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The Path to Healing

Preparing to Enter The Path to Healing

I am Kuthumi, Universal Master Teacher, and leader of the contingency that maintains as a focus the rescue of humanity at the end of this learning cycle. I fulfilled my commitment of seven revolutions around the wheel upon the planet Earth, living life to the fullest, as well as living life minimally. More than a century ago, I chose to ascend, in order to provide consistent service to humanity. All humans will be provided with this choice when the evolutionary status of the Self deems it time to decide.

I first arrived upon Earth many thousands of years ago; I have been incarnate in the human body hundreds of times. The majority of these lifetimes were spent as the common man, focused upon survival and achievement. Approximately the final one hundred incarnations, I became the seeker of truth, desiring to know the nature of all things; to understand all things seen and unseen, to embrace that all things had purpose and was designed, assigned this purpose. My first discovery of the soul was as the common man; an agriculturalist, the farmer. I spent many hours alone in solitude, with the animals and the land. I cultivated great sensitivity for each, awakening gratitude within to some external force that had provided me with this beauty, these relationships.

Once awakened to the soul, all things changed; for peacefulness was experienced, replacing the tiredness and the anxiety that had been my daily companion, until this discovery was made. I then placed all efforts behind building a relationship with the soul; seeking counsel in the ways of all things, becoming successful in all ventures, for the soul had cast its support behind that which I felt was needed. Each subsequent lifetime, I awakened to the soul and to the awareness of the yearning within, indicating that the life experience was incomplete. There were many teachers who encouraged and nurtured me along the way, that I nourished in turn, with gratitude and changed behaviors that allowed me to learn the lessons.

Recognizing the soul was the first step, acquiescence of the self, the second; for the self gradually fell away, as the soul was illumined. I began to understand that the soul desired nothing more than for me to learn, for as I learned, the soul grew in strength. I became ravenous for the lessons, hungrily devouring each as it was presented, knowing that favorable outcome would strengthen the soul’s presence in my life experience. Failure and success were encountered, until I determined that the sole purpose for my life existence was soul evolution; this understanding took many lifetimes to achieve.

I shall now share with you the journey that enabled my ascension. My final lifetime upon the Earth was invested in the pursuit of knowledge; knowledge that was focused upon understanding all things. The monastic life had been chosen, for I no longer yearned for relationship with another, as the soul had fulfilled this yearning; I remained unaware that deep relationship with another would have allowed forward progress much more rapidly. Isolation was preferred, for this removed the likelihood of lesson; nurturing the soul by denying the self was the course chosen, as this same course had been chosen many times previously. My teacher purposefully provided me with tasking that encouraged interaction with others, so that those lessons that had yet to be learned could be presented. Many of these lessons were failed, for I had become completely focused upon the pursuit of knowledge. The lessons presented to me were to teach that the heart and the mind must be accessed equally, in order to learn.

After the birth of the Theosophical Society and its aftermath, I found myself failing more than succeeding, for the lessons presented demanded compassion be employed to encompass all things. Focused upon the mind, I failed to recognize this need; success had abandoned me, as I began to flounder upon my path after many lifetimes of success. The lesson was provided many times, each time failure resulted; for the mind had grown rigid and unshakeable, indicating that the self was first, the soul second. Knowledge had become my primary goal; proof was necessary for all things. Although my memories had been retrieved of all previous lifetimes through recapitulation, the truly spiritual experience had eluded me in this lifetime. Returning to previous lifetime successes, I determined to remove myself from interactions with those who continued to present the lesson that I had yet to learn. The final eighteen years of my life were spent in seclusion, focused solely upon my relationship with the soul. I remained unaware that this process was unduly lengthened, for I had removed the possibility of rapid lesson integration with my departure from those who acted as teacher for this final lesson; rather, eighteen years were invested to learn compassion.

Choice was provided in the year 1898 CE to ascend or to remain in service upon the Earth. I was informed that the contingency was to be appointed in the very near future, to be assigned the mission for the revelation of knowledge that would aid humanity. I expressed my desire to be of service to the Mahachohan who then later called me forward from the Earth, to never return, to lead the contingency that would guide humanity to the path to healing. Provided the title Ascended Master in the year 1902 CE, I began selecting the others that would serve alongside of me during this mission.

The contingency namely consists of the Ascended Masters Morya, Djwahl Kuhl, Racozi, Hilarion, my teacher, the Mahachohan, Lord of Civilization, and Guan Yin, our earthly representative. Master Morya and I have worked together many times previous; this was a natural partnership. The Master Djwahl Kuhl has proven his commitment to humanity through the many publications transmitted in service; we, too, have worked together upon many projects to aid humanity. The Masters Racozi and Hilarion, each committed in service to humanity in the areas of education and science, volunteered to serve upon this contingency; countless projects to aid humanity are due to our combined efforts. The Mahachohan, my teacher, has skillfully guided me through the planning of this project, standing at the ready to provide answer, isolating inconsistencies throughout the transmission and compilation of this data. Guan Yin, Immortal, is our earthly representative, serving to inform of the current challenges upon the planet Earth; it was my pleasure to serve with her many times while incarnate. Té Auna Ra Ka, the instrument, dedicated countless hours to the receipt and preparation of this data, experiencing sacrifice, as well as personal jeopardy in the performance of this commitment. This is our fourth project together; I as the transmitter and Té Auna as the scribe.

This publication represents the cumulative efforts of all members of this contingency. All have gathered together, united in singular focus, to aid with the successful closure of this learning cycle. Countless others, previously and currently incarnate upon the Earth, have dedicated tireless efforts, lending support, guidance, and wisdom to this project. More than fifty-one centuries have passed since the start of this learning cycle, designed to provide opportunity to the student for true choice that would enable the exercising of free will. All introductions of the light have been distorted by the dark, for the human is still unable to choose the positive over the negative, with great consistency. The enticements are many that encourage the disciple to remain unhealed. The field of social consciousness has no sense of urgency, until the final hour; for it does not serve it to do so.

The need for this contingency was confirmed more than two millennia earlier, when the killing of Yeshua bén Joseph set into action events that accelerated humanity’s leanings towards separation and competition. Humankind further separated itself from the concept of oneness, as a lack of personal responsibility, as well as blame, flourished throughout the planet. Battling, rather than supporting, each other became commonplace; universal acceptance was replaced with demands for sameness, and unconditional love became conditional, based upon compliance. As humankind accelerated its downward spiral, the fields gained control of the populace of this planet, due in part to a lack of awareness of their existence.

My final lifetime upon the planet, I remained ignorant of the existence of the fields, as may be noted by the length of time expended upon my final lesson. Well aware of the existence of the higher fields of consciousness, I denied all evidence that the balance would be provided by the lower fields of consciousness; rather, I remained convinced that humankind chose the behaviors that prohibited entry to the higher fields of consciousness. Blind to my own behaviors, I focused upon the other; judgment was my constant companion. Although, I had awakened to my soul quite early and had received the benefit of many teachers, I was unable to break free of the grip that the fields had gained for the majority of humanity; this was due in part to the rigidity of mind and the attitude of superiority that I exhibited, as demanded by the field associated with my lesson plan. My mission is to awaken humanity to the connection to the lower fields of consciousness; for this binds all humans to the continuous cycle of rebirth, as the lessons must be learned to raise the consciousnesses sufficiently to enable ascension.

This publication is intended to inform humanity of the fields and their workings; to educate those who wish to disconnect, to aid those who wish to heal the wounds that have been created, due to this connection. The Path to Healing, Disciples Guide will inform of the connection, as well as provide solution that enables disconnection; for lesson integration and evolution of the soul and self is possible for all of humankind that remain connected to the lower fields of consciousness. The goal of this contingency is to teach the human how to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness.

The Path to Healing is an ancient divination system based upon the I’Ching and the Tree of Life; it maps lessons that the soul has chosen to learn in the lifetime to further its evolution. Blockage is provided by the field, which is maintained by those of the dark to diminish the soul, prohibiting the higher choice, ensuring lesson failure. This publication provides the student with the details of the lesson plan chosen by the soul, including behaviors and characteristics that emanate from the fields that have been assigned in order to teach. Focused awareness and commitment, as well as calling upon others, to assist in detection of the blockages that need be removed, hindering the self’s progress, is necessary. This system allows the student to know the self and to make recognition that the self can heal the self.

In order to heal the self, one must know the self. The Path to Healing enables this knowing; embracement of the knowledge is necessary, formulating a belief in the fields and the stranglehold that is currently maintained by these fields, upon the bulk of humanity. Dogma is absent, joining is voluntary; however, joining with others in order to accomplish is the goal of all disciples. Forming independent study groups with like-minded individuals will expedite the healing process and is eagerly encouraged by this contingency.

Beginning to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness by reaching higher, for better solution, will cause widespread change to be enjoyed throughout the planet; for each individual that disconnects from the fields weakens the energies available to those who continue to connect. The fields are diminished each time a human disconnects; large numbers of disconnections may cause the field to collapse and become unacceptable to the majority of the population. This has happened many times in the past; persecutions, which were readily endorsed, are no longer maintained by the lower fields of consciousness, for it is now widely accepted that persecution should not be endorsed by the bulk of humanity. All fields work in this fashion. All fields that are endorsed, at this time, could easily collapse should humanity determine to disconnect simultaneously.

For many upon the planet, the life experience has become challenging, more joy-less than joy-filled. Material possessions are losing their attraction, with the pursuit of such diminishing, for the student is seeking more; something that makes the life experience worthwhile and rewarding. This seeking is outward, for social consciousness supplies the belief that all things that can satisfy the self, are outside of the self. The soul has not been recognized by the student; the spiritual experiences that nourish the soul are minuscule, in comparison, to the field connections made that endorse the ego. The student cries out for assistance during the dark night of the soul, when all things have overwhelmed the self, greatly diminishing the will to move forward. The soul has been saving its energies, so that it may respond to this cry; however, the response is missed, for the human is not alert to the signals within the body.

Inviting the soul to come forth, the student must focus all attention upon the body, asking the soul to provide signal of its presence upon the surface, utilizing a physical sensation that is recognizable by the student. Each soul varies in its placement, of the impression to be received by the student, each time the soul surfaces, in order to aid. The student need recognize the soul with great frequency, for this provides energies that are otherwise only available through lesson integration. Each time the soul is invited, encouraged to share with the student, energies are provided to allow it to do so; for this is mandated by Universal Law, which states that the soul must be able to respond to the human when called.

The student must discern the presence, acknowledging the messaging through changed behavior, resulting in lesson integration, which weakens the connection to the lower fields of consciousness. All conversation or attempted interaction, resulting in sharing with the soul, is rewarded. Clear messaging from the soul requires that adequate energies be provided, for ego easily distorts the message of the soul. Requesting that the soul indicates answer, combined with the physical sensation, allows the student to receive confirmation undistorted by the field; the absence of the sensation indicates that the soul disagrees, while the sensation received indicates agreement. The student may request that the soul provide the sensation for both agreement and disagreement; however, the student need be aware that energies are utilized to do so. Becoming alert to the messaging of the soul enables the student to obtain answer when uncertainty overwhelms.

The soul wishes to be recognized, the soul wishes to take an active part in the life experience, the soul wishes to guide and to teach; nurturing the relationship with the soul is primary to the student becoming the disciple who walks the path to healing. Catalyst comes in many guises but most frequently is presented by another student, for it is this delivery system that tests each simultaneously, with a single instance of negative energy creation. The catalyst simply draws the lesson to the student; the catalyst is the instigator, the delivery system of lesson plan. Souls prefer to work with other souls in order to minimize negative energy creation that is unavoidable with lesson presentation.

The soul’s sacred name carries an energy signature that awakens the self to the will that lies within, to overcome all obstacles. Repeating the name of the soul awakens the student to higher choices, initializing the will to accomplish the higher choice with greater consistency, disconnecting completely from the lower fields of consciousness, so that all consciousnesses may be merged, stepping forward as one powerful entity, aiding others in doing the same. Speaking openly to others of the soul, speaking openly to the soul, builds the field that makes acceptable this practice by others. This field need be enlarged to overcome that which is contained within social consciousness, that the self should never speak to the self, as the self will be thought less of; social consciousness does not endorse speaking with the soul, unless one has chosen an intermediary to do so.

The connection to the lower fields of consciousness is not a death warrant; it indicates that testing is desired by the soul, to teach that which has yet to be learned. The lower fields of consciousness can be disconnected from, through commitment and focused awareness to change the behaviors that enable this connection. This publication includes a study guide that encourages groups to gather, to support one another in the understanding of the data, in the process that is required to heal the self. The degree of difficulty is dramatically decreased when the student gathers with like-minded individuals who are each pursuing their own path to healing; for it is the group intention that buoys all participants, instilling a deep desire in each to support the other, through learning the lesson.

Changed behavior may be encouraged that prevents recurrence, further cementing the healing that has been achieved. The student must believe that the self can heal the self; embracing the concept completely, banishing all thought consisting of doubt and disbelief, for the disciple who believes in the soul knows that there is no question of the outcome when the belief is unshakeable. The soul will continue to magnetize lessons, until the student has learned; each testing becomes increasingly difficult, in an attempt to force the student to choose different outcome by selecting different response. As long as the student remains unaware of lower field behaviors, the field will continue to distort all lessons, to prevent lesson integration; for this continues the feeding of the field, guaranteeing diminishment of the soul. The student must have faith in the self; garnering the support of the soul guarantees that the student’s desire to heal will be satisfied.

The teacher is the beloved, the dear friend, the other that commits the self to aid; for each student will be teacher, one to the other. The student must rely upon the teacher outside of the self, one who is equally committed to healing, to spotlight the antics of the ego, that prohibit disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. The student is incapable of recognizing the antics of the ego alone; the other is necessary, to expedite healing. The teacher-student relationship must be viewed as opportunity, for further growth for the self; opportunity to aid the other, opportunity to share of the self deeply, opportunity for soul evolution, when two join together, in order to learn. This relationship is intended to teach acceptance of the other who acts as mirror for the self, of those things most in need of modification, to enable forward movement on the path to healing.

The student must avoid making the mistake, founded upon the belief that all energies are needed for the self in order to learn, wherein support of others is withdrawn. The student provides the minimum to the other; yet, continues to take from others, in excess of that which is provided in return. This behavior creates imbalance, enabling field connection, of which the student is unaware and the path to healing is no longer being traversed, for healing has come to a standstill; connection to the lower fields of consciousness is funneling continuous energies, due to the practice of imbalance within the life experience.

In order to maintain balance, all offerings of another must be examined and understood by the student, resulting in acceptance or decline of the offering, once the student has determined its rightness or wrongness for the self; when the offering is not recognized, honored for its value, with gratitude expressed to the other, imbalance is created. The student who takes more than the self is willing to give stagnates upon the path to healing and must learn that all things must be in balance, in order to heal; for imbalance endorses field connection to awaken the student to the behaviors of the self that diminishes others.

The study guide is dedicated to the student, encouraging the student to become the teacher for others; each student need recognize that the self needs a teacher by selecting the other that can be surrendered to, for without the impartial observation of the other, the ego and field connection will win each time. The student must understand that the antics of the ego, that go unrecognized by the self, will impede the path to healing, causing lesson failure. The objective observer will be capable of identifying field connection that fuels the ego’s antics by simply being vigilant to silence, defensiveness, excuse, or rationalization from the student.

The transition from student to committed disciple is made when the student determines that the desire for the life to be different is endorsed by the commitment to the self for change. Seeking others who feel similarly strengthens the resolve providing support for the self, as well as another, as each travels the path to healing. Disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness begins with knowledge. Understanding the behaviors and characteristics, that populate the fields of the self’s lesson plan, informs the student of the course to be followed. Wisdom is achieved when knowledge is watered with personal understanding, of the own life experiences, thereby enabling the disciple to outstretch the hand to another, aiding the other to do the same.

This publication has been a labor of love, having taken more than 18 months to transmit. Path to Healing Foundation is the holder of this data and has been charged with responsibility for its dissemination worldwide. A website has been designated to allow the student to determine the life lessons selected by the soul. This information will continue to be made available, as long as the lower fields of consciousness are in control. The next learning cycle is upon us. Now is the time for all students to step forward upon the path to healing.

Walk with awareness, for this will lead you to the path to healing.

I leave you with the blessings of the Creator. Namasté

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Each member of the contingency has been incarnate upon the planet Earth with no less than one thousand lifetimes of experience; it is believed that the experience held by each would have endorsed any one of us to singly manage this project. However, due to our distinct areas of expertise, as well as the scope of this project, it is believed that each contribution is unique in its capability to speak to those presently incarnate of similar leanings. The following describes the unique contributions made by each member of this contingency.

The Mahachohan, Lord of Civilization – maintained the role to verify the text, making certain that all thoughts, ideas and expressions presented herein accurately portrays the universal system of teach/learn learn/teach utilized by the planet Earth during this, the third learning cycle. The Mahachohan was last incarnate upon the planet Earth in the year 1317 CE and has worked tirelessly for humanity ever since. His duties today include the oversight of many projects that are focused upon bringing awareness of the Creator and the true workings of the universe to humanity.

Ascended Master Kuthumi – acting as the leader of this contingency and the transmitter of all data contained within this publication, Master Kuthumi was last incarnate on the Earth in the year 1902 CE. The final incarnation detailed within this publication set the stage that fueled the desire to provide to humanity esoteric texts free of distortion, unveiling that which has been obscured even from initiates and adepts throughout this learning cycle. It is his deepest desire to bring forth truth to those who seek it, for more than 100 lifetimes were consumed by the seeking of such while incarnate. The rules set forth by the Council of Nine prohibited his teachers from sharing that which was so deeply desired; these rules have now been revoked as the end of this learning cycle draws near. It is well recognized that the concepts herein will be fought against, due to the purposeful misinformation that has been provided to humanity for millennia. The belief system has been controlled by social consciousness and is reflective of the knowledge that has been obtainable through the ages; breaking free of the belief system is the central aim of this publication, for it is this that prohibits universal acceptance, thereby unconditional love. Those seekers that are willing to release that which is known for that which is stated herein, gathering this knowledge within the heart, meditating upon each truth, will discover that all statements within this text is true; calling upon the Master Kuthumi or any member of this contingency to seek this confirmation is encouraged and welcomed. This publication will appear in three areas of the world, exhibiting the same truths in three different formats beginning in November 2008, providing four years for humanity to break free of the lower fields of consciousness, thereby restoring balance at the end of this learning cycle.

Ascended Master Morya – has functioned as assistant to the Master Kuthumi, verifying preliminarily all data herein, prior to its submission to the Mahachohan. Master Morya was last incarnate upon the Earth in the year 1899 CE.

Ascended Master Djwahl Kuhl – was the disciple of the Master Kuthumi in his last incarnation; serving humanity had been his focus for more than 80 incarnations prior to his ascension in the year 1952 CE. All texts transmitted by the Master known as DK contain both truths and deliberate distortions, following the rules of disclosure as set forth by the Council of Nine. All information provided previously will soon be republished through various channels to enable those who seek it to find the truth unveiled and free of distortion. The Master DK is desirous of correcting all data that contains inaccuracies. To those faithful readers of his works, it must be understood that all transmissions available to humanity, prior to the year 2008 were prohibited from revealing that which may have led to the exposure of this teach/learn learn/teach system. Be assured that all that has been learned is not at loss; rather, that which has been distorted is that which has been the source of debate for decades. It is unfortunate that the Master DK’s admonition, appearing in the beginning of each publication has been largely ignored, for it was his intention to warn humanity not to adhere strictly to that which was found within.

Ascended Master Racozi – has served to organize the data found herein, condensing text to an understandable format, maintaining the goal to appeal to the majority of humanity; this goal has resulted in the first esoteric text that may be easily understood. The Master Racozi presently serves the Mahachohan in the area of education, having worked directly with tens of thousands of humans in the preceding centuries since his ascension in the year 1629 CE.

Ascended Master Hilarion – is well-known for his many publications in the areas of divination and science. Master Hilarion was responsible for the organization and verification of all data contained herein regarding the genetic encodement, cell frequency and the function of each within the human. Master Hilarion is responsible for the transmission of the data that comprises the divination system that is utilized to determine the lesson plan provided at birth to each human. Master Hilarion ascended in the year 1882 CE.

Guan Yin, Immortal – is known throughout the world as the healer with 10,000 hands, for her capacity to heal is seemingly endless. Compassion is her primary tool, blanketing humanity in times of need; calling upon Guan Yin throughout the healing process is suggested, whenever compassion is needed. Guan Yin has served this contingency by reviewing the data herein, assisting with the presentation of data contained within the lesson plan that would typically be found as unpalatable, rephrasing these segments so that the heart may open to embrace the truth. Guan Yin has been serving humanity tirelessly for more than 1700 years, since becoming Immortal in the year 305 CE.

Té Auna Ra Ka – is a retired professional with virtually no background in esoteric texts, as this was needed to prohibit distortion of the data found herein. Awakened to this mission in the year 2003, guided by emissaries of this contingency throughout, her frequency raised sufficiently in August 2006 to make contact with the Master Kuthumi’s disciple, Master Ramalus. This contact provided intermittent interaction of the Master Kuthumi, allowing the frequency to be raised rapidly; direct contact with the Master Kuthumi was achieved in July 2007. The initial transmissions to inform Té Auna of this system began in January 2007 and were conducted by the Master Ramalus. This publication was finalized in May 2008 after more than a dozen renditions were created, reviewed, and eliminated. Té Auna is not responsible for the data contained herein, for it was preincarnatively agreed to be the scribe of this project, having performed this service for the Master Kuthumi three times previously. Té Auna was largely unfamiliar with the texts that this volume contradicts, wishing only to bring forth truth to aid humanity, now that the opportunity exists to do so. Funds from this publication are to be utilized to disseminate this knowledge to all who seek it, as long as the lower fields of consciousness remain in control.

Prior to committing the self to a monumental task, one should be fully apprised of the effort that will be required of the self, for without this knowledge and full understanding failure looms large upon the horizon. To increase the odds for success one must know what is involved in the overall project. The contingency will attempt to outline the level of commitment that will be required in order to accomplish breaking free from the lower fields of consciousness.

The first question to be asked of the self is, “Do I wish for my life to be different?” If the life experience is amiable, encountering infrequent exposure to circumstance resulting in emotional upheaval, allowing the self to live life to the fullest without restriction, it is unnecessary for you to read further, for it is not yet time to commit the self to a project of this depth. If, on the other hand, you are experiencing difficulties that result in emotional upheaval on a fairly frequent basis, it may be time to delve deeper to determine if change would result in the ability to achieve balance, resulting in a happier, more fulfilled life experience. Most humans upon the planet are desirous of improving the life experience, for it is recognized that change often improves one’s plight, as change of employment, residence, partner, activities often brings temporary relief. However, when these changes invariably result in bringing one back to the same destination as that which was left behind prior to the change, this indicates that the focus may be misdirected. Recognition that the self is intrinsically unhappy need be made prior to committing one’s self to the path to healing.

Next, determination must be made of that which the self is willing to do to achieve happiness. The question, “Am I really willing to do the work that is necessary to move forward on my path?” need be meditated upon prior to responding. Social consciousness promotes the beginning of projects on a whim, for this ensures failure for the participant and often others associated with the project. Social consciousness does not endorse change; rather, it endorses one to make the best of one’s plight. If you are unable to commit all of what is regarded as your free time to this project, read no further.

Next, is to determine the reason that you wish your life to be different. If the answer is to enable the truly spiritual experience, this publication holds the key that unlocks the door within you that endorses this accomplishment. All other answers may indicate that it is not yet time for you to dedicate your efforts to this system of healing.

Many admonitions have been provided to adequately prepare the student prior to subjecting the self to the results that are invariably encountered when one sets forth to know the self, to heal the self. In truth, it is impossible to adequately prepare another for that which may be encountered along the way. To know the self requires that one open the self to deep scrutiny, realizing that discomfort will arise when behaviors and characteristics are exposed that are unpalatable, believed to be best left undisturbed, unrevealed. Until it is recognized that these behaviors that underlie all emotional experiences are the cause of such, the student prefers to live with them versus rooting them out to enable new growth. This is the purpose of The Path to Healing – to expose and root out what is within that is prohibiting one from experiencing spiritually.

Beginning to walk the path to healing requires dedication and commitment that is extraordinary, for the lower fields of consciousness does not release one unwilling to exert the maximum potential. The student might ask, “What does that look like?” In response, the student must be willing to delve deeply into the self’s behaviors, removing all attention from the other each time discord arises, being vigilant to the words and actions of the self, rather than the words and the actions of another. Willingness to embrace that the self is responding inappropriately to lesson presentation is primary to reaching higher for better solution; failure to do so ignores the self’s responsibility to the self, to know the self, to heal the self. If one is unwilling to embrace that all emotional experiences are presented to the self as opportunity to learn, preferring to believe that it is the other that is responsible for the hardship of the self, this learning system will be of no assistance in achieving change for the self.

The following points are in response to the preceding question, all requiring willingness on the part of the student.

Embracing that unpalatable behaviors belong to the self

Embracing that the self is responsible for the self’s emotional experiences

Allowing deep scrutiny of the self and the self’s behaviors

Welcoming advice and assistance from others to uncover that which lies within

Seeking assistance from others in changing unfavorable behaviors

Recognizing that the behaviors found to be unpalatable in another also reside within the self

Recognition that the self does not know the self

Recognition that the self responds unfavorably due to the self’s wounds

If you are willing to embrace these concepts, you are prepared to embark upon the journey that will result in knowing the self, healing the self. We welcome you to the path to healing.