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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Willingness

Recognition of the self – to see the self clearly is difficult when the student believes the self to be correct in all things, when the student is focused upon defense and protection of the self at all cost. To see the self through the positive lens is doubly difficult for one who has grown accustomed to seeing the self as lesson failure.

Willingness is absent for the student who sees the self as attacked, as one who must protect and defend; for the self has become unwilling due to the experiences that have been misinterpreted, that have been experienced through the negative lens. The Teacher works with the student, drawing forth others that act as the mirror for the self; the self’s behaviors are illustrated upon the canvas in bold colors. The self responds to protect and defend or to condemn the other that has been drawn forth. The self has failed to see that which the Teacher intended.

Willingness is an action engaged by the student that has begun to see the self, to recognize the rigidity - the self’s inclination to view all things through the negative lens. It is when the student begins to view all things utilizing the negative, immediately followed by the positive lens, that willingness is somewhat more easily engaged. Until the self has determined that all is indeed lesson, that all that is presented to the self has great purpose, that the self need seek understanding of that which has been provided – that the positive lens is drawn forth and all that is good and appropriate is now viewed by one who previously believed that the self was attacked, condemned, unsupported.