mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

In the Beginning

Billions of years earlier, the great central sun threw off sparks that landed within the gravitational atmosphere of the planet known as Earth. The sparks desired purpose and cried out to the Creator to further the experience. The Creator responded and eventually consciousness was endowed upon the sparks. The project to become known as the ‘Grand Experiment’ was born.

The first experiment began and all that could be gleaned from its production was integrated by the Creator. Termination of the project, provided by floodwaters, was accomplished by covering all land masses to remove all traces, all remnants, of the consciousnesses that had existed. Billions of years passed until the next experiment was attempted with the next three all resulting in similar outcome. Beginning with the vegetable kingdom, consciousness was endowed upon the plants, which communicated with all things, in ways previously impossible; this consciousness was simple, yet complex. Simple, for all were constructed based upon the rule of seven, utilizing form to endow different characteristics, different textures, different purposes. Complexity was introduced with the inhalation and exhalation of each, combining uniquely with others to produce the paradise that would become known as the Garden of Knowledge.

The mineral kingdom was next. Once again, based upon the rule of seven, utilizing form, endowing higher consciousness than that afforded to the vegetables. Placement around the planet would follow the magnetic grid, to provide strength to the boundaries, critical to the structure needed to maintain its balance. Formulas embedded within each determined the purpose; the consciousness evolved, taking millions of years to perfect and multiply.

As the Garden of Knowledge grew, the planet’s environment changed, bringing forth new conditions for the mineral kingdom; conditions that became unpredictable, as the Garden continued its onslaught, overwhelming all things. The animal kingdom was brought into form to ingest the garden to restore balance. The Garden was destroyed, leaving the animals without sustenance. The floodwaters rose once again, overwhelming all things, becoming ice that would remain for millions of years before the experiments were revisited.

The experiment resumed for higher consciousness was desired; one that would provide interaction, enabling greater possibilities for experience. The kingdoms were restored; the vegetable followed by the animal, in greatly reduced numbers and sizes. The mineral kingdom had flourished, stabilizing the atmosphere of the planet.

Created specifically for interaction, the first creature was brought into form by the Creator; endowed with consciousness above that of the vegetable, the mineral, and the animal kingdoms. Experience with the creature was enriched with the addition of another, acting as mate and companion to the first. Experience was heightened as the two interacted; evolving naturally as each learned from each, each joining with each, in order to accomplish. Millions of years passed without dramatic change, for the height of capability had been reached. The creatures were comfortable within their environment; full understanding had been achieved of all factors.

Polarity was born from the desire of the Creator to experience all things equally, for the Creator was comprised of all possibilities; positive and negative were embraced equally, for the experience provided. The human was created perfectly in balance, with equal portions positive to negative, allowing each to choose that which best represented the self. Each consciousness derived from a mere fragment of the Creator; this fragment was the cellular structure of the bodies, enabling the Creator to simultaneously experience through the creature. Lasting one learning cycle, the creature was destroyed, for the life existence was devoid of challenge; the fragment desired to return to the whole. All traces were removed, the fragment returned. The inside of the planet bulged outwardly; water now replaced land, the previous floors of the waterbeds now exposed, scattering the gardens with rock formations; that which was within was now without.

The Creator tried once again millions of years later; the desire for experience increased. The Garden of Knowledge welcomed the new human with the fragment of the Creator sealed inside a container stored within, removing awareness of its presence. Six consciousnesses would be enjoined, becoming the human. The Garden of Knowledge was transformed into the School of Learning so that the human could be taught how to return to the Creator. The consciousnesses arrived from throughout the Solar System, wishing to experience the Creator in this fashion, believing that separation was a matter of choice. Enrolled as students in the School of Learning, each lifetime six consciousnesses were brought together to achieve the goal of union, for it was this that the Creator desired. The two consciousnesses, the Self and the soul, gleaned the lessons as each lifetime ended, integrating or failing that which was presented, resulting in consciousness evolution only if passed; seven revolutions of three levels each were to be achieved prior to release.

The early learning cycles provided minimal blockage to prohibit the human from discovering the soul; once discovered, access to the higher fields of consciousness became available, eliminating the challenge of the lesson plan. Lessons were either integrated or ignored; for many, lesson presentation was minimal. The lesson plan had failed to provide true choice, for this choice was inhibited by the knowledge of the fields, which informed of the foundation and purpose for all things. Access to the fields exposed all knowledge of previous incarnations, eliminating true choice for the self who chose the light without understanding the dark.

The Creator desired to offer true choice and free will, to experience that which all consciousnesses experience, to arrive at the choice that is based upon knowledge and understanding. The Creator’s goal was wisdom, for this alone enabled the human to exercise true choice and free will. Prior to the third learning cycle, the Creator suggested that all knowledge of the fields be eliminated to provide maximum testing of the consciousnesses; testing that would result with true choice and free will. Agreement was reached and the lesson plans were provided by the light and the dark. The challenge would be extraordinary, one that was never anticipated; for the human would fall victim to those of the dark.