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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Mind

Understanding the mind is the desire of most students. Recognition that the mind often does not wish to be understood need be made, for the student who continues to pursue understanding prior to adopting corrective measures is one who often is dominated by the ego. It is to seek guidance from the inner Teacher that is suggested when one is attempting to unseat the ruler called ego.

It is important that all students be aware that the ego will fight the self tooth and nail, so to speak, from discovering that another has only the self’s highest and best interests at heart; rather, the ego prefers to tear apart the other, to judge, diminishing that which is brought forth for the benefit of the self. The self that embraces the judgments is the self that has decided that the teachings are not desired by the self at this time. Recognizing the self is important, seeing the self as others see the self – necessary, for one who walks the path to healing; for the student who fails to recognize those who seek to aid the self is the student that drains all those that come within the sphere of the self.

As long as the ego is invited to these sessions, wisdom will not be achieved, for it is the duty of the ego to prohibit sharing, to prohibit anything beyond that which spills forth from the mind. The heart can never be touched while the ego is present, for the shield has been activated, prohibiting entry of all others.

It is for all to recognize that the heart has not been damaged, that the heart is not closed, that the heart is capable of feeling. It is the mind that interprets the feeling. It is the mind that believes it has been damaged. It is to recognize the programming of the mind. It is to begin to rewrite the story. It is to encourage the self to review all experience of an emotional nature and to explain to the self why the lesson was necessary, why the self interpreted suffering or pain, damage to the heart. Without this evaluation, the mind cannot grasp that it has inappropriately assessed that which has been experienced. It is the mind that requires the focus of the student.

I should like to add that the mind does not accommodate the heart, for the feelings that are emitted by the heart are not provable, cannot be duplicated reliably and, therefore, are rarely considered by the logical mind. It is the abstract mind that considers the heart. Recognizing the dilemma that is to be confronted by all present when addressing the mind is the goal of this teaching. Te' Auna has stated earlier that focus upon the heart is the most difficult thing she has ever attempted – it is the most difficult task for any human to attempt, for it requires the self to choose every moment of every day - to choose that which is unprovable, to choose that which is believed to be unreliable, to choose the feeling that emanates from within, that tells the self that which is most appropriate for the self at any given time. It is not possible for the typical student to rely upon this feeling until much negativity has been removed; the inner Teacher will focus the attention upon the heart for the student when it is believed that the student can be successful. Until this time it is important for the student to focus upon the heart, to become cognizant of the feelings that emanate from within, to understand the quality – whether it is negative or positive feelings and the duration of the feeling - and to notate how the self feels in the moment, to review the choice of the self one day, one week, one month later to determine – was the feeling emanating from the mind, logic or from the mind, abstract?

It is important for all present to focus the attention upon the heart, to recognize that the mind is the arena utilized by the characters; the heart alone receives message without judgment, allows the self to feel that which has been received to determine if it is appropriate for the self at this time. It is the mind that judges, that changes that which is provided to prohibit the self from learning. Failure to recognize that the mind is utilized in order to ensure lesson failure results in just that.

It is to dedicate the self to spending less time with mental gymnastics and more time with the inner Teacher. It is to increase this time gradually, focusing the mind upon the issue that the self seeks to resolve, calling forth the inner Teacher, asking for guidance. Guidance will be received. It is for the self to then pursue that which is made available to the self. Journaling that which has been determined is suggested.

Do you understand that the mind has provided you with the answer that is used quite frequently by the self: “It seems like…it should be…it may be…I don’t think that it is” – this is referred to as the non-committal reply, one that the self is able to be on both sides and can easily shift their stance, depending on where the chips fall. This is learned behavior my brother (Loereve); it is time for you to choose, to state for the self – do you believe that the mind is the most important component of the human? Do you understand the many different factors employed by the self prior to providing another with answer, my brother?

That the self has forgotten how to use the mind, for the self is accessing emotion, rather than the mind; emotion that wishes to be embraced by the other, seeks the approval of another, seeks that the other endorse the self and that the self endorses the other. As in your programming language, there are many ‘if’ statements; it is this that causes confusion for the self, for the mind does not care for the word ‘if’ – it seeks resolution. When another asks a question of the self, you immediately begin to seek what will happen should you answer this, or this, or this, or this, utilizing judgment to determine what the other will feel, what the other will think, how the other will respond. It is judgment that causes the confusion and the self’s inability to respond to a simple query.

The student that fails to understand that the Teacher is also student is one that has failed to recognize that unrealistic expectation is often exhibited by the self for others within the life experience as well. It is to recognize that all surrounding the self are learning, all are at different positions upon the path – either ahead of you, walking in step with you, or walking behind you matters not, for the interaction of the self with another is intentional and each are able to teach each. The student that fails to open the eyes, to remove the blinders, is the student that fails to understand the lesson that has been brought forth to the self by the Teacher with this interaction. There are no mistakes. All are brought into the life experience purposefully. Each has the opportunity to learn; each equally has the opportunity to fail. It is failure that is experienced most frequently due to judgment – the inability of the self to see that all are brought into the life experience to teach the self. It is the viewpoint of the ego that the other has failed that prohibits the self from seeing the lesson intended for the self. Judgment of another is intensified by the characters, thereby prohibiting the self from seeing the self’s own failings. As long as the self is focused upon the failings of another, the failings of the self cannot be revealed.

To recognize that the self’s understanding of that which is most important to the self’s progress is tenuous at best is important for the student who walks the path to healing. It is to open the self to the Teacher, to focus upon the lessons that are being brought forth to the self and to ask, “What does this lesson represent to me – why do I continue to fail this lesson, time after time after time?” Survey, close scrutiny will likely return to the self the answer – that it is the mind that has focused the attention elsewhere; the mind is focused on what the mind seeks to understand – not what the Teacher has brought forth. I stated in a previous teaching the mind is programmed to avoid all discussion, all scrutiny, all review of the lesson plan; rather, recognition is made of the lesson – if the self fails to question the mind directly, the mind files it away, placing it in the cabinet, locking the drawer, waiting for the next and the next and the next lesson to be presented, which will then be added to the drawer, until the drawer is overstuffed – the drawer will no longer close and now the self must address the lesson directly with the mind.

The student that seeks to be a good student is a student that focuses on knowledge, garnering knowledge from all avenues, drawing it in, sorting it, sifting through it, trying to determine that which is most important to the self. The mind focuses on that which it finds to be of greatest interest – of course the mind seeks the topics that are unsolvable, it is ravenous for knowledge, it is most desirous of those things, those riddles that can fuel pursuit for many, many years – oftentimes, the lifetime is focused pursuing the single topic that the mind has determined is critical to the self’s development. The mind is programmed for distraction, for the mind is in constant, constant, constant motion – constant action, constant processing; even when the self believes that the mind has been stilled, the mind of course has not been stilled – it is simply providing the self with the impression that all activity has abated.

To recognize the self is difficult when the self has forbidden particular thoughts from fully entering the mind; it is the periphery that contains the majority of the student’s difficult past lesson failures. Snatches, or glimpses, impressions, feelings are brought forth by the Teacher, gradually introducing the student to the experience of the past – that which was determined to be profound, difficult, painful. Lesson is presented of similar nature in order to garner the student’s full attention and once the memory has been brought forth, front and center so to say, it is then that the student is capable of seeing how the self failed, as well as subsequent failures that came, each time the Teacher attempted to resolve that which remained unresolved for the self. It is the thinking that indicates to the Teacher that which need be addressed, remembering a friend who was dismissed from the life experience when a particular song is heard, when a particular activity is enjoyed; the voice of a family member being heard in the mind – that which comes forth unbidden, unwelcome. The student closes the mind, closes the eyes to the window that the Teacher has attempted to provide – the window to the past, reminding the student that this must be remedied in order to move forward.

All current lifetime issues must be resolved prior to addressing previous lifetime issues. It is previous lifetime issues that fuel the composite self, that continuously draw forth negative behaviors that are unwanted by the current self – that which we shall refer to this day as the true self. It is the true self that was burdened by the age of two with all previous selves behaviors, characteristics and energies of all previous lifetime lesson failures. The true self was burdened indeed, as the characters began to come forth, displaying myriad talents, shocking many with negative behaviors, each attempting to set the course for the current lifetime.

Sol: Do I understand correctly that you said that the energies of the composite self fuel the current life’s lesson plan…not the exact words but the concept?

I did not mention that at all my brother; rather, I stated that the energies were drawn forth of all previous lifetime lesson failures. It is of course these energies that fuel the lesson plan. Do you understand my brother that it is your mind that takes the data received by another and translates it? It is then the other that often suffers based on the translation that your mind provides you.

Sol: Yes I understand that – thank you.

It is to recognize that the mind is desirous of assisting you; providing this service is indeed a positive action but could certainly be viewed negatively. Do you understand?

Sol: Would you expand on that please?

Indeed. I, of course, did not suffer. I benefitted by the translation that you provided; however, those surrounding the self the majority of the time fall victim to the translation of the mind – the mind which hears, draws forth conclusion, and then informs the other that the translation provided to you by the mind is actually what was stated by the other. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes and I had an example of that today. Thank you…at least one example.

It is important to recognize that the mind is indeed your partner my brother.

Sol: I have a question.

Should you seek equal partnership, you must step forth and begin to recognize that which is being provided to you by the mind. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I understand that in principle – how do I train my mind to provide me with exactly what was said by the other?

It is to listen closely my brother, to forbid analysis until the other has completed the self’s statement. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, thank you.

It is the negative view that must be understood as the urging of the composite self – that portion of the self that is never satisfied, that does not receive the appropriate attention, that has never been endorsed as fully as the self believes the self should have been. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, thank you.

It is to recognize that this thinking was promoted to you and embraced by you, utilizing the energies of the lesson plan of Shame. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I do now. Thank you.

The lesson plan of Rejection is an emotional-mental lesson plan; it is also highly capable of feeling, and yet, the student must battle the mind, for it is the mind that wishes to take all things to the next level of logic. The feeling is illogical, the feeling is excessive, the feeling is not enough to take action - the feeling is then qualified by the mind, rather than being felt by all bodies. It is to recognize that if the self is desirous of feeling, the self must remain focused upon the heart and to allow whatever is experienced to be experienced without qualification, without classification, without judgment; the moment you allow judgment to enter, the doors to the heart close and the mind steps forth, changing all things to that which is logical, to that which is appropriate, or that which has been judged as inappropriate.

It is to trust the Teacher, for your Teacher knows exactly what need be brought forth to you every moment of every day. The student cannot conceive of the volume of issues that need come prior to the stilling, the illusion of the stilling of the mind having been experienced by the student. It is to trust the Teacher; it is to provide, indeed as stated, the open heart, the open mind followed by the review – deep, deep scrutiny – of all that which is brought forth, until the Teacher releases the energies that have been maintained to draw forth the lesson, indicating that the lesson has indeed been integrated. It is the mind that says that the student need be in control, that the student need understand the curriculum, that the syllabus need be submitted by the Teacher to the student and agreement reached that the student indeed is willing to learn all that which the Teacher seeks to bring forth in this particular term; this of course is not possible, for the Teacher will draw forth, will bring to the student that which is most needed at this time. The curriculum changes daily based upon the choice of the student; the curriculum also changes daily based on the response of the student who fails to choose.

It is difficult for the Teacher to emphasize the importance of silence for the student, yet I shall try once again by encouraging each to spend no less than 10 minutes per day in silence, focused upon the mind. All that which comes forth need be addressed by the self; if it is a reminder, it is to thank the mind - if the self thinks necessary, to jot it down and to then return to silence. It is to dedicate the self to listening and to addressing all that which is brought forth by the mind, for the mind is indeed the interpreter for all bodies. The self benefits tremendously when this interpreter is questioned, examined deeply and correction made whenever necessary, whenever possible.

It is to understand that the connection of the heart is merely the thought of love – to be love, to be different. For the human, the heart represents emotion, it represents love; it is the very symbol that comes to mind for the majority when the word love is spoken – the picture of the heart. It is to recognize that it is the mind that chooses, it is the mind that has been programmed, it is the mind that need be reprogrammed, informed by the self of the behavior that is most desired by the self whenever opportunity presents in future. Recognition that emotion often clouds the issue need be made by the self, for if the self is unprepared for the energies that are drawn forth by the inner Teacher, failure will be experienced again and again. It is the self that decides; that to be love, to be loving, to be willing, to be humble – that these attitudes have been informed through the heart in order to reprogram the mind. It is indeed the mind that responds. It is the self that intervenes but only if the self is aware, only if the self has chosen prior to lesson presentation to be different, to respond differently.

Recognition that all bodies have been programmed need be made by all students who walk the path to healing; each body, programmed to respond with particular behaviors, maintaining particular characteristics, promising particular results. The self that steps in to eliminate the behaviors, to modify or eliminate completely the characteristics, alters the outcome, changes the programming to that which is desired most by the self. The student that fails to study the self, the student that fails to understand the self’s lesson plan is the student that encounters stasis frequently upon the path.

The teachings that I seek to bring forth are those that are felt in the heart; when the student reads the teaching the heart becomes engaged, the mind follows the heart. The heart is open, willing to embrace all that which is made available. The mind embraces very narrowly only that which has been determined to be acceptable - that which has been previously experienced, that which is well understood. As soon as the information is available to the mind, the mind begins searching the databank to determine if there is knowledge resident within that is similar in nature - something that has been embraced by the self previously, something that states “Yes, I can embrace this. I can accept it. I shall file it right here with the previous information.” If the information can not be matched, the mind becomes suspicious, begins to question, and if answer is not found suitable enough to allow the mind to file the information with that which was previously gathered, then the information shall be discarded, forgotten. As long as the self allows the mind to perform this tasking for the self the self will not be able to change the self’s way of being.

It is the mind that speaks. It is the self that listens. The mind has been programmed to draw forth example to the student of that which has been, and is being, experienced by the self. The student that fails to recognize the self in all that is being experienced is the student that is currently failing. The self is available to the self so that the self may be seen clearly at all times. It is the lesson plan, it is the mind, it is the view of the student, the attitude, the way of being, the way of seeing all things through the lesson plan. It is for the self to determine which lesson plan is most dominant at this moment, for the Teacher draws forth that which is needed to provide illustration of each lesson plan in bold strokes, for subtlety is lost upon the student. That which makes an impression upon the self, that which draws forth deep emotion of kinship, caring, anger, hatred – it is these emotions that indicate to the self, “I am seeing myself in this moment.” Review of the lesson plan will aid the self in determining the lesson that is currently being focused upon by the Teacher.

The mind has aided her by casting off all those things that could not be understood, that were too painful to bear - wherein time was the only thing that would allow the self to begin to look more closely, for the pain had eased somewhat; embarrassment, humiliation - while still felt, are not as troublesome as when the experience was first presented. Again, it is the mind that aids the student to put away those things that cannot be understood; recognition that the self cannot understand all experience as it is being experienced is critical to the student who walks the path to healing. The belief that the self need understand prior to moving forward, prior to casting aside that which has been experienced, is cause for abandonment of the path; for the pain has increased with each thought, with each moment that the self determines that the self cannot move forward until understanding has been achieved. Understanding the self’s journey is important. The student believes it to be critical. It is not, of course, for understanding comes much later to the student. The Teacher is unable to provide understanding, for oftentimes many, many, many lessons must be brought forth; great pain - known as suffering – endured, prior to explaining the lesson that the Teacher has presented to the student.

It is to recognize that it is the mind that prohibits progress for the self. It is to understand that the Teacher cannot aid the student if the student is not focused upon understanding the mind. The mind – the source of all story that demands defense and protection; the mind – the source of pain, suffering; the mind – the source of demands made under the guise of the physical body.

Once all has been integrated from the current lifetime, it is only then that previous lifetimes are addressed. It is unfortunate that so many focus upon previous lifetimes, discarding the experiences of the current lifetime, thinking that the previous lifetimes will provide the roadmap to the self of all that which has been experienced in the current lifetime; this could not be less true, for the current lifetime’s lesson plan is often different from previous lifetimes. While similarities exist, the self is by no means a carbon copy of previous selves; rather, the self is a composite of many, many, many lifetimes, of many, many, many different lesson plans - and of many, many, many different choices of the self - to represent darkness or to represent divinity.

Lifetimes of abject darkness, lifetimes of extraordinary service have been experienced by all present. It is important to recognize that darkness teaches and that light reforms. It is exposure to the experience that is needed by each consciousness, for without the experience, the self is unable to recognize the difference - that which is known is preferred by the self, that which is unknown shall remain unknown as long as the mind is provided dominance. Within the third and the fourth kingdom the mind is sovereign indeed.

The intention that is spoken from the heart versus the head, the mind, is the intention that is sought by the Teacher. The mind seeks to build the intention that is peppered with flowery terms, promises, sweetness - that which shows the education of the self, the intelligence - rather than understanding that love opens the self to all things, love need not perfume itself, love need not pretend. It is to state the self’s intention from the heart that is desired by myself.

Much counsel has been provided to each student in the preceding weeks. It is important that each survey that which has been provided to the self, determining if the self has focused the attention upon that which has been brought forth – that which is most important, as seen by myself, for the ego seeks to distract the self, seeks to place the focus upon that which is unimportant at this time. It is the ego’s goal to lengthen the time period needed to learn, to truly understand the lessons, to integrate that which has been experienced. The mind seeks data and is rarely satisfied with that which has been received; it always seeks more for it is ravenous - it is programmed to seek more until the self recognizes that the self has all that the self needs, that the Teacher will provide more when it is believed to be necessary and not a moment before.

It is important for all gathered to recognize that the student that presents the self believes that the self is doing all possible to learn, to overcome the grasp of the ego. It is the belief that the voice of the ego is the voice of the Teacher that misleads the student. The ego will tell the self those things that the self believes the self would not say to the self; it is the teacher utilizing negativity to teach - that which lies within the self is drawn forth and provided to the self. Karma plays a major role in the teaching style utilized with the student. The student that has been dishonest will find the Teacher providing dishonesty. The student that has misled others will find the Teacher misleading the self. The student that has been cruel to others will find the Teacher being cruel to the self. The student that fails to show gratitude will find the Teacher that demands more and more and more from the student.

It is important for all students to recognize that to teach is no simple task, for the Teacher teaches the current self with full knowledge of the lessons that have been failed by the composites – those selves that comprise what is referred to as the composite. The current self is often shocked and dismayed at the tactics employed by the Teacher, believing that the voice of the Teacher is indeed the voice of the ego; the ego’s voice is kind, nurturing, compassionate, telling the self that protection and defense is critical to the self’s survival. Negativity is employed to amplify the messages being sent to the self from the mind, increasing negativity within the bodies exponentially, until the emotional body has overwhelmed the self completely; failure to recognize the tactics of the bodies results in failure for the student time after time after time. The Teacher can provide knowledge to the student of the variety in which I am providing in this moment but if the student fails to study, to draw forth the words into the heart, to feel them, to understand them deeply, then the next time that the mental body begins propelling the self with message, and the emotional body begins to overwhelm the self, all is forgotten.

The Teacher is patient. Lifetime after lifetime lessons are presented - lifetime after lifetime after the first, second, third, fourth awakening the self is determined to learn, to heal, to know the self. Many, many, many lifetimes pass as the experiences are garnered by the consciousness, making possible the time well into the future when the student will regain the original divinity belonging to the consciousness by removing all negativity, by becoming love unconditional once again. It is the Teacher’s duty to guide the student as long as the student presents the self for lesson. It is for the student to honor, to respect the teacher; to honor and respect all those participating in the self’s healing. Failure to provide honor and respect drains all, leaching off vital energies that could be utilized to endorse all students; for the teacher must be love in the face of negativity – the ego that determines to challenge the teacher is well-placed, as the teacher must be tested many, many times.

To understand - the student is deeply desirous of understanding all things; unfortunately, it is the demand of the mind, the ego mind, rather than the demand of the heart. The student stands solidly on both feet, hands on the hips, informing the Teacher that the self is unhappy, the self does not have what the self needs, the self is not fond of the teaching method employed by the Teacher - the self has better ways, better methods, better words. The Teacher smiles widely, understanding that it is the ego that demands understanding, that demands control, that demands that the Teacher be put in the Teacher’s place. It is appropriate for the student to state all matters of concern aloud to the Teacher, for hiding these things from the Teacher is impossible. The student that believes that the self can think these things without the Teacher being aware is a student indeed. All students judge the Teacher; judging the Teacher openly is suggested.

It is to recognize that suffering is provided to one who seeks to strengthen the will. Prolonged suffering is provided to one who has failed to maintain the mental capacity in previous lifetimes; prolonged suffering causes the mind to shatter, unless the strength of will has been seeded and then watered through numerous lifetimes. Testing of the student is extraordinary; those students who are weak of mind, weak of will, weak emotionally, weak physically, will not survive the testing provided. It is to recognize that you (student) and your sister, Te' Auna, suffered similar experience within childhood; each damaged – Te' Auna mentally and emotionally battered for many years, yourself, physically battered in order to break you mentally, in order to break your spirit, but the spirit had been nurtured, had been strengthened, had been watered through many, many lifetimes. It was not possible for you to be broken so much planning had gone into this testing for you, my sister. It is now time for you to lie down the baton for battle, to see the self as strengthened mentally, emotionally and physically, so that the plan for the self can begin to unfold, once the self has learned all lessons and released the burden of the lesson plan permanently.

To understand the process that is being employed to bring forth my voice is unimportant to most. To recognize that the majority of humanity has yet to reach the point where the self can hear clearly that which is just on the other side of, what is referred to as, the veil – from one dimension to the next – for the mind interferes; the mind is of course the interpreter and the mind can only interpret that which is found within. It is the belief system that taints the message. For instance, if the self believes in God, the self will interpret that the voice is indeed the voice of God – it has no other name, no other way of being viewed other than God. Many who maintain the Christian faith would potentially place the name of Jesus upon the consciousness; it is this that I offer as example alone, to emphasize that the mind jumps to conclusion, analyzes based on that which is known to the self - that which is unknown to the self is far more difficult for the mind to interpret. As long as the individual allows the mind to be the interpreter, the message will be tainted; for the self’s belief system is indeed the interpreter.