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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Emotion

It is important for all students to recognize that the Teacher draws forth that which is most needed by the student; all that which is being experienced by the self is necessary. When the self is emotional, upset – the words, “This is necessary…What am I to learn from this feeling?” need be spoken to inform the mind that the self is desirous of pursuing understanding; for the mind must be instructed to focus its attention upon that which is being experienced, rather than a translation of the pain, of the emotion, which result in confusion.

The mind is necessary to the student and must be trained to focus upon that which is most important, that which lies beneath the surface. The mind that remains upon the surface will focus upon the pain, will focus upon the sadness, the mistreatment of the self. The mind that has been informed to view the situation, to draw forth that which is of value to the self – to understand the issue at hand is one that brings answer to the self…”This is what I believe is the issue…This is what I believe we have experienced…This is the area that I have discerned that needs further scrutiny”. It is to aid the mind in honing this skill, discarding all that which is being passed from the emotional body to the mental body for interpretation, “I am suffering, I am in pain…this hurts…I wish for it to end…I am angry…I am irritated…I am frustrated…I feel deep sorrow.” To move beyond the emotion, to begin asking: “Why do I feel this way? When did I first feel this way? When did I last feel this way? Where is this represented within my pattern? What is truly being experienced by myself that has engaged the emotional body?”

It is important to understand that the emotion cannot be disregarded – it must be felt, it must be experienced but it is not the focus; it is never to be primary.