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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Confidence

It is the exuding of confidence that is rarely felt by the individual. It is to recognize that the character steps forth. It is to inform those around you, “I have this confident character – it’s false…it does not truly belong to me…it is not how I feel, other than in very rare moments. The rest of the time I am very uncertain. I am in need of assistance. I need the love and support of those around me, for the choices are myriad. It is impossible for me to keep up alone. I need the assistance of others, for these consciousnesses for which I have embraced responsibility will challenge me every day until I have learned this lesson. Do you understand what I am …

Guest: I think that’s the really hard part…is that I do understand. I understand the importance of community; I understand the importance of assistance …I don’t know why I can’t ask for it when I need it.

It is the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the tenth, the twentieth time that the words are choked off in the throat my sister – the twenty-first, twenty-second, twenty-third, twenty-fourth – maybe the thirtieth, the fortieth, the fiftieth time that the words will flow smoothly, coming forth from the self to state, “I am uncertain…I need assistance.” Do you understand?

Guest: Yes

It is to try stating the words to the self, using them as a mantram, “I need assistance. I shall seek it from any who are brought before me whom I believe can aid me.” It is to ask the question with a smile, to be warm, “I need assistance. I am struggling mightily. I seek to do my best but I find it to be impossible to be successful without assistance.” Do you understand?

Guest: Yes

Hiding the self’s pain, the self’s uncertainty is a heavy burden my sister.

Guest: Yes

It is my honor to assist you. Are there further queries?

Guest: No, thank you.

It is for all students to understand that those standing opposite the self that are exuding confidence – it is rare that this confidence is real; it is rather a frequent experience that the façade can be cracked and broken with a well-placed word or phrase. It is the duty of all consciousnesses to challenge those who appear to be confident, to either strengthen the confidence if it is genuine or to destroy the façade, informing the student that it is time to step forth and to seek true confidence by learning.