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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Humor

Make light of yourself, my brother. This is my suggestion: make light of yourself, laugh at the self, laugh at the attempt of the characters to cause the self to hide – put yourself out into the limelight and inform all of your mistakes with humor. Each present takes the self far too seriously.

The student with this mental lesson plan has determined to approach all things in a humorous fashion; both dark and light humor are acceptable. The self fails to take the lesson beyond the statement that has been made to share the self’s sentiment with another. It is resentment that is most likely to result, for most students choose dark humor when sharing the plight of the self with another. It is to recognize that sharing from the heart is done without trying to entertain another – without care, without concern for how another will receive what the self need bring forth, what the self has determined would be of profit to share with another.