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The Path to Healing

Dark Lords Obstacle Course: Communication

The Lord of Chaos finalized the document that was to provide obstacle to the lesson plan intended to teach the human effective communication. The celestial computer blinked, indicating that the message had been sent and received by all Obstacle Course participants. This next course would prove to be critical to the success of the program; much attention would be dedicated to this most important component. The message detailed the Lord of Chaos’ plan, to prohibit the human’s ability to communicate effectively; all areas had been addressed to provide the program participants with guidelines that would aid in the accomplishment of the goal.

Obstacle Course: Communication

Critical to the overall success of all Obstacle Courses, the communication of the human must be interfered with, to prohibit lesson integration. Physical, emotional and mental communication will be addressed; blockage will be provided, to prohibit the human from communicating effectively. The following key issues will be addressed within each lesson plan:

  • Field energies must be utilized that will guarantee conflict, with the self or another, emphasizing tendencies that thwart appropriate communication that could enable lesson integration.
  • The expression of the human may be exhibited in two distinctly different ways; the prey is identified as the human that remains silent, while the predator is the human that does not. The field must impose energies that address each, so that communication is impacted, accordingly.

The field will provide blockage, prohibiting effective communication, encouraging confusion and misunderstanding. Effective communication requires that the human speak with an open mind and open heart, listening to another in similar fashion. Field energies will be utilized to diminish the human’s ability to successfully communicate the self’s thoughts to another, ensuring lesson failure. Listening to another with open mind and open heart enables the human to determine that which is right for the self; employing the other’s experiences as lesson, thereby eliminating the lesson for the self in future. The goal of this Obstacle Course is not to limit the lessons; field energies will inhibit the human’s ability to listen to another, encouraging judgment, diminishing the value of another’s lesson to the self, thereby ensuring additional lessons for the human, in future.

The goal of this Obstacle Course is to impede the human’s ability to express the self appropriately, thereby ensuring lesson failure. Details of each field’s required components have been submitted via celestial computer this day. All participants are to comply with each behavior component by implanting such, within each respective field, enabling the desired response as detailed.

Constricted is defined as the inability to convey to another the thoughts or impressions, uninhibited by emotion or inaccuracy. The field endorses this inability, funneling energies that overwhelm and diminish the ability to speak clearly and understandably; these energies are utilized to silence the self or another, when discord signals that lesson presentation has begun. The human becomes tentative and unsure of the self when challenged, unable to focus the thinking, so that the thoughts may be accurately conveyed to another, while field energies are utilized to prohibit clarity of thought, thereby inhibiting the ability to speak.

The lesson plan requires understanding of the self, understanding of the desires; field energies of self-consciousness will be utilized, to prohibit the human from discerning that which the self truly desires. Challenge will be provided to the human that becomes aware and demands choice during lesson presentation; field energies will be employed that diminish the ability to vocalize the desire, thereby prohibiting the valuable exercise of sharing the thoughts vocally, to determine that which is right for the self. The human will be unable to overcome field connection, for self-consciousness has placed the call to ego for protection. Field energies overwhelm, causing the human to forfeit the own wants, needs and desires for another, or demanding that the other forfeit the own, in favor of the self’s. Understanding of the wants, needs and desires of the self is prohibited for the human who remains silent; a lack of caring for the other is imposed upon the human who strives to attain the own wants, needs and desires, regardless of the cost to another. The forfeiture or attainment of desire will be the focus of this field.

Procedural Issues

The fields of repression and self-conscious will be utilized to ensure constriction of the self or another. Behaviors related to these fields instill a lack of concern for the self or others, as well as fearfulness or aggressiveness towards others, fueled by the fear of being wrong or the need to be right. These attitudes will be adopted by predator or prey in response to field energies, specifically designed to ensure that constriction is the result of activities that can be classified as communication.

Field connection will impose energies upon the physical body, increasing feelings of frustration and anger. Unless the human is cognizant of the significance of such, these energies will amplify quickly, propelling the human forward, accepting the ego’s offering for field connection. The goal of this field will be to repress the self or another, in order to accomplish the state of constriction, which prohibits successful communication between two, ensuring lesson failure.

The human has become constricted, unable to speak. The prey will respond as stoic and long-suffering, willing to acquiesce the own wants, needs and desires in favor of another’s; desirous of maintaining a peace-filled atmosphere. The importance of another’s favor is primary for this human and heedless of the cost to the self, opinions offered are intended to appease another, disagreeing rarely with those of the other. A closely-held belief, that others do not care what the self thinks, will be maintained by field energies, fueled by uncertainty. The self does not believe in the self, due to the uncertainty that lies within, amplified with each lesson presentation. Currying favor is pursued, for this reassures the self, soothing the doubt that lies within, that the self is not worthy. The energies of fear underlie all other emotions; the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being revealed as incapable.

The human has become constricted, unwilling to listen. The predator will be demanding and callous when in pursuit of the self’s wants, needs and desires; care-less of cost to the other. The self thinks only of the self and rarely considers the ramifications of the self’s behaviors upon another, finding the other to simply be the holder of that which this human seeks. Attainment of the desire can be achieved in a variety of ways, from wheedling to demanding, pleading to shouting; for this human remains focused upon the self and the desire that burns within. The other is simply viewed as the provider or the withholder; the predator cares little of the cost to the other, for the self’s desires must be fulfilled. Evaluation is never performed, for this may find the predator’s demands to be irrational, unreasonable, untenable because the desires are primary, the tactics unimportant.

Field energies focus upon attainment or relinquishment of the desire which has been misunderstood by each; the predator seeks to attain, to satisfy the self, while the prey seeks to relinquish, to satisfy the other. The focus of this field is desire, for the lesson plan requires that the desires be understood. Emphasis will be placed upon the quantity of desire, rather than understanding and field energies will be utilized to amplify the desire, ensuring confusion. Focusing upon attainment or relinquishment, rather than understanding, ensures lesson failure for both of these humans.

The prey’s communication will be slow and halting, for the self is concerned about the impact of the words upon the other, testing the waters of acceptance slowly, with the delivery; uncertainty quickly overwhelms, fueled by the fear of speaking improperly. The predator’s communication is commanding and dominant, unconcerned for the other; for the self has desires and is focused upon attainment. Field energies of uncertainty function differently for these humans; the prey is uncertain of the self, while the predator becomes uncertain of the other. The desire has not been examined; the focus is misdirected, upon attainment or relinquishment.

Interactions with others reveal differences; the prey is wielding and agreeable, the predator is rigid and demanding. The predator cares only for the self, while the prey cares for the other more than the self. The prey willingly forfeits the own wants, needs and desires, in favor of another’s and the predator expects the other to forgo the own wants, needs, and desires, in favor of the predator. The prey is overly agreeable; the predator is unreasonable. The goal is to achieve repression; field energies cause the prey to repress the self, while the predator represses others. The human does not understand the desire and makes no effort to do so. Field energies prohibit this examination for prey, as the desire has been found to be unimportant, in contrast to that which another desires for the self. The predator responds to field energies differently, for the desire has overwhelmed reason; attainment is the goal, the cost unimportant.

Confrontation by another, questioning the self’s desires, signals lesson presentation; the human responds, presenting the self based upon the degree of safety that is felt with the other. The outcome anticipated is the predator will defend the desire and the prey will abandon the desire. Ego will encourage this outcome, for repression is the goal, mattering not if it is the self or another that is repressed. Field connection will be offered by ego, as soon as desire becomes the focus; if accepted, the outcome is readily achieved, due to the strength of the desire endorsed by the field. If hesitation is employed, ego will be required to encourage each to the desired outcome by endorsing or questioning the tactics of the other. Endorsement is provided to the prey, convincing the self that the desire is improper. Questioning is provided to the predator; attainment of the desire, felt to be what is most important to the self, is now threatened.

The desire has not been examined; therefore, this tactic will be successfully employed time after time. The focus need be placed upon the attainment or the relinquishment of the desire; ego shall distract the human from examining the desire by maintaining this focus. Field energies endorse this tactic, for the desire burns fiercely within, producing behaviors that are uncommon to this human when desire is not the issue. Ego’s offering of field connection is accepted, due to the lack of understanding of the desire; the prey represses the desire, while the predator represses the other, to attain the desire. Failure of lesson introduction has been achieved.

Energy Introduction

Field energies shall first be imposed upon the young human, prior to achieving the ability to choose what is right or what is wrong for the self. Ego shall offer field connections that impose this choice upon the young, unwitting human; focusing upon relinquishment or attainment of the desire. The young human is then faced with the choice, to relinquish or attain; once the decision has been made, the course is set, for the balance of the lifetime. While the human may choose differently on occasion, the bulk of the lifetime will be focused upon the original choice made, to be the predator or the prey.

Worthiness becomes the issue for the young human; the self has been determined to be more or less worthy than another. Field energies reinforce the assessment of the self, thereby influencing the belief system that determines if the desire is to be pursued or abandoned. Lesson presentation is then addressed, utilizing this assessment, each time desire is the focal point. The human is never encouraged to examine the desire, for field energies discourage such; rather, the focus is upon the self’s assessment of worthiness, which determines the course of abandonment or pursuit. The outcome is the focus, never the desire.

Thereafter, the ego offers field connection each time desire of the self or another must be weighed; the predator chooses the self, while the prey chooses the other. This can be achieved, without question of the human, for the entire lifetime, as long as the focus remains upon the outcome. Should the human begin to examine the desire, to determine its root, to understand the reason for the desire, this strategy may be weakened. Field energies of self-consciousness prohibit this examination, for as soon as the human is questioned, doubt of the self or the other’s intentions creeps into the mind, diminishing or fueling the need for attainment. The prey becomes uncertain, while the predator becomes demanding; all focus is now upon the outcome, rather than the desire. Attainment or abandonment is chosen, based upon the human’s determination of the self’s worthiness for such.

Early introduction of field energies ensures this strategy, for once the human has determined the self’s worthiness, the assessment is rarely reevaluated. Successful employment of field energies will predictably ensure lesson plan failure. Desire burns deeply within this human, influenced by field energies that focus solely upon the outcome. All things of a sensual nature will be pursued or abandoned, for this highly physical human. All things of a sensual nature will have been judged, as appropriate or inappropriate, by the time this human achieves adulthood, thereby determining the pursuit or abandonment route that the field endorses.

The field of repression is endorsed by social consciousness, which promotes that which is widely embraced by all of humanity. To repress the self or another is endorsed equally; social consciousness views both attainment and sacrifice favorably. There shall be no argument that dissuades the human from the original decision, to view the self or another as more or less worthy; for this too is found within social consciousness. All unhealed humans measure the self against all others; the field of social consciousness not only endorses this practice, it encourages it. These factors ensure successful initialization of the strategy to be employed with the human, in order to achieve the goals of this Obstacle Course.

The field of repression is structured to prohibit examination of desire, for the focus is upon the outcome; the human must become aware of the desire, in order to change the focus. Field energies discourage awareness, due to the measure of the self and the focus upon attainment or sacrifice. As long as the human remains unaware that the lesson plan is focused upon understanding desire, these strategies will be successful.

Ignoring is defined as a removal of attention to that which is being conveyed to the self by another; this field has been structured to prohibit the human from paying heed to another that attempts to share materials that conflict with this human’s belief structure or way of being. All things that differ will be ignored, for this human is in no need of variety, being ill-inclined to provide passage to others who think differently from the self. Field energies endorse this behavior, for the human finds the self to be superior to all others, never declining opportunity to prove such; for the endorsement demanded, confirming the self’s superiority to all others, is insatiable.

Procedural Issues

The field shall maintain behaviors and characteristics that ensure the desired response of the human, whenever challenged by another with differing viewpoints or ways of being. The human will be arrogant, condescending, and argumentative when presenting the self as predator; informing the other of the ridiculousness of the position that varies with the own. When presenting as prey, the human will be silent, yet visibly displaying disapproval and judgment of the other, leaving no doubt as to the self’s opinion and the unwelcome nature of the other’s offering. The field endorses these attitudes with the underpinning of arrogance and superiority. The human will be unaware of the transparency of their behaviors; rather, it is the other that will be focused upon, for this is the goal of my strategy.

The human will be blind to the self and the self’s behaviors, completely focused upon the other who has offended the self with differences presented, uninvited. The other has simply shared the opinions of the self; yet, the human has taken offense, feeling attacked or condemned, for the self’s opinions vary from those presented. Defense is the first strategy employed by this human; rationalization and explanation, structured to protect the self’s way of being or belief system, is provided to the other. Failing embracement, the human must mount stronger defense against the other who will be attacked for the sharing; mortal combat ensues to name this human right and the other wrong.

Behaviors of belittling and diminishing the other’s Viewpoint are now engaged, as the focus must be shifted from the self to the other, for the reprehensible and indefensible opinion or way of being that varies from this human’s. Rigidity of the mind prohibits the human from embracing that differing opinions are appropriate; rather, the human believes all should embrace the beliefs of the self. The predator openly attacks the other, caring not to choose the words carefully, for diminishing the other’s viewpoint or way of being is the goal; damage that is incurred is of no consequence, for the issue of being right must be resolved favorably for this human. The prey silently and profoundly judges the other, determining that the other is unworthy of the self’s opinion, disengaging the self by ignoring the other, refusing further conversation, for the other is clearly against the self. Field energies endorse these behaviors, for all are fueled by judgment.

The human, averse to admit defeat, continues the battle to prove the other wrong and the self right; the inability to do so will find this human departing the company of the other, possibly never to share such again. The self has been determined to be righteous; unbeknownst to the human, the correct term would be self-righteous. Determined that the self is superior to all; the decisions of the self are those that are believed to be best for the self and all others, causing this human to become condescending to the other, informing the other of the wrongness of the stated viewpoints or way of being. The human has determined the most appropriate way of being, for all things; the other has performed this way differently. There can be no forgiveness for such transgression; therefore, the choice to abandon or ignore the other is clearly the only solution. Field energies endorse this solution, supported by self-righteousness.

The human is unaware that the self’s behavior is what is being viewed in another. Projection is the tool, utilized by this field, to enable the human to view the self in another, for field energies have blinded the human to the self. The human refuses to embrace that the offensive behavior belongs to the self; rather, it is the other that bears responsibility, for this human declines to be responsible for the self, or any other. The lesson plan requires that the human learn personal responsibility, and it is this that field energies address, making impossible the task, for the human cannot address that which is not seen as belonging to the self. Discard of all things that vary from the own is encouraged by the field; all others opposite this human will be different from the self, allowing the mirror to work most effectively, when reflecting the own image. The human refuses to recognize that the other is not as perceived; yet, the image perceived is that of the self, for this lesson plan demands that it be so. Field energies prohibit this recognition, utilizing the underpinning of denial and self-righteousness.

The goal of this lesson plan is to learn personal responsibility; field energies deny this embracement, for the human has been deemed to be better than all others. Responsibility never enters the picture, for all others are inferior; therefore, if responsibility is lacking, it is the other that need find remedy. The self is superior, self-righteous, and arrogant; viewing the other unfavorably, whenever challenge is at issue. To see the self in the other, the human would need to embrace offensive behaviors as belonging to the self; field energies prohibit this recognition. The belief that the self’s behaviors belong to the other may be maintained for the bulk, if not all, of the lifetime, for this is the goal of this field.

Strategy to reinforce blindness

The human is challenged by another with an opinion or way of being that varies from the own; decision has been made some time previous, that the opinion or way of being is not appropriate, for the self or any other. Ego offers field connection that funnels field energies, encouraging the human to decline review of the decision. The human believes that the self has drawn conclusion employing superior methods and immediately judges the other as wrong; review of the decision is viewed by this human as confirmation of mistake having been made, with the original viewpoint. Field energies endorse arrogance and condescension that refuses to embrace the possibility that closely held viewpoints could require review or modification; rather, the human’s way of being or opinion is maintained, with the other being judged as improper.

The human accepts the connection and field energies are provided that encourage pursuit of rightness or wrongness; rightness for the self and wrongness for the other. The other is taken aback, explaining that it is merely the self’s opinion but the human has been offended with the differing viewpoint, perceiving that the other intends to prove the self wrong. Field energies encourage belittling and diminishing the other, emphasizing the wrongness of the other, in an attempt to prove the rightness of the self. If the other does not abandon the self’s offering and agree with the human, the battle will continue, regardless of the destruction that may ensue. The words are used to damage the other; to force retraction of the offering that has offended this human.

The human does not recognize the unreasonableness of the self’s behavior; rather, the focus is upon the other who is believed to be the source of the offense. The predator is loudly proclaiming the self’s rightness, while the prey has silenced the lips, the mind busily judging that which is perceived to be the other’s behavior. Neither human can embrace that the offense is the own, for offensive behaviors never belong to the self; field energies demand the conclusion, that these behaviors always be designated as belonging to the other.

Projection is the victor once again, for the human is unaware of this tool of the lesson plan; provided to enable the self to see the self in another. Ignoring the reflection enables the denial of personal responsibility, to review the decision of the past, determining its applicability to the present; for the other has presented the self as teacher, with varying viewpoints, to encourage this review. Field energies of denial and self-righteousness, that declare the human as superior to all others, prohibit this review. No other can teach this human, for the self has been designated as the teacher and all others the student.

The Process

The human will be endowed with superior mental abilities; the focus of the lifetime will be to gather knowledge that can be shared with others. Unbeknownst to the human, the teaching has been slanted to the own narrow viewpoints and way of being; diminishing its value. The human has designated the self as teacher, declining advice or counsel from others who have been deemed as less worthy than the self. The human is unaware that the other is the teacher that provides the image of the self, presenting opportunity to revisit the past decisions, no longer applicable to the human’s life existence of the present. The teacher is rebuffed, the offering discarded; courtesy of field energies of arrogance.

The human declines this review, denying the reflection of the self in another; falsely identifying the reflection, as that of the other. Judgment is employed to prohibit the human’s embracement of the other’s behavior as that of the self; for offensiveness is unrecognized in the self. The gift of projection that is provided with this lesson plan is not recognized by the student; rather, all attention is focused upon the other, for the student has determined to change the other, rather than the self. Field energies endorse this misidentification through the imposition of arrogance, which states that no other can teach the self.

Blindness is imposed by field energies that confirm this human’s superior status; all others are less worthy, less learned, less informed than the self; confirming the human’s belief that the self is the teacher. All others are student, granting little to the human to be embraced; for unless sought after, this human refuses all data that is contrary to the own. Only those things that are questioned by the self are changeable; all others will be protected fiercely by this human, for decision has been made and review has been deemed unnecessary. Field energies emphasize the need for protection of the self’s decisions, for faulty thinking is abhorred; viewed as transgression that can never be forgiven. The human will skirt apology or admission of failure, preferring to ignore the experience until forgotten. Apology is never offered and believed to be unnecessary, for this human is never wrong; never proven to be so. Ejection of the self from the experience is effected long before this action can occur; for this human forbids introduction of the same subject matter in future, forming the agreement for this human’s continued presence.

The goal of this field is to ignore offerings, intended to instruct the human to review all decisions of the past for applicability to the present. Denial of personal responsibility is fueled by the field, endorsing ignoring of advice or counsel of another that may indicate that review is necessary and desirable. The human is blind to the behaviors of the self; judgment is employed to belittle and diminish the ability of all others to teach the self. Field energies prohibit the student from learning, for the energies of judgment overwhelm all others. As long as the human employs judgment, field connections remain stable, prohibiting lesson integration. It is only if the human recognizes the reflection of the self in the other, beginning to turn the attention upon the self and the self’s behaviors, and determining those areas in need of modification, that this strategy could be weakened; thereby enabling lesson integration. Field energies have addressed all of these possibilities; lesson failure is guaranteed.

Barbed is defined as damaging the self or another, utilizing the words or actions, in order to do so. Fueled by the fields of shame and self-distrust, the human responds to the demand for release, during lesson presentation; experiences are many, naming damage as the result. Bitterness resides deep within the human, in response to these experiences that remain unresolved. Field energies funnel continuously, engorging the outer bodies with negativity that demands release. The words are utilized as release mechanisms, venting these energies inwardly or outwardly, to damage the self or another, physically.

The human is unaware of the strength of these energies, blithely going through life, expelling as opportunity presents; periodically relieving the pressure, felt by the containment. The lesson plan requires honor and respect of the self, as well as others; field energies prohibit these actions, for negative energies neither honor nor respect. As long as bitterness resides within the outer bodies, the human is unable to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness; the field amplifies these energies, until release is demanded, resulting in diminishment of the self or another. The strategy of this field will be to maintain the bitterness within, for this guarantees field connection throughout the human’s existence.

Procedural Issues

The human is unaware of the continuous connection to the lower fields of consciousness, cycling the energies of bitterness and contempt throughout the bodies. These energies serve to weaken the human’s bodies, if release is not provided; release of energies is performed by the human through the words and actions, aimed at the self or another. The words become weapons, for the energy behind the words are intended to damage; jabbing or poking at the self or another, fueling the intention to shame or diminish.

The predator experiences relief after the release upon another, while the condition worsens for the prey, as the release is refused, thereby warehoused within. Field energies encourage this release through the use of mean, spiteful words that are intended to damage; contempt flows, reinforced by the bitterness felt by the human. Condemnation of the other is vocal or silent, released or warehoused. The predator readily releases these energies upon another, intent upon relief for the self; unconcerned for the damage being incurred upon another. The prey warehouses the energies within the self, the words resounding loudly within. The self has been exposed; bitterness and contempt flow, condemning the other for the exposure. Forgiveness is withheld for the self for the mistake; the other is blamed for the exposure, the shame that has resulted from the self’s actions, coloring the skin. Shame and diminishment is the goal of this field, for the human has damaged others in previous lifetimes; the lesson is being presented once again, to determine if different action will be taken, this time.

Life experience has damaged the human; lesson presentation has been failed and the self or the other suffers as a result. Bitterness is formed with the first failure; all subsequent failures water the pod, until it has grown to monstrous proportions. Field connection endorses this growth, for the human is unaware that the lesson was not intended to damage; rather, the human believes that the singular focus of the lesson was to incur damage upon the self. Forgiveness is refused for the other; for the human is unable to embrace that the lesson was presented in order to teach.

Mistakes have been made; resolution is prohibited, due to the faulty approach to lesson presentation. The human focuses upon the damage rather than the lesson, unable to see that mistakes are a natural part of the learning experience. Field energies of self-distrust are initialized, causing the human to distrust the self or others. The predator has been damaged many times by others, resulting in deep distrust of all others in future. Ever-suspicious of another attempting to damage the self, the human ceaselessly questions the motives and intentions of others, ever certain that damage is destined for the self. The prey has made mistakes that have damaged another; decision has been made to hide the mistake by diminishing the other. Deep distrust is found within, for the human knows that another has been damaged, due to the self’s behaviors.

The human has damaged or has been damaged; field energies endorse bitterness and contempt in response, rather than review of the lesson, to determine that which has yet to be learned. Unable to understand the lesson, the human becomes distrusting of the self or others, for the field endorses this response. Each time the lesson is failed, the bitterness and contempt grows within; fueling self distrust, which is then projected onto the other, endorsing the suspicions felt within by this human. Lesson presentation magnetizes that which is needed to remedy the mistakes of the past, providing opportunity for different outcome. Field energies prohibit this remedy, for bitterness and contempt are now the focus; the lesson is lost, the response remains the same.

The predator fears diminishment of the self, repelling the other, before the other can damage the self. The prey is focused upon diminishment of the other; working behind the scenes to destroy the goodwill of others, diminishing the other’s ability to expose the self as wrong. The human does not understand that the lesson was provided to teach forgiveness. The predator believes that the self has been damaged by another, ignoring the behaviors of the self that contributed to the outcome, believing that the openness of the self is the cause of the damage that has resulted in pain. The prey has damaged another, due to the fear of admitting that the self has made a mistake; quite likely, the damage incurred is far greater than that which would have been experienced had the human admitted to the mistake.

Characteristics of the predator include emotional coldness, with the use of biting, sarcastic words of condemnation, meant to repel the other; the heart has been hardened, for the self has been damaged by others. Compassion is absent, for such has never been felt for the self, thereby prohibiting the human from extending such to another. The prey exhibits behaviors that are overly-compassionate, encouraging another’s misbehavior that has diminished another, for this reinforces the actions of the self. The prey is wishy-washy, altering opinions and the stance of the self, when confronted by another with proof of the self’s misbehavior. Both humans diminish others; one openly and one covertly.

The human is unaware of the impact of the behaviors that serve to diminish the other; field energies encourage the hiding of the misdeeds, utilizing rationalization and embellishment, which are provided to minimize the impact of the self’s misbehavior. The human seeks another to provide confirmation of the rightness of the misdeeds; lacking this confirmation, the human will hide the mistake, fabricating the story that will make acceptable the actions that have damaged another. Field energies endorse dishonesty, as protection of the self, when acceptance cannot be found.

Neither human understands that the lesson was presented to determine if the other would be honored and respected for the service provided with the lesson, thereby extending forgiveness to the other, enabling lesson integration. Field energies prohibit compassion, for it is this that is needed, for the human to overlook the pain of the self, recognizing the pain of another, extending forgiveness to soothe the energies of bitterness that ensure lesson failure. Maintaining these energies within the bodies ensures field connection; damage incurred to the self or another is the goal of this field.

Creation of energies

Field energies are created in the young human with the first experience that results in shame or diminishment of the self or another. The predator will feel diminished by the other, failing to see the behavior of the self that has invited this perceived diminishment. The prey will know that the self has diminished the other; yet, the decision will be made to hide the self’s behavior. Forgiveness is withheld by each; the lesson has been failed and the self or another has been damaged. The human fails to understand that mistakes are a part of the earthly experience; rather, focus is upon the pain with resultant bitterness suffered, when the lesson goes awry. Field energies endorse this misdirection of focus and the seed pod of bitterness is formed that will flourish in future; the human continues to focus upon the pain, missing the lesson, ensuring future lesson failure.

The first experience determines the direction of the human. Decision is made that the self has been diminished without provocation, or to ignore the behaviors of the self that diminish another; words of condemnation, intended to damage, reinforce the decision. Field energies are cycling continuously, demanding expulsion, introducing future lessons, as opportunity to learn to forgive, rather than diminish. Multiple failures cause the human to utilize words that damage the other; for bitterness seeks revenge, for the pain suffered by the self. The lesson remains concealed, for pain in kind is offered, to assuage that which is felt by the self.

The predator shares openly the damage suffered by the self, ignoring the self’s behaviors that drew diminishment as punishment, never releasing another for the pain incurred, with the lesson that has been misidentified. The self’s misdeeds have been hidden to amplify the wrongness of the other, proving the misfortune visited upon the self. The story that makes right the predator’s actions is told widely to others, minimizing the self’s misbehavior that warranted such reaction. Goodwill for the other is destroyed by this human who cavalierly broadcasts the damage incurred to the self, without provocation.

The prey purposefully hides the self’s misbehavior, blithely changing the retelling, to that which is more favorable for the self. Rationalization is utilized to gain acceptance of another, for this lends credence to the actions employed by the self. The other is avoided in future, as the human fears exposure, believing that distance secures the illusion that the self did not damage the other. The human is edgy, changing topic when confronted; for the fear of exposure is never far from the surface. The prey believes that the other merely received what was due, viewing the self’s behavior as repayment, for the other’s attempt to diminish the self.

Contempt is felt by each of these humans; contempt for the other that has damaged the self, or contempt for the other that has allowed the self to be damaged. This human has become proficient at distorting the facts, to that which reflects more favorably upon the self; those that embrace the distortion are comrades, those who do not are enemies to be discarded from the life experience. The human has failed to learn that all humans make mistakes; forgiveness must be provided, so that the lesson may be revealed. The human neither forgives nor forgets the mistake of another, perceived to damage the self; the misperception alone, endorsed by field energies, determines if the damage was warranted.

The field prohibits the human from examining the behaviors of the self by focusing upon the pain of the lesson; thereby, strengthening field connection, cycling energies of bitterness and contempt that demand release, guaranteeing future lesson failure. To honor and respect the self and all others is not possible, as long as these energies are present; for field energies demand release, resulting in diminishment or shame for the other. As long as the human focuses upon the pain, rather than the lesson, bitterness will maintain its root within, growing ever stronger with each failed lesson, demanding release in future that ensures lesson plan failure.

Dismissive is defined as the action of the human who readily refuses to consider the advice or offerings of another, that have been determined to conflict with the own belief system or way of being. The goal of this field is to prohibit introduction of materials that could aid in the determination that past decisions are in need of review. Field energies cause the human to refuse to address any information that could indicate that the self’s faulty thinking could be the cause of discord. Field energies of rejection impose the likelihood for the human to reject the offerings of the other, without hesitation.

The human is unaware that decisions have been made that are no longer pertinent to the current life experience; review is needed, to enable growth and lesson integration. Field energies prohibit this review; rather, endorsing rightness or wrongness becomes the focus with discord. The human will believe the self to be right and all others to be wrong, when data is introduced that conflicts with the own. Field energies endorse this thinking, convincing the human that faulty thinking resides with the other, never the self.

Procedural Issues

Behaviors and characteristics populate the field that prohibits the human from examining the self; rather, the other becomes the focus. The human has made decisions that are believed to be most appropriate, most correct; these decisions have been surveyed closely, utilizing the analytical and logical components that are highly valued by this human. However, the decision has been overly influenced by emotional thinking; unbeknownst to the human, field energies endorse this thinking, for it prohibits the human from arriving at the most appropriate decision for the self. Rather, the input of others has caused this human to base the own decision upon that which is important to the other; often, these factors are unimportant to the self.

The relationship to others or the association, with an organization or other institution, when closely held, encourages the human to overlook factors that are important to the self, allowing the other to influence the decision, based upon that which is believed by the other. Examination is prohibited, for this is felt to be a challenge to loyalty held for the friendship or association; the human embraces the beliefs of the other, without question, maintaining allegiance, regardless of the personal cost. The other is persuasive; declining investigation for the self, the human readily embraces the beliefs of another for the self without question. Field energies endorse emotional thinking, for it is this that prohibits clarity, thereby ensuring lesson failure.

Self-delusional qualities are imposed by the field, causing the human to believe that the behaviors of the self are always correct; discord indicates that another is attempting to prove the self wrong. Field energies are imposed to persuade the human to dismiss the other immediately, activating the emotional body, diminishing the ability to discern that which is right for the self at this time; for prior decision has been made and must be defended. Clarity is impossible, due to the presence of field energies prohibiting such; the human is unaware that lesson presentation is active, provided as opportunity to revisit prior decisions in need of review to ensure lesson integration.

Ego offers field connection at the first sign of discord to prohibit this review; emphasis will be placed upon the other, to convince the human that the other’s thinking is faulty. Field energies will be utilized to reassure the human of the diligence employed by the self, prior to arriving at decision, removing all need for further review; the other is confirmed as inaccurate, all data dismissed without further ado. The predator will inform the other of the self’s rightness, dismissing the other’s offering openly. The prey will demur to the other, going along to get along; yet, determined to continue forth with the self’s decision previously made. The field of rejection reinforces all actions to reject the offerings of the other without review.

The predator is argumentative, ever-protective of the self’s beliefs and way of being; ill-inclined to entertain others who think differently. The prey is demurring and placating, willing to lead the other to believe that their offering will be considered, thereby avoiding controversy. Both humans dismiss the offering; one openly and one dishonestly. Field energies disallow acceptance, placing the focus upon the threat to the self’s way of thinking or way of being; demanding that rightness or wrongness be assigned.

The human is unable to live in the moment; rather, all attention is focused upon the past. Mistakes have been made due to the human’s refusal to review past decisions, which resulted in lesson failure. These experiences remain unresolved in the human’s emotional catalogue; logged as examples of another attempting to prove the self wrong. When discord is experienced, ego makes the match to the emotional catalogue of unresolved experiences and offers field connection, causing the human to jump to conclusion, assuming that the situation of the past is being reenacted to prove the self wrong again. Rather than assessing the current situation, decision is made that the same outcome will not be tolerated, causing the human to respond as if the current situation is the same as that previously experienced. Field energies of self-delusional encourage this assessment, further deepening the emotional response to the illusion; that what has happened before is happening again.

The human is unaware that the current situation is only similar in nature to that previously experienced, provided as opportunity to achieve different outcome; rather, the human insists that the current experience is the same as the previous, dismissing the protestations of the other. Appropriate recognition of the opportunity allows the human to resolve the lesson that has yet to be learned; thereby removing it from the catalogue, from which match is made by ego, when offering future field connection. No attention is paid to the lesson being presented; all focus has been placed upon the outcome previously experienced. Field connection has caused the human to dismiss the offerings of the other, based upon previous experience; lesson plan failure is imminent.

Energy Introduction

Field energies of rejection and self-delusional are introduced to the young human, before the ability to discern what is right for the self has been achieved. All decisions are encouraged to contain qualities of rightness, based upon the advice of others; further review is discouraged by the field, once the decision has been made. The young human determines the guidance that will be sought; all else will be discarded. Emotional thinking will be likely, for this human will conform to another’s thinking, even when known within, to be improper for the self. The ability to decide for the self will be greatly diminished by the time the young human reaches adulthood.

Wishing to be loved, the young human willingly casts aside the own opinions, for another whose favor is desired. Situations, where the own decision was made and resulted unfavorably, serve to remind the young human of the inability to make decisions for the self, without incurring pain. Field energies endorse this embracement, imposing self-delusional qualities that remind the young human of the unfavorable results, each time similar experience is presented. The lesson is not observed to determine if the decision need be modified to be more successful in future; rather, the focus is the outcome of wrongness for the self, due to having chosen differently than that which was advised by another. The course is now set for the young human who will embrace the words of another in future, without providing the examination necessary, to determine rightness or wrongness for the self.

The human will be rigid of mind with closely held beliefs that are not exposed to examination by others, prohibiting the interference of another. Those who are able to delve deeply with this human will be those that think similarly and will have been tested many times to determine if divulgence of the true thoughts will be accepted. All others will receive superficial knowledge of this human; that which divulges nothing of true importance, for this human does not wish to be challenged by others, due to the influence of the field of rejection. Highly emotional, this human has been damaged by the rejection of others; however, only those capable of delving deeply will reveal the depth of pain that lies within.

The thinking has been molded by early training. Unbeknownst to the human, decisions must be revisited frequently throughout the life experience; for as the human ages, needs change, requiring different direction be taken to enable lesson integration. Rather, the human is encouraged by field connection to maintain and protect the previous decisions, dismissing all future opportunity that encourages review and revision, ensuring lesson failure.

The predator lashes out at those who challenge the beliefs or ways of being, while the prey quietly assures that appropriate consideration will be given to the offering; each dismiss the offering, as soon as field connection has been made, for field energies demand such. All focus is placed upon the challenge of the other to the self’s decisions, reinforced by past experience, imposed by the field of self-delusional, which has obscured the current experience. The field of rejection is now imposed upon the human, causing the predator to reject outright, the other’s offering; prey seemingly rejects the self by demurring and placating to the other, in order to avoid being rejected.

Both predator and prey fail lesson presentation, for the opportunity has been dismissed to review previous decisions, to determine that which is in the highest and best interest of the self, at this time. The prey fails additionally, for dishonesty has been employed, forcing lesson presentation in future, bringing forth the value of honesty for the self, within the life experience. Ego convinces the prey that the behaviors are not dishonest, merely employed to protect the self from another’s interference. Disingenuousness is born from this behavior, enabling the human to respond favorably to another, when it is known that the true feelings are unfavorable. The fear of rejection overwhelms all experience, as this human believes that the self would be rejected were the true feelings known by other. The predator inconsiderately informs others of the intrusion; making certain that no doubt remains of the unwelcome nature of the offering; care-less of the damage that may be incurred to the other, while protecting the self. This behavior nets additional lesson for the predator; for purposeful damage to another, draws similar lesson for the self in future.

Field energies of rejection and self-delusional combine, imposing the action of dismissal upon all offerings that conflict with the self’s belief system or way of being. Until the human learns that all decisions require periodic review to be successful with lesson integration, continued lesson failure is ensured. Ego will be instrumental in maintaining the rigidity of the mind that ensures failure; convincing the human of the rightness of the self’s thinking, reinforcing the tendency imposed by field connection to decline the review, each time the human chooses to protect the self, rather than to learn.

Timid is defined as fearfulness created within, that anticipates the unfavorable reaction of another, resulting in pain suffered by the self. This field endorses fear of pain, which shall be the focal point to be relied upon to silence the human. Unable to determine what is appropriate to communicate to another, due to the strength of field energies imposed each time discord is experienced, the mere thought of pain shall easily silence this human who will willingly forgo the expression of the self’s thinking, in favor of protecting the self from the perceived threat of another. The human who will not be silenced, silences the other by imposing field energies that causes the other to doubt the self; becoming intimidating, to accomplish the silencing of another.

Field energies of guilt and self-pity shall be imposed, to ensure that the human maintains or achieves silence, whenever discord signals lesson presentation. The human will be focused upon blame and pain; silence will be easily achieved by imposing field energies which demand the imposition of each. Unfavorable results will be experienced each time the human breaks silence, for the delivery will always be faulty; that which ensures lesson failure.

Procedural Issues

The human will be timid or will impose timidity upon another; field energies demand that silence be satisfied. Discord announces behaviors uncommon to this human, for vocalization is only a problem when discord is experienced. The human is unaware that lesson presentation is unfolding; for the focus is upon the fear of being blamed, ensuring the arrival of pain for the self. Field energies endorse this misdirection; for as long as the pain is the focus, the lesson cannot be learned.

The predator will be on guard, ever alert to the imposition of blame upon the self by another; the prey will be anxious, fearful of the pain that will be suffered when the self is blamed once again. Each will believe that lesson integration is focused upon the blame; the pain is a natural result, for one or both, once this has been determined. Field energies endorse this perspective and are utilized by ego, persuading the human that the most important part of the lesson is to determine where the blame is to be appropriated.

Silence confounds lesson integration, forcing the other to surmise the position of one who refuses to speak; both predator and prey utilize this tactic – the predator to prevent another from obtaining information that would prove their wrongness, the prey due to the belief that the self will be blamed, regardless of the response. Each fail to see the lesson; rather, each are focused upon the outcome that determines who will be blamed, suffering the consequences of this failed lesson. Confusion overwhelms during this deliberation, for field energies have activated the emotional body, prohibiting clarity.

The ego plays a critical role to ensure lesson plan failure by offering field connection that will provide protection, as soon as blame or pain becomes a possibility for this human; both humans readily accept field connection. The predator accepts as the self is never believed to be at fault; prey readily accepts, in an attempt to diminish the pain that will surely be awarded, for being blamed once again. The lesson is abandoned and the contest has begun to determine which human will be awarded the blame and the pain.

Behaviors and characteristics that populate this field include defensiveness and aggressiveness for the predator; wheedling and whining for the prey. Unfavorable results have been encountered with lesson presentation; the human has determined that blame must be appropriated, in order to learn. Pain is imminent for one or both as a result of this determination. Silence is the goal, for the human must be protected; tactics of timidity or intimidation will be employed to achieve the goal. Emotional thinking begins to construct the story, making one right and the other wrong; blame and pain are the focus and await assignment. Details may be shifted or modified, as the facts become muted, satisfying the designation of blame upon the other. The field endorses this modification, for reason must be found that enables this award. Emotion is amplified as the human seeks the answer that allows the blame to be shifted to the other, absolving the self.

The human has retreated to the mind, where the story is fabricated and refined; multiple scenarios constructed, until that which displays the self most favorably has been found. Only then will the silence be broken and the other informed of the thinking. This is often well after the other has abandoned the lesson completely, no longer concerned nor interested in its outcome. The predator will not release the hold gained upon the other determined to be at fault, continuously providing reminder to the other of the past transgression, as each opportunity presents. The prey will avoid the other, fearful of recurrence; determined to prohibit further damage of the self by the other.

Forgiveness is unacceptable to both predator and prey, for each believe that the infliction of pain can never be forgiven. Each remains unaware that forgiveness supplies the salve that allows the human to understand that all humans are learning and mistakes are a natural result of this trial and error system. Rather, the human believes that the suffering is the focal point, utilized in future to determine that which the human should not offer to another. Focused upon the pain, each believes that suffering is the natural result of learning and for this, there can never be forgiveness supplied. Damage suffered at the hands of another that has made mistakes can neither be forgiven nor forgotten. The human clings to the misinterpreted lesson, determined never to love or assist another, in similar fashion, in future.

Field energies of guilt and self-pity endorse this reaction to lesson presentation; amplifying the ill will that is felt, when the human is damaged by another. The predator believes that all are out to damage the self, while the prey believes the self to be incapable of damaging another; each have damaged others, yet neither recognizes nor admits to such. Field energies encourage the story constructed in the mind that makes wrong the behavior of the other; rationalization and reasoning are utilized to construct the story that best shines the light of favor upon the self. Behaviors that invited the lesson are ignored by each, for this human is averse to admitting that each had equal responsibility in the failure of the lesson. Pity for the self is endorsed by field energies; for the focus is intended to be upon the pain, resulting in suffering by the self.

Blame and regret cycle continuously within the human’s bodies, causing the mind to be ever busy, reconstructing and replaying the lessons of the past. The human is unable to release the other, due to the pain suffered; therefore, these energies are revisited and amplified inadvertently, due to the inability to forgive and forget. Unbeknownst to the human, these energies are the most damaging upon the planet to the human body; for connection to the field provides frequent reminders, encouraging amplification and demanding release. The human retells the story frequently, in an attempt to garner support or salve from another through understanding; yet, the pain is never diminished, as the human cannot release the other for the mistakes that have been made. Physical damage will be the result for the human who refuses to forgive and forget; for it is this action alone that allows release of these most damaging energies.

Energy introduction

The energies of guilt and self-pity are introduced early, to ensure stability of reactions when responding to lesson presentation, when the human attains adulthood. The young human is presented with experience that results unfavorably and blame is determined as the objective to be achieved. A measurement of pain is taken and the result is determined; the one who has suffered the most is determined to be free of blame. The outcome of this first experience determines the human’s inclination to blame the other as either predator or prey. The predator will blame the other, believing that the intention of the other was to damage the self. The prey blames the other, due to the vulnerability of the self, for the openness offered to another has made possible the damage incurred, when the self is blamed.

Avoidance of blame requires that suffering be quantified; the self must be determined to have suffered more than the other. Field energies of self-pity are activated to endorse this belief, thereby overstating the story that must be constructed, proving that the self has suffered more than the other. The self’s participation and the other’s pain is ignored, minimized by story that deems the self having suffered most grievously. Field connection has been made and the human finds the self wallowing in self-pity, unable to see clearly the other’s viewpoint, for the self is all that can be seen; misery is pervasive, for the self has been damaged again.

Attention is garnered for the self from others, through the reliving of the event; the human seeks this attention, glorying in the spotlight of concern for the self. Reinforcement is received, that the self has indeed been damaged, the self’s behavior determined to be the only true course of action recommended. The human focuses upon the story, refining and honing, until it reflects the self that is most desired; that which will garner the sympathy of others, that which confirms that the self has been damaged deeply. Angry and resentful is the predator; regret-filled and sorrow-full is the prey. The human grows determined to prevent such pain in future by restricting the self’s participation with others; ever-alert to detect others with similar motive. Field energies of anger or regret now circulate continuously within the bodies of the young human, seeking release that can only be granted with lesson integration.

When the young human has achieved adulthood, many experiences have amplified the energies within; the lesson has not been learned, for the blame and the pain has become the focus. Lesson presentation grants opportunity for the human to recognize that all humans suffer equally; field energies prohibit this recognition, for the human is focused upon the self and the self’s pain. The human adopts the defensive stance that is read by others as a sign of guilt, thereby attracting others to the self, providing lesson to teach that full participation is necessary for one wishing to learn. Rather, the human has learned to defend the self by preventing the sharing of the self with another, utilizing story that predicts the outcome, based upon previous experience. No argument is accepted, that encourages the human to review the current lesson, so that different outcome may be experienced, one that favors lesson integration.

The predator blames the other, due to the presence of pain for the self, readily eliminating the self’s actions that may have drawn such punishment; amplifying the energies of anger and resentment, lying within, from previous experiences. The prey withdraws further, certain that the self has suffered more than the other, amplifying the energies of regret that forces continual review of the experience, determining that which could have or should have been done, to avoid granting permission for the self to be damaged, once again. Field energies of self-pity reside within each, for blame has been placed upon the other that has damaged the self. Efforts are redoubled to protect the self in future, encouraged by ego and field energies.

Communication has been impeded by blame and self-pity. The predator will not allow another to damage the self again; lesson presentation is greeted by defensive languaging to prohibit the voice of the other, for it is known that the other intends to damage the self. Intimidation is employed as protection, causing the other to doubt the self, ultimately withholding that which was needed to enable lesson integration. The prey grows mute in the face of the lesson, determined to withhold the feelings and impressions that the human believes will be used against the self, resulting in damage of the self once again. Timidity is employed as protection, for the fear of the pain has overwhelmed the lesson. Each remains focused upon blame and pain, missing the lesson completely, ensuring lesson failure, guaranteeing additional lesson presentation in future.

Overbearing is defined as an attitude that is structured to gain dominance over another; overwhelming the response of another with the sheer power of the self’s delivery. Field energies will be supplied that engorges the ego of this human, prohibiting recognition that the voice of another is necessary, in order to learn. Ego will prohibit interactions by utilizing field energies that discourages others from approaching this human. Independence will be the focal point of this field, encouraging the human to stand alone; actively prohibiting the interference of another.

The lesson is intended to teach that joining with others allows one to accomplish great things; field energies will prohibit this joining, isolating the human from all others that could be of assistance, with lesson integration. Critical to the success of this Obstacle Course, independence must be achieved; for it is this alone that prevents the human from learning that strength lies in numbers, united with singular purpose.

Procedural Issues

The human will be independent in nature; preferring to work alone, preferring the company of the self, above all others. Uncertain of the motives of others, the human will isolate the self overtly or covertly, physically or mentally, thereby preventing the interference of another that may wish to assist the self. The human will not recognize that assistance from another is necessary, in order to accomplish; rather, the offerings of another will be viewed as a threat to the self’s independence, the self’s preferred way of being. Offerings that convey differences, in belief system or way of being, will be greeted in such a way that the other can have no doubt of the unwelcome nature of such.

Behaviors and characteristics that accomplish these goals shall populate the field; offerings made by ego for field connection shall be immediately accepted, reaping refusal of the lesson, due to the threat to the human’s independence that shall be realized each time. Anger shall be prevalent as a first line of defense, for this energy most effectively overwhelms the other, overshadowing the lesson. The human will become proficient at calling forth volumes of this energy to overcome the argument of the other, handily distracting the other from the issue by focusing upon emotion. Multiple lesson failure will limit the human’s ability to control the volumes of anger called forth in future, increasing the likelihood of rage and irrational behaviors.

The predator will be cavalier and threatening to those who attempt to interfere with offerings that are misinterpreted by this human. These offerings will not be viewed as service; rather, all offerings will be believed to be attempts to control the self, readily defined as interference, regardless of the intention stated by the other. The prey responds similarly but varies in approach, for this human believes informing the other of the self’s response provides too much data to be used in future, for further attempts to control or manipulate the self. Preventing future attempts is the goal of the predator; disfavor is imparted, well-informing the other that the offering is never to be mentioned again. Ultimatum may be employed by each should the other be compelled to try once again. The goal is to eliminate all offerings of service, for the self is in no need of another’s assistance, preferring to rely upon the self alone for all learning.

Independence is primary; this human stands alone, breaching no interference of another that attempts to usurp the glory of the self. This human does not regard the self as a team member, for competition is always present; recognition has been made that working with others removes the human’s inherently competitive spirit, which has been determined to be vital to the life experience. The human that finds the self as a team member only remains if the self is the leader; leadership provides the human with the independence and competition that is fueled by field energies and highly desired by the self.

Others interfere with the self’s way of being, for assistance is viewed as being manipulative and controlling; attitudes that are desirable only when possessed by the self. The human does not understand that lesson integration cannot be achieved independently; another is required to present the lesson that is needed in order to learn. Rather, the human has determined that the self is the teacher and the student; frequently reinforcing field energies with connections offered by ego to protect the self’s independence.

Joining with others is abhorred by this human; those who need others are disdainfully viewed as weak and dependent. This human fears nothing more than the intervention of another and will do all possible to prevent this possibility. Aggressive behaviors are assumed by the predator, staving off entreaties of another, while the prey condescendingly reproves the other for the offering, having no intention of following the guidance provided. The self is the only approved helper of the self; all others have been deemed unnecessary to the learning experience. The human believes that what is felt by the self is right for all others; purposefully retaining knowledge that may be of assistance to another, having determined that the other can learn for the self, for this has been deemed the most appropriate way to learn. If knowledge is shared, it shall only be from the mind, for this human is unable to transmute knowledge into wisdom. This action requires both the heart and the mind; the human is averse to employing the knowledge for the self, remaining focused upon others, thereby prohibiting understanding for the self that could be of true service to another.

The human lives the majority of the existence within the mind; feeding the mind with data that engorges the ego. Field energies endorse this pursuit, for independence and competition is enabled by knowledge. The ego is monstrous, for this human is focused upon feeding it; this alone sets the self apart from all others. Recognition is desired for the abilities of this human; lack of receipt causes the human to further separate the self from the other. Allegiance is formed with others like the self; those too weak to challenge may be invited, yet quickly discarded should challenge of this human become the goal.

All things must be proven to this human; satisfying the intellect, declaring the mind as supreme. Those things unprovable or that cannot be duplicated are readily discarded, due to field energies that nurture disbelief in all things that cannot be detected by the senses. The human is focused upon proof, endorsed by field connection, prohibiting faith; for faith is a sensing, an impression, that emanates from within that is also unprovable. The spiritual experience is prohibited by one who lacks faith; joining with others allows the introduction of materials that may convince this human that all things are not provable. The goal of this field is to prohibit this human from joining with others; this alone maintains the intellectual perspective that demands proof for all things, prior to allowing the self to embrace the experience.

Energy Introduction

The young human is challenged by field energies of separation and self-contained early in the life existence, reinforcing the need to stand alone, relying only upon the self. Experience is presented, which disappoints the young human; reliance upon another has proven faulty and the self is forced to stand alone, separated from all others that could be of assistance. Disillusionment is suffered as recognition is made, that the self has only the self to rely upon. The young human learns to survive on the own, adjusting to circumstance that are beyond the self’s control. Resolution is made to never rely upon another, for the pain of disillusionment is believed to be too great to overcome.

Self-contained energies are introduced to the experience of the young human when the emotions are ridiculed, diminishing the self esteem of this immature human. Realization of the weakness that was conveyed to another by informing of the self’s feelings or concerns is made, followed by resolution, to prevent others from gaining knowledge that could be used to damage the self, in future. The young human begins to hide the feelings and impressions from all others, until determination has been made of the jeopardy invited by the sharing of such.

The hiding of the emotions requires great energies; tamping down all feelings is endorsed by field energies to avoid detection, to avoid interference. Storage of negativity within becomes habit, as this human must first determine the degree of safety associated with release; safety that is not immediate causes the energies to go within the storage container, forgotten until overfilling demands release. These energies silently destroy sensitivity, for the forcefulness overwhelms all things of a positive nature. The thinking turns dark and brooding, as all things are now colored by the emotions stored within.

Release is denied, for the self has hidden the emotions from others; thereby resulting in the hiding of the emotions from the self. The self no longer knows how the self feels; negative energies, stored within, create the moodiness that is palpable to all others when this human is no longer capable of containment. The human is unaware that the container is filled or that the resultant misery felt is due to this over-capacity; many lessons have been failed, the emotions stored within can no longer be contained. Fury is the result of the overfilled container that demands release. Irrational behaviors result, due to the demand that overwhelms the sound reasoning typically enjoyed by this human.

The human has achieved adulthood and containment efforts have been perfected, for no other now knows what the self is thinking or doing. Independence has been achieved; no other can say what the self should do, for the self’s intentions are known by no other but the self. Caginess is exhibited when queried of intentions, for this human has determined that only the self is entitled to information regarding the self; the self answers only to the self, the self is responsible only for the self, the self plans only for the self, the self thinks only of the self. Independence has become primary; all else is lessened and stands in its shadow.

Self-contained efforts fail repeatedly, increasing lesson failure; the human becomes unpredictable to the self, as well as to others. Unable to understand the failings of the self, the moods turn ever more frequently to the negative and happiness remains out of reach, for the negative emotions stored within distort all things pleasurable. Unbeknownst to the human, joining with others would reveal that the answer lies within; ferreting out all lesson failures by releasing the emotions that have been contained within, since the first disappointment. The human is averse to going within, for the ego, now grown to monstrous proportions, prohibits the silencing of the mind. Distraction is utilized to pursue all things outside of the self; field energies endorse this activity, for all things that appeal to the intellect or the independent and competitive nature of this human will be of interest.

Field energies endorse the ego’s prattling, maintaining field connections that prohibits examination of all things outside of the provable; that which belongs to the scientific or intellectual fields of perspective. The mental approach disregards all emotion, overwhelming the desire to pursue that which lies within. Sensitivity has been diminished by the overfilling of emotion that demands periodic release; constant levels are maintained by field connection to achieve this diminishment. The spiritual experience is not possible for this human, as long as field connection is maintained, for the chatter of the ego overwhelms the voice of the soul.

The lesson plan requires that the human join with others, in order to accomplish; this joining would provide exposure to the emotional and physical elements, absent from the self’s life experience, due to the early training provided to prohibit such. The spiritual experience may only be enjoyed by those willing to expand the thinking mind, embracing those things unprovable. Intuition is based upon feelings and impressions of the emotional body; overfilling of the emotional container has prohibited accurate receipt of these impressions by the self. Ego’s monstrous strength easily overwhelms the voice of the soul; masquerading as the spiritual character, for the human who believes the self to be spiritual in nature. Unbeknownst to the human, the truly spiritual experience is impossible, as long as field connections remain stable; the voice of the ego is all that can be heard.

Disbelief is expressed for the experiences of others, as field energies cause the human to be unable to embrace for the self, the experiences of another. This inability is rooted in the lack of desire to join with others; in order to experience, in order to learn. Field energies prohibit this joining, as the life experiences provide basis for the lack of desire. Independence has accomplished the separation of the self from all others, prohibiting lesson integration and soul evolution. The goal of this field is two-fold; independence will become primary, enabling the elimination of the spiritual experience for this human.