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The Path to Healing

Dark Lords Obstacle Course: Soul’s Mission & Obstacle

The first plan was complete. The Lord of Chaos sat quietly pondering his options for distribution. It had been some time since all had gathered together, yet there was still much to do. It was very clear that this lesson plan would be critical to the human and must be taken very seriously by the Dark Lords; for if the soul was allowed to surface and inform the human of the mission, the Dark Lords would surely fail. The Lord of Chaos could not tolerate even the possibility of this outcome. The plan most certainly reflected his will to triumph. The celestial computer was chosen to inform the participants of the first phase of the Obstacle Course.

Obstacle Course: Soul’s Mission

The Soul’s Mission will be opposed by the Obstacle Course by imposing blockage that prohibits the human from appropriately performing the role chosen by the soul. Recognition of inappropriate performance will be prohibited by field energies that are intended to encourage the behaviors that ensure mission failure. Appropriate performance of the role grants positive energies that increase the potential for the surfacing of the soul; field energies will be imposed to prohibit this outcome.

Understanding the role is primary to mission accomplishment; the Obstacle Course shall distort the human’s understanding of appropriate performance. This shall be accomplished by the employment of field energies that purposefully mislead the human. Recognition of the role threatens field connection; preventing recognition is the goal of this Obstacle Course. Completion of the mission requires consistent performance of the role; inappropriate performance generates negative energies that further prohibit appropriate performance. Field energies endorse inappropriate support with behaviors that ensure lesson failure.

The field of repression is assigned to the Teacher, prohibiting recognition of the desire of the soul to aid others, thereby ensuring mission failure. This mission is selected by the soul when preincarnative agreements have been made to serve humanity. This human will be highly capable of accomplishing the role chosen; field energies must be imposed that prohibit recognition. The Teacher will maintain a deep desire to aid others, willingly providing counsel to those in need; unaware that counsel must always be requested, knowledge is often imposed upon those who have not requested the Teacher’s assistance. Field energies of repression are utilized to quiet those who resist the offerings of the Teacher. Desire that is misunderstood by the Teacher will be utilized to prohibit appropriate teaching from being accomplished. The goal of this field will be to overwhelm the Teacher with the desire to aid others, prohibiting recognition of inappropriate teaching, due to the strength of the desire that is not understood.

The Teacher is focused upon others, often to the detriment of the self. The inability to understand the own wants, needs, and desires prohibits understanding another’s, thereby resulting in inappropriate teaching. Confusion overwhelms the Teacher which is then imposed upon the student through the provision of knowledge that the student is ill-prepared to receive; field energies of self-conscious reinforce this confusion. The goal is to prohibit the teacher from understanding the self, thereby prohibiting the Teacher from understanding the student.

Recognizing the desire that is not understood shall be prohibited by field energies of repression that prohibit examination of the self, due to the characters that have been created to preserve the sense of self. The Teacher will believe that the self is correct or incorrect in all things. When the self is believed to be correct, the teachings will be imposed upon others, with the expectation of acceptance without question; when believed to be incorrect, the Teacher will be sought in another.

Wisdom can only be achieved when the knowledge is understood by the self. The Teacher does not apply understanding for the self; therefore, is unable to achieve wisdom. The goal of this field is to prohibit the sharing of wisdom. The fields of repression and self-conscious will be utilized to accomplish this goal.

Many will come to the Teacher for advice and assistance; unbeknownst to the Teacher, the energies of anger are resident in the outer bodies, alerting the potential student to the demeanor that can be evoked by questioning the teaching provided. The field will encourage the Teacher to simply provide answers to the student, rather than teaching the student, so that the student can learn for the self. Field energies will be utilized to endorse this approach; anger of the teacher will be encouraged when the student continually returns for the same teaching. Unaware that the teacher’s provision of answer has prohibited the student from learning, the teacher continues to aid the student, fueling the potential for anger and failure in future. The Teacher remains unaware that it is the style of teaching that prohibits the student’s progress; rather, the Teacher continues to expend efforts in a similar fashion, netting similar results. The student continues to fail. The teacher becomes angry, due to the student’s continued failure, lashing out at the student, until the student determines to abandon the Teacher. Maintaining focus upon the student’s failure, rather than the Teacher’s, will aid in the accomplishment of the goal to prohibit learning for each.

Prohibiting recognition of the clue, that has been provided to inform that the soul’s mission is being inappropriately performed, is the goal of this field. As long as the Teacher’s focus is upon the student, field energies will endorse the rightness of the Teacher’s reaction of anger, prohibiting the Teacher from recognizing the true value of these energies. This is the goal of this Obstacle Course; to change the gift to detriment.

Preferring to teach rather than learn the Student will be influenced by the field of denial; denial of personal responsibility, to learn for the self, first and foremost. A superior mind has been provided to the Student, one that encourages curiosity that can only be satisfied through the pursuit of knowledge; knowledge, which is intended to be utilized, to know the self. Field energies encourage the student to share the knowledge gained with others, garnering the admiration and recognition that is demanded by these energies. Once this has been achieved, the student becomes a habitual pursuer of knowledge, utilized to impress others, proving the Student’s superior capabilities, those that stand above all others.

The Student is unaware of the purpose of knowledge, intended to be personally understood, so that wisdom may be achieved. For the Student, the wisdom to be sought is about the self; however, the Student is blind to the self, maintaining all focus upon the other, recognizing deficiencies that need be corrected with the Student’s vast knowledge. Field energies of self-righteous will empower the Student to correct another, while the self maintains the same behaviors; recognition of the flaw in another indicates the lesson at hand for the Student who handily ignores its applicability to the self, for all focus is upon the other.

The goal of this field is to ensure the Student’s blindness to the self’s behaviors, maintaining all focus upon others. The gathering of knowledge will be encouraged to feed the intellect, thereby feeding the ego. Spiritual pursuits will be approached by the need to understand; for understanding is singularly important to the Student, in this arena that cannot be understood. All other knowledge will be embraced readily, willingly forgoing understanding for the self, thereby accomplishing the goal of this field that prohibits wisdom in all areas, maintaining ignorance of the self, for the Student.

Frustration is felt deeply by the Student, for the answer most sought after by the soul belongs to the question that has yet to be asked. ‘Who am I?’ is the question that the soul’s mission seeks to answer. The Student is consumed with the seeking of knowledge, unconcerned for the value of the knowledge to the soul. Rather, the Student is focused upon impressing the ego; relentlessly pursuing that which feeds the intellect, forgoing the physical and emotional components, thereby starving the soul. Recognition is prohibited by field energies of the faulty pursuit, for superiority and arrogance consume the Student. Messaging from the soul creates frustration, indicating to the Student that the pursuits prohibit the accomplishment of the mission. Denying personal responsibility, the Student continues to pursue that which feeds the ego, convinced that the frustration is due to the inability to understand all things, employing the intellect.

Faulty pursuits cause frustration, leading the student ever farther from the mission. The spiritual experience cannot be understood by the intellect, yet the Student continues to focus all energies towards this understanding. Self-righteousness enables the student to discard those things that have not been experienced by the self, demanding that the senses define all things of value. Validation is necessary; the Student discards all experiences that cannot be explained by the mind. Failure to know the self is achieved when the Student eliminates all experiences that cannot be proven. The spiritual experience cannot be proven, outside of that which is experienced by the self, fulfilling the demand of the mind last. Mission failure is ensured as long as the Student demands proof for all experiences, for the self cannot know the self, until all components have been embraced. The goal of this field is to prohibit the Student from recognition that the spiritual experience cannot be proven.

Shame is dominant in the life experience of the Nurturer, for samskaric energies, comprised of previous lifetime abuse of others, fuel this mission. These energies propel the Nurturer forward to lend or withhold assistance to others in need, indiscriminately choosing those deemed to be worthy of the self’s efforts. Emotion, ignited by the samskaric energies, overwhelms the Nurturer, overly-influencing the decision to nurture, or to withhold nurture of another in need. Believing the emotion to be the indicator sought, to determine the appropriateness of providing or withholding nurture, the Nurturer invariably chooses to nurture those least in need, abandoning those most in need.

Selfish and self-focused, the Nurturer is contemptuous of those too weak to assist the self; imposition and hardship, suffered by the self, is emphasized to amplify the value of the Nurturer’s offering to another. Rare is the instance that the Nurturer provides assistance to another where the self will not benefit equally; however, this will not be recognized in the sharing of the self’s listing of services provided to others. This dishonesty is endorsed by the field of self-distrust; for the Nurturer is aware of the self’s motives, in the provision of service to another, assuming that all others conduct the self similarly. Distrust is based upon the self’s behaviors; the Nurturer will be averse to accepting services of another, due to the sense of obligation that may be imposed. Field energies of bitterness and contempt are imposed to prohibit the Nurturer from recognizing the self’s behaviors, for the focus is upon the other, whenever feeling unfavorably.

The goal of this field is to prohibit the Nurturer from recognizing the samskaric energies that endorse emotional upheaval, whenever the self is contemplating the provision or withholding of nurture to one in need. Lack of recognition ensures that inappropriate nurture will be provided, as the self is always considered first; the other last. To nurture appropriately, another must request nurture; if the Nurturer is capable of providing that which has been requested, nurture should be provided. Field energies prohibit the Nurturer from recognizing the need of another that can be fulfilled by the self, without benefit to the self, other than providing service to another in need. The mission is for the Nurturer to determine appropriately those most worthy of the self’s nurture. Elimination of samskaric energies requires that service be provided to those, wherein the Nurturer receives no benefit to the self, for this is repayment for past life abuse of others. Field energies cause the Nurturer to only pursue the provision of nurture to those from whom the self can benefit equally or greater, thereby ensuring mission failure for the Nurturer.

Bitterness felt by the Nurturer is fueled with contempt, due to the provision of nurture to another where the self did not receive equal benefit; field energies endorse this reaction each time the Nurturer fails to provide nurture appropriately, without concern for benefit of the self. These energies reinforce the Nurturer’s belief that the self has been used by another, thereby encouraging withholding of nurture, in future. Recognition of bitterness as the clue that nurture has been provide inappropriately is prohibited by field energies that endorse self-focus, eliminating all concern for the other. These energies cycle continuously within the bodies, causing the Nurturer to be ever-alert to another who may attempt to seek nurture without recompense, enabling the Nurturer to refuse another that could allow the self to provide nurture appropriately, thereby satisfying the soul’s mission.

The goal of this field is to prohibit the Nurturer from recognition of the true reason for the presence of bitterness within; field energies endorse condemnation of the other, whenever the Nurturer feels that the self has given more than has been received. This assessment will always be arrived upon, for field energies prohibit the Nurturer from recognizing the behaviors of the self that only gives when the self will benefit equally or greater.

Fueled by samskaric energies, the Supporter’s mission is to aid another forward upon the spiritual path, as repayment of past life actions, wherein the Supporter abandoned others in need of support, causing failure to be experienced that could have been easily avoided through the provision of support by the Supporter. Assigned to the field of rejection, the Supporter has the inherent ability to share unconditional love and universal acceptance; field energies block this ability by imposing false memories, ignited by the samskaric energies that circulate within the bodies at all times until released. This blockage creates the inability of the Supporter to appropriately assess the intentions and motives of another, when to the detriment of the self; for the energies of unconditional love and universal acceptance, maintained by the Supporter, are employed without discernment. The Supporter maintains the memory of abandoning others in previous lifetimes, causing self-delusional qualities to overwhelm reason, when situations present that endorse disconnection of the self; rather, the Supporter continues to support the other, refusing the facts that endorse withdrawal of support. The mission requires support of another upon the spiritual path; all others presented to the self need be weighed appropriately, to determine if the goals of the other will fulfill this mission.

Request for support is necessary; analysis must be performed to determine if the Supporter can achieve the soul’s mission, through the provision of that which has been requested. Samskaric energies endorse the need of the Supporter to support all others, with or without request, without analysis or discernment; for deep yearning from within has been misunderstood by the Supporter. This yearning represents the desire to appropriately support another forward upon the spiritual path, so that the own spiritual path may then be pursued. Rather, the Supporter will believe that all are worthy of support, losing focus upon the mission, expending valuable energies, upon those that cannot aid the self in fulfilling the soul’s mission. Samskaric energies draw others to the Supporter that will consume valuable time and energies that prevent the Supporter from fulfilling the goal of the mission.

The goal of this field is to prohibit the Supporter from recognition of the samskaric energies that have created deep yearning within; field energies of rejection and self-delusional cause the Supporter to believe that all are worthy, dismissing the qualifier placed by the soul’s mission. Refusal to discern between those that will aid and those that will deter the Supporter from achieving the goal further lengthens the mission, preventing the Supporter from moving forward upon the spiritual path. Until this yearning has been appropriately identified, mission failure is ensured.

Loneliness will be utilized each time the Supporter indiscriminately provides support to another that cannot aid the self to fulfill the goal of the soul’s mission. Field energies imposed upon the Supporter create misunderstanding for the loneliness felt; for the Supporter will believe that the loss of another is the source of this emotion. Unbeknownst to the Supporter, the loneliness is due to the yearning within, to pursue the spiritual path; the presence of loneliness indicates that the mission has been failed, prohibiting the self’s forward progress. Each time the Supporter supports another that does not fulfill the requirements of the mission, which is to aid another forward upon the spiritual path, loneliness will overwhelm, providing clue that the mission has once again been failed.

Field energies of rejection will encourage the Supporter to reject the self or the other; prohibiting review of the support provided by focusing upon the self or the other. Self delusional qualities that call forth the samskaric energies, containing the memories of abandoning others, convince the Supporter that the self did not perform adequately, encouraging the Supporter to place more effort behind another foolishly, refuting all evidence that states withdrawal of support is most appropriate. Loneliness will be misidentified as the result of inappropriate support; as long as this false assessment is achieved, mission failure is guaranteed.

Blame dominates the life of the Researcher who is avoiding its appropriation to the self, for the self is primary. Understanding of all things is performed by the mind, excluding components that cannot be proven. The soul’s mission is to teach the importance of all components, requiring that failure be attributed to all research that does not consider all components. Unbeknownst to the Researcher, the research is imbalanced, due to the demands placed by the logical and analytical mind; field energies of guilt undermine all projects, for the fear of blame to be imposed, when the research cannot be proven, overwhelms the Researcher who destroys all evidence of the importance of considering those elements that cannot be proven.

The Researcher is focused upon proving the self’s theories; preconceptions, based upon the self’s experiences, are the foundation of the research. All evidence that disagrees with the Researcher is discarded, deemed as unprovable; therefore, valueless to the research. The spiritual experience is easily discarded, for the mental components can never be satisfied; field energies prohibit embracement of all things unprovable, as this approach most reliably eliminates the experience for the Researcher.

Appropriate performance of the mission is impossible for the Researcher that sets out to prove the self’s theories as correct, for the research will ignore those components that are missing from the original theory, in order to arrive at the conclusion most desired by the Researcher. Elimination of these components deems the mission as a failure, unrecognized by the Researcher that has proven the self right. Field energies encourage the mental leanings of the Researcher, prohibiting the seeking of that which would prove the self wrong. Failure to recognize that the Researcher has tainted the research is the goal of this field.

A highly mental, logical, and analytical proof-seeker, the Researcher is prone to distraction, for the mind is constantly searching for the next experience. The goal of this Obstacle Course is to provide distraction that overwhelms the mind, prohibiting stillness that could enable the spiritual experience. Distraction is to be utilized to prohibit the Researcher from turning the attention to matters that are spiritual in nature. Quieting of the mind is necessary to increase sensitivity; therefore, this possibility must be addressed by field energies.

As long as the Researcher is kept busy with distractions, the mind will remain active, allowing the ego to utilize field energies that maintain the chatter necessary, to prohibit the possibility of the Researcher quieting the mind. Joining with others that are unlike the self can be equally dangerous, for if the Researcher is able to gather research that considers all elements, success becomes possible. Employment of field energies by ego shall keep the Researcher consumed by the self’s interests; these interests endorse the need for proof, thereby eliminating traversal into the areas most detrimental to the success of this Obstacle Course. Prohibiting the Researcher from recognizing that distraction has been provided, to prevent discovery of vital components necessary to the spiritual experience, is the goal of this field.

The field of separation will be utilized to endorse the Analyst’s independence to prohibit exposure of those others needed in order to perform a complete analysis of the data. The soul’s mission requires analysis be performed that includes all components; the physical, the emotional and the mental must be synthesized in order to provide the most accurate analysis of the data. Field energies will be utilized to promote the mental leanings of the Analyst, requiring proof-positive for all things, prior to embracement. The Analyst will be highly capable, possessing a fine mind, readily grasping facts and theories that can be repeated and proven; field energies enforce this need, for the mind demands satisfaction, which cannot be provided through the physical and emotional components.

Preferring to work alone, the Analyst becomes lost in the minutiae of the details, pursuing each to determine all possible, prior to moving on to the next. Fastidious and exacting, the Analyst relies only upon the self, believing that no other is as capable, refusing to share the limelight with any other, due to the self’s efforts. Dismissal of all things unprovable is immediate, for field energies encourage disbelief of all things unseen. The spiritual experience is the single-most important desire of the soul; the soul’s mission encourages evaluation of all components, so that the Analyst may discover that all things are not provable. Disregarding vital components prohibits the Analyst from embracing that the unseen is critical to the life experience. Recognition of missing components is prohibited by the Analyst’s aversion to seek outside the interests and the experiences of the self.

The Analyst prefers to gather with those who think similarly to the self; isolating the self from others to prohibit interference with the self’s way of thinking, the self’s way of being. Field energies endorse these unwelcoming behaviors, limiting exposure to others that may aid the Analyst in discovery of those things vital to the appropriate performance of the mission. Close-lipped with others perceived to hold varying opinions, the Analyst eliminates opportunity to experience differently through another. The emotional and physical components cannot be experienced by the Analyst, for the mind prohibits embracement of all things unprovable, of all things that cannot be duplicated, of all things unseen. Field energies encourage discard of all personal experience that cannot be proven through another’s experiences, thereby eliminating the spiritual experience. As long as the Analyst prohibits all things unprovable from the data, the mission cannot be performed appropriately. Impressing the importance of proof for all things is the goal of this field, thereby ensuring mission failure.

Independence will be utilized to prohibit the Analyst from joining with others, in order to accomplish great things. Field energies of separation endorse independence, convincing the Analyst that standing alone is far more favorable than joining with others. Unable to experience all components alone, the Analyst eliminates those not experienced by the self, focusing upon the intellectual and scientific topics of safety, for proof is readily available. The analysis fails to provide the complete picture, yet the Analyst is assured that the project is complete. Failure to recognize the missing components reinforces the belief of the self’s rightness; refusal to share the self’s process with others to prohibit interference is endorsed by field energies that intend to limit the opportunities provided to the Analyst to discover that which is missing.

Independence prohibits the Analyst from speaking openly to another that is different from the self; unbeknownst to the Analyst, these differences are vital to the successful performance of the mission. Refusal to embrace another’s thinking or way of being, imposed by field energies, ensures that the Analyst will never be capable of appropriate performance of the mission. This is the goal of this field.