for the inner Teacher continues to bring forth those issues that shall guide the self to recognition of core beliefs that serve to maintain the unhealed nature of the self throughout the incarnation. The lesson plan presented merely exacerbates, massages shall we say, that which is felt by the composite self; for all lesson plans have been experienced by all humans upon the planet at this time.

The result is that the self is unique; the self may respond in any number of ways to lesson presented. Taking a student with the same lesson plan as another is certain to provide two unique responses, as the composite self has had experiences that vary from the other’s; uniqueness, variety – these classifications, these descriptions can most assuredly be placed upon the human. It is my goal to draw forth from within each present that which signifies what could be regarded as damage to the psyche – that which has become a part of the belief system as it regards the self; for at the end of each incarnation, the self is provided with opportunity to iterate that which was learned in the just ended lifetime. The majority of consciousnesses judge the self harshly, failing to draw forth that which was learned, that which was positive in nature, that which can be taken into the next lifetime to aid the self with lesson integration.

The goal of the student who walks the path to healing is to learn the lessons, to change the behaviors, to instill, to embed the behaviors deep within, to change the self’s thinking, the core belief system from one of self-doubt, mistrust, dislike, not-love to one of love, trust, faith, hope, for when these are a part of the core belief system, the lesson plan is readily integrated and cast aside, thereby enabling service for the balance of the lifetime. To love the self, to love all others is easily accomplished once the self begins to recognize the lessons.

Recognition of the path is difficult for the student who has hidden the truth from the self for the majority of the life experience; for when this is prevalent, the self has done so for many lifetimes – this means that the self has become proficient at hiding all things from the self, as well as from others. This hiding began when the self tried to fit in with others and it became habit as the self became the story, the character that had been created to make the self more acceptable to the self as well as to others. When the self first begins to see the self, it is typically with horror, shock, dismay, followed by, oftentimes, anger, sorrow, depression; for the self cannot believe that the self failed for so long to see the self that others had so clearly seen, had so clearly identified for the self. Yet, the self batted away the words of all others who attempted to aid the self to know and to heal the self, which cannot occur until the self has been seen.

It is to recognize two things my sister. That your need for others up to this moment has been so that they can endorse your activities, your behaviors. Do you understand this?

Student: I do, yes.

The second recognition is that you prefer to be alone. Do you understand this?

Student: I do

And so, your fear of being alone – how do you reconcile this with your preference to be alone?

Student: The first thing that comes to mind is to be of service…that somehow that’s the bridge…and also a balance, to make sure that I have time alone and time with people I really want to be with, that I really want to spend time with…to be here, to be with my best friend.

It is for all to recognize the dichotomy that has been created by the characters, to keep the self dissatisfied with the self’s current life experience; this is what I am attempting to bring forth to you my sister. Do you understand?

Student: I see…I do. There’s a “should”…I have a “should”…


Student: That somehow it’s incorrect for me to prefer to be by myself – that there’s something wrong with me because I prefer to be by myself.

It is to recognize that there is a balance that cannot often be struck while the self is in the unhealed state. It is the time that the self spends alone in introspection, in surveying the self, in surveying the self’s responses, in surveying the self’s characters, that can be of tremendous benefit – much moreso than providing service to another, much moreso than being present with others where the focus is outside of the self. Do you understand?

Student: I do – thank you.

It is for all to recognize that the characters yearn for excitement, for activity – to go, to do, to be a part of something outside of the self; it is the characters that create the dichotomy that states the self is not all right because the self prefers to not do, to not go, to not be a part of. The characters push the self outside where the self is uncomfortable, where the characters need be employed in order for the self to get through the experience. Do all understand my words?

All: Yes, thank you.

It is to recognize that the true self lies within and that the yearning to know and to heal the self, to love, honor and respect the self above all others first is necessary; to endorse the desire of the self, when it is not to the detriment of another, is critical to the student who walks the path to healing. Failure to recognize that which is sought by the true self results in the presence of characters and it is the characters that dominate the life experience. The spiritual path can be boring indeed; it is critical for each student to recognize that excitement typically indicates the presence of a character.

Sol: Since a principle of quantum mechanics is the instantaneous state change of quanta, is it appropriate to view choice, conscious choice, as being the way to bring about an instantaneous state change from negative to positive – and actually vice-versa as well?

Osiris: Could you answer the query for me, my brother?

Sol: I believe that it is. I think it requires the awareness of that capability that we all have.

Osiris: Is it possible that the quanta can change having made one choice? Is this your belief my brother?

Sol: Yes it is – that the quanta can change as a result of making the choice consciously and with awareness.

Osiris: It is to recognize my brother that there are other steps in between, for to choose does not necessarily state that the lesson has been understood, that the lesson has been learned; for the self could simply be going with the majority, making the choice that has been well-considered, chosen by many. Do you understand?

Sol: No, I don’t. That would seem to me to not take into consideration the choice being done with conscious awareness.

Osiris: Indeed. You consciously choose your foodstuffs each day do you not my brother?

Sol: Yes I do

Osiris: And it is common knowledge that particular foodstuffs are better for one who has high glucose readings than potentially other choices?

Sol: That’s correct

Osiris: And your choice is based on common, current knowledge. When the self discovers months later that one of the foodstuffs that was commonly and currently accepted as valid, for one with this malady, that this foodstuff is no longer suggested – what are you to think of your prior choices?

Sol: My prior choices, based on the knowledge that I had, were appropriate.

Osiris: Indeed.

Sol: As knowledge changes or expands, it may no longer be appropriate.

Osiris: Do you see this as a part of the lesson plan, my brother?

Sol: In a rather complex way, yes.

Osiris: And so the individual that embraces that the self made the most appropriate choice for the self is one that will readily eliminate the foodstuff from the self’s ingestion cycle. There are, however, other students who will berate the self, who will be upset, who will then lash out at those who provide the data, who will lose faith and trust in research. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes

Osiris: It is how the lesson is embraced by the self that determines the change that is experienced. It is multi-faceted.

Sol: Indeed

Osiris: A singular choice merely leads to another choice, which leads to another choice. It is to recognize that the life is filled with choices. It is anticipated that the self will make the most appropriate choice for the self at this time, constantly surveying, constantly reviewing those choices that have been made previously, changing the behavior if it is believed to be necessary to do so. The self that decides eliminates all future choice.

Recognition that the self need only alter the self’s view slightly, in order to see quite clearly the self’s true purpose, may be difficult for each to grasp but it is only a slight adjustment that is needed for each. Walking the path to healing is indeed a long and arduous journey, for the inner Teacher brings forth lesson in the current lifetime that will provide understanding for all that which has been experienced previously – that which has been experienced in darkness, that which has been carried within the astral body lifetime after lifetime after lifetime that has yet to be understood, that has created the consciousness that becomes the new self in each lifetime. Recognizing that the lifetime is relatively short for the human provides the sense of urgency that is needed for those who have returned to the planet at this most auspicious time – the time that requires great effort of the few, so that the many may be impacted. It is the end of the learning cycle that draws ever nearer; there is much work to be done. All those who came to aid have experienced all things – many are caught in the wheel of continued experience, for they have grown desirous of the physical experience.

The knowledge that these energies are transported from lifetime to lifetime is indeed important to the consciousness so that understanding can be garnered of how the energies have become so intense in a single lifetime. The method of transport is not important. It is, in this way, that the self is able to determine, “Is it important for me to seek this data?”

When teaching others – those who are highly mental – these type of questions are asked with great frequency. Satisfying the demand for knowledge is the choice of the Teacher, for it is believed that many are fueled by knowledge forward upon their path, and many are deterred from the path due to lack of knowledge. It is the right kind of knowledge - appropriate knowledge - that is determined by the Teacher.

The student that presents the self for teaching is often one that expects the Teacher to overcome all obstacles, to cast aside all things that stand in the way of the student, to expose all things that lie within; those things that lie within continue to confound the self. Great effort has been applied to locating those issues without success. The self becomes depressed, feels downtrodden, beginning to sense that the self may fail once again. It is then that the call is placed by the soul for the Teacher - for the Teacher that exposes darkness is one that can only be called for after all other options have been exhausted.

Once the Teacher has arrived, the student believes…begins to believe, that the self is darkness, for the Teacher makes clear that the Teacher is darkness – that the Teacher is only interested in the darkness within the student; darkness is utilized to teach. The student yearns for softness, for a loving approach, for encouragement, for support. The Teacher of darkness gives none of these, for the goal is to teach the student that all others are desirous of the same – softness, the loving approach, support that is unfailing to bring warmth, love and comfort to one who is struggling to find their way back to the path to healing. It is the student that is still struggling to find his way back to the path that the physical teacher is assigned to.

Once the student begins to understand the self, once the student steps forth and commits the self to the path, and the soul is assured that the student will indeed continue forth – the call for the Teacher is placed. I am Osiris, known to billions as the Prince of Darkness, for I am the Teacher that is called forth for those students who have determined that the life experience is empty, that the self is no longer desirous of the earthly experience, unless the spiritual path is open to them once again.

It is important for the student to recognize that the Teacher, whether physical or non-physical, is desirous of aiding the self, is capable of providing guidance, counsel that will allow the self to begin to see the self. It is the ego that rejects the Teacher – whether physical or non-physical, utilizing judgment to diminish, to destroy the value of that which has been shared with the self; this is of no concern to the Teacher, for those who are ready to step forth upon their path determine that the voice of the ego is that which is not desirable - it is this that the attention is focused upon, it is this voice that is squelched by changing all things stated by this voice. To recognize the voice of the ego is to recognize negativity, for that which is negative – all that which is negative – emanates from this source.

It is important for each student to recognize that which is most important to the self; as noted by Te' Auna earlier, it is for the self to determine that which is believed to be most appropriate for the self at this time, to never forego that which appears to be important by depriving the self, by repressing the desire. It is to draw forth the desire and to examine it closely...”Does this belong to me? Does this belong to my composite self? Is this desire being imposed upon me by my Teacher?”…for all three states of being seemingly belong to the self - those who fail to examine the desire deeply, questioning the self, being vigilant to the desires expressed by the self as that which truly belongs to the self. To walk the path to healing an individual must be committed and dedicated to the self, not to the path but to the self, willingly subjecting the self to the scrutiny of the Teacher as well as any other that presents the self to aid.

It was in days of old – many, many, many, many lifetimes previous – that each foresaw this lifetime, understanding the work that need be done, recognizing the experiences that still remained upon the self’s agenda. It is from these higher realms that all planning - that which can be planned - takes place. It is in these lower realms that all plans are put asunder based upon the choice employed or failed to be recognized by the self. The feelings of desperation that each present have encountered upon awakening, as well as in recent times, indicates that the self is approaching firm positioning upon the path to return the self to divinity, to return the self to a path of service, which upon the earth equates to a life of sacrifice until self realization has been accomplished.

Failure to recognize the true desire of the self results in failure, for the self may not yet be prepared for this journey. The true desire of the self need be surveyed closely, to determine if exit is truly desired from this fourth kingdom as the common man. It is important for each to recognize the sensual nature of this existence – food, alcohol, drugs, materialism all encourage the sensual nature of the physical embodiment. Recognizing that the self is desirous of the material, of the sensual experience, ensures enjoyment of the life experience, whereas squelching of these desires merely result in failure. There is no punishment for the self who determines the materialism, the physicality - the sensual experience has not yet been fulfilled for the self. Much testing is provided to the student to make certain that that which falls from the lips is felt heart, mind, body, and spirit - for if it is not, failure lies ahead.

I am Osiris. I seek to draw forth all that which lies within, uncovering all that which is hidden from the self. Should I uncover desire for the physical, for the sensual, for the material experience, it is for the self to realize, to embrace this, and to seek that experience which shall fulfill that which is cried out for from deep within. As stated in previous teachings, the self has maintained desires, dreams, from lifetime to lifetime - many are embedded deeply within, unrecognizable to the self, until one day the self is cogitating and sees the self on a bungee ride, sees the self climbing Mt. Everest, sees the self flying to the moon, sees the self sailing upon the oceans. It is to recognize the desire, to draw it forth, to destroy the desire completely if it is merely a thought form that has yet to be examined. The student that fails to do so is the student that will fail the path, the lessons upon the path that will return the self to divinity.

For the mind tells you – indeed, you are damaging the self; however, the ego states that the deconstruction, that the changes are what is truly damaging to the self. It is this that has been projected out to others; this is why those around you state that this is not a valid path for you from their point of view. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, I think so. I think that when you first told me I see darkness as light and light as darkness – I still haven’t gotten my lenses cleared. I still don’t see straight. I still don’t focus correctly.


Student: Okay

It is totally implausible my sister, with the experiences that you have had, for you to expect me to believe that you do not recognize darkness from light.

Student: Oh, I recognize it in myself.

It is the self that I seek your focus upon.

Student: Am I irredeemable Teacher? Am I hopeless? Have I even got a snowball’s chance?

That is up to you my sister. It is one step, one action at a time. You have seen yourself as the brilliant student, as one who is capable, as one who can do far better than any other. It is the deconstruction of that belief system that is in process, for you are indeed no better than any other my sister; all students struggle, all students suffer, all students wonder if they will make it. It is for you to understand the role that need be played by the self, recognizing the self in all others that the self chooses to judge; it is to see the self for who the self truly is minus the varnish that has been placed around the image of the self by the ego. It is to listen to the self my sister when you say, “Am I irredeemable?” It is to determine why the self asked this question when the self knows the answer.

Greetings to those gathered for the sharing of wisdom. I am Osiris. It is faith, trust and love that I return to each present.

For without faith one cannot walk the path to healing; without trust, one cannot share openly, honestly, without fear of judgment or retribution; without love, one is unable to love the self first, for it is this love – the deep and abiding love of the self – that causes the self to open the heart to another.

The recognition that the self is not truly capable of drawing forth faith, trust and love for another is necessary for each to make, for the self does not quite have faith in the self, the self does not quite trust the self, the self does not quite love the self. Focus upon this recognition may aid the self in taking the steps necessary to have true faith, true trust and true love for the self. Do you understand my brother Sol An Ka that you welcome me with the desire to share faith, trust and love with me?

Sol: I see it as sharing now – when I have been saying it, it has been as an offering to you.

I am asking you to make recognition my brother, that the offering is in word alone. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I do. Thank you.

It is the desire of the self that often pulls the self forward upon the path; it is true desire that fosters commitment and dedication. It is not my intention to diminish your desire; it is simply to call to your attention that what you are sharing with me is your desire to have faith, trust and love to provide to me. Do you understand?

Sol: I do – thank you.

It is important for the student to be honest with the self, to recognize that the self either believes, has faith, in the self or disbelieves, and is lacking in faith for the self. Honestly stating, “I believe that I shall make it in this lifetime” …honestly stating, “I do not believe I will make it in this lifetime” - indicates to the inner Teacher that which is most needed for the student. There have been previous teachings regarding the confidence maintained by the student for the self; it is important for the self to survey the self and to determine that which belongs to the self and that which belongs to the composite self. For the self of the current lifetime, it would be rare for the self to not have faith in the self, to not believe in the self, for one who has found the self positioned upon the path believes that the self is capable of almost anything. It is the composite self that diminishes the confidence, for it is the damaged portions of the self that represent many, many previous lifetime lesson failures.

Most humans cannot believe that another would embrace the self after the self has damaged them, for it is often this individual who would never embrace another who had damaged the self. It is the example of forgiveness that is brought forth to another who has not yet learned how critical forgiveness is to one who walks the path to healing.

The inability to forgive another is at the root of most controversies experienced by humanity at this time, throughout time indeed - controversies that are fueled by each new generation that are born and taught to never forgive, to never forget, to treat all those that come after the offender as if they were the original offender - this is the root of prejudice. The human that is able to understand the definition of prejudice - to pre-judge, to prohibit choice for another by informing them that they are incapable of being different [understands that] there are large portions of the population that are held in stasis by the thinking of other large portions of humanity. The belief that a particular race are slow or lazy or ignorant, incapable of caring for the self; these thoughtforms attach to these individuals, prohibiting them from escaping the field that has been created by those who pre-judge. Recognizing prejudice within the self is critical to breaking free of the field that fuels this thinking, important to all those who walk the path to healing, to recognize that all consciousnesses upon the earth are equally important, for each are present to bring forth particular experience, particular lesson.

The student who determines that it is time to truly step forth and present the self to the inner Teacher is the student who has begun to recognize that the life experience no longer fulfills the self.

It is karma in each lifetime that causes the student to depart from the spiritual path, for the self believes that all shifted, all became worse when the self stepped upon the path, when the self committed the self to being different. It is true of course that all does become much, much worse, for the Teacher has been granted permission – the student has stated, “I am prepared to step forth upon the path once again my Teacher. I ask that you take my hand and not release it until I beg you to do so.” It is only then that the Teacher will take a step back and allow the student to depart the path once again. The student is fully cognizant of the peril that has been invited for the self to experience, for karma has been called forth and cannot be put away until it has been experienced. When the student first steps forth upon the spiritual path the Teacher and the student plan that which is to be learned – all those things that were planned to be addressed must be addressed. The Teacher has no choice for these energies have been drawn forth from the astral body and placed into the physical body so that the student becomes more aware of the deep, underlying issues – those things that have yet to be recognized by the self, those things that have certainly not been understood. Once the energies have been placed in the physical body it is impossible to return them to the astral until death occurs, death of the physical body.

It is important that all students present understand that the self has granted permission to myself to draw forth energies of a karmic nature; these energies are detrimental to the physical body. It is important that the student dedicate the self to learn so that these energies may be removed before they cause damage once again. All energies that have been drawn forth from the astral body have resulted in the consciousness’ physical death in previous lifetimes. It is this that instills the sense of urgency, that tells the self, “I must focus my attention upon these energies. I must focus my attention upon the Teacher. I must utilize every spare moment to learn, to understand, so that these energies for which I have granted permission to draw forth and to place into my physical body can be removed before extensive damage has been done.” It is for all to look to Te'Auna to understand this, for she provided me with this permission more than 6 years prior. We have worked diligently together to eliminate the energies that resulted in cancer; this cancer had begun to grow some years previous – approximately 3 and one half years previous. It is not that Te'Auna was not committed and dedicated, that she was not diligent for she was; she simply was unable to learn the lesson. It was agreed in this lifetime that she would receive minimal support; for the teacher must experience minimal support so that it is never forgotten that no student should ever be left wanting. The inner Teacher, the teacher within, will always provide the energies needed for the next and the next and the next student. It is the teacher that need be committed to every student, to place the student first as long as there is need.

Sol: My question has to do with: how can we best prepare ourselves for, or to ease the releasing of the karmic energies into the physical body and eliminate the possible fatal or deleterious effects that they can have?

Dedicating the self to the lesson at hand is necessary my brother, making certain that the lesson has been fully integrated. You are thinking, “How does one do that?” It is by employing the physical teacher, for the physical teacher has access to myself. While the physical teacher may not understand all lessons that are being presented to the student at this time, the Teacher will make certain that the physical teacher guides the student appropriately. The lesson for the student is to share deeply of the self, honestly, completely, seeking assistance; for without this foundation underlayment - the relationship between the student and the teacher - the student is doomed to failure. The physical teacher is unable to aid the self unless the self is willing to seek assistance, unless the self is willing to provide all detail, unless the self is willing to open the self completely to another.

Loereve: Are the astral energies that are brought into the physical (body), are they always potentially deadly to the body for the student as they learn?

It is to recognize my brother that the environment within this particular physical body is somewhat different from the environment of the preceding physical shell. Those energies that are brought forth from the astral body may or may not do damage to the current physical body because the student has learned the lesson. It is testing that is then provided by the Teacher – many, many, many, many tests are provided to make certain that the student has indeed learned the lesson. These energies are then released. The energies that remain within the physical body year after year after year are those that are far more likely to cause damage. It is the thinking that causes the most damage for the student; self-hatred, self-distrust, self-doubt - these are the most destructive. These thoughts are running in the background, prohibiting the student from changing behaviors that have guaranteed failure in the past - in the past for this lifetime, as well as in past lifetimes.

To eliminate these energies the student must learn the lesson. It is rare that the student learns the lesson in a single lifetime – even two, three, five, ten lifetimes. The energies grow all the more powerful as do the behaviors. The structure of the groove in which the student moves is immobile, rigid; the student can rarely see over the sides of this structure, for the behavior has become so ingrained that the self believes that the self is doing that which is most appropriate. A fine example of this is one who is focused outwardly, upon others, to the detriment of the self. It is the self’s desire to be selfless, to eliminate selfishness, to serve others.

It is important to note that the student need never be concerned as long as the self trusts the Teacher – the physical teacher as well as the inner Teacher. For all is as it should be, all is necessary. Each lifetime is a building block utilized to access the next and the next and the next lifetime. I am Osiris. I am love. I am here to aid each of you as you dedicate yourself in this new year to knowing, to understanding, and to healing of the self. To focus every moment of your time in so doing, for time is indeed of the essence – it is time for each to step forth to heal the self so that service may be provided to others. Am I understood?

It is the lesson plan that blinds the self to all things unfavorable; rather, it is the emotional body that views another through what is referred to as rose colored glasses, seeing only that which is perceived to be positive, quickly and readily discarding all that which is seen that is negative. “I shall not focus upon the negative” the self says to the self, “for that is inappropriate for one who walks the path to healing. Rather, I shall focus upon the positive and hope that the negative disappears.” It is merely another way for the self to ignore the self’s duty to another to draw forth recognition, identification of that which resides within the other to thwart their progress in this incarnation. Failure to recognize the self in another states that the self has yet to know the self; therefore, many others shall be drawn forth by the inner Teacher until recognition has been made, “This is merely myself that is opposite me – I seek to aid myself, I seek to aid others. I shall share deeply of myself with this other self, for in doing so, they too may share what they see in me; thereby aiding myself forward upon the path that I have chosen.” Illusion is the atmosphere that most students surround the self with; it is the illusion provided by the rose-colored glasses – to discard all that which is negative, to focus upon the positive, and to fail to aid another while doing so.

It is important for all students to recognize that the lesson plan is primary – all behaviors that are viewed within another are those behaviors that are lying dormant within the self. I say dormant only because the self has yet to recognize their presence; it is once the self begins to focus the attention upon the behavior that the behavior becomes most active. It has been there, alive and well, for many years; yet, it has gone unrecognized. The self is astonished at the myriad examples of the behavior that was completely missed by the self but has seen it very clearly in those around the self. It is important for the student to pay close heed to recognitions that are made of behaviors that are unfavorable in those around the self; for it is the inner Teacher that is drawing the self’s attention to the behavior of another, to say, “this lies within us as well my beloved – shall we turn our attention upon it now, or do you require further example in future?”

It is one’s ability to grasp that unity is indeed the very foundation of this training ground, for all those that surround us are just like us, struggling to regain their divinity – each upon varying stages of the path but each are nonetheless struggling as is the self. It is to view all others about the self as a part of the self, to see “these things have been brought forth to me previously…I have integrated the lesson…I can share deeply with the other self to aid them in expediting their journey forward.” If the other is not open to the self’s counsel, it is merely to share utilizing story about the self – this is an unthreatening way to teach another – to draw forth recognition of the self, without inviting the ego to step forward to defend, to protect, to rationalize or to put forth reason for the self’s behavior. All consciousnesses have come to learn. The self that has learned is indebted to the inner Teacher, to utilize the energies expended upon the self in teaching another and another and another - all those who are drawn before the self, utilizing the knowledge gained by the self to aid another, for it is only through this process that the knowledge becomes wisdom.

Sharing with others the self’s journey is critical, informing others of the hardship that was experienced by the self in eliminating the interference of the ego as the self began to learn, as the self began to place the self’s focus upon the self. Those who are new to the path benefit tremendously from this sharing, particularly when the sharing is from the heart, particularly when the self is willing to state the details of that which was experienced by the self and how the self came to the realization that the ego had been endorsed for months, potentially years, prior to the breakthrough that was experienced that enabled the self to see the self, that enabled the self to see the ego unveiled.

This is a perfect example of the ego, my sister, distracting the focus, drawing you emotionally into a state of mind that does not understand the purpose of this planet, for this planet is strong and shall continue for a time that is incomprehensible to most humans. This planet is a school for learning - all that come here understand that it is to learn. All that which is known prior to arriving has been removed, is no longer accessible to the consciousness (that is conscious) until the lessons have been learned, until the lesson plan has been cast off, recognized for the detriment that it has caused to the self, as well as all those around the self that is encountering lesson. All humans encounter lesson until they have learned to love without condition, to accept universally; it is these that then step forth, returning to this planet again and again and again, to aid - to aid those who are caught in the cycle of death and rebirth. It is important to understand the purpose of this planet. The purpose of your presence upon this planet, my student, is to learn.

To draw forth wisdom from within, the student need learn. Negative energies are released as the lesson is integrated, making possible that which is known to come to the surface, to the student’s recognition. Recognizing that all things come to those who work hard, those who place effort behind the commitment – the reward is promised – few collect it, for most abandon the path well before the reward is in sight.

Student: Teacher would you elucidate for me please the best way for me to see the lessons before I fall into the pit of the reaction, before I get deep into it – to be more aware?

It is practice that is needed my sister - to readily and easily draw forth the desire to be different in the moment, to recognize the energies as they begin and rather than fueling them, to begin to state to the self, “I am love. I am loved. There is lesson here for me in this moment; I choose to see it, rather than to fall into the abyss of the lesson.”

The Teacher is patient. Lifetime after lifetime lessons are presented - lifetime after lifetime after the first, second, third, fourth awakening the self is determined to learn, to heal, to know the self. Many, many, many lifetimes pass as the experiences are garnered by the consciousness, making possible the time well into the future when the student will regain the original divinity belonging to the consciousness by removing all negativity, by becoming love unconditional once again.

It is the student when first stepping forth that distrust is first visited upon when it is realized that the heart is closed; indeed, the heart has been closed most of the lifetime. Even those who believe the self to be loving - to be open, friendly, fun loving – even these have closed the heart to others. It is the unhealed nature of the bodies, all combined to form belief/ego, to convince the self that closure of the heart is mandatory if the self is to survive in this world. ‘Survival of the fittest’ are words that are frequently combined, bandied about, understood by most to mean the fittest are those that are best protected. It is important for the student to recognize that as long as the heart remains closed, the self’s progress upon the path will be minimized – stunted, so to say; far less than that which is possible once the heart has been engaged, once the self begins focusing upon the heart rather than upon the mind. It is the mind that demands attention, that demands supremacy, that demands dominance; logic must be satisfied at all cost – and cost it does the student who walks the path to healing, for all things are no longer logical. In fact, most things have become what could be referred to as illogical.

Recognition that the mind seeks the logic in all things need be made by the student who is attempting to open the heart; the mind steps in frequently to question the self, “what about this…oh, you’d best survey that…why are you not seeking answer to this?” Failure to speak, to answer the mind guarantees that the questioning will become more insistent; it is the tape that runs continuously in background, eroding the faith and the trust of the student for the Teacher. It is the Teacher that asks the student to begin to focus upon the heart, to discard the questions of the mind, to begin to feel the answer, rather than formulating the answer in the mind that confounds and confuses not only the self but others. It is to realize that the spiritual path cannot always be described utilizing the mind; often, it is merely feeling – to feel the fullness of the heart, to feel the sorrow, to feel the joy deep within the heart. The mind overrules the feeling, demands reason for the feeling, “Why are you joyful? Why are you so sad? It is unimportant, put it away, cast it aside, for we have things that we must address.” These things may all be regarded as distraction and the mind is quite adept at distracting the self.

Oneness is the deep desire of the true consciousness. Those who seek the material experience, who are entrenched in physicality, fear oneness, battle it at all cost, destroy it whenever it is recognized. Oneness is recognized by others for the feeling – that which is felt in the heart of another when the self has shared of the self. Oneness can only be accomplished when negativity has been removed from the self’s bodies.

Sol: Osiris, do you have any counsel for us as to the best way to achieve oneness?

It is to free the self from the yoke of the lesson plan my brother, for these energies are those that I referred to earlier – those that have joined with the new physical body by the age of two. These energies need be understood, the lessons drawn forth, integrated, the self proving to the Teacher that understanding has indeed been achieved; proof is available to the Teacher when the student begins to offer that which has been learned to another. Once these energies have been removed from the energy field of the self, true power comes to the individual – that which enables that which would be viewed as impossible by the self as long as these energies remain inside the bodies. It is to continue forth my brother, understanding your lesson plan, recognizing the lessons as they are presented, seeking assistance from your Teacher in integration of that which has been presented. Did I answer your question?

Sol: Yes – thank you. Is there anything else that would be beneficial to us to know?

It is to be an example my brother. Oneness is recognized by others for the feeling – that which is felt in the heart of another when the self has shared of the self…the opening that says, “I seek to feel what he obviously feels…I seek to experience what he has experienced…I seek to free myself as he has freed himself.” Oneness can only be accomplished when negativity has been removed from the self’s bodies. These energies act as a beacon, calling forth others with similar lesson, presenting to the self that which is needed in service to the self. Oneness is the result of eliminating these energies from all bodies – that says, “I understand all that is around me – its purpose, its goal. I understand all that surrounds me. I welcome it. I accept it.” Oneness comes only with understanding. I am complete with this teaching.

It is to view all things as positive – to recognize that even those experiences that are negative fulfill the need of the self, for the self has now experienced all things to the degree that the self has learned. Those experiences that are negative cause pain and sorrow; oftentimes deep sorrow – sorrow so deep that it is felt within all cells of the body, so deeply that the self commits to never, ever experiencing this particular experience again. The self commits the self to change. Once enough of these decisions have been made, the self will find the self upon the path to healing.

Technology has increased the human’s ability to distract the self, for it is now not only the local area that the self can be interested in – the self can be interested in millions of publications, as well as millions of locations - those areas where the self may potentially seek to travel, seek to garner knowledge, seek to teach, seek to share. Information is gathered by the majority of humanity so that it may be shared with others; sharing is always regarded as service - it is unimportant whether or not an individual is sharing due to the influence of the ego, for it is the Teacher that draws forth the knowledge from within, providing it to just the right individual at just the right moment – that which may have never been available to the individual without the other.

It is important to recognize that all humans upon the planet are walking their path; they may not be firmly positioned upon the path that returns them to divinity but all are indeed walking a path. To persuade another to step forth upon the path that regains the self’s divinity by discarding, by removal of all negativity, is inappropriate. Those who are self-realized recognize that all humans upon the planet are important, all contribute in their own way, all need experience in order to arrive at the doorway, to knock upon the door, to open the door to the Teacher who shall inform the self if it is time or if the self need garner additional experience prior to being embraced by the Teacher. It is important for all present to recognize that the self is teacher to all that the self meets through example. The self’s path need never be discussed in order to impart to another the self’s journey, for it is love that is the goal for all consciousnesses to draw forth, whether giving or receiving. It is through example that the self is able to aid another.

To understand the soul family is to understand the consciousness’ beginnings. All consciousnesses derive from the central pool, created by a Supreme Being - one that sought to bring forth darkness and light - to broaden the experience, to teach, to learn. The consciousness is provided with many opportunities within many different kingdoms, to learn and to teach, to experience, to garner knowledge, to understand it and to experience fully wisdom – as it is employed for the self, as it can be employed to aid another. The experience of the consciousness expands through time that simply cannot be grasped by the human mind; suffice it to say that millions of years have passed since your creation, my sister, and experience garnered, bringing you to this place and this time and this experience - to recognize that that which has been experienced is merely the beginning of that which can be experienced. It is within this dimension that the human believes the self to be impermanent; outside of this dimension it is well understood that once created, the consciousness shall continue forth through innumerable experiences, innumerable lives in a number of dimensions. Love is the goal – to be love, to understand darkness…that which is not love - which cannot be accomplished until the self has been submerged completely within darkness.

The soul family shifts and reduces slowly, lifetime after lifetime, as the self seeks to bring forth – to surround the self in fact, with those who are walking similar path, for in this way, the likelihood of one awakening and then impacting the other is increased dramatically. It is important when surveying those about the self that have assisted the self greatly – either through difficult experience or that which has opened the eyes of the self - it is most important for the self to recognize that the inner Teacher has drawn this individual into your sphere purposefully.

To recognize the members of the soul family is to open the heart to determine, “Is there connection – either positive or negative?” For one that is a member of the soul family can either attract or repel, dependent upon the service that has been provided by each to each in preceding lifetimes. Those individuals that the self feels strongly repelled against are those individuals typically that have provided dark service to the self in previous lifetime; it is these that need be embraced, for as long as the feeling remains of revulsion, of disgust, of dislike, of hatred – karmic ties remain, drawing each back into this dimension lifetime after lifetime, until these feelings can be resolved, until these feelings can be changed to one of acceptance and love unconditional.

The purpose of the soul family is to enable the self to choose those individuals that can aid the self in future incarnations. It is often that the self is attracted to one that is not a member of the soul family; new relationships, new bonds are formed – the consciousness may or may not travel together in future. Simply because the self is attracted to an individual in this lifetime does not mean that they are a member of the soul family; it is important to recognize this, for oftentimes individuals are romanticized and certain behaviors overlooked, due to the individual’s impressions or feelings that they are a member of the self’s soul family. It is important to note that this should never make a difference in one’s ability to embrace another, in one’s ability to love another unconditionally.

I am Osiris. I am love. The mission to become love, to be loving, to experience love throughout the body, within the mind, exuding through the Spirit, is the goal of all students.

I am Osiris. I am love. It has been my honor to make contact with each of your inner Teachers and to provide service that has aided each of you in the removal of negativity. There is much remaining for each to learn. Making contact with the inner Teacher is the next step for each; to tighten the bond that assures the inner Teacher that the self has chosen the path once again and that the self will maintain the course for the balance of this lifetime. For it is only then that Osiris is called to aggressively aid the self in removal of negativity – that which will aid the self in future lifetimes.

Soon after the student has placed the call to the universe, indicating that the self is prepared for a Teacher, the soul places the call; the Teacher arrives and is noticed by the student – often for the first time. The Teacher has been resident throughout the lifetime, escaping the notice of the self that has been focused upon the earthly experience. It is the Teacher that lies within that has carefully crafted the path that has been walked throughout the lifetime, drawing forth the experiences necessary, so that the self may learn that which has been failed by the self in previous lifetimes. Failure is practically guaranteed in the current lifetime as well; however, if it is time for the Teacher to appear, the likelihood that the self has begun to focus more attention upon the lessons has increased.

Once the Teacher appears the self begins to focus the attention upon all discord, all things negative – those things that come to the surface from the past, disturbing the peace, the tranquility – that which is believed to be balance – of the self, who is working diligently to understand all that has come before. The Teacher attempts to bring clarity frequently so that the student may begin to recognize the self, the self’s pattern – why the self continues to fail, even though great efforts have been expended to change the tide. The student becomes depressed, yet is unable to truly succumb to the pressure of the ego to quit, to cast off the desire to learn in the current lifetime; rather, to make a decision that the self will learn no more in this lifetime – the next lifetime or the next or the next or the next shall become the target. The Teacher continues to draw forth lesson, recognizing that the student has grown tired, recognizing the possibility that the student may decide to quit at any moment. The student has become combative, has informed the Teacher that the self is not desirous of lesson any longer, that the life experience has become unfavorable since the Teacher’s arrival.

To battle the belief system, the Teacher must work diligently, drawing forth that which lies within the self – that which has been learned through many countless lifetimes; for unless the wisdom is drawn forth from within - the knowingness that is unimpeachable, that cannot be taken away from the self regardless of the pressures brought to bear – unless this is brought forth, the student will forget the worthwhile nature of that which has been pursued consciously in the lifetime. The path of reconnection to divinity is long and arduous, desired by many, accomplished by few, [due to] failure to recognize the knowledge that lies within the self. To honor the knowingness that has no foundation, no root, is the goal.

To understand the calling of an entity to the self – one that is appropriate to teach the self – one must first look to the self to determine “is the Teacher known?” If the Teacher is known to the self, then it is this Teacher that need be called; otherwise, the student may be left waiting, as the Teacher likely determines that the student feels that the Teacher is not desired by the student. The relationship of the student and the Teacher is tenuous at best, for the student feels attacked, unloved, the target that is frequently aimed upon; misery, due to great volumes of emotion being drawn forth, is present and the student looks to the Teacher, deciding that the self has become far more miserable since the Teacher arrived than the student ever was prior to the Teacher’s presence, failing to recognize that the negativity that is felt, that is experienced, flows from within. The Teacher provides no negativity to the student; rather, the Teacher draws forth that which resides within. The student that fails to understand this basic tenet of the student-Teacher relationship is one that begins to resent all that which the Teacher brings forth for resolution.

The student that claims to be desirous of knowing and understanding the self determines that the Teacher is too harsh, is too combative, too aggressive; indeed, the Teacher is damaging the self. Those surrounding the self – if the self is vocal, if the self has shared the self’s journey with others – are frightened for their loved one, fearful that the individual that is known and loved will disappear. All begin to draw the student towards them, away from the path, indicating that the self was far happier prior to the onset of this journey – that the self is loved, the self is accepted…why does the self seek such misery for the self? Many turn away from the path at this time, determining that the self is no longer as desirous of this pursuit as the self believed the self to be. It is important to understand that the Teacher draws forth only that which is believed to be necessary, only that which the student can bear. Recognizing the attitude that places the burden upon the Teacher rather than upon the self is primary, for failure to do so results in all focus being placed upon the Teacher; it is the ego that is most desirous of the focus upon the Teacher.

The Teacher works diligently to aid the student who has grown tired of this existence, to determine if indeed, the student is tired of this existence or if the self had just become miserable and, as with most, misery was transient; the self has been able to improve the self’s plight and now the physical, the material existence has become more palatable once again. The Teacher recedes and returns, recedes and returns, recedes and returns as the student decides, makes the determination that the self is truly ready for the spiritual path – most are not, yet the Teacher waits for the calling and will respond whenever the student places the call.

Recognition of who the self has been is vital to understanding the self. Failure to recognize the responses of the self to the lesson plan results in failure of future lesson. Once the self has seen the self, has understood that the self’s response was guaranteed by the lesson plan – it is then that choice need be made to be different, to shift the self’s view, to shift the self’s response, or to embrace and endorse similar behaviors in future.

The student who walks the path to healing has stated that progress is desired in this lifetime. The teacher has been drawn to the self and the Teacher draws forth lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson, exhausting the student, pummeling the student so that the student cannot fail to see the self, to see the behavior that is resulting in continued failure of all lessons drawn forth. The student who has provided permission to the inner Teacher to draw forth the teacher that will aid the self in knowing, understanding, and beginning to heal the self is one who is never abandoned. In the deepest, darkest moments of self-revelation, of self-hatred, the Teacher is present, informing the student that the self must be seen, that the self must be repulsed by the self, that the self must be ashamed, the self need feel all emotions that will aid the self in making the choice to be different. The goal is not to punish the student. The goal is not to cause suffering. The goal is not to overwhelm the student. The goal is to aid the student in arriving at the moment where choice can be made that will endorse progress upon the path.

Those individuals that present the self to the Teacher often are filled with negativity; it is negative emotion that is drawn forth - that which has been leaking for many, many, years through emotion for the self who is unable to control the self’s mouth or the self’s emotions - meaning the self cries frequently without understanding. It is the duty of the Teacher that has accepted the student to release the energies as quickly as possible, to the level where the student can begin to control the self, for it is not possible for the student to change as long as negative emotion overfills the bodies, unless extraordinary effort is placed towards doing so. It is rare …the student that is capable of drawing forth extraordinary effort when they first begin to walk the path to healing.

Understanding the self’s journey is important. The student believes it to be critical. It is not, of course, for understanding comes much later to the student. The Teacher is unable to provide understanding, for oftentimes many, many, many lessons must be brought forth; great pain - known as suffering – endured, prior to explaining the lesson that the Teacher has presented to the student. To trust the Teacher is the choice of the student - to state, unequivocally, “I trust the Teacher. I shall do whatever the Teacher presents to me. I surrender all concern to my Teacher, knowing that all that which must be brought forth to me shall be, recognizing that all suffering endured is necessary.” The Teacher seeks to provide only that which is needed by the student and is always ready to provide that which is positive, in order to encourage the student to renew the self’s efforts, so that progress can once again be achieved.

The student who fails to trust the Teacher is the student that abandons the path after the first, second, third, or fourth lesson that causes suffering; for the self begins to believe that the self can not endure this pain - that potentially the self will be born stronger in the next or the next or the next lifetime, determining that the self is not that individual this time. The age of the individual is also a major factor, for most humans fail to understand that the self and the Higher Self determines the length of time allocated to the self upon this planet; indeed it is not the number of years that is the determinant - it is the will and the desire of the self alone that makes this determination. There are many upon this planet in their eighties and their nineties that present the self to the Teacher and that accomplish much prior to departing this planet; indeed, there are many that have become enlightened during this time period, for the cares and the concerns of the world are no longer burden. The self is able to see that which need be released, that which is totally unimportant to the student who walks the path to healing. All those present need understand that the self’s journey shall be extended only as long as the self has proven that the self’s true focus is consciousness evolution; this is true for all human beings - regardless of the illness, the self is provided with the time that is needed to accomplish the maximum that can be accomplished, utilizing the experiences of the current lifetime.

It is important for each to recognize that there are many, many, many tactics employed by the Teacher to make certain that the student understands the lesson that is being presented. As each present is fully cognizant, the ego does not have intelligence; it is merely informed response – informed by prior use. It is the Teacher that offers alternative methods to the student who walks the path to healing. The student that embraces these “escape hatches”- shall we say - is the student that will continue to be challenged by similar lesson in future, until the self recognizes that the lesson has not yet been learned, has not yet been fully identified, fully recognized, therefore cannot be fully integrated. By pursuing answer for the self, the self is then capable of aiding another in future when the self questions another’s view of that which is being experienced; it is to be able to draw forth the personal experience of the self – to state, “I, too, fooled myself. I too believed that I was dealing with the issue, the lesson at hand, because I no longer became upset with issues that disturbed me greatly prior to setting forth upon my path.”

Those who are unable to share of the self with another, to state that the self still struggles with particular issues, is the student that will continue to fail, for the Teacher will continue to offer alternative routes and the student will continue to embrace them. It is important for each student to recognize that the only way to learn the lesson is to face it square on, to embrace the feelings of the self – of anger, of sorrow, of helplessness, of hopelessness - and to call forth the assistance of the teacher, either physical or spiritual. Those students present are in need of the physical teacher, for the ego is the voice that responds to the self most frequently when the self is being challenged.

It is for the student to do the work. It is for the student to hold the intention. It is for the student to recognize that the Teacher is familiar with the self’s thinking, with the self’s intention; if it has been vocalized frequently enough, the Teacher has drawn forth example, experience for the self to recognize that the self’s intention need be modified or that the self’s intention is indeed being pursued. The intention of the student should never restrict the Teacher. My statement was focused upon the narrowness of the teaching that was to be welcomed by the students, “This is my focus – this is what I seek teaching upon.” I am aware of the intention of each; I am also aware of the actions of each that either agree/endorse the intention or that makes clear that the intention is not truly that which is desired by the self. It is my duty to draw forth all that which lies within. I will dispel the story created by the ego, for it is indeed often the ego that creates the intention.

Vocalization of the intention to the physical teacher is necessary and important if the student seeks support, for the physical teacher can bring example to the self of actions, activities that are in conflict with the intention. Vocalization of the self’s struggles, of the self’s successes are welcomed by the Teacher. It is important for each walking the path to healing to recognize that the Teacher knows all that there is to know about the self; it is the self that need be informed. Vocalization of what the self believes about the self is important; for often recognition can be made by the self of the faulty nature of the belief or the intentions of the self.

Does the Teacher seek to remove all pleasure from the student’s experience, my sister (student)?

Student: That hasn’t been my experience my Teacher. I’m deriving great pleasure out of listening and studying and learning and devoting my time to this project of me being a healed person and I’m getting great joy out of that…more than anything else ever before.

It is the student that is focused upon the negative that believes that the Teacher seeks to remove all pleasure from the self’s life experience, for this idea could not be farther from truth. The Teacher seeks to draw forth pleasure by drawing forth recognition of pain and sorrow so that the self may recognize those periods of calm, periods of deep satisfaction, periods of what may be referred to as happiness that were never recognized as such before. It is the path that awakens the student’s ability to recognize happiness – that which the majority of humanity goes in search of each and every day, failing to recognize that the bulk of humanity is capable of this state the majority of their time. It is recognition that materialism has redesigned happiness. The consciousness that is capable of seeing all that the self has – love and support, food and water, shelter – it is these individuals that have the capability to classify the self as happy the majority of the time. This is indeed the bulk of humanity, for the basic needs of the consciousness are met, often with the assistance of the inner Teacher. It is materialism that has redrawn the basic needs, expanded them so to say, that if the self does not have these things then the self cannot be happy. It is as Te' Auna stated earlier – the lesson for those that do not have what they believe is needed has yet to be learned. To understand that the inner Teacher rewards those who learn this lesson - those who teach others, those who are generous, those who continue to step forth to aid those who are in need of assistance.

To believe that the self has enough is a most difficult task indeed, for each consciousness upon this planet has suffered severe lack – what may be regarded as severe deprivation of all things needed.

It is now time to begin the long and arduous journey back to divinity, to cleansing the self; this is done by learning the lessons and then by providing service so that karmic callings can be cancelled – all those that have been earned throughout the consciousness’ existence on this planet must be repaid. It is for this reason that many consciousnesses return for a great many lifetimes following realization of the Self’s divinity. It is for this reason that service becomes the focal point; the self does not tire of returning to serve – the self does, however, tire of returning to learn anew lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime…the slate wiped clean, the infant to adult struggling, clawing to regain that which has been earned previously. It is only through integration of the lessons, casting off of the lesson plan, that the self may continue in the cycle of death and rebirth, yet have all memories intact each time the new body is taken; it is in this way that the self is capable of serving for the full lifetime, rather than a small portion thereof. It is important for each present to recognize that many lifetimes lie ahead for each of you. Service has been provided, yet the self has been unable to break free of the lesson plan.

My final teaching this day shall be to inform Te' Auna that all lesson must be experienced if the self is to teach. It is understood that you are unhappy with the method of teaching. It is also understood that you accept and embrace the necessity of these methods. To experience all things is the goal of the Teacher. It is a difficult path – one that is well prepared for, one that is chosen, one that has been failed many, many times prior to success being experienced. Your lessons will be like no others; to embrace this would be to your benefit, to cancel the residual aversion suggested.