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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Etheric Body

It is to understand the needs of the body, to provide it with a good vitamin-mineral supplement as is appropriate for the age, for this increases the strength of the body, allowing the self to utilize energies for other purposes, rather than that which is needed to maintain the physical body. It is to do the research, my student, to find a vitamin that is appropriate for the self; to understand that the physical body has been damaged and is in need of nurture is primary. The physical body continues to draw energies from the etheric body, further diminishing the chances of the self to experience spiritually, to reach higher for better solution; for when negativity comes calling, it is the etheric body that is called upon to aid the self with positive energy so that true choice may be accomplished simply by focusing the awareness, seeking the energies, and then choosing more appropriately for the self.

You shall speak of all negativity that is experienced by the self to another human being immediately upon the recognition. It is not several hours later my brother (Sol) – it is immediately. It is to begin to build the habit to be different, to draw forth negativity and to resolve it in the moment, rejecting field connection, thereby protecting the stores of energy inside that are positive in nature. Your acceptance of field connection for several hours depletes these stores. It is the cause of depression. It is the cause of aimless wandering for days following engagement. It is the reason for deep dissatisfaction with your path. It is the reason for the inability to make contact within the meditative state, for the etheric body has been depleted once again. It is time to be different my brother, if it is indeed your desire. If you choose the ego, as stated previously, I shall honor this choice.

It is the energies in the current lifetime, upon the death of the bodies belonging to the current self, that are then taken by the Teacher and stored within the astral body; it is indeed the astral body that responds in future lifetimes, invoking emotion so that the attention of the self is garnered if there are energies that reside within that require the attention of the self so that release may be achieved. It is during the recapitulation process that the Teacher draws forth all energies from the astral into the etheric and then into the physical body so that all energies, all lesson, may be revisited, may be understood by the student to the satisfaction of the Teacher before these energies are released. It is indeed the accumulation of energies by the consciousness that are examined during the recapitulation process; all failed lessons, all lessons that have been learned subsequent to the storage of these energies must now be revisited to make certain that the lesson has indeed been learned.

It is the energies stored within the astral body that fuel the lesson plan in subsequent lifetimes; release of energies prior to the lesson having been learned would result in the consciousness failing the lesson in future, thereby creating energies that will be stored in the current physical body until its demise, which would then be stored once again in the astral. The recapitulation process does not guarantee that the self will not be reattached to the lesson plan in the current or future lifetimes; it will always be the choice of the self to respond – I shall not say appropriately, for all that is chosen is appropriate for the self, is that which is most needed by the self. It is the Teacher’s duty to do all possible to make certain that the lesson has been learned prior to release of energies; this does not prohibit the future choice of the self to choose differently, thereby creating the energies, thereby engaging the cycle of lesson once again in future.