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The Path to Healing

Scheme to Thwart the Lesson Plan

The final message was composed on the celestial computer that would reach all participants simultaneously. The Lord of Chaos would later be assessed as masterful indeed.

The Scheme

Finalized plans are now available, forming the basis of the lesson plan that is intended to teach the human choice; the preferred choice is the one belonging to the field. The Obstacle Course is structured to prohibit lesson integration for the unaware human; all efforts will be focused upon maintaining this state of unawareness. The Masters of Light lesson plans are as follows:
  • * To know and understand the self
  • * To accept responsibility for the self
  • * To honor and respect the self and all others
  • * The soul within is waiting to be recognized
  • * To understand that all experience is presented, as an opportunity to learn
  • * To join with others, in order to accomplish

These lessons are the primary focus for our Obstacle Courses. It is our duty to provide the human with that which creates the contrast; however, as long as the student remains unaware, our choices will be a natural result of the experience. That means that the human automatically ‘chooses’ our offering, rather than that of the Masters of Light! Each participant will be assigned the most appropriate lesson plan based upon the ability of their field energies to destroy any possibility of lesson integration. We shall never view the human as the ‘student’, for the goal of the Dark Lords does not include studying or learning.

Our focus will be pain, not lesson; therefore, the Masters of Light’s lesson plan shall be opposed by our fields, which impress this pain with each lesson presentation. What does this create over time? Well, a WOUND, of course!

The human receives genetic encodement at the cellular level, eliminating the possibility of non-participation; this encodement is activated at birth for the secondary lesson plan, ensuring linkage to the appropriate fields that will be utilized by the Obstacle Course to distort the primary lesson plan. This linkage will be strongest for the human, for samskaric energies reside within the bodies that maintain aversions to lesson presentation, due to the soul’s previous lifetime failures. The human is unaware of these energies; of this, the Obstacle Course shall take advantage.

The foundation of each field must contain behaviors and characteristics that thwart the lesson plan directly; this means that field connection automatically supplies the opposite of that which is desired by the Masters of Light for lesson integration. Flexibility is necessary; therefore, behaviors and characteristics are to be minimized, providing only that needed to guarantee lesson failure. The human is capable of embracing basic behaviors and characteristics and adding the self’s unique flavoring; too many options minimize this ability. It is important that each field be unique to prohibit detection; uniqueness guarantees continued invisibility of the fields. Detection must be avoided at all cost.

The majority of humans will be provided with three lesson plans, with testing beginning at the age of 8 Earth years. This additional lesson plan signifies that the soul wishes to provide early training that teaches the human how to cope with difficult learning experiences. Coping is to be opposed by field energies that stress pain; humans who learn to cope jeopardize continued field connection. The field does not endorse coping; the field endorses pain. All learning experiences are to be viewed as painful emotional experiences, for this alone distracts the human from the lesson by shifting the attention to the pain endured, each time lesson presentation begins. Focusing upon the pain is the goal of the Obstacle Course. This goal should be well-accomplished by the time primary lesson plan presentation begins, for this ensures that the human will approach all lesson presentation improperly, thereby guaranteeing that field connection will be accepted each time it is offered. The human that learns to approach lesson presentation appropriately jeopardizes the success of this Obstacle Course.

The primary testing program begins once the human achieves the earth age of 28 years. Fortunately, for the Dark Lords, many trials and tribulations, which invariably introduce our field energies, are experienced by the human, simply by living upon the planet; these experiences may, or may not, prepare the human for this testing phase. Characteristics and behaviors, genetically implanted at birth, have been nurtured by early experiences and can flourish once testing begins. Viewing this delay as a strategic flaw on the part of the soul, participants are provided with an added element of ‘surprise attack’ which promises to increase participation pleasure, while also promoting longevity within the human. This longevity amplifies the likelihood of greater entertainment value as the human perfects embedded behaviors. Use this time wisely to get to know the human and determine your winning strategy!

Surprise Attack Defined: This means that, in the most unlikely event that the human enjoys harmonious, nurturing early life experiences, the arrival of catalyst that introduces lesson presentation can likely create an atmosphere of chaos for the human, as they are lacking in foundation, with which to confront the challenge. This provides the Dark Lords with the upper hand, as the human begins to learn how to ‘cope’ with the lessons being provided. All Dark Lords must be aware that the state referred to as ‘happiness’ or ‘joyful’ leads to another human state called ‘acceptance’, which creates an environment that is most unfavorable to successful nurture of the choices provided by the field, without utilizing energies belonging to the ego. Expenditure of ego energies is to be avoided throughout this plan, to protect the warehouse from potential depletion, due to choice being presented and rejected by the human known as ‘happy’. Should ego utilize energies that encourage field connection that is subsequently declined by the human, vital energies will be lost that can provide soul with primacy over the ego. This must be avoided at all cost, for it could mean the end of the Obstacle Course for this human.

Intensification of energies that strengthen field connection and prohibit lesson plan integration can be anticipated when the human continues to fail the lesson. Lesson presentation intensifies after the human has reached the earth age of 42 years, increasing exponentially, until the human departs the planet; for the soul desires for the human to learn and will provide many opportunities to enable this outcome. The soul will continue to magnetize catalyst for all lessons yet to be learned; intensity becomes prevalent and is utilized to call attention to those things that have yet to be learned. Rationalization is to be employed by all fields, allowing the human to favorably embrace behaviors that maintain field connection.

This time period must be recognized as the most dangerous for the human to make contact with the Masters of Light; field connections must be maintained to prohibit such. The ego will be well-fed by this stage and should be capable of guiding the human away from that which will allow healing and learning. The typical human has likely embraced field connections and will have become proficient at utilizing them to damage the self and other humans. Interactions with other humans are enhanced, as the gamesmanship has been honed by the afflicted.

The human that continues to fail lesson presentation after the age of 58 Earth years will begin to encounter severe testing by the soul, in an attempt to garner the attention; physical challenges become unavoidable, for the energies stored within the bodies have likely damaged vital functions. The human must begin to learn or the soul will determine that it is time to depart. The soul will expend vital energies to gain the attention of the human, drawing to the human the physical teacher that can aid with discovery of the soul within. Failure to recognize the teacher insures departure, while recognition of the teacher lengthens the testing period to determine if the student will be capable of integrating the lessons with this assistance. Great jeopardy exists for the Obstacle Course should the appropriate teacher be drawn and recognized. The field must endorse unhealed humans that will regard the self as teacher, as the student will be drawn to others like the self, thereby failing to recognize the true teacher, maintaining the unhealed status that is desired by this Obstacle Course.

The secondary lesson plan will provide distraction for the student throughout primary lesson plan presentation. As long as the human remains unaware of the primary lesson plan, success is guaranteed for this Obstacle Course; for the human cannot learn that which has not yet been identified. The soul will not provide lessons for the secondary lesson plan, until the primary lessons have been learned; the human will continue to believe that the lessons are those that are associated with the secondary lesson plan, due to the strength of field energies, fueled by samskara. Ego shall take advantage of this misdirection of focus by emphasizing the human’s false conclusion, for this should ensure that the human never becomes aware of the primary lesson plan.

The soul chooses the lesson plan, repeating lessons that have been previously presented and not yet integrated. Energy may be added in the current lifetime that heightens the human’s response, due to lesson failure; however, energies are released and thereby diminished, for each lesson that is learned. It is our goal to prevent release, for these energies maintain the automatic connection to the field. All energies that have not been transmuted by learning the lesson are maintained by the soul after the human’s departure from the planet, utilized for future lesson plan presentation fuel.

The lesson plan process is as follows:
  • • A minimum of two lesson plans are assigned to each human; field connection for the secondary lesson plan is activated at birth.
  • • The soul may request as many as four lesson plans. This is unusual.
  • • Three lesson plans are assigned to the majority of humans.
  • • The soul who has returned to provide great service to humanity will choose lesson plans that provide greater challenge to integrate.
  • • Integration of all lessons provides opportunity for the human to step forth and aid others to do the same.

The strategy to be employed by this Obstacle Course will be to thwart the student’s ability to identify the lesson that is currently being presented, utilizing the secondary lesson plan as distraction. The human will believe that the secondary lesson plan is being presented, due to the samskaric energies residing in the outer bodies that carry powerful subconscious memories, distorting the primary lesson plan. Unable to see the primary lesson plan, the human approaches all lesson, believing it is the secondary lesson plan, thereby ensuring lesson failure. Ego shall endorse this false conclusion. As long as the human does not determine that the memories are not applicable to this lifetime, the Obstacle Course will easily convince the human to pursue the wrong lesson plan.

All humans are assigned two lesson plans at birth. The primary lesson plan initializes field connection at the age of 28 Earth years. Samskaric energies initialize field connection for the secondary lesson plan at birth, due to the aversions and biases created by previous lifetime lesson plan failures. These aversions overshadow the primary lesson plan, as well as all others, until the human becomes aware that there is no basis for these aversions or biases, in the current lifetime. This recognition allows the human to discard the impressions that are provided to distract, thereby revealing the current lesson plan. The Obstacle Course will take advantage of the human’s inability to decipher the appropriate lesson, thereby ensuring lesson failure. Ego is instrumental in this strategy, encouraging false conclusion, as rapidly as possible. Success is guaranteed, as long as the human remains unaware of the false impressions, provided by the overshadowing of the secondary lesson plan.

For the purposes of this Obstacle Course, the primary lesson plan shall be known as the ‘true’ wound and the secondary lesson plan shall be known as the ‘distracting’ wound. As long as the human remains unaware, of the false impressions provided by the distracting wound, the true wound will remain hidden, prohibiting lesson integration. Ego naturally benefits from this distraction, as field energies are strengthened by the human’s perpetual connection, due to lack of awareness, resulting in energies being easily maintained that provide ego with primacy over soul.

Lesson plans that contain greater challenge to the human will be assigned as follows:

Dark Lord of Denial: “To accept responsibility for the self”

Dark Lord of Rejection: “The soul within is waiting to be recognized”

Dark Lord of Separation: “To join with others in order to accomplish”

The celestial computer blinked to indicate the message had been received by all participants. The Lord of Chaos continued forward to the next stage of the Obstacle Course, for soon it would be time to reveal the balance of the strategy that would thwart humanity from learning the lessons.