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The Path to Healing

Dark Lords Obstacle Course: The Engagement

All plans had been received and reviewed by the Lord of Chaos. He was most pleased with the ingenuity exhibited by each Dark Lord, for the unique capabilities of each field had well addressed the Masters of Light curriculum.

Submitted by: Dark Lord of Repression

The Engagement is recognized as the most important component to the WWRG by this Dark Lord; fully embracing this challenge, my field has been equipped with behaviors and characteristics that cannot fail to draw the human forward to battle. Safety shall be my focus, supported by the field and offered by the ego at times of discord. Ego shall be well-versed in all available energies to be employed, thereby guaranteeing engagement of the human. Blockage has been sufficiently placed to prohibit the human from knowing and understanding the self.

Ego’s Mission: To employ the characters contained within the field, making the human more acceptable to the self and others, prohibiting awareness that could lead to becoming conscious of the self.

Enhanced Characteristics

The human is unhappy with the behaviors and characteristics endowed upon the self at birth and has been persuaded by ego and field energies to modify these behaviors, to those that are believed to be more acceptable to the self and others. The human loses sight of the true self, for the characters are far more inviting. If only the human could be someone else, all would be well; at least that is what the human will believe. The ego offers behaviors from the field that will ensure lesson avoidance, convincing the human that these behaviors are far better than those belonging to the true self. Early in the human’s life, catalysts have been presented convincing the human of the rightness of this action, thereby creating the characters to be employed with lesson presentation.

The human will present the self in a variety of ways that mislead the self, as well as others. The true self has been buried under layers of conditioning; conditioning that prefers the character over the true self. The true wants, needs and desires are no longer known, for the character’s desires have been adopted instead. The human is unaware of the characters and may protect the self against others who threaten exposure by protesting that the character is indeed the self. This means that the character will like or dislike based upon another’s expectation. Protestation will be utilized whenever the human is challenged by another; mere questioning of the self’s preferences will be sufficient to engage this human.

The field of engagement will be accepted by the human whenever the threat of character exposure is made through lesson presentation. Catalysts will be magnetized by the soul to expose the character, in an attempt to teach the student that the self is not known; the self is not conscious of the self. Remaining unaware, the student becomes self-conscious, filled with embarrassment or rage, readily placing the call to ego for protection. Field connection will be made to equip the human with the behaviors that are needed to defend the self from this attack. The strategy to be employed by this field will be to over-emphasize the questioning posed by another, so that the human believes that the self is indeed under attack.

How field energies impact the body

The moment of engagment is decisive, for the human has become silent or shouting; field energies have been funneled that surprise the opponent who has merely questioned this human. Ego has whispered the need for protection, the human has responded with the call for aid; field connection has been confirmed as desirable. The human is white-faced or red-faced, the fear or rage evident to the other; the self is unaware of the over-reaction that has been achieved by the ego, for the emotional body has now overwhelmed the mental; the physical reaction is either paralyzed or overactive. The human is now engaged for battle.

The Single Thought Strategy

The focus of my plan to engage the human, sufficiently enough to continue traversal of the WWRG, utilizes the single thought that will drive the human through the Engagement portion of the Obstacle Course. The devastating thought is: “I look foolish.” The unaware human is incapable of understanding that discomfort is caused by the soul’s attempt to teach; rather, all things are taken personally, thereby activating the emotional body that then overwhelms the lesson. I shall take advantage of this reaction to lesson presentation by training the ego to whisper, ‘foolish’ each time challenge is posed. Memory will be imposed of previous experiences where the human was wrong, embarrassing the self due to improper protection of the character. The silent human will immediately feel foolish, readily abandoning the self’s wants, needs, and desires in favor of another’s. Firmly believing that all others are intent upon making the self appear to be foolish, the shouting human will be compelled to protect the self by announcing that it is the other that is foolish. Ego has been charged with the tasking to bring recognition to the human of this embedded thought, as soon as discord arises; the rest of the scheme will magically unfold as planned.

The self-conscious human will now become unpredictable, for all depends on the need to be right, securing the false image of the self, known as the character. Ego has been well-trained to impress the importance of being right, stressing that being wrong confirms that the human is foolish. Ego’s goal is to make certain that the shouting human maintains either the conviction or the absolute need to always be right! When challenged, the shouting human will overwhelm the other, attempting to change the thinking to gain confirmation of the other’s wrongness, whereas the silent human will admit that the self is wrong. Behaviors to be anticipated by ego will range from opinionless to opinionated and docile to confrontational; the human can present the self as silent or shouting, based upon the assessment of the opponent’s strengths or weaknesses, as well as the conviction or need to be right that is closely held, due to the influence of the ego.

Once field connection has been made, field energies will discourage the human from providing forgiveness to the self or another for their foibles; rather, unfavorable outcomes have been experienced and punishment of the self or another is necessary. The human will be encouraged to believe that all others are just as unforgiving as the self; confirming the foolishness that would be associated with such action. This will result in the embracement of the belief that forgiveness should never be extended; residual feelings stored within the human amplify the potential for future engagements, whenever the two come together.

The human does not know the self; characters have been created to make the self more presentable to others, the true self now forgotten. When encountering another, the opinions of the other will be embraced or fought against, due to the lack of knowing the self, causing discord to arise. The silent human believes the self to be wrong; the shouting human believes that all others are wrong. Neither recognizes that it is the character that is being protected, for the true self never needs protection. Reinforcement of the illusion of the characters provides ego with successful engagement activities every time, for no human can adequately protect that which is not real.

Submitted by: Dark Lord of Denial

The field of self-righteous shall be designed to guarantee successful engagement of the human each time opportunity presents. The ego will be trained to recognize those that are less than this human; no mercy shall be shown to those deemed as such. The human genetically connected to this field is endowed with superior attributes that demand recognition; however, it is the other that need recognize, for this human shall be blind to the own behaviors. Field energies will prohibit the recognition of judgment; rather, the field endorses judgment, well concealed under the guise of assessment. The human will not accept that the self’s assessments could be qualified as judgment, thereby prohibiting behavior modification, for all humans are well-expected to assess all things. Social consciousness endorses this thinking, ensuring the success of this field.

The human will be superior in all ways; the mind, sharp and focused upon the attainment of knowledge. All knowledge will be gathered to impress, rather than to understand; for understanding could aid the human with lesson integration. The human will know a little about a number of topics, well-equipping the human to best others less knowledgeable. Opinions will be born and watered within that are unshakeable, solidifying the foundation of rigid thinking that forbids introduction of variables; unshakeable rightness rises up from this human to correct others that disagree with the self’s well-formed opinions and beliefs.

Judgment overrules all offerings, for the human will not be capable of listening to the other that has introduced opposing thoughts; field energies prohibit embracement once the presence of judgment has been confirmed, for negative energies overrule and overwhelm the positive. The human will be unaware that the offering has been discarded without review; rather, it will be believed that the offering is inferior to that which has been previously determined by the self. Engagement is confirmed when the human ignores the offering; encouragement will be provided by the field to silently or openly condemn the other for the offering.

Utilizing the extraordinary powers of the well-fed ego, the human will become that which is unrecognizable to the self, as well as all others, when entering the well-worn-response groove. The weapon to be utilized is projection. The human will project the self’s behaviors onto the other, believing that all things labeled as offensive are emanating from the other. The human is blind to the self’s behaviors, convinced that the other is the true offender. As long as the human remains unaware, the reflection of the self will not be recognized, thereby ensuring outrage at the other’s behavior. Endorsement will be provided by field connection that the other is indeed the offender, thereby propelling the human forward, to battle the other that has been found to be inferior, that has been judged to be wrong.

Superior attributes

The human will be recognized by others as demanding, critical, aggressive, abrasive, rigid, and self-important; judging all others as inferior to the self. Desiring recognition, the human will prefer to be regarded as the teacher, readily identifying all others as the student, ensuring that the contributions of others will be viewed as inferior to the own. The human cares not for others viewpoints, preferring to persuade all others to the own; those who disagree are guaranteed to lose the favor of this human. Forgiveness is unnecessary as this human is never believed to be wrong; therefore, the human will be averse to extending such to another.

Recognition of the self’s mistakes will never be achieved, for the human prefers to rationalize and ignore situations that point to this outcome. The human will be blind to the own behaviors, yet readily identifies and emphasizes the same behaviors within another. Field energies encourage this identification, as opportunity is presented for the self to claim superiority, whenever another is perceived to be inferior. The human will believe that duty demands that another’s behavior be identified, providing guidance that will aid the other in ridding the self of the behaviors that have been found to be offensive; the human will remain unaware that the behavior identified in the other is within the self, thereby increasing the self-righteousness that is naturally exhibited while aiding the other. Behaviors found within the field endorse this activity; increasing blindness, prohibiting self-recognition, ensuring that the other will be offended by the offering.

Decision will be made by this human as to the appropriate way of thinking, ignoring that others are entitled to feel differently; field energies endorse rigidity of the mind that prohibits acceptance of differences, fueling judgment that easily discards variables. The other is immediately judged for the differences, thereby provided with correction or summarily ignored by this human. Field energies cause the human to react with immediacy to all threats to the self’s belief system or ways of being; duty demands that correction be provided, mandating acquiescence of the other to the self’s determinations.

Superiority is reaffirmed with each connection to the field; the human will believe the self to be right and all others to be wrong. Judgment has been placed upon the other’s offering that has offended this human, due to being different from the own. Rigid thinking prohibits examination of the offering; the human has already arrived at decision, needing no further review. Field energies demand that the offering be ignored and, if the human is so inclined, correction must be provided in a way that humiliates and diminishes the other. The human will believe this action to be necessary, as others must be corrected for maintaining beliefs that vary from the own. The self is superior, capable of arriving at the most appropriate decision for the self, and will believe that what is right for the self is right for all others.

Reactions of the human to field activation can vary from profound silence to belligerent shouting, proclaiming the rightness of the self in all things. The self’s behavior is unrecognized; for the belief is that all things offensive belongs to the other, never to the self. Blindness to the own behaviors endorse field connections, fueling the response, propelling the human forward into battle with the other that has offended the self with differing views.

Over-reaction is endorsed by field energies, causing the human to react defensively, as soon as the offering is produced; the human is unaware that differing viewpoints are necessary to the life experience, for all things are acceptable and encouraged, providing choice of what is right or what is wrong for the self. Field energies prohibit acceptance of varying opinions or ways of being; rather, these energies encourage the human to be offended, shocked that another would think differently from the self.

Projection will be misunderstood, as the reflection of the self remains unrecognized by this human; rather, the human firmly believes that the behavior of the self belongs to the other. The human will be encouraged to deny blame; personal responsibility remains absent, as the self has not identified the self’s behavior. Evidence provided of the self’s behavior will be rationalized to eliminate all possibilities that the self was responsible for discord. Ego will reinforce this belief, emphasizing the need to protect the belief structure and ways of being; for the self’s superiority rightfully places the self above all others.

Based upon the presentation of the human, the physical reaction can range from a shaking of the head, with tightened lips, pursed in disapproval of the offering, or the response of outrage that exhibits tightened fists and reddened face, in response to the energies of anger, fueled by judgment, that are now coursing throughout the body. The human is now perched upon the precipice that demands aggressive battle; engagement is confirmed.

Submitted by: Dark Lord of Shame

Having noted that the field of engagement is primary to the success of the Obstacle Course, I have taken additional precautions to ensure that the human will be ensnared each time opportunity presents for field connection. The ego will be provided with the tools necessary to skillfully guide the human directly to field connection each time lesson is presented. Careful consideration has been provided to all potentialities, to eliminate the possibility of the human becoming aware once lesson presentation begins.

Mistakes have been made; field energies endorse the refusal to accept this critical component to the learning experience, encouraging that the human believe that mistakes indicate a lacking, which if exposed, will diminish or shame the self. Field connection is activated by the fear of exposure, ushering in new behaviors that cause the human to question the other’s intentions or the value of the other’s opinions. The human has made mistakes resulting in damage to another; unable to trust others due to the self’s behaviors, the human becomes over-filled with doubt and mistrust, upon field connection. These energies are endorsed by the field, cycling continuously within the bodies, creating an edgy or anxious demeanor that provides clue to others that the human should be scrutinized closely.

Whenever discord arises, the human becomes overly emotional, due to the energies of doubt and mistrust that have been enlivened at the first indication that difficulty lies ahead. Believing that all others intend to incur damage by publicly shaming or diminishing the self for mistakes that have been hidden, the human overreacts at the first sign of jeopardy, calling to the ego to provide protection. Ego willingly provides field connection to further endorse the human’s over-reaction, thereby fueling the human forward, with behaviors that guarantee lesson avoidance. Fear of exposure overwhelms the human who will do or say anything to eliminate this jeopardy. Mistakes loom large upon the horizon, creating fear that overwhelms and colors all future experiences. Distrust is amplified due to the inability to understand that mistakes are a natural process of the learning experience; learning is not the goal of this field, hiding the mistake is.

The human prefers to hide the error, believing that mistakes need never be revealed in order to learn; this hiding causes the human to be wishy-washy, easily shifting positions when confronted by another who is felt to be stronger than the self. The behaviors are transparent to the other, recognized as that which dodges the issues, in order to preserve the image of the self that is desired most by this human. Often caught outright, the human provides rationale for the behaviors that fall short of the truth; embellishment is needed, in order to salvage the scenario that paints the best possible picture of this human. Forgiveness is regarded with contempt, for these actions have been deemed as unforgiveable.

Contempt is shown for the other who confronts this human when the story is embraced; for this human believes that others are entitled to the treatment received, when the self is allowed to be fooled. Relief is felt momentarily by this human who has escaped discovery; however, relief is quickly replaced by contempt, for the self is believed to be above all others. Field energies endorse contemptuous behaviors, confirming the rightness of the human’s behavior, to prohibit scrutiny and potential modification of behaviors that may endorse lesson integration.

Deep distrust overwhelms this human; successful maneuvers that trick others are well-planned and anticipated by the self. Suspecting that all others conduct the self similarly, true intentions and motives are sought with the first indication of discord; this human understands the tricks that underlie the words nicely spoken and will aggressively uncover the anticipated ulterior motive that could expose the self.

The human is mortally afraid of detection; this fear is easily manipulated by the ego to provide the desired outcome, which is to propel the human forward, into the well-worn response groove. Concentrated efforts will be applied to deepen the distrust that flourishes within this human; dishonest with the self and others, guilefully protecting the self from discovery, this human shifts responsibility to another, whenever possible. The human has not learned that mistakes are to be expected; rather, the human has determined that mistakes are a fatal flaw that condemns, entitling the offender to diminishment and shame.

The human is cold and guileful, unable to connect with another from the heart; rather, the head guides all actions which inform the human that the other wishes to damage the self, wishing only to diminish or shame the self, as punishment for mistakes revealed. Evidence otherwise is ignored, for it is the actions of this human that are assumed to belong to all others. Exposure of another by this human is merciless; diminishment or shame guaranteed for the other. The human is not aware that it is this behavior that is revisited upon the self in future by the soul, in order to teach appropriate treatment of others. The human that has determined to punish the self, damages the self with these same behaviors; the physical body suffers as a result, for powerful emotional thinking is most damaging.

The inability to forgive has prohibited the human from trusting another; field energies endorse this withholding, for forgiveness would soothe the self or another, enabling lesson integration. The other that has exposed the self has been deemed unforgiveable, endorsing the conclusion that others cannot be trusted; the lesson, to trust the self, is impossible to achieve, due to the behaviors of the self that have been projected onto others.

Trust is the issue addressed by this field. Bitterness and contempt, residing within the human, maintains constant field connection, prohibiting the human from recognizing the lesson; rather, the human is focused upon the other, convinced that the other wishes to damage the self. This attitude is maintained by field energies, endorsing successful engagement, each time opportunity presents. Each engagement further amplifies the human’s belief that others cannot be trusted. Unbeknownst to the human, it is the self that cannot be trusted; all behaviors of the self have been projected onto the other, misidentifying that which need be focused upon, in order to learn the lesson. Field energies endorse the focus upon the other, thereby easily accomplishing the tasking, to prohibit the human from trusting the self by emphasizing that others are the true focus.

Submitted by: Dark Lord of Rejection

The goal of this field will be to create the illusion that prohibits the human from experiencing in the moment by overshadowing current experience with that of the past. The human will suffer from the inability to discern that which is happening in the present moment, for illusion encircles all things, making the current moment appear as if it were the past; the past that focuses upon unfavorable experiences, in which the human was damaged. Unawareness of the human prohibits recognition that the experiences that remain unresolved must be utilized to teach; these unresolved emotional experiences have been catalogued by the ego, so that immediate match can be made, when the experience of the moment appears in similar fashion. The goal of the ego is to distract this human with those issues of the past, so powerfully that the current moment experience is missed completely.

Prohibited from living in the moment, the human has many unresolved emotional experiences stored within, enabling ego’s recall at the first sign of discord. Experiences that are similar in nature easily overshadow the present moment, causing the human to believe that what has happened before is happening again. The call for protection is heard by the ego, responding with field connection, providing the human with the behaviors that are needed to avoid the lesson. The human is not aware that the memory has overshadowed the current situation, distorting that which is occurring in the moment, with that which came before it.

Behaviors are erratic and unpredictable, when this human mistakes past experience for current, shocking the other with the response that is uncalled for with the current experience. The human is unaware that there is a difference; for the past has become the focal point, causing conclusions to be drawn that are erroneous. All reaction is based upon the past, as the human steps forth to defend the self from the same outcome; dismissing the other’s protests, the human remains intent upon protecting the self from a repetition of the past experience. Illusion has colored the current events; the human is no longer capable of discerning the current situation, as the facts have now been lost to the illusion of the past. Lesson avoidance will be selected to protect the self from damage by the other, anticipated due to past experiences.

Certain of the self’s assessments, remaining unaware that conclusion was faulty, judging the current situation based upon past results, the other is unable to convince this human that the intention was not as assumed, causing the other to abandon the lesson. The human must now convince the other of the self’s rightness, providing example of the past experience as rationale for the self’s response. The other attempts to explain that the situation is different; field connection prohibits the human from accepting that the situation is not that which has been perceived by the self. Emotion arrives due to the frustration caused by the inability to achieve agreement from the other, of that which is known to be occurring for the self.

Sorrow or anger now dominates the experience, for the human is convinced that the situation is that which the self has put forth; the other continues to disagree, insistent that the human is wrong. Emotional thinking prohibits the human from accepting that the assessment was based upon conclusion that was drawn, due to past experience that remains unresolved. The human will continue to battle the other; it has now become important to gain agreement that the assessment was correct, for anything less confirms that the human has fallen victim to faulty thinking.

The need to be right now becomes the focus, for the human is averse to admitting that faulty thinking has produced these results. Remaining unaware, that the situation of the moment is only similar to that of the past, the human does not understand that the lesson has been presented by the soul to provide opportunity for different conclusion. Rather, the human has determined to resist the lesson, basing all assessment upon previous outcome, ignoring the opportunity for different results. Faulty thinking is endorsed by field energies, provided by the ego when the human first placed the call for protection. The battle now rages to prove that the self’s assessment was correct and the other is wrong.

The human assigned to this field never resolves painful emotional experiences, for field energies prohibit this review. Reminders of past issues that remain unresolved cause fresh emotional pain for the human, reinforcing the aversion to review and resolve that which has come and gone. Rather, these experiences remain within the catalogue from which the ego selects when discord arises, due to lesson presentation. The human will be unable to focus upon what is really happening, insisting continually that another experience is actually occurring, consistently failing to learn the lesson. Field energies cause this human to live in the past, consistently declining to resolve past emotional experiences, which makes the ego’s tasking relatively simple. Living in the moment is only possible for those who have resolved the past. The goal of this field is to prohibit the human from resolving the past; therefore, prohibiting the experience of the present.

Submitted by: Dark Lord of Guilt

Critical to the desired outcome, ego will be proficient at engaging the human at the first opportunity, ensuring that the human is propelled forward into battle. Behaviors and characteristics have been fortified within the field to guarantee that the human responds as anticipated time after time. Denoted by the label of self-pity, this human will be pity-filled and self-focused, for this is the foundation of my most successful plan. The human will be seeded with a bulb of pity that is watered by the experiences of this human, flourishing due to continuous field connections. “Woe is me!” will be the human’s mantra and it shall resound loudly to all who come into contact with this pity-filled specimen, for this human believes that the self has been damaged more than all others, once again.

Field energies provide this human with all that is needed to avoid lesson presentation, for the focus will be upon the self, never the lesson. Whining and moaning are behaviors frequently exhibited by this human that has suffered discord, for focus has been redirected from the lesson to the self and the self has been wronged once again. The human cannot see beyond the self, for this is the goal to be achieved by field energies. The ego has encouraged this narrow focus; for as long as the human remains focused upon the self, danger of lesson exposure has been averted. No other will have suffered as much as this human; the story is retold numerous times, reliving the experience that has brought such pain. Garnering pity for the self, pain is now the focus; magnified with each retelling, amplified by field connection.

All humans suffer equally; field energies prohibit this recognition, maintaining the focus upon the self achieves this goal. The field contains characteristics of selfishness, enabling the self-centeredness that is the goal of this engagement. The other’s pain is a mere fragment of that suffered by the self, as this human cannot even postulate that another may have suffered similarly; callousness displayed towards others makes clear the measure that has come up short for the other.

The human has not recognized the lesson; rather, the emotional body has overwhelmed any possibility of such, for emotional thinking now possesses this human. The story begins fabrication within the mind that determines the measure of pain suffered by each; inevitably the other’s will fall short of the self’s, as this is the goal of the field. Blame now enters the storyline for the retelling to many, for it is this revisiting that increases field energies, stored within the bodies. Each reliving of the event will amplify the energies within the emotional body, as pity is garnered for the self’s suffering. The human carefully removes the suffering of the other, for minimizing the self’s behaviors is necessary, to arrive at the appropriate measure that clearly displays the unwarranted suffering of the self; pity for the self is increased each time another agrees that the self has suffered and the other is to blame. The lesson is now concealed by the suffering, the pain.

Lesson introduction finds the human on guard, ever-vigilant to the placing of blame, which is the goal of field energies, whenever discord erupts. The human is so focused upon this placement, the lesson is ignored as the emotional body is activated, sending the alarm that the self may be blamed. Ego is alerted by the call for protection; field connection is made in answer to the call. Emotional thinking, activated by the certainty of the suffering that lies ahead, overwhelms the lesson; the highly logical and analytical mind of this human is now completely focused upon the self, unable to see beyond the pain and the blame. The human responds to the other with argument or acceptance; rejecting or accepting the pain and the blame for the self. Engagement is now imminent.

Field energies of condemnation and ridicule are imposed upon the self or the other, as the ego alerts the human that placement of blame upon the self or the other must be satisfied; blame signifies pain to this human, activating the emotional body. Protest or apology is now forthcoming, in order to avoid further discord. Rationalization or explanation is provided, making the self right or wrong, in order to eliminate the tension that is felt; the focus is now completely upon the self, protection has become primary.

Ego certifies that it is the other that is to blame, bringing forth memories of the blame and the pain suffered by this human. The emotional catalogue has been accessed by ego, emphasizing the unfavorable outcomes suffered by the self, similar to that which is currently unfolding. Unable to focus upon the current moment the human becomes accusatory or conciliatory, wishing only to appropriate the blame, so that the experience may be ended. Unable to achieve placement, the pain overwhelms the human; as field energies escalate, the human is propelled forth into battle.

The lesson has been lost, for field energies have successfully diverted the human’s attention to the blame and the pain. The human now believes that the lesson to be learned is protection of the self, in future. Field energies cycle continuously in the outer bodies, reflecting the damage done. Failure to release these energies may result in physical damage, for this is the goal of the field. The human has not learned that all humans suffer equally with lesson presentation. Recognition has not been made that suffering is never the goal. Misunderstanding of the lesson, as the placement of blame, ensures lesson failure. These are the goals to be achieved by this field.

Submitted by: Dark Lord of Separation

The human assigned to this field shall find it impossible to convey the thoughts of the self to another. The human will not know the self, will not trust the self, and will be unable to join with others. These are the goals to be achieved. Engagement of this human for battle shall be accomplished by imposing field energies that emphasize these inabilities of the human. I shall begin by describing the lacking of this human.

Failing to know the self, the human will be incapable of becoming conscious of the self. Focused upon the failings of others, the human is unable to see the failings of the self. Field energies impose a certainty of rightness upon this human; all errors belong to the other and are easily discerned by this human. No other is capable of teaching this human; therefore, sharing of the self is minimized, restricted to only those topics that display the self’s strengths. Advice that is offered by another is readily discarded. Field energies endorse the human’s belief that the self’s mental capabilities are superior to all others, ensuring discard without review. The human displays the self to others in only the most favorable light, disregarding all weakness to prohibit interference by another.

The human has made mistakes that remain unresolved, thereby embedding deep distrust of the self, as well as others. Refusal to discuss previous experiences prohibits resolution, increasing the distrust felt with each new experience that results unfavorably. Forgiveness is always withheld by this human, ensuring that energies remain within the bodies, prohibiting trust of the self or another, in future. Protection of the self is the lesson that has been learned by this human, emphasized by the need to distrust all others.

Independence is primary for this human who stands alone against all others; those who need others are judged as weak and dependent. All entreaties by another are interpreted as interference; no breach of the self’s thinking or way of being will be tolerated. Field energies impose the need for solitude, for this endorses independence and prohibits interference. Averse to joining with others, this human believes that the well-enjoyed competitive spirit is squelched by doing so.

Lesson introduction will be viewed as a threat by this human. Unconscious of the self and the self’s needs, due to the inability to share the thoughts with another, this human relies upon the self to understand the self. Field energies prohibit successful self-examination, for field components impose particular wants, needs and desires that ensure lesson failure. Field connection funnels desires that cripple the human’s ability to observe the self impartially, in order to arrive at conclusion of that which belongs to the self versus that which belongs to the field. Deep distrust, due to past experiences that remain unresolved, reinforces the lack of desire to share the self’s thoughts with another. The human is paralyzed when confronted by another with lesson presentation.

The human stands alone, fending off all others, seeking solitude so that the mind can dissect the experience, determining the most appropriate resolution for the self. The human is unaware that joining with others, at times of discord, enables lesson integration; rather, the human prefers solitude, removing the self from the other’s presence to prohibit interference with the self’s decision-making process. Separation of the self from the other is viewed as vital to maintaining the self’s independence.

The other has presented the lesson to be learned; immediate interpretation that the self is being imposed upon by the other is made by this human. Field energies endorse this interpretation, bringing forth characteristics that thwart the service of another. Cold and emotionless, the human informs the other of the unwelcome nature of the offering, for the self knows all that is necessary, in order to aid the self. The self’s thinking or way of being has been threatened by the imposition of the other; field energies demand independence, causing the human to refuse receipt of advice from the other that was not sought by the self. The story is composed within the mind that questions the intentions or motives of the other; field energies of distrust are imposed that enforce this suspicion.

Independence has been threatened and has become the focus of the lesson; field energies intensify the need for seclusion. The human responds with mental, emotional, or physical departure, in order to determine the next course of action; the goal is to separate the self from the other, in any way attainable. Continued entreaties by the other escalate the activities of the emotional body, creating a sense of urgency to protect the self from the other; the response of the human becomes unpredictable if seclusion is not achieved.

Engagement is confirmed when the human is unable to thwart the other’s offering of assistance. Intent upon protecting the self from interference of another, the human remains unaware that the self is not conscious of the self, does not trust the self, and that joining with others enables the self to learn. The goals of this field have been satisfied.