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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Recapitulation

Student: The first thing that you said – that someone with the lesson plan of Shame is given that lesson plan because in previous lives they couldn’t speak up for themselves, they couldn’t say what they were thinking…

Yes my sister.

Student: I think that’s the first time we’ve heard that.


Student: Is there more to it or is it just that simple?

It is to remember that the Teacher of the consciousness will provide that which is needed by the student. There are many, many lifetimes upon which the Teacher can draw. The student, at some point in a previous lifetime, became damaged due to lesson failure and choice was made to no longer speak, to no longer stand up for the self. The lesson plan of Shame has been provided in previous lifetimes – the energies are always available to the Teacher, unless recapitulation has been experienced and these energies released previously. It is important for each student to recognize that the lesson plans are provided so that the self may learn, so that the self may experience that which is needed most by the consciousness, so that the lessons can be learned, can be understood. As has been noted by each student, the majority of students have all line energies present within the lesson plans; those line energies that are not present could be representative of the student having recapitulated and those energies are no longer present for the Teacher to strum.

Once all has been integrated from the current lifetime, it is only then that previous lifetimes are addressed. It is unfortunate that so many focus upon previous lifetimes, discarding the experiences of the current lifetime, thinking that the previous lifetimes will provide the roadmap to the self of all that which has been experienced in the current lifetime; this could not be less true, for the current lifetime’s lesson plan is often different from previous lifetimes. While similarities exist, the self is by no means a carbon copy of previous selves; rather, the self is a composite of many, many, many lifetimes, of many, many, many different lesson plans - and of many, many, many different choices of the self - to represent darkness or to represent divinity.

Lifetimes of abject darkness, lifetimes of extraordinary service have been experienced by all present. It is important to recognize that darkness teaches and that light reforms. It is exposure to the experience that is needed by each consciousness, for without the experience, the self is unable to recognize the difference - that which is known is preferred by the self, that which is unknown shall remain unknown as long as the mind is provided dominance. Within the third and the fourth kingdom the mind is sovereign indeed.