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The Path to Healing

Dark Lords Obstacle Course: Well-Worn Response Groove

The time had arrived to inform the participants of the next phase of the Obstacle Course. The Lord of Chaos had just finalized the details and had already begun pondering the next phase. The celestial computer awaited his command; in the blink of an eye the message was sent.

Well-worn Response Groove

Lesson presentation runs a circuit that is well-delineated into three segments, each genetically encoded to provide the human with responses from the lower fields of consciousness that ensure lesson failure. The human learns these methods early in life, responding in the same fashion each time discord erupts with lesson presentation. The genetic encodement contains three assignments, employing one, two or three unique fields. These assignments will be referred to as the ‘well-worn-response-groove’, for the human will access these behaviors frequently to avoid lesson presentation. Awareness allows the human to escape the groove, reaching higher for better solution from the higher fields of consciousness. Prohibiting awareness is the goal, guaranteeing traversal of the groove of field behaviors, ensuring lesson failure.

The fields provide the human with three opportunities to become aware of the lesson; hereinafter referred to as the WWRG, these fields will be labeled as the Engagement, the Battle Plan, and the Retreat. The goal of this Obstacle Course is to encourage complete traversal of the WWRG, amplifying energies within each segment, endorsing each field with behavior responses that become automatic each time lesson presentation begins.

Lesson introduction will be referred to as the Engagement, signifying entry to the WWRG. The human has been presented with lesson; the ego makes the match to the catalogue of unresolved emotional experiences, sending the message to the human that protection is encouraged. The human responds automatically due to the synapse, which has initiated lesson avoidance tactics in response to the opportunity presented by the lesson plan, to teach the human about the self. Field behaviors assigned to each Obstacle Course will be encouraged by the ego, distorting the intended lesson, ensuring that the human chooses to avoid the lesson. The lessons intended by the Masters of Light are as follows:

  • To know and understand the self
  • To learn to identify judgment in all its appearances
  • To learn to trust the self
  • To learn to resolve all past unfavorable experiences in order to live in the moment, rather than the illusion of the past.
  • To learn that all humans experience emotional events equally, for there is never the intention to damage one more than another; damage is never the goal with lesson presentation.
  • To become conscious of the self, to trust the self, and to then share the self, so that others may also learn.

Effective counter-measures must be applied to each lesson; behaviors and characteristics are to be employed to shift the attitude to that which is desired, that which will prohibit lesson integration, ensuring forward movement in the WWRG. Field energies are to endorse conflict, emphasizing the need for protection, which will be offered by the ego at the first sign of discord. All participants must make certain that each field addresses these goals.

The ego is instrumental in this portion of the WWRG and vigilance is necessary to perfect the engagement, for each opportunity lost may result in lesson integration. Protection must be offered, as soon as field connection has been made; delayed offerings could cause the student to regain awareness, thereby increasing the possibility that field connection will be declined. Engagement is critical to the success of this Obstacle Course, for without it the human is likely to integrate the lesson.

The Engagement is a four-step process. First, catalyst is magnetized by the soul to initiate lesson presentation, quickly followed by ego’s tasking to match the lesson to the human’s prior unresolved emotional events. Next, the emotional body is enlivened, signaling protection is needed. Response is immediate, for the synapse delivers the message with field connection. Lastly, defensiveness arrives, indicating that the human remains unaware. Successful field connection follows, whereas the human determines to avoid the lesson.

The following labels have been assigned that best describe the behaviors that are needed to thwart the lesson plan objectives:

  • Dark Lord of Repression – Self-conscious
  • Dark Lord of Denial – Self-righteous
  • Dark Lord of Shame – Self-distrust
  • Dark Lord of Rejection – Self- delusional
  • Dark Lord of Guilt – Self-pity
  • Dark Lord of Separation – Self-contained

All participants must submit detailed outlines indicating the actions of the human throughout the Engagement. A full understanding of the approach to be taken, to ensure that the human avoids the lesson, must be provided. Each field must be well-defined, notating behaviors and characteristics that will populate the field to achieve the desired outcome. All plans are to be submitted via the celestial computer forthwith.