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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Spiritual Experience

Student: I do – the essence of my question being that – we have a Higher Self, we have a soul, we have an inner Teacher…do we also have guides that travel with us or are…is the inner soul, the Higher Self, and the inner Teacher the guides that are referred to in spiritual literature?

It is to understand that the literature that is available to the masses has been written by those who have experienced; these experiences have then been embraced by many, although the experience was never personal. These experiences, proliferated through the ages, have created myth. Do you understand my sister?

Student: I believe so – thank you.

It is important for all to recognize that the consciousness is provided with all - all that would ever be needed. The self never walks alone…never; this embracement, this understanding, once truly incorporated as a part of the self’s thinking allows the self to understand that all experience is personal. Experiences of darkness, as well as experiences of light, are typically those that are anticipated – the seed having been planted by the experience of another. Do all understand my words?

Sol: Do I correctly interpret what you said to mean that our beliefs around this subject are highly tempered by the experiences of others that we may take on as our own in ignoring our uniqueness?


It is the desire of the human, one who is focused upon the scientific, which demands proof; proof demands repetition - that the same experience be duplicated again and again and again. Those individuals indoctrinated by organized religion are told that they will experience if they conduct themselves in a particular fashion; these individuals often do experience that which has been stated, exactly as it has been stated, without variance. Do all understand the reason why science demands duplication?

Sol: I do.

Student: Empirical proof is required by humans to believe…like my Student character, “Prove it to me.”

Loereve: It does seem to be the nature of science in its current form.

Recognition that the human seeks to experience that which has been experienced by others…if this recognition is wholly embraced – that the self is desirous of experiencing that which another has experienced, then true understanding can be achieved of why the self would experience exactly as another has experienced previously.

To see the self is the goal; to uncover all that which lies within to determine that which is truly the self – the self’s wants, needs, desires can only be determined in truth after the revelation of that which lies within - the choices that were made by the self early on and have been reinforced, obedience maintained by the mind. It is to understand that the mind does not like new experience; it is only that which is known, that which is fully understood that is welcomed. Judgment is utilized to prohibit the entry of new experience, of new knowledge, unless the mind has determined that the self will garner the attention, the adoration, the respect of others, through this pursuit.

Recognizing that the mind prohibits the self from experiencing new things is vital to the student who walks the path to healing, for the spiritual experience is that which is unknown, that which is not understood, that which varies from person to person, that which can never be known by the self until the experience has been garnered. It is the mind that prohibits this pursuit. The voice is often unheard by the self – the voice in the background that tells you that you “cannot accomplish this in this lifetime…possibly in the next or the next or the next but certainly not in this lifetime. Here are the reasons why: you are unworthy, you are not good enough, you cannot learn. You do not wish to give up all of these wonderful experiences in exchange for something that you know nothing about, do you?”

The self is convinced that the spiritual experience is not one to be pursued with all that the self has to give, never understanding that only those students who give all that they have to give will accomplish that which is necessary to have the experiences that the heart desires most. It is the experience of the self - of all bodies, of the Higher Self, of the Teacher – that is first for the student. It is much later that the coveted experience…to feel connected to all things, to feel connected to the divine, the sea of unconditional love - it is this that comes much later. Most fail prior to having this experience, for the mind wins, the belief system wins, the ego wins, having convinced the self that that which is known is far better than that which is unknown.