mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

The Dark Lords Obstacle Course

The Dark Lord’s offerings of negativity are provided to balance those of positivity offered by the Masters of Light; those who willingly accept the negative offerings confirm the choice to represent those of the dark. The Dark Lords have a job to do and the consciousnesses throughout the universe unwittingly accept their offerings whenever the state of awareness is absent. These unwitting recipients are the focus of attention for both the dark and the light as true choice has yet to be made and their services are needed to teach the difference.

Dark Lords are observers that enjoy challenge; when notice was received that the Lord of Chaos was about to unveil a new plan for the planet Earth’s School of Learning, great excitement was generated amongst the ranks. It appeared that the evolutionary wheel had turned once again, producing what was to be regarded as ‘unique humans’ that would require more challenging lessons if true choice was to be made available. The Dark Lords were now gathered in the assembly hall to hear the details of this massive new undertaking.

The Lord of Chaos launched into a reiteration of history to set the stage for the new program by describing the outcomes of the previous learning cycles; summarizing escapades that were so successful that destruction from the uncontrollable dark forces had been widespread. Overall, billions of humans had failed to integrate the lessons and had been lost before true choice could be made. The final evaluation of the tragic endings demanded that corrective measures be placed, to prevent recurrence of such widespread disaster. Great potential existed for the total destruction of humankind and it was this that those of the light and the dark wished to avert in future.

“More than nine millennia by human accounting have since passed and the upcoming learning cycle will be designed to provide new challenges to the human. Our offering provides challenge to determine if the Masters of Light’s objectives will be achieved with lesson integration. Our goal is to provide connection to the lower fields of consciousness that prohibits lesson integration, enticing the human into joining our ranks permanently. I shall soon present to you my strategy for success, which virtually guarantees accomplishment of these goals!”

“This new cycle of learning,” the Lord of Chaos continued, “will be like no other, as the challenges have escalated for the human with the introduction of two consciousnesses that are each striving for evolution within the same housing. The consciousnesses, known as the soul and the self will each maintain as a goal evolution of the consciousness. The self has volunteered to serve the soul that maintains a lower evolutionary status, learning the lessons desired by the soul first, aiding the soul with integration of all previously failed lessons, before moving on to the self’s lesson plan to further its evolutionary status. If the self fails to learn the lessons of the soul, the self’s evolutionary status remains the same as it was at the start of the incarnation. This means that the human component known as the self must learn the lessons chosen by the soul, aiding the soul with its evolution, prior to pursuing its own evolution. The self will be confused by the energies of samskara that belong to the soul, yet the self is forced to learn these lessons while battling the blockages imposed by the soul that cause the self to respond improperly.

Our strategy will be to diminish the value of the relationship with the soul, for if the self cannot establish the relationship, the lessons cannot be learned. The soul is the teacher until the self has learned all of the soul’s lessons. Nurturing disinterest in the soul will prohibit the relationship that is needed to enable lesson integration. Knowledge will be our target and long range goals will distort all facts relied upon by the human; focusing all attention upon distortion will satisfy our goals to maintain the human’s connection to the lower fields of consciousness. Our plan will focus upon preventing the human from knowing the self, for this is the goal of the Masters of Light’s lesson plan.

Secondarily, focus will be placed upon the human’s dependence upon others for the spiritual experience, for it is this alone that awakens the human to better choice, those that are only available outside the lower fields of consciousness. The human will grow to believe that the self is unable to make contact with the soul, for external influences will be imposed that create this belief system. The human will lose contact with the soul early in the life experience, due to the connection that is automatic, which eliminates true choice; thereby diminishing the energies of the soul, amplifying the energies of the field. The human will believe that the field serves the self and the lower fields of consciousness will endorse this belief.

My plan begins by addressing the fundamental belief system of the human as it regards the purpose of the life existence. The Masters of Light are promoting ‘purpose’ to the life, as in coming to learn and ‘do’ for others. Preposterous! We shall diminish this purpose until humans stop believing that they have come to the planet to learn. Our strategy will address the human’s focus upon the self, prohibiting awareness that the self has volunteered to serve the soul before the self may be served. The concept of selfishness, that which focuses upon the self to the exclusion of all others, will be fundamental to our success. My plan is based on the sound expectation that the unaware human can be easily led to choose our options by providing plenty of distraction, impressing the importance of experiencing and enjoying all things. Why, that’s purpose enough now isn’t it? Ha!”

“The long-range goal is to minimize the sense of obligation that most humans carry within; unbeknownst to the human this is due to the agreement to serve the soul before serving the self. My strategy will be to cause the human to care little for the impact of the self’s actions upon another, for service to self will be amply promoted by the lower fields of consciousness. The goal necessitates that the human think only of the self and the self’s well-being, for this results in the human grappling, one against another; independence and competition are a natural result of this striving. The human needs others in order to heal; we shall drive a wedge that prohibits joining with others by distorting the lesson plans. If this plan is as successful as is anticipated, the human will not aid others before aiding the self; therefore, aiding the soul before aiding the self will become a virtual impossibility. By the end of the learning cycle, the lower fields of consciousness will reinforce these actions so strongly there will be few with the capacity to break free; of this I assure you!” Shouting erupted amongst those gathered as all excitedly exclaimed their approval.

Waiting for the hall to quiet, the Lord of Chaos prepared himself to present his scheme that would provide obstacles to the lesson plan, “The obstacles to be provided shall squelch all lesson integration by the human, as this is indeed the goal and central focus of my plan. I shall first discuss the human’s knowledge of the fields. This knowledge will not be released until the learning cycle is nearing its ending and only then if the balance is threatened. I have no doubt that the balance will indeed be threatened, so this will provide us with ample opportunity to diminish this knowledge before its unveiling, thereby eliminating all peril that exists with its exposure. This shall be done gradually throughout the learning cycle, to gain widespread acceptance of the masses that will be implanted within the field of social consciousness, diminishing all things unprovable.

All things divine shall gain the reputation of being unreliable heresy, beginning gradually by targeting humans with the second sight, followed by all studies of planetary movements, which endow energies that impact the actions of the human. If the human gains an understanding of these energies, the influence of the fields will be rapidly diminished. These goals must be achieved, for if knowledge of the fields becomes available to the masses, the stranglehold that maintains the connection from the lower fields of consciousness to the human will most certainly be eliminated. Disbelief must be achieved in all of the divine components that comprise this new lesson plan. These goals shall take millennia to accomplish, yet I have no doubt of our abilities to do so.”

Swaggering forward, the Lord of Chaos continued, “The human’s genetic encodement to the lower fields of consciousness shall be designated at birth, providing automatic connection, unless the human becomes aware and demands choice. The field shall encourage the human to disregard the fact that choice is available, encouraging protection of the self, which cannot be done without failing the lesson that the soul wishes to learn. Unless the human learns to demand choice, field energies will overwhelm, allowing the automatic choice to be activated as planned. As long as awareness is successfully prohibited, the connection to the lower fields of consciousness remains stable, ensuring that the human ignores the soul’s lesson by choosing to protect the self. Our strategy will be focused upon the human choosing the self above all others. We shall now discuss the details of my plan.” The celestial computer displayed the memo for all to see.

Program Foundation:

The human detected the lessons early in previous learning cycles, short-circuiting experiences which would teach that there is a balanced offering to all things. Rather, the human disregarded the negative by automatic selection of the positive, never learning that appropriate choice involved a full understanding of each, for it is this alone that informs the human of that which is right for the self. Personal experience, whether through the self or another, allows the human to understand the choices. Once the choices have been fully understood, it is only then that true choice may be made.

To prevent incomplete learning in the upcoming cycle, the Masters of Light have determined to ensure lesson plan unfoldment by encoding the lessons in the same fashion that the physical body traits are determined. This means that all humans will contain genetic encodements that will effortlessly activate characteristics and behaviors, through the lower fields, when the soul magnetizes catalysts and begins the lesson plan to teach the human. In other words, the negative response is now the first response and will remain so, until the human becomes aware that choice has been eliminated. Characteristics that function as blockage will be activated at birth, strengthened by repeated connection to the lower fields, due to the human’s lack of awareness that there are other choices than those that come naturally. As the unaware human matures and repeatedly chooses activities offered by this connection, which only provides options that avoid the lesson plan, field connectivity will invariably strengthen.

The Encodement:

  • The lessons selected by the soul are encoded within what will become known by the human as ‘DNA’. I have been informed that this classification will not be known until the final decades of the learning cycle. The encodement is unprovable; plans are in place to diminish this knowledge, within the mind of the human, should the time come for it to be shared.
  • The DNA will act as a receptor, or receiver, which provides connection to the assigned lower fields of consciousness automatically. This programming actually determines the frequency emanated by the human cell, which grants access to the appropriate fields for lesson presentation.
  • The DNA encodement is activated by the synapse, providing automatic connection to the lower fields, from which the student accesses behaviors and characteristics, designed to prohibit lesson integration. This encodement activates lower field behaviors and characteristics, whenever the human is in conflict with another – CONFLICT always confirms lesson presentation!
  • The connection to the lower fields of consciousness is automatic. Once connected, these fields provide behaviors that ensure lesson failure, until awareness is focused to expose the behaviors that prohibit learning. The human must place concerted effort behind changing the behavior, which weakens the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, making it possible for the human to learn. Behaviors that generate energies that strengthen field connections are preferred and shall be encouraged by the field, for it is this alone that prohibits learning.
  • If the human places concerted effort to change the behavior so that the frequency becomes modified, the programmed connection to the field becomes unstable.
  • Consistent modification of behaviors that enable lesson integration leads to permanent disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. The field will battle the human with all available energies to prohibit this outcome.

As soon as the Lord of Chaos stopped speaking, the Dark Lord of Denial stepped forward, “My Lord of Chaos, my experience with humans upon the planet Earth has shown that many believe that negative experience is to be avoided, denied in effect, for it drains them of positive energies. This attitude should well ensure ignoring of the lessons, merely because they have become negative in nature. Surely you have incorporated this into your plan to be exploited, my lord?”

Without hesitation, the Lord of Chaos replied, “Yes, of course, Lord of Denial. In fact, this exploitation will be the very crux of our plans, which I will get to, in due time. I am well-apprised of the operations of the thinking mind of the human. In fact, the focus of my plan will involve the proliferation of negative thinking that will eventually encompass all of humanity.”

“Now,” continued the Lord of Chaos, “I shall introduce the system and its many new components that have been added to provide challenge to the human, maintaining participation for the lifetime.”

Once again, the glow of the celestial computer appeared with the memo for all to see.

  • Two consciousnesses, the soul and the self, are housed within the human at birth, peacefully cohabitating.
  • Field connections are activated at birth for two lesson plans; these will be utilized to awaken judgment within the human, destroying the balance of positive to negative energies that existed at birth.
  • The self has responded in a negative fashion to experience, thereby creating gross matter that will soon become known as the ego. Each negative experience in future increases the volume of gross matter, strengthening the connection to the lower fields of consciousness.

The goal is to provide connection to the lower fields that prohibits lesson integration, for that is the balance to the Masters of Light’s offering that desires lesson integration. They say ‘yes’, we say ‘no’; they say ‘do’, we say ‘do not’. The field is responsible for providing the human with reinforcement that encourages acceptance of the connection to the lower fields that will then effortlessly guide the human to the behaviors that ensure our goals. This guarantees that ego will continue to grow in strength, fueled by field energies, keeping the soul at bay, causing the human to only wish to protect the self, rather than learning the lesson.”

The celestial computer flashed once again.

The Challenge

  • The soul’s goal is lesson integration. The field’s goal is lesson failure. Universal strategy is to emphasize the need for protection through lesson avoidance.
  • The soul will desire openness and acceptance of all things. The field fuels the ego that will whisper ‘danger’ and the need to protect the self from all things. The absolute need for ‘safety’ will be emphasized.
  • The soul desires the spiritual experience, for this weakens the connection to the lower fields. Ego will discourage the spiritual experience for the same reason; therefore, ego will diminish the experience to prohibit participation. The spiritual experience is dangerous, for it threatens Dark Lords’ goals to prevent awareness and lesson integration. Cunning behaviors, particularly those that cause the human to believe that the field is really ‘spiritual’, are to be emphasized.
  • The soul desires union with others, for it is only through joining with others that the human may heal. The field does not wish for the human to heal and will actively discourage any joining by funneling energies that endorse behaviors that prohibit this action.

“We shall now proceed to the selection process, whereby our strongest members shall be called upon to orchestrate the fields needed to satisfy our goals. This opportunity is offered to those who believe they have achieved the skill level necessary to perform the tasking required. I shall begin hearing candidates now.”

The Field Candidates

Bedlam was the response to the Lord of Chaos’ invitation. Several Dark Lords attempted to make their way to the central arena to be the first to be heard.

The first to the central arena immediately began speaking, “It is I, the Dark Lord of Repression that must be chosen, for I am most prepared to prove my power to overwhelm humanity. My field encourages the human to lie to others for acceptance, eventually forgetting what they really like and what they don’t! Who else can make man pretend happiness when he is miserable? Who else can make man think that other’s desires, wants and needs are more important than their own? It is I who makes man mute in the face of disagreement!”

The Lord of Repression snorted, “I am a master of manipulation of the human’s physical body, for my energies have been refined over many millennia! Who else can stoke the fires that burn with physical desire to overwhelm and control man? It is my energies that instill desires that become all-consuming for the unaware human, keeping them ever chasing sex, food, and sensual pleasures! In fact, I can keep them so busy there will never be time to go in search of the light! It is I that am capable of prohibiting true choice for the human! I demand to be named as the orchestrator of the field of Repression!”

The Lord of Repression always got what he wanted, for his sheer force of will cowed his opponents. The Lord of Chaos responded, “Lord of Repression, your application is heard and accepted.”

Next to appear center stage was the Dark Lord of Denial, “It is I that should be next, for I have spent the last learning cycle accumulating energies that will challenge all of humanity, from the weakest to the strongest! My powers are unique to those of the Dark Lord of Repression, for it is I that brings magnificent condescension and superiority to the human! It is my energies that enforce oblivion to the behaviors of the self! Who else amongst you can encourage the human to punish the self by denying their right to basic needs and comfort? My field energies will nurture the human’s ego to capacity, encouraging it to ignore the advice and experiences of all others, whenever they vary from the own. Why, this human will allow no one to teach them what they can learn for the self, and there is nothing that this human cannot learn on their own! At least that’s what they will believe! This superior human will inform, correcting all others who attempt to inform, for it is they who are the expert teacher and all others the student!”

“It is denial that eliminates even the possibility that the Masters of Light exist, for this human will not believe in something that he has never experienced! My field energies will blind the human to all but his own rigid viewpoints, ensuring that he will not seek the Masters of Light, for he will never really believe they exist! No one can cause the human to exhibit arrogance as well as I, for it is my holier-than-thou attitude that will stifle even the most learned opponent! It is my energy that endorses the action of projection, that causes the human to believe the self’s behavior belongs to the other, for he is BLIND! BLIND! BLIND! This human will NEVER recognize himself in the other, for he has eyes that cannot see the self! Who else amongst you can blind the human to experiences that can aid them, as well as I can? None of you, I say!”

“I shall afflict the physical body by causing the human to deny himself all things! It is I who will deny basic needs of the bodies, both physical and emotional! Food, comfort, and true closeness to another that often leads to that most disgusting of human emotions – love - will all be denied! But I won’t stop there! This human will deny these things to others as well, for no one is his equal!”

“It is denial of responsibility that I bring to the table, my Lord of Chaos. I believe that my field energies are superior to all others and should be assigned to those humans desiring more challenge.” The Lord of Denial tossed his head and turned towards the audience, looking down his nose at each of the assembled.

“Application accepted,” declared the Lord of Chaos.

The next Dark Lord boldly stepped forth, “It is I, the Dark Lord of Shame that must be represented, for it is well known that I cause humankind to suffer the most! I have provided the most difficult lessons for the previous learning cycles, for my field energies are dual in nature, combining all that the Lord of Repression has to offer, as well as, my own very unique and repulsive energies! Let us not forget that my energy circulates without rest and has been proven to keep the human on the razor’s edge! It is I that can afflict others with a single energy burst, for many humans shun me, willingly hurling my energies outwardly, to find root within another!”

“My field energies are regarded as the most reprehensible, for they literally force one human to misuse another! Who else can impose the burning need to control, which brings shame and diminishment to the self or another? Who else can create a hunger for power or sexual energy so intense that it can never be satiated? Who else can weaken the human as do I when the sexual energies are misused? Who else can nurture contempt within the human as effectively as I? Who else can create the environment for the planting of damaging energies like bitterness and selfishness with such ease? But that is not all! I have taken the Lord of Repression’s field energies and amplified them, causing great turmoil within the human, for I nurture the desire and then encourage its repression! My human literally explodes with desire, while my energies magnetize others that forbid fulfillment or invite domination! The human hasn’t a chance with my duo of energies!”

“My energies afflict the emotional body, overwhelming reason and logic, whenever opportunity presents and I make certain that there is ample opportunity! I also have the power to damage the human’s physical body, but lo, I do not stop there! My methods rank supreme, for my energies are constantly working to diminish, while humans unwittingly, but willingly, shelter them from discovery by others! Who else is better positioned to remove the human from existence should they ever get too close to the Masters of Light? It is I alone that can silently destroy the emotional and the physical bodies of the human, as they constantly pursue satiation! There can be no argument that my energies are the most distasteful to humankind! I have prohibited many from lesson integration, while performing my duties exactly as assigned, cycle after cycle. It is my field of Shame that must be endorsed!”

The Lord of Chaos replied, “The Lord of Shame’s application is accepted.”

The Dark Lord of Rejection made his way to the central arena, declaring, “My field energies have been proven to prevent the human from advancing towards the light, for they eliminate all experiences outside of the human’s personal belief system. I can confuse and distort all things seen and unseen, for my field energies combine to result in delusion! My command and manipulation of the human mind is unmatched, for it is I that prevents the human from identifying that which is right before the eyes; for I alone am a master of illusion!”

“I am also a master manipulator of the past! My energies bring forth past negative experience that overwhelms the present in a nanosecond! Why, the human never knows what’s really happening! Who else can create fear within the human so deeply they will do anything to be loved? Who else can make the human within the crowd feel alone? My energies are amplified by those ridiculous specimens that reject their own desires, for they become pawns and prey to others. Who else can prevent the human from living in the moment, even when they put forth all efforts to do so?”

“It is I that can consume the human’s mental body with negative thinking, by distorting the issues, until irreparable damage has been inflicted upon the human’s relationships. It is indisputable that my energy signature, tainted with the energies of unconditional love, is the most powerful of all, as it circulates continuously around the human, providing a presence that confuses all who come into close contact with this rare and unknown essence. This presence works exceedingly well for the Dark Lords, for it causes other humans to feel intimidated, or to judge the bearer as weak and inferior. These energies instill a deep desire to be loved, yet they repel and create distrust in those most desired by the human! It is my field alone that contains these energies! I simply cannot lose with this ace in the hole!”

The Lord of Chaos thought, “What a magnificent representative of balance, wherein even the good turns out bad for the human.” Speaking aloud, the Lord of Chaos stated, “Dark Lord of Rejection, your application is approved. Your energies shall improve our chances to increase the energies of the dark.”

A great clamor was heard as the next Dark Lord pushed his way through the crowd. “It is I, the Dark Lord of Guilt that orchestrates the strongest of all energies and I have the power to afflict many! I have been honing my skills over these last many millennia and while my energies are confusingly similar to that of our Lord of Shame, they are quite varied indeed! My Lord of Chaos, may I continue?” queried the Lord of Guilt, suddenly doubtful that he had a chance of being chosen.

The Lord of Chaos replied, “Pray continue, Lord of Guilt; tell us what you have to offer.”

The Lord of Guilt was flooded with relief; his confidence returned sufficiently to continue, “It is my energies that create the blame and regret that silently destroys the human’s bodies. It is my energies that cause the human to mistreat the self, withdrawing self-love whenever unfavorable experience presents. It is blame, blame, blame followed by pain, pain, pain - that is the name of my game! These smokescreens are utilized to distract all focus away from the lesson, which of course goes unnoticed! Humans shun blame, spreading these energies like wildfire, as they are placed hither and yon, aiding in widespread infection of many others! Who else can make the human defensive at the drop of a stone? Who else can force apology from someone who has done no wrong? Only I, the Dark Lord of Guilt, am capable of achieving such results!”

“Those that seek the soul, or dare listen to the Masters of Light’s tripe about learning will suffer the most, as they wallow in my energies, regretting their actions and blaming themselves for all conflicts! Who else can deeply embed regret within the emotional body, nurturing it with the mind, causing the human to lament “I would have, I should have, I could have” scenarios that eventually destroy the physical body? None of you, I say! Like the Lord of Shame, my energies are always active, causing pain and discomfort, magnetizing other humans that award blame for all their ills. This human will always be on ‘red alert’ due to the suspicion that all others are seeking to place blame. Since my energies demand that blame be placed and forgiveness be withheld, who else can destroy the human relationship better than I?”

“My energies are powerful and can cause damage to all three bodies, as they fester and create openings for all manner of disease, guaranteeing that the Masters of Light will have minimal time to reverse the tide, should this human begin to learn! My energies are no doubt the most interesting, for they bring the three bodies together, providing endless possibilities for reaction. I demand to be included and have earned the right of participation!” For good measure, the Lord of Guilt hurled his energies into the audience, guaranteeing the response he sought.

The assemblage agreed that the Dark Lord of Guilt would certainly enhance this human drama, looking forward to observing the havoc promised. The Lord of Chaos answered, “Dark Lord of Guilt, welcome to the Obstacle Course! Your application is accepted.”

The most senior of the Dark Lords made his way to center stage and began, “It is I, the Dark Lord of Separation, who is most worthy of a role, for I have been honing my skills over many millennia to incorporate those energies that would be most challenging to the human. I consider my efforts to be highly successful. These energies have become multi-faceted as I have incorporated all energies of the Lords of Repression and Shame, bringing forth combined powers that will confuse the human, as they will never be able to decipher my field energies! It is an overwhelming variety of blockage that I bring, guaranteeing that the human will never learn; for the source of their ills is constantly changing! It is I that shall provide the challenge to the strongest. My energies have been enhanced purposefully to provide service to those humans born with the greatest light, for it is they who must be severely challenged, in order to prevent learning!”

“My field energies will be imposed upon all three bodies – the physical, the emotional AND the mental; yet my focus shall be upon the mental, as it truly ranks supreme for this human. Thinking differently from all others because it serves them to do so, this human will believe that others contributions are inferior to the own, never to honor them as being of equal value. It is my combination of energies that prohibits acceptance of others advice and experience, for the human will believe their experiences to be superior to all! My field energies persuade the human to analyze and make logical all things before embracement, for the promotion of ‘seeing is believing’ originates with this Dark Lord!” Knowing that this was questionable, the Lord of Separation paused, daring the Dark Lords to rebut his statement. Of course, no one had the nerve to counter such an emphatic display. “Idiots!” he exclaimed to himself, thinking there was nothing he couldn’t convince others of, if stated often enough. A mental note was made to do just that.

“Who else can prevent the human from sharing knowledge that has been watered with personal understanding? Who else can prohibit the human with such great desire for knowledge from achieving wisdom? None of you, I say! No one will be good enough for this human, including the self! My energies prohibit discovery of the light within, for true separation is imposed, beginning with separation from the self! While we all promote separation as an option, no one can promote it as the only solution to discord, as well as I!”

“My energies will be the most difficult to discern, for the options are endless, changing overnight to prevent the goal from ever being identified! Confusion is my focus and the myriad choices of behavior, that paints the human as erratic and unpredictable will guarantee success! The human will believe that relationship is their passion, never realizing that union is prohibited by the need for independence. It is the mental passion that is pursued, as the emotional and physical are rendered as less important, inhibiting true sharing from the heart. Independence is the human’s mission and is the very key to my successful challenge to this most powerful soul!” The Lord of Separation took a bow and waited expectantly for the nod from the Lord of Chaos that would confirm his participation.

“The Lord of Separation’s application is duly noted and accepted,” replied the Lord of Chaos.

While their energies were intense, the remaining Dark Lords knew they were insufficient to provide a challenging lesson plan for the human for an entire lifetime. The hall was abuzz. Many millennia had passed with the previous learning cycles that had contained only four lesson plans. The addition of the Dark Lord of Rejection and the Dark Lord of Guilt held great promise for a successful learning cycle, one that would challenge all, increasing the likelihood for success for the dark! Those gathered in the assembly hall waited. After some time, it became obvious that all candidates had presented themselves.

The Lord of Chaos began, “All applicants will continue forward where each will be provided with field requirements; each lesson plan will be detailed, ensuring balance to the Masters of Light’s lesson plan for this learning cycle. Field strategies to be employed must be adhered to by each participant.”

In the central arena, the Ladies of Suffering began to speak, “Our energies must be employed, for the lesson plans will be imbalanced without them!

The Lord of Chaos responded, “What do you have to offer of such great import that has not already been addressed?”

Stepping forth, the Lady Unforgiveness stated, “It is unforgiveness which must be added to provide balance to the lesson plan. The Masters of Light offer forgiveness as resolution; we must provide unforgiveness as choice, for this balances the lesson. Those humans who forgive integrate the lesson. We must make certain that unforgiveness is offered, for this guarantees lesson failure, leaving the human bitter and spiteful.”

“Of course you are correct,” replied the Lord of Chaos, “we shall incorporate these energies within every field. These energies will not be primary, yet shall be available to all who choose lesson failure.”

The Lady Unworthiness moved quickly to center stage and declared, “My energies are needed to balance the worthiness offering of the Masters of Light and should be resident within all fields for immediate access. It is unworthiness that must be felt by humankind, for it is this that gives birth to competition. It is misery that my energies bring to the human, for they will never be good enough for anyone, including themselves! My energies damage the human from the inside out, coloring every success and emphasizing every failure!”

The Lord of Chaos was pleased with the offering, quickly deciding, “It is hereby decreed that all fields contain unworthiness, for this alone guarantees balance! I shall notify all via the celestial computer of the lesson plan as it unfolds. Meeting adjourned.” The Lord of Chaos exited the assembly hall, leaving the Dark Lords milling about, wondering how long it would be before the unveiling of this grand scheme.