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The Path to Healing

Lord of Chaos’ Vision

The Lord of Chaos had just finished his initial review of the Masters of Light’s new lesson plan for the next learning cycle. He shook his head and proclaimed the plan to be outrageous, for with a mere flip of the switch, the Dark Lords were provided with several advantages over those of the Light by merely preventing awareness of the lesson plan.

“Simply amazing,” thought the Lord of Chaos. The removal of the knowledge of the fields, in the second learning cycle, had enabled testing without interference of the soul’s past memories for the human; yet, balance had once again failed to be achieved due to the ease with which the lessons had been learned or refused. The new lesson plan would introduce complexity in order to prevent discovery of the goals by the human, thereby eliminating the possibility of graduation with ease. Why, the Masters of Light had designed a lesson plan that would operate for more than five millennia with no confirmable knowledge of the lesson plan! This virtually guaranteed success for the Dark Lords. Could it really be that simple?

The Lord of Chaos turned the plan over and over in his mind. Complexity without awareness of the source material virtually guaranteed confusion, and confusion was exactly what the Dark Lords sought to exploit within the human. Clearly, recognition was impossible without awareness. Identification was impossible without recognition. Integration was impossible without awareness, identification and recognition.

Reviewing the key points of the lesson plan, the Lord of Chaos eventually determined that it was indeed that simple. First, the human had no awareness of the fields, the control system that connected every student to the lower fields of consciousness, matching their current evolutionary status. This alone had enabled training that could not be interfered with by accessing past memories or knowledge above that which had been earned. Second, the genetic encodement would ensure that the lower fields of consciousness would be automatically initialized by the unaware human at the time of lesson plan unfoldment, regardless of life experiences. Third, complexity had been introduced with multiple lessons and multiple fields, providing the human with an overwhelming array of lower field behaviors and characteristics that must be identified for change to integrate the lesson plan appropriately. The field of social consciousness would reinforce these behaviors, due to the strength of the response of each human, which would provide energies to the field that encouraged all others who accessed it to respond similarly.

Once again the Lord of Chaos determined that awareness of any of these key points held the potential for the human to traverse the path to healing. The fact that the Masters of Light planned to release information near the end of the learning cycle only if the balance had been threatened provided the Dark Lords with ample time to implement a plan to thwart this sharing. In the interim, those of the dark had been granted the upper hand.

Further rumination revealed that the omission of awareness of the lesson plan’s origin could easily spawn behaviors that would allow the School of Learning to operate without interference for many millennia; for many new faulty ways of thinking could be formed about the universe and the way it functioned. Humans were a curious specimen and had progressed rapidly in the mental arena in the previous learning cycles. These new capabilities would likely provide the greatest challenge for the human to overcome in order to embrace and integrate the new lesson plans.

The Lord of Chaos knew that planning a balanced offering, one that promoted those of the dark over those of the light, would be complicated but he had never been one to enjoy mindless tasking; in fact, he had always gravitated towards that which provided challenge. Ideas had already begun to germinate that would guide the human to the embracement of concepts and belief systems that would best serve those of the dark well into the future. The Lord of Chaos began formulating the plan that would have great impact upon those known as human that called Earth their home. His powerful mind purposefully looked millennia into the future, near the end of the learning cycle, to glean the obstacles that could only be viewed as mere possibilities, at this time. He quickly jotted down the highlights of his visioning:

The human maintains separateness from others, competition designates winners and losers and the ‘all for one, one for all’ concept is often ignored. All behaviors encouraged by those of the light would be diminished and distorted by those of the dark. To become known as ‘survival of the fittest’ these behaviors would:

  • prevent the human from truly joining with others; independence would become primary to the self’s survival
  • prohibit the belief that all are connected, one to the other, as differences would be emphasized and ultimately embraced as threats to the self’s survival or way of being
  • cause those who had not yet accomplished the vision that connected one with the unseen to view those that had as threats to their survival or way of being
  • cause the human to embrace and promote entitlement which would initiate the better than/less than belief system
  • cause the human to blame others for the pain experienced with lesson presentation, banishing the concept of self-responsibility
  • encourage the belief that all things must be earned, including love and acceptance

The human nurtured the urgings of the ego that demanded that all things be provable in the mental arena alone; ‘science’ would explain all things, mandating tangibility. This science would lead to the new belief system that translated “that which cannot be seen or duplicated cannot be proven” which would discount all else, to be regarded as ‘theory’ that must never be relied upon. This new direction would lead to:

  • the human forgetting that each cell within the physical body was independent and all-powerful, containing the natural ability to heal the self, as directed by the mind
  • the belief that the brain is the storage system that determines all learned behaviors, actions, and memories
  • the belief that personal characteristics and behaviors were a direct result of the life experiences and the environment
  • embracement of intellectual knowledge that would not be personally understood
  • faith being placed in others rather than the self for all things spiritual

Technologies would be introduced to encourage distraction, independence, and separateness:

  • the human would isolate the self, spending a majority of time interacting with machines, rather than others
  • distortion would become prevalent, enveloping all things and truth would become difficult to discern

The Lord of Chaos knew that this strategy was ambitious and would take much effort on the part of the Dark Lords to bring to fruition. The goal would be to take all things that endorsed soul evolution and to distort them to the benefit of the Dark Lords. He reasoned that the balanced offering would be provided to the human; nothing more, nothing less. The Dark Lord knew that this new lesson plan would indeed be a monumental task for both sides and each would work diligently to teach the human about the need for balance, while the choice is being made. When all was said and all was done, the goal to be achieved was for the human to choose sides; this choice must be honored, whether the human chose to represent the Dark Lords or the Masters of Light.

His brow furrowed as the memory of the new lesson plan intruded upon his visions of victory; having momentarily forgotten about the soul’s mission, the lesson that brought focus and purpose to the human’s life existence! The Lord of Chaos knew that this could present difficulties that were equal to those of previous cycles where the lessons had been integrated due to the human’s natural leanings towards the light. This lesson would receive much consideration before the strategy was finalized. The Lord of Chaos knew that it only required commitment to overcome any obstacle and this certainly promised to be just that.

The Dark Lord leaned back in his chair and silently committed himself and his ranks to making certain that this new learning cycle was successful. His mind, well-trained to transmute all things positive to negative, began to conceive the scheme that would provide choice to the human that presented the self as a student to the Masters of Light’s lesson plan. The Lord of Chaos knew that every positive goal embedded within the Masters of Light’s lesson plan would require an offering of blockage from the Dark Lords, in order to achieve the universal goal of balance. Grinning wickedly, he decided to call his scheme “The Obstacle Course.”