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The Path to Healing

Dark Lords Obstacle Course: The Retreat

The final stage of the Obstacle Course was complete. The Lord of Chaos reflected upon the overall task, determining it to have been most arduous. All details were now finalized for the next learning cycle. Recipients of this plan would be the participants of the Obstacle Course, as well as the Masters of Light, for it was now time to submit the final plan. The Council would review each plan to make certain that fairness and balance had been achieved.

The Retreat

The final segment of the WWRG planning is now complete. Particular attention has been paid to the retreat segment, for here is where the energy lies for future engagement. Those humans who abort the lesson plan without lesson integration are afforded the energies built during the failed lesson, to be stored within the emotional body. These energies will be utilized to incite the human rapidly with future lesson presentation. It is to our benefit for the human to fail lesson integration on all counts; this added bonus ensures that future lessons will be easily engaged with minimal energy expenditure required by ego. A character has been named for each field that denotes the attitude of the human as the retreat segment is entered. All participants need make certain that the field supports all activities as described herein.

  • Dark Lord of Repression – The Confronter
  • Dark Lord of Denial – The Arrogant
  • Dark Lord of Shame – The Discounter
  • Dark Lord of Rejection – The Resigner
  • Dark Lord of Guilt – The Proof-Seeker
  • Dark Lord of Separation – The Pardoner

The field of Retreat will maintain the goal of complete abandonment of the lesson, prohibiting further review, for review may allow release of residual energies, created when the lesson was left unlearned. The goal of this field is to prohibit review, thereby ensuring energies for the field, as well as future engagement of the human.

Retreat field energies have shorn up the courage of this human. Although retreat has been determined as necessary, the human has decided to take one final stand to prove the self’s rightness, thereby becoming the Confronter. The battle may have been aborted recently or some time previous. Yet, regardless of the elapsed time, the Confronter has determined, once and for all, to restate the position to determine if victory may be snatched from the opponent. Field energies of repression fuel this approach as the human finds the self opposite the other.

Due to the inappropriate abandonment of the lesson, the energies created have been cycling within the human’s bodies. Field energies have amplified the energies stored within the human’s bodies each time the experience is revisited in the mind. Nervous and edgy or argumentative and intrusive, the Confronter reopens the lesson with the other; the original stance does not vary, yet has been shorn up with additional facts that are believed to prove the other wrong. The human is determined to prove the rightness of the self. The emotional body is once again activated by the energies stored within and ego offers field connection, which is readily accepted by the Confronter, further increasing the courage of the self. Field energies prohibit different conclusion, for all choices within the field lead to the same destination.

The outcome that is projected and most desired is the same as that previously achieved – lesson failure, which is certain to be accomplished when the Confronter fails to sway the other’s thinking to the self’s viewpoint. The human remains unaware and unconscious of the self’s desires. Protection of the character has failed but the Confronter believes that protection of the self has failed. Future lesson presentation will attempt to expose the character that is believed to be the self, while field energies prohibit the Confronter from recognizing that the character is not the true self, thereby ensuring future lesson failure.

The field of the Arrogant is fueled by the field of Denial to endorse the human’s belief that the self is superior to all others. The self’s way is the right way. No other’s way can be embraced and continue to be welcome company to the Arrogant. The final stage of the WWRG finds the Arrogant besmirching the other’s viewpoint or way of being, vocally or silently, while all focus has been shifted from the self to the other. Aggressive behaviors that leave no doubt as to the desired outcome will be utilized, prior to abandoning the lesson. The Arrogant refuses to admit defeat or mistake, for judgment has been determined that the self is right, the other is wrong. Ignoring all facts or entreaties of the other, the Arrogant continues to badger the other vocally or silently, determined that the other be named the offender. Failing this outcome, the Arrogant will drop the topic or leave the area, warning the offender that the topic is never to be broached with the self again.

The Arrogant’s belief system or way of being has been attacked, merely by the offering of another that is different. Unable to understand that there are many belief systems and ways of being, all correct, the Arrogant is offended by the difference that has been revealed; feeling the self to be attacked, knowing that the self is right, believing that the other must be corrected to the more appropriate way of being. The Arrogant has determined that which is most appropriate and believes that all others should agree.

The energies of the field have been utilized to deny the Arrogant of the opportunity to review the self’s belief system and way of being to determine if revision is necessary. Personal responsibility has been ignored by the Arrogant to make this determination, due to field energies which prohibit such. As long as the Arrogant continues to deny the self the right, to review belief systems and ways of being that are different from the own, to determine what is most appropriate for the self, at this time, lesson failure is guaranteed. Field energies have been supplied that will prohibit this action, for judgment is continuous, applied to all things that vary from the own, guaranteeing field connection that prohibits lesson integration.

Field energies funneled to the Discounter endorse the activity of discounting the self’s participation and actions that have resulted unfavorably. The emotional body has been activated by the fear that lies resident to remind the Discounter that revelation of mistakes carries great penalty. The goal of the Discounter is to provide the appearance of minimal participation of the self, pointing the finger to the other as the true offender. Failing to shift the attention to the other causes the Discounter to begin modifying the story, falsifying the self’s participation and actions, to secure the self’s image of innocence. Field energies endorse dishonesty, for anything less would require admitting the mistake of the self and it is this that the Discounter will not permit.

The Discounter is aware of the self’s behaviors, yet cannot admit that the self has damaged another. Forgiveness is withheld, securing sound footing for field energies that will be stored within the bodies to incur damage if release is not provided. The human is unaware of the source of these energies, preferring to focus upon the anger and bitterness felt each time the experience is revisited, amplifying the power of the energies to damage. Dishonesty draws experience in future for the Discounter to suffer at the hands of another similarly. Continued diminishment of the other by the Discounter damages goodwill that rightfully belongs to the other, which will draw similar treatment for the self in future.

The Discounter will refuse to revisit the experience with any who are privy to the details, for shifting of the story becomes perilous and difficult to maintain. Field energies support this silence, endorsing amplification opportunities each time the Discounter is questioned and forced to decline invitation to remove the energies by admitting the mistakes of the self. The goal of this field is to prohibit the admission of mistakes by the human. The ego will threaten the Discounter with the award of shame and diminishment as punishment to be received should revelation be chosen. Should the human learn the lesson by revealing the mistake, all energies may be released, thereby limiting the potential for future lesson failure. Field energies will prevent the Discounter from discovering that all lesson presentation is fraught with the perils of error, made necessary in order to learn.

In order to end the lesson, the Resigner abandons the position of the self publicly, yet remains determined to maintain the beliefs and the position of the self. The discomfort created by the lesson has grown too great to bear. The Resigner has decided to abandon the lesson to eliminate discomfort, for return to peace and harmony is desired. Unbeknownst to the Resigner, the peace and harmony desired is superficial at best. Field energies of rejection are utilized to threaten the human with rejection of the self, if the lesson is not aborted peaceably. The human does not realize that all energies remain within the bodies for the falsely aborted lesson. Residual feelings that have determined the self right and the other wrong remain within, to draw lessons with the same theme in future. The primary goal of this field is to provide the illusion of peace and harmony that will become the focus of this human, once the battle has ended.

The Resigner has seemingly abandoned the cause, retreating to emotional thinking, silently rejecting the other’s position, in order to restore the peace and harmony that has been shattered by disagreement. Unable to change the view of the self, due to the imposition of field energies that demand retention of the self’s belief system and way of being, the human maintains the position that has been abandoned, ensuring future reminder to the other, should the self ever believe opportunity has been provided to prove the self correct. Grudges are common for the human who abandons the lesson under false pretense, for the energies circulate within the outer bodies, to remind the human of the position that was neither defended nor changed.

The human does not examine previous decisions made regarding the self’s belief system or way of being, believing that change indicates faulty thinking of the self, when the initial decision was made. The Resigner is not aware that all decisions need frequent revisiting, for this is the reason for lesson presentation. Rather, the human believes the offering to be challenge, which disturbs the peace and harmony preferred by the self; averse to the disturbance, the human declines the opportunity for review, maintaining the belief or way of being in silence, missing the purpose of lesson presentation.

The Resigner believes the self to be maintaining harmony, yet the residual feelings invoke future difficulties, due to the acquiescence that was unexpected by the other who has now been mislead. Dismissing the fact that the other has been damaged, the Resigner harbors ill-feelings, due to the outcome. Field energies endorse this behavior, for rejection threatens the peace and harmony so desired by this human. As long as the human is prohibited from reviewing past decisions, lesson plan failure is guaranteed.

The battlefield has been abandoned, yet the human has not abandoned the battle; the pursuit of evidence to reinstate the Proof-Seeker as victor has begun. Field energies of guilt will endorse the Proof-Seeker’s pursuit, for the placement of blame has become the focus. Averse to the acceptance of such, the Proof-Seeker determines to prove the other wrong, thereby shifting the weight of blame to the other. The human is suffering due to field energies of guilt and the pain within has been weighed to be far greater than the other’s. The lesson has been lost for the focus is now the blame and the pain. Field energies endorse this misdirection of focus, for this guarantees field connection that ensures future lessons of the same theme.

A mistake has been made and each human is suffering. The story is retold to garner the support of others, for the self’s behavior. Failure to achieve this support demands modification of the story that is needed to lessen the impact of the self’s participation and actions. Emotional thinking is activated that emphasizes the unwarranted damage suffered by the self at the hands of the other, minimizing the self’s behaviors that have drawn such outcome. The human embellishes the story with each re-telling, making certain that others support the self above the other; seeking reinforcement, proof that the self acted appropriately. Field energies endorse this thinking, for the decline to accept the blame for the self is most important, while the method employed to accomplish such has been deemed as least important.

The human has not learned that the life experience is fraught with the perils for the making of mistakes and that this alone provides the opportunity to learn what is right or what is wrong for the self. The seeking of proof for the rightness of the self distorts the lesson, for blame is not the focus that was intended to be achieved. The human must learn that forgiveness must be extended, first to the self and then to the other, in order to ensure lesson integration. Withholding of forgiveness provides safe harbor to feelings of guilt that will damage the bodies, amplified by field connection with each visitation, inviting future lesson of the same theme, to determine if the human will forgive or place blame. Field connection prohibits the human from extending forgiveness, for the focus is upon the blame and the pain. The imposition of the blame and the pain are believed to be unforgivable by the Proof-Seeker, thereby ensuring future lessons of the same theme. As long as the human focuses upon the blame and the pain, lesson plan failure will be guaranteed.

Separation is the field that endorses the Pardoner, for the goal is to encourage separation of the self from the betrayer before finalizing the lesson. The lesson requires that the betrayer be informed of the damage inflicted upon the Pardoner; recognition must be achieved by each, of the impropriety of the betrayer’s actions in order to achieve lesson integration. Field energies prohibit the Pardoner from seeking resolution, endorsing separation, so that the lesson remains unlearned, drawing future lesson, until the more appropriate resolution has been achieved.

The Pardoner has been damaged by lesson presentation and has determined to separate the self, rather than resolving the differences that remain to ensure lesson integration. The battlefield has been departed but the battle still rages to prove that the Pardoner was not at fault, for the self is incapable of damaging another. The other has misstated the facts. The view presented to others must be repaired to shed more favorable light upon the Pardoner, for it is the self who has been damaged, the other labeled betrayer. The Pardoner has been cast in the worst possible light, as the only crime that has occurred is misplacement of faith.

The Pardoner has been damaged and is determined to separate the self permanently from the situation, potentially from the other, for the outcome of this retreat will determine future interaction. The story is constructed that favors separation, for the Pardoner can see no other valid resolution. Certain of the self’s rightness, the Pardoner replays the experience, uncertain of how the self has drawn such disfavor. The other has threatened the well-being of this human, threatening the faith that has been ill-placed by the Pardoner. The error of faith being misplaced has been missed, drawing false conclusion that the self has somehow acted improperly, causing the Pardoner to separate prematurely, leaving the lesson unlearned. Field energies endorse this false conclusion, for the goal is to separate the Pardoner from the betrayer before lesson integration can be achieved.

Separation is selected as the only option available, for the Pardoner has been damaged once again without reason. Accusations of the betrayer are embraced by all others, misleading others to the belief that the Pardoner was at fault for the other’s actions. Choosing to separate the self was the worst of all options, as the energies remain within the bodies of the Pardoner, sending signal to others for future lesson presentation. These energies draw others to take advantage of the Pardoner’s good nature, taking that which can be obtained, to teach the Pardoner that misappropriation of faith has occurred once again. Each time separation is chosen as the solution these energies increase to draw future lessons that will test the ability of the Pardoner to forgive the self for the misplacement of faith.

Field energies stored within the outer bodies are misread as unfavorable by others, for pain unresolved has been misinterpreted as evidence of wrongdoing. The Pardoner has not learned that the retreat was improper and the worst possible option that could be selected for the self, for the energies are maintained in the outer bodies to draw the same lesson again and again, until recognition of the lesson has been made. Lesson failure is guaranteed as long as the human continues to separate the self prior to lesson integration.

This Retreat is chosen by the soul who wishes to teach the human appropriate placement of faith, and is fueled by samskaric energies. The pain felt is increased each time separation is chosen as solution, for the pain suffered in this lifetime is amplified by these energies, brought in from previous lifetime lesson failures. The only solution acceptable to the soul is recognition that faith has been placed inappropriately. The other must be informed of the bond that has been broken, the pain that has been incurred upon the self without reason. As long as the Pardoner saves the other from punishment the lesson will continue to repeat. The two-fold lesson is recognition of the self’s misplacement of faith and then aiding the other to recognize the inappropriateness of the behavior that has damaged the self. Field energies prohibit this recognition by the Pardoner, for separation is the solution, the only solution offered for this retreat, thereby ensuring lesson failure.