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The Path to Healing

Dark Lords Obstacle Course: The Wounds

The individual plans to be provided as contrast to the Masters of Light’s curriculum had been finalized. The Lord of Chaos was extraordinarily pleased with the schemes that were intended to thwart the human’s ability to integrate the lessons. Visioning had been employed to assist with the planning; all things current, as well as all things possible in future, had been considered. The celestial computer was used once again, to alert the participants of the plan, informing each of the work that remained for each field, to insure that the schemes functioned as designed.

Repression is utilized to prohibit the human from speaking the mind; when speaking the mind, the human learns what the self wants, needs, and desires most in the life experience. Interaction with others aids the human to hone the understanding of that which is most desired; that which is in the highest and best interest of the self. The human that is not permitted to speak cannot survey the inner landscape to determine that which is in need of modification; therefore, ego is able to influence the human, utilizing the energies of the field, to impose that which will deter the human from lesson integration.

I shall now describe the human’s early life.

The human is convivial and engaging in the early life experiences, interacting with all, in order to learn about all things. Appearing in early childhood, the ego begins to influence these interactions by convincing the young human that some things are right and some things are wrong. The young human embraces this judgment and begins to censor the self and others, based upon this determination. Realization is not achieved that all things are to be experienced equally; for it is in this way that the young human determines what is best for the self. The ego wishes to exclude experiences from the life of the young human; therefore, all things are weighed, stamped with acceptable or not acceptable. The young human embraces the judgment and begins to prohibit certain experiences from the self’s life; lessons are presented to determine if control of the self, or control of another, will be chosen. Based upon lesson plan outcome, the course is now set.

The young human is trained to think rigidly, assessing all things as right or wrong; the ego gains power over the young human with the first acceptance of judgment, placed against the self’s experiences. Each acceptance grants connection to the field, reinforcing the judgment that results in future declining of the experience. The young human resists learning, for judgment has been employed, determination of inappropriateness has been made; the ego endorses this action, making connection to the field to guarantee future refusal. The young human has not recognized that the lesson must be learned to move forward and continues to refuse the lesson when presented. Field energies are utilized that prohibit the young human from understanding that judgment prohibits lesson integration; therefore, the lesson will continue to be presented, reinforcing field connection, due to lesson failure.

Field energies are imposed upon the young human to prepare the state of mind that is necessary to accomplish these goals. The young human is taught right from wrong; the importance of such is stressed, making certain that adherence to this strategy is maintained. The young human determines those things that are right and those things that are wrong, proceeding forth to judge all things in this fashion. Those things judged as right have been influenced by the ego and fueled by field energies to accomplish the goals of this Obstacle Course.

I shall now discuss the goals to be achieved.

Repression is the goal that is maintained by the field; energies are provided that convince the human of the appropriateness of the actions, with continued encouragement provided by ego that endorses the actions of the self over another. Control must be maintained for all things within the environment, for the human must protect the self from all others who wish to impose those things that have been judged as improper upon the self. The human remains unaware that all things are proper in the learning experience; those things that have yet to be experienced are primary to the lesson plan, causing desire to burn deeply within, for the repressed experience is what is most needed, in order to learn. The human represses the desire, for it has been judged as improper; thereby intensifying the desire that is felt within. Lesson presentation is an opportunity to experience; the human that has prohibited the experience can not learn.

Field energies emphasize the desires; those physical in nature are to be focused upon, for this is a highly physical field. The human will be chasing the elusive experience, to fulfill the desire that is felt within; however, the experience falls short of satisfaction, for the human has determined to repress the self or another, during the pursuit. The self does not know the self. The self does not know others. Imposing the self upon another when each is unknown, invariably results in repression of one or the other. Field energies will be utilized to emphasize the rightness of the human’s actions to prohibit recognition of lesson failure; failure to know the self, to understand the self, and therefore, all others.

The human constructs characters that represent the self in all things; these characters are defined to represent that which has been assessed as right, when the true self wishes to do that which has been assessed as wrong. The human forgets the true desire, adopting instead that of the character, representing how the human believes the self ‘should be.’ The ego endorses this action, for the goal is to prohibit the human from knowing the self; the human cannot know the self, if another’s desires have been adopted as the own. The human becomes unaware that the character’s desires are not really the desires of the self and begins to pursue the character’s desires with great fervor.

Accomplishment of the goals that represent the character’s desires fails to nourish the human, for these goals were not the goals of the true self. The ego makes connection to the field to provide reinforcement of the pursuit, convincing the human that it was the experience, or the other, that was improper; however, it was the pursuit itself that was, in fact, inappropriate. The human is encouraged to begin the pursuit anew, in an attempt to fulfill the desire of the character. This cycle may be continued for many years before the human determines that the desire of the character is not what the true self desires. The goal is to keep the human’s attention focused upon the pursuit, the desire of the character, so that sufficient time is unavailable for the spiritual experience.

The human must learn that the desires of the self must be vocalized with others; vital feedback is available when sharing of the self deeply with another, for that which is not seen by the self is easily seen by the other. The field prohibits this sharing; therefore, the human is kept in the dark as to the true self’s wants, needs, and desires, which could aid the self in knowing and understanding the self. It is to ego’s advantage alone that this unawareness be maintained; lesson failure is guaranteed, as long as the human fails to share of the self, in order to know the self.

Behaviors to be endorsed by the field are as follows:
Docile to Aggressive; Weak to Overbearing; Acquiescing to Dominating; Uncertain to Demanding; Needless to Needy

Characteristics to be endorsed by the field are as follows:
Sorrow to Anger; Uncertainty to Certainty; Yielding to Confronting

This field has been created to prevent the human from accepting responsibility for the self and the self’s behaviors. The theme maintained throughout is “If one cannot see it, one cannot learn.” The human assigned to this field will have accomplished great things previously; the soul has returned, with the specific goal, to achieve great things once again. This will be prohibited by the field; even the simplest lesson plan will be failed, for the human will be incapable of seeing the lesson.

Procedural Issues

Field energies will be utilized to impose blindness upon the human to all things belonging to the self; recognition of the self may only be achieved by viewing the self through another. Projection will be the tool that allows the human to observe the self’s behaviors through another; this tool will not be utilized by the human appropriately, for the human will not recognize the self at all. Rather, the human will believe that the self’s behaviors are the behaviors of the other. Isolation of the human will be the direct result of the self’s behaviors and will be the secondary goal to be achieved by this field. This should eliminate all possibility that the human might see the self, recognize the self and determine to make modification to the self’s behaviors, in order to achieve lesson integration.

The human will be blind, unable to see the behaviors of the self. These behaviors will be fueled by the field, causing the human to present the self in an arrogant fashion, propelling others from the life experience. Unbeknownst to the human, others clearly see the behaviors that are invisible to the self. The human believes that the behaviors that are found to be offensive belong to the other, remaining unaware that ego maintains the connection to the field that fuels the behaviors that cause the other to be judged. Each time the human fails to accept the reflection of the self within another, field connection is made, strengthening the judgment for future access.

Ego waits vigilantly upon the surface, for it has been enlivened early in the life experience, providing ample opportunity to the human to disconnect from the field by recognizing the reflection of the self in another. Recognition is thwarted by ego due to judgment, for excessive judgment is employed and applied to all things, to convince the human of the self’s rightness, the self’s superiority to all others. The human cannot learn as long as judgment is employed and applied to all things, reducing positive energies that are in residence to assist with the learning experience. This is the goal of this field.

Ego wishes to diminish positive energies as quickly as possible, so that lesson integration is avoided; therefore, the first acceptance of judgment by ego increases the likelihood of future judgments, for ego is proficient at drawing to the human’s attention those things that have been judged as improper. Ego wishes for the human’s failure and is aggressive in its pursuit to destroy positive energies that may be in residence, intended for use by the soul and lesson integration. The human believes the self to be assessing, for this is what ego wishes for the human to believe; rather, the human is judging all things, weighing all things against the self and the self’s belief system. The self’s belief system is fueled by the field; ego has provided connection to the field, to endorse the early decision-making processes, all of which will be defended by the human into the later years.

Recognition of highly-guarded decisions, made without further review, need be achieved by the human, to allow lesson presentation. Ego will discourage further review, convincing the human that the choice was and is appropriate; indeed, is appropriate not only for the self but for all others as well. The human wishes to be right and embraces the words of the ego, determining that the self is correct in all things, and is therefore entitled to teach all others. Field connections will be made by the ego who will continue to emphasize the rightness of this human’s actions with each lesson presented. The human remains unaware that the decision has been influenced by the field and has denied the self the right to future review and revision. The ego’s goal is to further this lack of awareness, for it is this that ensures successful fueling of the field.

Field energies will be accessed with lesson presentation, preventing the human from allowing another to influence the self, as the self has arrived at decision that is believed to be irreproachable, in no need of further review. The other’s offering will be ignored as it conflicts with the own; unbeknownst to the human the decision is in need of review, for this is the purpose of lesson presentation. Lesson is presented to provide opportunity to the human to modify decisions that have resulted in ways of being, inappropriate to soul evolution and lesson integration.

The human remains unaware and feels that the self is being challenged by another, to be proven wrong or to appear inadequate. However, it is the soul that is magnetizing catalyst to this human, pinpointing areas that are in need of review, for the decision that was determined long ago, is in need of revision. The human refuses to review the decision; rather, all attention is placed upon the other, for it is believed that the self’s behaviors belong to the other and it is the other that is in need of review. The ego endorses this conclusion by making connection to the field, reaffirming that the human’s decision is correct and must be defended.

Lesson failure is confirmed when the human ignores the offering, without review; immediately ignoring the offering, as inappropriate for the self. The human must learn that all offerings are presented to provide opportunity for choice; this choice is denied when the human determines it to be unworthy of review and ignores the offering completely, providing permission to the soul to bring forth the lesson once again, in future. The human must learn to embrace all offerings equally, those belonging to the self, as well as others, to determine that which is most appropriate for the self. Ignoring the lesson results in ignoring the responsibility to the self, to inform the self of all choices, prior to arriving at conclusion. The human must learn that change is vital to the life experience, if growth is to be realized. Refusal to change prior decisions, that can now be based on current knowledge, to determine that which is best for the self, at this time, dooms the human to failure.

Behaviors and characteristics are the same for both humans represented by this field; either overt or covert responses exhibit these elements.

Behaviors endorsed by this field:
Arrogant, Condescending, Judgmental, Argumentative

Characteristics endorsed by this field:
Overbearing, Aggressiveness, Demanding, Abrasiveness

This field will be utilized to challenge the human’s ability to honor and respect the self and others. Designed to prohibit lesson integration, the field contains energies that cause the unaware human to diminish the self or another. The ego will be instrumental in the successful implementation of these energies, making field connection, which endorses the rationalization of behaviors, granting the appearance of acceptability to the behaviors for the self, as well as others.

Influence upon the young human

The human has been damaged early in the life experience, for the ego has been ever-vigilant to opportunities that will allow the human to diminish the self or another. Opportunity arises when the human is presented with lesson and determines to damage the self or another during its unfoldment. The ego has made field connection early on in lesson presentation by convincing the human that satisfaction is the goal and the human determines to take or to provide that which is desired by the self or another. Field energies are then utilized to encourage diminishment of the self or another, in response to the lesson. Acquiescence to another’s demands, that are known to be unfavorable to the self, results in diminishment of the self; forced agreement of another by the self results in the other’s diminishment. The human is encouraged by ego to ignore the diminishment, placing focus upon the attainment of the desire for those who have diminished another and upon the provision of the desire for those who have diminished the self. The human’s direction has now been determined, for diminishment of the self or diminishment of another is set with the first choice.

Unaware that another has been diminished, the human remains focused upon the accomplishment of the goal. Diminishment of the self is unrecognized, for the other has been satisfied. Ego discourages further review of the behaviors, for closer review may easily determine that diminishment was a result of the experience. The human will maintain a voracious appetite for all things sensual, or will have no appetite at all.

The focal point

Sexual energy provides the opportunity for rapid lesson integration, due to the positive stores that result when performed in a sacred manner, one that honors and respects each in the experience. Sexual energies that are misused diminish the positive stores that are intended for soul evolution and lesson integration, thereby fueling the desire for additional experiences. The human is unaware that sexual energy cannot be replaced with further activity. It must be nurtured within by the relationship with the beloved, to be utilized to nourish each, when the need presents. Field energies prohibit the sacred union, for the provision of honor and respect is inhibited by its energies. The field of social consciousness further endorses frequent expenditure of these energies, providing the label of desirable, upon those who are capable of luring many partners.

Wishing to inhibit the healing power of sexual energy the ego makes connection to the field, which encourages indiscriminate release; this release, when provided to another that is not the beloved, diminishes each physically, for it is this energy that nurtures the physical body, maintaining it from disease. Prolonged activities that afford release of these energies will cause the physical body to become weakened and prone to injury or disease. The ego is aware of this jeopardy and encourages continued release, for ego only wishes to achieve lesson failure and has no concern for the human.

Field energies reinforce the desire that drives the human to pursue the sexual experience; these desires burn deeply within and are insatiable, due to the frequent field connections that are made by ego, each time the human diminishes the self or another. The human must learn to honor and respect the self and the self’s energies, recognizing that sexual energies are intended for the sacred relationship and no other. It is this singular recognition that will allow the human to rebuild the energies that have been expended, so the physical body can once again be protected.

When experienced within the sacred relationship, these energies have the power to propel the human forward through lesson integration, for the positive stores readily overcome the negative, thereby diminishing ego’s standing in its primacy over the soul. The soul may then step forth to guide the human through lesson presentation, easily learning the lessons, thereby enabling the human to heal the self. As long as the human continues to diminish the self or another, lesson plan integration is impossible, for positive stores of energy will be negligible, thereby prohibiting the soul from surfacing to aid the human. The ego is aware of this result and will continue to encourage the human to expend the energies inappropriately, knowing that the ego will be fed and the soul will be starved. The human must learn to protect the self, as well as others, in order to learn this lesson.

Other means of diminishment

Diminishment of the self or another may also be accomplished through the misuse of personal power. This power is utilized to take from another that which rightfully belongs to the other, so that the self may be satisfied, while diminishment of the self results when the own personal power is relinquished to another, due to the demands made of the self by the other. Field energies prohibit the human from showing gratitude when another has been used to accomplish satisfaction of the self’s desires. Inappropriate taking from another will result in the same for the self, meaning that the self will also suffer the same result in future. Honoring of the other is necessary, for it is often in the earthly experiences that others are needed, in order to accomplish. When honored appropriately, diminishment does not occur, thereby benefitting each equally.

The human must recognize when another has been instrumental to the accomplishments of the self. Ego will encourage the human to take that which is desired from another, without provision of recognition and gratitude. The field will encourage this diminishment of another, reinforcing the self’s sense of entitlement, for that which was received. The human that relinquishes the own personal power to another is diminished in the offering, due to the agreement to provide that which was not in the highest and best interest of the self.

The human must learn to protect that which rightfully belongs to the self; for there are many who will willingly take another’s power, thereby diminishing the human’s prospects for soul evolution and lesson integration. These behaviors will be encouraged due to the drain of personal energies experienced when one willingly gives what rightfully belongs to the self to another. The field contains energies that endorse the taking of that which is desired most from another, as well as the relinquishment of the own personal power to another, for these actions guarantee lesson plan failure. Continued failure, to protect that which rightfully belongs to the self, guarantees diminishment of energies that are needed for soul evolution and lesson integration. Ego will encourage these behaviors, for it is to its advantage to do so.

Behaviors endorsed by this field:
Starving to Gluttonous; Selflessness to Selfishness; Frugal to Wasteful; Indiscriminating

Characteristics endorsed by this field:
Contemptuousness, Bitterness, Vengefulness, Suspicion, Dishonesty

This Obstacle Course has been designed to prohibit the revelation of the mission, maintained by the soul for the lifetime; mission revelation, endorsed by great energies brought into the lifetime to perform the mission, will only become available to the human with lesson integration. The field specifically targets the unconditional love element that lies unrecognized, within the human assigned to this field; distortion of this element is the goal of this field.

The human thinks differently from all others, due to the unconditional love element that lies buried within; unbeknownst to the self and all others, this human has the ability to shower all with unconditional love, teaching new ways of being and new ways of thinking. The field shall distort these capabilities, prohibiting the human from sharing deeply with another; for all that is shared will be refused, due to the delivery of this human. Emotional thinking will be utilized, endorsed by field energies, causing the human to take all things personally, thereby prohibiting the sharing of unconditional love with another.

Field energies prohibit the human from being understood by others; for unconditional love is rarely experienced, thereby generally misunderstood by all who encounter this pure element of expression. Misunderstanding will be the goal to be achieved with all others who encounter this human; easily accomplished by distorting the unconditional love element with field energies.

Procedural Issues:

Field energies will be employed, inhibiting deep sharing with another, for this activity enables rapid lesson integration. This will be achieved by encouraging misunderstanding of lesson presentation by focusing upon the belief structure of the human. Introduction of conclusions that differ from the self’s will be prohibited by field energies; for the human will view these offerings as a threat to the self, interpreted as accusation and an indication of wrongness, for the self’s way of being, the self’s way of thinking. The human will be unable to move beyond the threat, thereby eliminating lesson presentation.

Ego encourages this stubbornness for as long as the human remains immoveable, lesson plan failure is guaranteed. The human will refuse to listen, easily dismissing the other as incorrect, for the self has arrived at conclusion that varies; field energies demand that this conclusion be protected. All information that is offered that varies from the human’s assessment will be refused, due to the fear that the self’s conclusion was faulty. The human will believe that faulty conclusion condemns the self, as one who has fallen victim to faulty thinking.

The human will be the most sensitive of all upon the planet; field energies will be provided to destroy this sensitivity. The human wishes to be right and has determined that being wrong is an indication of failure. The human has not recognized that failure is a part of learning; therefore, failure is painful and to be avoided at all cost. Particular emphasis will be provided to amplify this human’s sensitivity to pain; field energies focus upon the pain, encountered with emotional experience, to discourage the human from focusing upon the lesson. Feeling must be nurtured in order to experience spiritually; field energies diminish this sensitivity, causing the human to disregard the feelings, due to the pain felt when the feelings are permitted.

Indifference is the result for the human has been rejected by others from an early age; deciding that the pain suffered is not worth that which may be received when one remains open to another. The human has learned to harden the heart forbidding entry to all others who may damage the self. These behaviors have modified the energy signature of unconditional love, to that which repels and intimidates others, creating further confusion, for the human who wishes to be embraced by others.

The human has been misunderstood, suffering many disappointments, being rejected countless times; now alert to the possibility of recurrence, protection will be provided by the ego, whenever offerings that oppose the own are presented. Field energies enforce this alertness, for the illusion of the past often overshadows the present; the human is unable to decipher the past from the present, for many experiences have ended unfavorably, remaining unresolved. This illusory effect is critical to my plan, for utilization of past failures ensures failure for the present.

Failure to integrate the lesson has damaged the human; the culprit is misunderstanding, the key to my success. The human attempts to aid another by sharing the experiences of previous lessons; the other is convinced that the human is attempting to correct the behavior of the self and determines to refuse the advice of the human. Argument ensues and the human, who was merely attempting to aid the other, is rejected, informed by the other of the impropriety of the offering. Determination is made to withhold assistance in future, for the human now believes that the ramifications of aiding another are too painful.

Although capable of sharing with another deeply, to provide new insights that could present new ways of thinking, new ways of being, the human has decided not to teach in future, as the potential for damage of the self has become too great. Field energies increase the possibility for misunderstanding, due to the energy signature that is misread by the other and unrecognized by the self. The strength of the unconditional love energies has not been lessened, merely distorted; this strength is misread by the other as interference and control, thereby repelling the other that the human merely wishes to assist. The mission that the human is to perform always involves providing service to humanity; the goal of this field is to paralyze this human’s concern for others by the visitation of pain, each time the attempt is made to assist another.

Introduction of energies

The soul has returned with the intention to do great things, in service to humanity; this capability only becomes possible if the human is able to integrate the lessons and disconnect from the lower fields. This shall not be allowed; field energies will be employed to guarantee lesson failure. The young human is sensitive and loving, incapable of hurting another, due to the presence of the unconditional love element that has not yet been tainted by field connection. The ego is ever-vigilant to the opportunity to distort the experience of the young human, offering field connection that will effectively misrepresent this element, until field disconnection has been made in the later years. The first experience of the young human is one of disillusionment, for the expression of love has become conditional.

Field energies convince the young human that love should be conditional, never to be provided to one who has not earned the trust and favor of the self. The belief system is tailored to protect the young human from future disillusionment; decision is made regarding the beliefs and ways of being and protection is provided by the ego, discouraging interference from another who has not yet earned the trust and favor of the young human. Unbeknownst to the young human, no one can earn the trust and favor of the self, for the first disillusionment has damaged the human’s ability to embrace another fully.

The young human believes the self to be open to others, loving and accepting of all things. Rather, rigidity of mind has occurred, protection of the self has become primary by eliminating the thoughts and opinions of others who are now viewed as threats. This does not eliminate the yearning felt deeply within by this human, to reconnect with others at the level experienced, prior to the first disillusionment, as it is this that the human will continually seek, for the balance of the lifetime. Field energies will prohibit this attainment by bringing forth memories associated with the past, indicating that protection is critical to the self’s survival.

The young human has failed to remedy the past experience, thereby allowing ego to utilize illusion, distorting all future experiences with the past. Believing that all future experiences will result with the same outcome, the young human protects the self from all others by withdrawing unconditional love and universal acceptance, replacing these elements with those that protect the self. Becoming the adult, these same behaviors are employed, thereby strengthening field connections that continue to distort the energy signature, repelling others most desired by this human from the life experience. Loneliness is born, reminding the human of the failures to connect with another deeply, amplifying the yearning felt within, to achieve union with another. The human is now misunderstood by others, due to the initial acceptance of field connection, which changed the element of unconditional love to conditional love.

The goal of this field is to encourage the human to seek outwardly for satisfaction, for this ensures that the soul will never be discovered, to aid the human with lesson integration. The human’s mission can only be revealed with lesson integration; seeking outwardly for the solution guarantees field connection that prohibits the voice of the soul. Yearning for others will be emphasized by the field, in order to accomplish the two-fold goal of this Obstacle Course; lesson failure which guarantees mission failure.

Behaviors endorsed by this field:
Defensiveness, Stubbornness, Argumentative, Pliable to Resistant, Yielding to Unyielding, Avoiding to Confronting, Needy to Distant

Characteristics endorsed by this field:
Secrecy, Superficiality, Suspicious, Harshness, Abruptness

The energies of this field will be focused upon distracting the human from the lesson, through the utilization of blame and pain; connection to this field provides the human with energies that cycle continuously, within the bodies, to damage the self or another. The human will not wish to learn, preferring the placement of blame, for this action obscures the lesson. Field energies are utilized to discourage learning by improperly placing the human’s focus upon the outcome rather than the lesson.

Energy Introduction

The young human will be encouraged from an early age to disregard the lesson in favor of the placement of blame; field energies will be provided that encourage this action. The young human is unaware that lesson is unfolding; rather, the young human believes the self to be under attack, resulting in the belief that protection is needed. Calling upon ego for this protection is a natural response of the young human; ego answers the call willingly and begins to offer training, in the ways of lesson plan avoidance. The young human embraces these skills from an early age, honing them by early adulthood, unaware that lesson integration is the true goal, when discord arises; rather, the young human perceives all lessons as signal that protection is necessary, regularly calling upon ego and field connection, for this protection. The ego grows in strength with each calling, overwhelming the energies of the soul, gaining primacy, often before lesson presentation begins. The human remains unaware that ego has gained primacy, prohibiting lesson integration, prohibiting the soul’s voice from being heard.

Lesson presentation begins and the human’s defenses have been well fortified, to prohibit recognition of the lesson. The ego has gained primacy over soul before the first lesson, for the energies of the field have been accessed many times, in order to protect the self; for discord is believed to be the signal that indicates that protection is needed. The young human is unwilling to accept that all things are presented in order to teach and has determined that protection is primary. The ego encourages this thinking and it is to the ego’s advantage alone that this thinking be nurtured. The soul is no longer capable of messaging the young human, for it has been overwhelmed by the ego.

The lesson is primary, yet the human believes that protection is primary; blame is utilized as protection and has become the focal point of lesson presentation. The human becomes adept at its placement, ignoring the lesson, unaware that failure has been achieved many times. Field connections have been made due to happenstance and are well established before the soul begins magnetizing catalyst for lesson presentation.

The human has failed to embrace the purpose of discord, due to the influence of the ego that has convinced the human that blame is primary and that the self is being threatened with lesson presentation. The human remains unaware that the lesson has been distorted and continues to allow ego to protect the self. As the ego grows in strength, the human continues to fail the lesson; the soul cannot be heard to warn of improper actions that have been utilized to avoid lesson presentation. As the human ages tactics change; the human becomes adept at lesson plan avoidance. Ego hones its skills through the automatic connection to the field, each time lesson is presented; for the human’s focus has been misdirected, upon protection of the self. The field provides energies that engorge the ego, allowing it to continue its primacy over soul, prohibiting intervention of the soul that would assist the human with lesson integration.

Procedural Issues

The field contains energies that endorse the ego’s actions, training the human with skills that are geared to lesson avoidance; these skills can be identified readily, for each are offered as protection of the self by placing the focus upon the other. The ego now has the energies necessary to prevent the human from addressing the lesson, for the human has been trained to focus upon the blame. Lesson presentation signals the ego automatically that protection is needed; field connection is provided, wherein strategies become available to enable the human to avoid the lesson, ensuring lesson failure.

When lesson presentation begins in earnest, the ego has grown to monstrous proportions, due to field connections that have been made during the early life existence. The soul has been incapable of communicating with the human for some time, for the human has embraced the ego as the protector, unaware of the presence of the soul within. A warm, loving relationship has been built, due to the ego’s willing provision of protection, each time the human has placed the call. The human believes that the ego serves the self and remains unaware that the ego serves only the ego and will continue to avoid lesson presentation, with the assistance of the ego. The soul remains powerless to communicate with the human, for the human has embraced the ego as the soul and the ego has endorsed this belief, convincing the human to place the call to the ego who has become the friend that protects the self whenever in need. The human is unaware that the soul lies within, awaiting the call of the human; for the relationship with the ego is believed to be all that is needed.

The human continues to battle all who present lesson, awarding blame as resolution, rather than observing the lesson. The same lessons continue to be presented, protection continues to be provided by the ego, gratefully embraced by the human. The ego endorses the battle, emphasizing the need for protection at all cost. The human fails to learn time after time and the ego continues to grow in strength; these failings combine to provide blockage that the human can no longer overcome, for the ego forbids acceptance of lesson presentation.

In the early years the human made mistakes that are used as foundation for the placement of blame. Blame has been placed upon the self unduly and the human has resolved the self to being blamed in future. The human that refuses to embrace the blame for the self, blames the other for the pain suffered by the self with lesson presentation, blazing the trail for future appropriation of blame upon another, when lesson presentation becomes unfavorable. Unbeknownst to the human, appropriation of blame is not the lesson; misappropriation has occurred, courtesy of the ego. Rather, the lesson is primary, for learning the lesson is necessary to provide the soul with energies to be utilized to message the human, aiding with lesson integration. The ego provides field connection that resists lesson integration, for it serves the ego to do so. The human continues to believe that protection is primary and reinforcement of this belief is provided by the ego. The human blames or is blamed, ignoring the lesson, guaranteeing continued primacy of the ego over the soul, ensuring continued lesson failure.

The human continues lesson avoidance until the later years, when the soul is provided with opportunity to employ stronger lessons, in order to achieve the drawing of the human’s attention to the self and the self’s behaviors. This is often accomplished through lesson presentation that threatens the human’s existence, also known as disease. The human will have the opportunity to observe the self’s behaviors, making modification to those that prohibit lesson integration, before the soul determines to depart the existence. If the human refuses these opportunities and continues to endorse the ego, the soul will then draw catalyst that eliminates future opportunities. The human will be provided with ample opportunity to modify the behaviors, for the soul wishes for the human to be successful. Ego will be well-fed, capable of defending the position, maintained over the soul for many years.

Behaviors that prohibit lesson integration are incorporated within the field; connection is provided by ego to eliminate all possibility for lesson integration. The human must learn that the ego is not the friend it is believed to be. Rather, it is the enemy, for it only wishes for the failure of the human. Field energies prohibit this embracement, as the ego has provided protection for the human, for many years. Unable to embrace that the ego has only protected the ego and was never truly concerned for the human, the human continues to accept the protection of the ego, through field connections which cycle energies that continue to damage the human.

To learn the lessons, the human must turn the attention upon the self’s behaviors that prohibit lesson integration, for until field connection has been recognized as the detriment the human will continue to fail. The human must learn that the ego automatically makes this connection, without the self’s permission, in order to feed the ego. Once the human achieves this recognition, the ego’s primacy may then be challenged. Focused awareness upon the behaviors employed, to prevent lesson integration, allows the human to modify response to that which is more beneficial to the self and the soul. Field connection prohibits these recognitions, for energies cycle continuously that prohibit awareness. Rather, the human will believe the self to be doing all possible, in order to learn.

The ego will struggle mightily to maintain its primacy, focusing upon its abilities to protect the human. The human must learn the antics of the ego, which are utilized to protect the ego and not the human. Behaviors must be modified that enable lesson integration, for it is this alone that reduces the ego’s strength and increases that of the soul. Field energies are sufficient, to prohibit the human from detecting the voice of the soul, over that of the ego. This guarantees lesson failure and success for this Obstacle Course.

Behaviors endorsed by this field:
Holding Grudges, Suspicious, Anxious, Unforgiving, Aggressiveness, Dishonest, Watchfulness

Characteristics endorsed by this field:
Apologetic to Accusatory, Docile to Angry, Whining to Sulking, Weak to Overbearing

The field has been designed to prohibit the human from joining with others, in order to accomplish. The soul has brought great energies into the lifetime to be used to aid humanity but these energies will not become available until all lessons have been integrated. Field energies will prohibit lesson integration by imposing the desire for independence and competition, eliminating the potential for the human to join with others.

The human will dislike interference and will inform others that merely wish to aid, that the offered assistance is unneeded. Focused upon the self, the human does not understand why others are not, believing that others are weak due to this thinking. The human knows that the self must take care of the self but has not yet learned that others are fundamental to the life existence, if one wishes to learn. The human wishes to exclude all others from the learning experience and it is this that the ego will encourage, for it is to the advantage of the ego to eliminate all others from this human’s life experience.

The human is unaware that others bring richness to the experience, affording different viewpoints that the self is incapable of achieving, due to the intellectual leanings that disregard all other components. The spiritual experience requires that all components be brought together; the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, and lastly, the mental. The human disregards these vital components, as the mental construct refuses to embrace that which is unprovable. The human is unaware that the mental leanings have jaded the evaluation, prohibiting understanding; for understanding cannot be achieved when focus is singularly placed upon the mental perspective.

Independence renders the human incapable of understanding data, utilizing the physical or emotional approach, without the assistance of another; joining with others is necessary in order to accomplish this understanding. Field energies prohibit this joining by emphasizing the threat to the human’s independence. Assistance of another is translated as interference that must be eliminated. The human does not wish to be controlled or dominated by another, believing that all joinings carry the threat of interference and the ego endorses this belief. This threat will become present with each opportunity provided to the human to join with others, in order to accomplish.

Field energies will be utilized to endorse the mental leanings of this human occupying the mind with endless chatter from the ego, prohibiting the voice of the soul from being heard. The chatter consumes the human’s mind and is impossible to quiet, due to the connections to the field, made so willingly by the ego. The human has not learned that it is only through others that lesson integration becomes possible, as vital components are held by others not available to the self, yet the human feels threatened whenever another offers to assist the self. Field energies prohibit the human from recognizing that the self cannot teach the self all things, while the ego emphasizes the threat to the human’s ability to stand alone, to think for the self, each time the human draws perilously close to joining with another.

The ego wishes for the failure of the human; this failure is achieved by preventing the human from joining with others, in order to accomplish. The human must learn that it is others that hold the key to the self’s success, for without others the human will continue to struggle alone, never understanding the lesson that has been presented, resulting in continued lesson failure.

Energy Introduction

The need to stand alone will first be experienced at an early age, for the human was born with the intention to do so. Great energies have been brought into the lifetime to accomplish great things and the soul does not wish for the human to be distracted from this mission; therefore, the inclination to stand alone, strong in the own sense of self, was intentional. The ego is aware of the mission, ever-vigilant to distort the true purpose for independence and solitude. The first experience of the young human, where the self was left standing alone, receives negative connotation by the ego who offers field connection that will distort the true purpose of these qualities; qualities that the ego is well aware are necessary to accomplish the mission.

The young human has received its first lesson, intended to teach the self to rely upon the self, for the self is indeed capable of accomplishing the task. Calling upon others is necessary to accomplish great things. The ego must prohibit this calling by distorting the lesson, convincing the young human that others cannot be relied upon. To achieve this distortion, the ego whispers, “the self is in need of no other”, for the accomplishment was achieved independently and that interference could have lessened the success that was enjoyed. The young human embraces the independent stature, determined to accomplish by the self in future. Competition is born which excludes all others, for the self cannot compete with others that have been embraced by the self. Others are welcomed as long as the human is the leader, allowing no interference with the self’s way of being, the self’s way of thinking, the self’s desired method of accomplishing.

Other’s contributions fall short of the own as the human begins judging that no other is equal in capability to the self, declining to share credit for the self’s work with any other. Preferring to work independently, for this affords all credit to the self; the human begins to pursue interests, purposefully excluding all others. All things must be perfect and this human has determined that the self alone is capable of satisfying this need. Working with others is limited to leadership positions, those that afford the independence and the credit that is desired by this human.

Adulthood finds the human seeking relationship, believing that this is most desired by the self. However, the human is unable to join with another, without threat to the independence that has become primary to the life experience. Others that provide independence and solitude will be welcomed but demands for greater closeness finds the other discarded. Field energies prohibit true joining with another, so this human will feel threatened by those desirous of true union, providing ultimatum to eliminate the relationship should the other demand more.

The mission cannot be accomplished, until the human joins with others; field energies prohibit this union, for independence is the focus of this human’s life experience. Refusal to embrace another’s way of being or thinking prohibits this human from learning that all components must be weighed equally to accomplish. The spiritual experience has been prohibited for this human by eliminating vital components that make it possible. Other’s experiences are discarded, invalidated due to lack of proof, so necessary for this human who is mentally absorbed. Field connections are continuous, endorsing this imbalance. Lesson plan failure, guaranteeing mission failure, is a certainty for this human.

Behaviors endorsed by this field:
Independent, Competitive, Exclusionary, Proof-seeker

Characteristics endorsed by this field:
Overbearing, Superiority, Mentally-focused, Private, Unwelcoming, Exclusionary