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The Path to Healing

Dark Lords Obstacle Course: The Battle Plan

The Lord of Chaos was pensive as the final segments neared completion. Determination had been made that each participant would be provided with the details of the battle plan, followed by the individual plans as designed by the Lord of Chaos. Battle was his specialty and he was ill-inclined to pass up the opportunity that was so rarely provided to prove his skills. The celestial computer blinked once as the next segment of the Obstacle Course was delivered to all participants.

The Battle Plan

The next segment of the WWRG is the Battle Plan, which details the methods to be employed by the human to achieve lesson plan failure. Tactics and strategies have been detailed for each field to equip the human appropriately for battle. All participants are to verify that the field contains the appropriate behaviors and characteristics to ensure victory. A character has been adopted that defines the strategy to be endorsed by each field; battle field assignments are as follows:

  • Dark Lord of Repression: The Concealer
  • Dark Lord of Denial: The Arrogant
  • Dark Lord of Shame: The Minimizer
  • Dark Lord of Rejection: The Refuser
  • Dark Lord of Guilt: The Guard
  • Dark Lord of Separation: The Traveler

The goal of this field is to endorse the human’s desire to fight to be right; nothing more need be stated.

The strategy to be employed by this field is the concealment of the activities of the self that would bring disfavor upon the Concealer, if revealed. Field energies of repression and self-conscious will be utilized to endorse the strategies and tactics to be implemented that ensure victory.

The Concealer is not conscious of the self, yet, remains overly conscious of the other. Field energies endorse the behavior of the Concealer that focuses upon the other, rather than the self. The focus, which should be upon the self, has been misdirected to the other, strengthening the human’s desire to battle the other. The goal to be achieved by the imposition of field energies will be to prohibit the Concealer from becoming conscious of the self.

The Concealer has been prepared for battle through the engagement; emotional body activation is guaranteed, for the Concealer is averse to do battle otherwise. Field energies are now being funneled through field connection, offered as the human entered this segment of the WWRG. The ego is endorsing the battle that will generate energies for the fields utilized by the human. Behaviors and characteristics within the field are two-fold. The first category must enable aggression; overbearing and challenging or threatening tactics will be necessary for the predator. Secondarily, the prey must be provided with characteristics that destroy the desire to battle, endorsing acquiescence to another’s demands. Repression shall be utilized by each; the prey will repress the self and the predator will repress the other. This field will provide the sense of rightness or the sense of wrongness that is necessary to achieve the desired outcome for the Concealer, whether predator or prey.

The purpose of the battle for the human will be to conceal the wants, needs or desires of the self that have been judged as improper. The goal of the Concealer is to preserve the sense of self that best shines the light of favor upon the self. Each human is aware of the inappropriateness of the self’s actions, to pursue or deny the self’s wants, needs or desires; each have been caught pursuing something that has been judged as inappropriate. Judgment has been provided in the course of battle that causes the human to wish to conceal the activities of the self.

The predator will respond with anger, attempting to divert the attention from the self by professing outrage in response to the accusation, knowing that the self’s behavior will shine the light of disfavor upon the self. The prey will respond with apology and promises of changed behavior in future, to eliminate the activity that has upset the other. Neither human has any intention of changed behavior and is only interested in pacifying the other, to eliminate the discomfort felt with the exposure of the self’s behaviors. This is the goal of the field; to end the investigation of the self, as rapidly as possible.

The field will endorse behaviors that indicate that the human is above all others; superior of mind and decision, never in need of the teachings of another. All actions of the Belittler are employed as stated, choosing to vocalize the judgment or to silently condemn. Engagement of the human initiates behaviors and characteristics that are certain to incite the other, for the Belittler will be unable to sidestep the opportunity to prove the self’s value as being higher than the other’s. Field energies of denial and self-righteousness will be employed to ensure the Belittler’s ability to best the opponent. The primary goal to be achieved will be to shift all attention from the self onto the other, maintaining this focus throughout the battle.

The human is a gatherer of knowledge, utilized to impress others while feeding the ego. Field connections funnel energies of judgment, to be imposed as the human measures the self and the self’s abilities against all others. The Belittler cannot embrace that offensive behaviors emanate from the self; rather, the other is readily identified as the offender. Pointedly addressing the offender, with the provision of instruction as to the process to be employed to eliminate the offensive behavior, the Belittler remains blind to the self’s own behaviors. The goal of this field is to endorse the human’s activities to belittle and diminish offerings of another that conflict with the own. Accomplishment of this goal prohibits the Belittler from gaining access to data that may enable the learning experience.

Projection will be utilized within the battle plan, to incite the human to ever greater levels of judgment and condemnation of the other, whenever data is offered that conflicts with the own. The Belittler’s behavior is reflected back to the self, creating energies exponential to the original projection. The Belittler is unaware that the accused is often innocent, merely playing the role of mirror for the Belittler, who fails to see the self’s reflection. As long as the self’s behavior remains unrecognized, energies continue to escalate, propelling the Belittler through the battle to victory.

Objections of the Belittler, that are unheeded by the other, draws more vehement argument; for this human will bear no breach of the self’s belief system or way of being. The human is superior, willingly informing all, of the other’s inferiority; diminishing and declining all offerings, due to the lack of value perceived by this human. Prior decisions are never revisited, for the original methodology employed is unquestionably superior and in no need of revision. The Belittler’s way is right, expecting all others to embrace the same. Dissenters will be punished with the withdrawal of this human’s company, well-informed of the refusal to entertain the topic again, in future. Judgment is well-seeded throughout this field, for all behaviors and characteristics are ignited by its energy.

The Belittler will determine the self right and all others wrong, thereby strengthening field connection that funnels energies, endorsing this judgment. The Belittler is unaware that judgment is pervasive and originates within the self, for this lack of awareness is what the field relies upon. As long as judgment is employed by the human, the battle will ensue time and again, to prove the self right and the other wrong.

The Minimizer is the human who has been caught outright, enacting behaviors unseemly for the image of the self that has been provided to others. Field energies of shame and self-distrust fuel this human into battle to protect this false image; made necessary, due to the misdeeds that forbid admitting. The Minimizer is aware of the self’s behaviors; the fear of discovery will be prevalent in all behaviors fueled by field connection. Ego has convinced the Minimizer of the perils of discovery, for no other could forgive the misdeeds of this human.

The Minimizer is unaware that all humans make mistakes and that this is the true peril of the learning experience. The human does not forgive the self or any other and cannot embrace that another would do that which the self would not. The human believes the self should be infallible, certain that shame and diminishment will be served should concealment of errors fail. Dishonesty is employed to change the facts ever so slightly, to avoid the true picture, which spotlights the error of the self. The behaviors of the Minimizer are dodging and edgy, indicating suspicion should be maintained by the other. Field energies cycle throughout the bodies continuously, fueling the behaviors that encourage suspicion and distrust of the self and all others.

Field energies refuse the true expression of compassion, for this human is unable to convey that which has never been experienced for the self. The Minimizer is compassionless to overly compassionate, punishing the offender or making right the offense of one like the self against another. Endorsement of another’s behavior confirms the rightness of the self; close relationships are held by the human who abuses others, with others who do the same.

Confrontation by another within the battle plan causes the Minimizer to change allegiance, backing the other who is perceived to be right, abandoning the other who is perceived to be wrong. Rationalization is employed to make the self’s behaviors right, utilizing embellishment when necessary, to secure the self’s false image. The Minimizer is contemptuous of others who allow the self to be fooled and will indignantly proclaim the other merely received that which was deserved. Diminishment is employed against the other by the human to minimize the impact of the self’s own behavior.

The Minimizer will respond as detailed quite reliably, focusing the response wholly upon the other. The field endorses the behaviors of the Minimizer who will be focused upon minimizing the participation of the self, in the actions deemed unseemly. The battle has been won when the Minimizer gains agreement and confirmation is received of the rightness of the self’s behaviors, the wrongness escaping detection until the next battle ensues. The goal of this field is to prohibit exposure of the self’s misdeeds. Field energies have been supplied to guarantee that the Minimizer never admits to making a mistake.

Refusing to review the self’s past decisions, the Refuser in battle will be focused upon protecting the self’s belief system or way of being. The other has challenged the Refuser with data that conflicts with the own; the human has no choice but to go into battle, to force withdrawal of the data that has threatened the self. The engagement has enlivened the emotional body, propelling the human forward to embrace field connection, endorsing the need to protect the self at all cost. Field energies of rejection and self-delusional qualities are utilized to ensure that the human is properly equipped for this battle.

Emotional thinking is the culprit, ensuring that the human takes personally all things. Information that conflicts with the own is unacceptable, for the threat that is imposed upon the Refuser is untenable. Faulty thinking is the threat that is embraced by this human, the holder of analytical and logical thinking; believed to be correct in all ways. The ego encourages this leap of logic, causing the human to feel attacked by the offering of another. The Refuser believes that the self’s way of being, the self’s way of thinking, the self’s experiences are being proven wrong, leaving no choice but to defend the self, until the other admits wrongness and withdraws the offering.

self-delusional qualities enhance this drama, as the human never resolves past experiences favorably. The ego will draw forth examples from the past that match current experience, overshadowing the present with the past, causing the human to lose perspective, of that which is occurring in the present moment. Illusion has overwhelmed the Refuser; unfavorable past experience has imbedded the fear of the same outcome, to be suffered once again. Argumentative behaviors enter the battle, as the human determines not to suffer the same fate. Unable to be convinced that the past is not repeating, the Refuser continues to battle the other, as if it were.

Rejection looms large upon the horizon, as the Refuser determines to reject the self or the other. Emotional thinking prohibits clarity and all things have become personal; the human is unable to embrace that the offering was made in good faith, merely the experience of the other. The Refuser stands firm to protect the self’s thinking, refusing to believe that the offering was not intended to pose threat to the self. Field energies endorse this rigidity of mind, confirming the rightness of the self who has determined that which is really being attempted.

The Refuser never examines previous decisions of the self, preferring to maintain the self’s way of being and thinking, as if it were intended to be applicable for the entire lifetime. The human is unaware that the decisions must be revisited, revised to reflect that which is right for the self, at this time. This alone will provide opportunity for growth, for the human that refuses change is doomed for lesson failure. The goal of this field is to prohibit revision; endorsement of faulty thinking, protecting the past rather than living in the present, guarantees the Refuser will enter the battlefields each time lesson presentation begins.

Always the victim, the Guard is the sentry awaiting conviction. Field energies of guilt and self-pity endorse the sense of doom that appears with lesson presentation. The human believes that the self has been mistreated, unable to embrace that the lesson presented was not intended to damage; rather, the pain and the suffering inflicted upon the self is carried upon the sleeve as if it were a badge of honor. All who encounter this human are made aware of the damage that has been suffered at the hands of another. Tension is palpable, as the battlefield is entered, for this human will be well-equipped to protect the self from further damage.

The human is jumpy, ever-alert to the other seeking to blame the self, for the unfavorable circumstances. The ego is alerted early on of the need for protection; field connection is made to endorse those behaviors that will ensure victory. Accusatory and indignant, the Guard will rationalize the behaviors, placing blame upon the other when opportunity presents; finger-pointing is a ploy used by the Guard to deflect the attention believed to have been unduly placed upon the self. Sorrow-full and apologetic is the opposite version of the Guard, utilized by the human who has determined that acceptance of the blame is unavoidable.

Pity-filled, the human focuses upon the pain of the self, rarely giving weight to the pain suffered by the other; self-centered and selfish, the Guard maintains that the self has suffered, far more than the other. Field energies endorse the viewpoint of the Guard who is determined to achieve the placement of blame. The lesson has been lost in the heat of battle, for the human is focused upon the blame and the pain.

Forgiveness is unknown to the Guard, for it is believed one can never be forgiven for the infliction of pain. Energies cycle continuously within the bodies for release is only possible by extending forgiveness to the self, as well as the other. Field energies prohibit the extension of forgiveness, endorsing the belief that blame and pain were the lessons that were intended to be learned. The Guard begins to protect the self from all others, refusing to endanger the heart by opening the self to another. The human has not learned that all humans suffer equally with lesson presentation, for the self is the central focus of this human’s existence. Field energies endorse this single-focus approach, for it guarantees that the human will be battle ready each time lesson presentation begins.

The Traveler dislikes intervention of any kind, interpreting all offerings of assistance as interference. Independence is primary and is fiercely protected, for the Traveler will never allow another to influence the self’s thinking or way of being. Field energies of separation and self-contained will fuel the human’s sense of independence to monstrous proportions, forcing the Traveler to seclude the self during times of duress; the time when most humans gravitate to others, seeking resolution.

Separation is the key to success for this battle. The Traveler departs the battle field withdrawing into the mind, leaving the other to the own devices, providing no indication of the self’s thinking, for the human will bear no breach of the privacy deemed necessary, to consider the self’s options. Decisions will be arrived upon independently, shared only with those known to be reliable for agreement; those who have been identified as dissenters will be provided with no details that may invite discussion or argument. The Traveler is private and requests no assistance; questioning of the self is viewed as intrusive.

The Traveler is agile and mentally equipped to do battle with the brightest opponent, using the logical and analytical skills to debate the self’s position. The human is not averse to humiliating the opponent, for the self is primary. Guerilla tactics that damage the other are acceptable, for the Traveler must be redeemed, regardless of the cost. Unaware that the other is vital to the self’s progress, the Traveler discards others that attempt to gain close entry to the self. Ego has convinced the Traveler that others threaten the independence of the self; no breach will be tolerated, for independence is that which is held dearest to this human. Field energies endorse all behaviors that thwart the attempts of another, to share the life experiences without boundary with the Traveler.

Prohibiting recognition, that joining with others enables one to achieve great things, is necessary to prohibit behavior modification that would endorse this action. As long as the human remains focused on protection of the self’s independence, joining with others is an impossibility. Field energies will be utilized to maintain vigilance, sending the alert to the Traveler, whenever another grows perilously close to piercing the fortress erected, to protect the self from another’s interference. The human must be prevented from discovery of the fact that sharing of the self with another enables learning that which the self cannot learn independently. Rather, the field endorses separation, for this guarantees that the Traveler remains unhealed and alone, unable to accomplish. The goal of this field is to maintain independence, thwarting the assistance of others that could aid the Traveler in lesson integration.