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The Path to Healing

How to Use this Publication

The Path to Healing contains ancient wisdom, sprinkled throughout with ancient truths, provided to aid the student who wishes to become the committed disciple; one that is capable of healing the Self, thereby furthering soul and Self evolution. Commitment and dedication are required to accomplish the goals, to know the Self, to heal the Self, for when absent the ego will best the student as the ego has grown to monstrous proportions due to the student’s lack of awareness. Union of the Self, the soul and the ego is the goal that must be achieved to assure soul and Self evolution. Averse to acceding to any authority that inconsistently sets forth the rules that demand its union, the ego is only willing to join with the Self and the soul, if it is convinced that it will enjoy more success than that experienced independently. The student will be well-advised, throughout this publication, of the antics of the ego, the ego’s goals, and how to overcome the ego’s demands for primacy. Utilizing this publication, the committed disciple can break free of the bonds that ego maintains, binding the student to the lower fields of consciousness.

Recognizing the depth of emotion is critical, for the damage incurred to the student can be extensive, often requiring a qualified mental health professional with the appropriate skills to guide the student to resolution. This system is not recommended for the student that is unwilling to embrace the spiritual concept of reincarnation, for it is this alone that provides understanding of the suffering that may have been endured. If the student is unable to embrace this concept, exposure of the emotional wound may further deepen the trauma imposed by the experience. Embracing the concept of reincarnation provides reason and purpose to all emotional experiences, allowing the student to understand the purpose of the suffering that may have been experienced. The student need be aware that presence upon the planet Earth often exposes the self to experiences that were not a part of the lesson plan; rather, the experience could only be classified as traumatic. This publication does not intend to diminish these experiences; the student is advised to seek professional assistance for those issues that could be qualified as such.

Vital to the student’s understanding is the concept that the Self is the mediator between the soul and the ego, changing from lifetime to lifetime, choosing to endorse either the goals of the soul or the goals of the ego. The soul is the component that returns to learn, gaining five new components for each lifetime; the Self, and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The Self was not present in the preceding lifetimes of the soul. The lessons that contain samskaric energies apply to the soul, never the Self. The Self is the consciousness that becomes the student of the soul; intended to aid the soul in learning the lessons chosen and is not responsible for the lessons that the soul has failed previously. Recognizing that the Self was not responsible for past life experiences of the soul is critical to the understanding of this teaching system.

Understanding the depth of this undertaking is primary, for lack of understanding could result in disappointment when efforts fail to achieve disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. The age of the individual attempting to heal the self is inconsequential. Habits are formed in a matter of months, oftentimes less; breaking the habit is no less or more difficult for the individual that has succumbed for one year or fifty. Recognition that habits may be broken through commitment and dedication, fueled by knowledge, is critical to the student’s success.

The Self is the personality, that which is known as the human. The soul is the component that presented itself to the School of Learning, in order to be provided with opportunity to learn that which could only be learned in this environment. The soul returns lifetime after lifetime to learn those lessons that have yet to be learned, striving each lifetime to make contact with the consciousness known as the Self so that the lessons may be learned; achieving contact with the Self furthers the consciousness, resulting in soul evolution. Efforts are placed behind the soul or the ego as decided by the Self; when the ego is chosen, the Self has determined to merely enjoy the fruits of this planet. Minimal benefit is achieved by the soul in this lifetime; whereas, when the Self chooses to place all efforts behind the soul, soul evolution becomes possible. Making contact with the soul allows the Self to experience spiritually, all things that the soul has experienced previously, thereby enriching the Self’s life experience.

The student need be aware that the soul is the true student of the lesson plan. The Self that wishes to experience spiritually, all things that the soul has experienced, is the student that will be interested in pursuing this system. The spiritual experience is that which allows the Self to understand all things. The life experience allows the Self immersion in those things referred to as reality; reality becomes illusion within the spiritual experience. This publication is intended to guide those students seeking the spiritual experience and is not intended for those who wish to experience reality.

Supporting another requires that the student begin with these fundamental understandings; otherwise, the struggle to understand the reasons for the trauma of the lifetime will overwhelm, diminishing the overall life experience. This publication is not intended to harm or diminish the experience that has been chosen by the student. Those students who determine to join together with others to experience the soul need do so with dedication and impartiality, recognizing that the Self has often been presented with difficult lessons, so that the soul may learn. Joining together with others who are like-minded will aid the student in rapid mastery of the lessons, thereby furthering soul evolution. The spiritual experience is the single desire of the student that chooses to walk the path to healing.

The following recommendations are made to the student for the use of this publication:

Reading this publication the first time is recommended without scrutiny of the data, calling the soul forth throughout the reading to bolster the commitment of the self, to heal the self.

The second reading is suggested to be slow and methodical, feeling the data as it is read, to allow the inner knowing to begin to surface, informing the Self of that which has been hidden from the Self.

Investing the Self’s time with the surveys found within, intended to aid the student in detecting field behaviors that previously escaped the Self’s notice, will allow the student to become alert to those behaviors that appear when discord surfaces.

Studying the materials by joining together with others is recommended; supporting one another to integrate the knowledge deeply will prohibit confusion. The student need recognize the soul at all times; for the soul is capable of guiding the student to that which is needed in order to learn.

Seeking support from others to identify the behaviors that prohibit learning, leading to behavior modification, integrating the lesson, enabling forward progress on the path to healing, thereby accomplishing soul and self evolution.

Healing the Self will allow the disciple to step forward with outstretched hand to another, providing support so that the other may do the same.

We wish you Godspeed on your journey forward to the path to healing.


The Masters of Light: Ascended Master Kuthumi, Ascended Master Morya, Ascended Master Djwahl Kuhl, Ascended Master Racozi, Ascended Master Hilarion, Mahachohan - Lord of Civilization, Guan Yin - Immortal