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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Service

This is a classic example of the consciousness who has volunteered in service to the consciousness that becomes known as their child; the parent is that which is needed in order to teach the child. Once the child has learned the lesson, the parent is provided with opportunity to be different as well. It is the consciousness of great love that steps forth, volunteering to embrace tremendous darkness for the self in order to teach another; for the likelihood of casting off this darkness (once the child has learned) is minimal, for the self often has become that which was most needed in order to aid another. Stepping forth into the role of darkness is one that garners little honor from the consciousnesses who have been served.

It is to recognize the battle is uphill and that the self need commit and dedicate the self, starving the unhealed portion of the self, recognizing that it has been well fed through this and many, many, many previous lifetimes. It is service that will promote its starvation - service that seeks no recompense, service that seeks no reward, nor even thank you.

Recognition of the self’s inability to embrace another due to lesson failure is critical to the student who walks the path to healing, for the self who fails to forgive another shall find the self as the unforgiven in future. To understand that all humans came to learn and that all humans fail the majority of their existence provides knowledge to the student that need be understood, felt deeply within the self by seeing the self in all others, for only then does forgiveness flow readily and easily from the heart for all those who have damaged the self in the past, those that will damage the self in the present, and those that may attempt to damage the self in future. Damage is perception that has been distorted, for damage, when viewed appropriately, is service.

The goal of the lifetime is to eliminate negativity, to draw forth the inner Teacher, so that lessons may be presented to the self, utilizing all time available to the self to learn. As long as the ego maintains its stature of dominance, the inner Teacher is forced to utilize others to teach the self; oftentimes, forced to accept that the self has mistaken the lesson once again and rather than releasing negativity, increasing negativity.

It is the desire of the inner Teacher to aid the self. Elimination of negativity enables the self to begin to enjoy the life experience once again, to begin to see the value of the self’s presence in this dimension, to recognize the value of the service that could be provided to others, for there are far more in need than there are able to serve. It is for this and future lifetimes that the inner Teacher strives to gain more prominence, to aid the self in ridding the self of that which prohibits the hearing of the voice that lies within, to aid the self in returning to the original state of divinity.

It is important for all present to recognize that past life karma is something that is not truly understood by the bulk of humanity, for karma is earned by the self as the self is learning. The human that views karma from the unhealed state is incapable of understanding that the self had no choice but to experience that which has been experienced; it is now the self’s turn to experience that which has been provided to another in service. All things must be experienced – not only those things favorable but all things unfavorable, for it is this that informs the self, that informs the body, of the nature of all things. The human being craves the positive and abhors the negative, feeling that the self is entitled only to feelings of pleasure; the self would never seek feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, discomfort – nor any negative emotion that I could possibly name. Rather, the self is desirous of pleasure alone and is constantly seeking for the next and the next and the next pleasurable experience. No sooner than pleasure has been experienced and the self sets out for the next and the next and the next experience, for the human is never filled. Within each is a deep yearning to experience all things – some have a greater sense of urgency than others but all humans desire to experience. Until the consciousness steps forth upon the path to healing, pleasure is all that is sought – all else, as quickly and easily as possible, discarded, forgotten. The feeling of the self is to eliminate all that is negative from the life experience; if this means cutting individuals out of the self’s life or particular experiences, it matters not, for the consciousness, the self, the unhealed self, will do so.

The lesson plan demands negative experience, for the consciousness need be tested to determine not only, “Have all things been experienced,” but “Have all things been understood?” The experience of negative emotion – humiliation, embarrassment, anger, depression – indicates that the self, the unhealed self, has yet to truly understand that which has been presented to the self, for all of these responses are those belonging to the ego. It is the ego that protects; it is the ego that defends. The ego merely consists of negative energies that are a part of each body belonging to the human; it represents those unhealed portions of each body – each body will continue to cry out in a negative fashion until the lesson has been learned, for each body is programmed to respond in a particular fashion until awareness has been awakened for the self, until response favorable – that which could be regarded as positive or that belonging to the light – is made by the self automatically. Until this time has been experienced, the lesson has yet to be integrated.

To teach is the goal – or so it is believed to be the goal, while the self is student; in actuality, the goal is to learn. The student that is misfocused, believing that the self is intended to teach, is one who fails to learn.

To serve is another goal readily embraced by the student; service, which equates to telling others what the self has done in order to move forward upon the path, feeding the ego, demanding the attention of others who will then endorse the self’s path through emulation. To serve, to teach – all humans serve, all humans teach. To state that the self is unable to teach until the self has learned the lessons says that the self has embraced that the primary face presented to the world is that of the ego, for the self must be perfected, the self must know the answers before sharing of the self takes place with another. The struggle of the self could be perceived as weakness - the self could be taken advantage of by another if the self were honest with another, if the self humbled the self with another, if the self confessed that the self struggles each day to determine that which is most appropriate for the self.

To open the self to another, exposing the self’s underbelly, allowing another to see the vulnerability – it is this student that shall learn, it is this student that shall cancel karma for the self, it is this student that is a shining example to others, that will encourage another who also struggles to begin to open the self, to openly seek assistance from others, who then open the self to others.

Winning is the focus of the ego. Losing can be the focus of the ego. To win is to be damaged, to lose is to forgive; this is the view of the ego. Winning means that the self has now turned bitter, angry, resentful, myriad negative behaviors flourish from the pain seeded by another, when the self took another’s lesson failure personally. Losing means forgiving, forgetting indeed, the transgressions of another, as they fail the lessons presented to them. The ego views this loss personally and will not endorse forgiveness under any circumstance, for damage of the self means negativity and the ego seeks to create more and more negativity, so that it may maintain its dominion above all other bodies. It is the ego that encourages holding onto the hurt feelings, it is the ego that refuses the widened vision that sees all things confronting the other, that understands that failed lesson is painful for all – not only the self who has perceived damage for the self. All humans provide service by playing the dark role by presenting the self to determine if the self has learned the lesson or if the self will once again choose to be damaged. Until the self can present the self as service and refuse damage, the lesson has not yet been learned. The student that stands solid in the barrage of words, in the barrage of violence, indeed stands solid in the face of all that which is provided by one who is failing to learn – disallowing anything beyond the physical damage to impact the self and the physical damage heals and is quickly forgotten. It is this consciousness that has learned. The bulk of humanity has yet to achieve this status.

To discount and to minimize – our sister (student) has brought forth many, many examples of these energies. I shall only add that the student of the self is often unable to see the self’s culpability without the assistance of another, for story is immediate – story is used as the rescue so that others may see the self as saintly, as one who was merely trying to aid and got caught in the crossfire, as one who has done nothing to merit the treatment that has been judged as unfair, unwarranted. It is this student that fails to recognize karma. It is the student that often places karma at the top of the list for all that is experienced by the self that is painful…this is true of course, for the karma earned by the student of Shame is often extraordinary, often cannot be repaid each for each; rather, service must be provided in order to balance the accounts.

The student that is desirous of learning seeks counsel and guidance from all those surrounding the self; it is the fortunate student indeed that finds wise counsel - counsel that is honest, counsel that does not shirk the self’s duty to state that which is seen. Te' Auna has finally embraced that I am indeed her Teacher; it has been a difficult journey for her to this acceptance – one that has been made purposefully difficult by myself, as well as others who have worked to maintain the confusion that she has endured throughout the preceding 2-year time period. Each time she was willing to succumb, information was provided to her that would cause her to change her mind, her opinion, and rather, to stay the course – that the self was uncertain, that the self could not say what the self so deeply desired to state: that the identity of the Teacher was known.

Many lessons have been brought forth within the singular lesson to teach Te' Auna. It is for all students to understand these lessons, for if understanding is possible, if the self can feel the lesson by experiencing the emotion with Te' Auna, then the lesson may be cancelled for the self in this lifetime. It is to open the mind, to be willing to state that the self is uncertain, to be willing to be flexible – to change the mind frequently, without embarrassment, without regret, certainly without anger – to state, “I am uncertain and I recognize the necessity, for this is what my Teacher has chosen to provide me with challenge, so that I may learn that which has been failed before.” Second-guessing results in failure; trying to determine that which is being sought by the Teacher is the cause of second-guessing.

The lesson began months prior to the Hawaii journey. Te' Auna was focused upon the students and virtually all time was dedicated to these students; all would be dropped at a moment’s notice to come to the aid of the student who had become dependent. It is important to note that Te' Auna’s health continued to decline; unbeknownst to herself, the health had been boosted – falsely supported by myself for three years prior. The Teacher cannot remove energies that are detrimental to the student until the lesson has been learned; all that could be done was to provide energies – these energies were earned through service provided to others. Many attempts had been made to convince Te' Auna that the students could manage independently and that the self need become the central focus; it was merely the repetition of many previous lifetimes, wherein others consumed all energies, all time. There was never time remaining for the self for adequate rest, let alone delving deeply within to learn the lessons necessary so that caustic, damaging energies could be released from the bodies permanently. Poor health was suffered in many lifetimes due to these activities, due to these ways of being.

It is important for all students to understand that service is primary to the student who walks the path to healing once the lesson plans focused upon selfishness have been fully integrated. It was determined that Te' Auna would become the central focus by destroying the relationship that she had with all students, by destroying the faith and the trust that the students held for her. For each student was capable of moving forward independently, whereas Te' Auna had little time remaining to her, if she did not begin to focus upon her own lessons; for decision had been made to stop falsely propping up the health, with potential increasing for the cycle of death and rebirth once again.

I am Osiris. I am called to those consciousnesses that are focused upon providing service to others. It is my duty to draw forth all that which lies within that prohibits true service. It is my honor to do so.

The student that walks the path to healing begins to travel with the consciousnesses that affinity is found within the spiritual arena, for in order to progress rapidly the self need be supported by another who understands the self’s goals. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twenty, thirty, forty – as many as possible are planned to come into the life to share for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, five years, ten years, twenty years, fifty years – each consciousness chosen purposefully, to bring to the self the experience that is most needed. This intervention of another consciousness is often referred to as a preincarnative agreement. Agreement has been reached between the Teacher and the consciousness that service will be provided to the self in the lifetime; this service could bring darkness or love - that which is recognized as darkness, that which is recognized as love – for in truth, both are love.

The soul family shifts and reduces slowly, lifetime after lifetime, as the self seeks to bring forth – to surround the self in fact, with those who are walking similar path, for in this way, the likelihood of one awakening and then impacting the other is increased dramatically. It is important when surveying those about the self that have assisted the self greatly – either through difficult experience or that which has opened the eyes of the self - it is most important for the self to recognize that the inner Teacher has drawn this individual into your sphere purposefully. It may or may not have been in response to preincarnative agreement; suffice it to say that many agreements are made that are not kept, as the consciousness chooses not to provide the service that was agreed upon due to their own lesson failure or due to their own lesson integration. One who has agreed to play the dark role and has learned the lessons in lifetimes following the time when the agreement was reached, oftentimes is unable to provide this service and the inner Teacher must find another who would be willing to provide the experience most needed by the self.

Those who walk the path to healing are provided with assistance only with the guarantee that the assistance will be utilized to aid others; this guarantee is taken very seriously by the Teacher and the student will not be released from this guarantee in the lifetime. All will be shared, all will be passed along to others; the more that the self shares, the easier it becomes…the words begin to fall off the tongue easily, nonchalantly, “I was a thief…I was a liar…I used others…I abused others…I abused myself…I’m an alcoholic…I was a drug addict…I am impotent. These are the lessons that my consciousness has been provided in this lifetime – I have lived humiliation, embarrassment, feeling less-than, feeling more than. I have experienced all things; it is because I have experienced all things that I have determined it is time for me to leave this planet. I shall be here for many, many, many more lifetimes, fulfilling my obligation to others, for many have served me so that I could learn. I shall now serve others, endorsing their learning as I have been endorsed.”

It is for all to understand that the consciousness that steps forth and states to the Teacher, “I am prepared to begin the route that provides me with exit from this planet, from this experience, for I have learned all that I can; please draw forth all that which lies within me – all that which is negative, which has covered up all that which has been earned that is positive. Help me to release it all so that I may walk in my full divinity and begin to be of true service to others.” It is the Teacher’s honor to do so.

To be an instrument requires dedication and commitment to draw forth that which the Teachers outside of the 4th dimension have determined to be most critical to humanity at this time. To understand the role of the instrument is to understand the desire held by the consciousness to aid humanity. To aid humanity becomes the deepest desire of the consciousness – to draw forth wisdom that has already been earned by the self through lesson in the current lifetime. It is to teach that is the focus of this consciousness.

When first beginning to walk the path to healing, the student believes that the self is either divine or evil. It is rare that the student understands that the self stands firmly off-center, leaning towards the positive, having spent lifetime after lifetime after lifetime garnering, immersing the self in negativity; for it is this pursuit alone that guarantees that the self will arrive at that moment where the self recognizes hatred for this planet, hatred for this existence, for the self has learned, has experienced all that this planet has to offer. It is now time to begin the long and arduous journey back to divinity, to cleansing the self; this is done by learning the lessons and then by providing service so that karmic callings can be cancelled – all those that have been earned throughout the consciousness’ existence on this planet must be repaid. It is for this reason that many consciousnesses return for a great many lifetimes following realization of the Self’s divinity. It is for this reason that service becomes the focal point; the self does not tire of returning to serve – the self does, however, tire of returning to learn anew lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime…the slate wiped clean, the infant to adult struggling, clawing to regain that which has been earned previously. It is only through integration of the lessons, casting off of the lesson plan, that the self may continue in the cycle of death and rebirth, yet have all memories intact each time the new body is taken; it is in this way that the self is capable of serving for the full lifetime, rather than a small portion thereof. It is important for each present to recognize that many lifetimes lie ahead for each of you. Service has been provided, yet the self has been unable to break free of the lesson plan.

“How can this be?” is the question that has come to mind for Te' Auna. If service has been provided to others, how can the self not have learned the lessons of the self? It is the outward focus of the self, of the consciousness – service has become primary, the self has indeed become selfless. Learning to cast off all that which is presented to the self by focusing all attention upon another, learning that the self need be primary while also providing service to others, is a difficult concept for the Teacher to bring forth for the student; for selfishness is rampant upon the earth at this time - self-focus, self-absorption - the issue that most confront daily, unwittingly imposed by their lesson plans.

It is for each, indeed for all students, to recognize that those surrounding the self that are providing the self with their estimation – what it is that they see in you, as service, whether the self finds it to be valid or not - is critical to the student who walks the path to healing. For if the self is unwilling to embrace that the self is indeed seen differently than the way the self sees the self, then it may easily be construed that the self is not yet prepared to be walking the spiritual path to return to the self’s divinity.

It is to recognize that the damaged portions of the self are utilized by the Teacher, drawing forth others that suffer similarly, to aid the self in seeing the self; it is indeed to remember learn/teach, teach/learn – that as the self sees the self in another, recognizes the self, understands the root cause and determines that change is not only desirous but needed, that the self can then turn to the other who has provided the service to the self and to share with them what has been seen. It is for the self to determine if the other self would be open to the self’s view and to recognize that if the information is poorly received that the self may be the first to have broached the subject, the topic, with the other. The self has indeed paved the way for another in future - another who may be more successful than the self. It is to recognize that service to another repays service received by the self.

Recognizing the self is the goal whenever judgment is present, for the self has indeed been spotted and the Teacher is attempting to bring recognition forth. I am Osiris. I am the Teacher of all of humanity. It is my duty to draw forth that which lies within, for all those consciousnesses that present the self, stating the self’s desire to return to the consciousness’ original state – that which can be regarded as divinity.