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The Path to Healing

The Mission

The Second Learning Cycle

A plan had been developed to satisfy the Creator’s desire to experience; many consciousnesses would participate, each of which had volunteered to provide this service. The training ground would utilize housings that would be known as human with each presenting itself for training as a single unit. In reality, the housing contained six different consciousnesses; yet, five of these were to remain cloaked from the human, until discovery of their presence was made. Training and testing would be provided to enable this discovery, taking place upon the plane known as third, on the planet known as ‘Earth’.

Various lesson plans were implemented; yet, regardless of the efforts expended, all failed to teach the ultimate lesson, that balance was necessary and to be honored. It was through this understanding alone that the human could arrive at true choice, to represent the dark or the light, learning that each were equally in service to the Creator.

Drastic changes would be necessary for the next learning cycle, to provide sufficient challenge for the human, resulting in opportunity to exercise true choice and free will. Balance, equal parts positive and negative, would be offered while the choice was being made. Experiences without memory were to be provided to each student, to determine if the choice would be to display the positive or the negative; all were to learn that it was the untainted experience that allowed the student to arrive at true choice. All would agree that choice must be provided to all, for all things, and that the choice made must be honored by all.

The Third Learning Cycle

Lessons are provided at the School of Learning, promoting goals to empower the natural leaning of all students to choose the light. Equal portions of positive and negative are provided, for all things in the universe are represented equally, to satisfy the Creator’s desire for balance. Utilizing six components, free will and choice are provided to the student, each choice untainted by the light or the dark. The delicate balance in the budding student is changed through choice, requiring that knowledge be provided to experience appropriately; knowledge must be watered with personal understanding to achieve wisdom, enabling the student to make the most appropriate choice for the self. Wisdom alone signifies that learning has been achieved.

The Masters of Light and the Dark Lords are messengers for the Creator, providing a balanced presentation of all things; the positive for the Masters of Light, the negative for the Dark Lords. Choice is provided to the student to promote awareness of the offerings, enabling the goal, to know and understand the difference, to be accomplished. The Dark Lords provide example, known as contrast, so that the difference may be experienced; thereby, enabling true choice. This is known as the path to healing. The Masters of Light curriculum provides opportunity for choice, enabling the student to experience both dark and light, allowing the student to choose that which is most appropriate for the self; to represent those of the light or those of the dark.

Responsibility for the self and the self’s behavior, engaging awareness so that the contrast may be identified and recognized, is the goal; enabling true choice, for the offerings of light and dark are equal, in the eyes of the Creator. Regardless of external influences, the choice must be made by the student; placing blame, outside of the self for all things negative, is a natural inclination of the student who must be taught that both choices are providing service to the Creator, in order to teach. The Dark Lords do not wish for the demise of humanity; failure is offered in order to teach. The student must recognize that it is the self’s choices that endorse failure, allowing the dark to overwhelm the light. Choice is being served by both the Masters of Light and the Dark Lords, for each serve as messengers of the Creator who desires most to experience through the student.

The School of Learning provides lessons focused upon three basic principles, each of which must be learned, empowering the student with forward movement to soul evolution. First, the student is wounded due to connection to the lower fields of consciousness. Second, this connection has resulted in the student’s failure to know the self. Third, the student must recognize that the self can heal the self. Lessons are provided to teach the student that all experience has the potential to teach. Through contact with the soul, the student will be taught to call for the wisdom within, allowing the lesson cycle to be short-circuited, speeding the way to the opening of the spiritual path; the path to healing.

Full understanding and integration of the lesson plan leads the student to share with others, blazing the trail that is strewn with weeds and vines, preventing progress forward on the spiritual path. Healing the self allows the student to become ever cognizant of those moments to come to the aid of another, thereby continuing forward on the path to soul evolution by providing service to others.

Notation to the reader: Reference is made to that which has been provided previously regarding the ego; as previously noted, the ego is gross matter created by the self when thinking, speaking or acting negatively. Humanity has embraced the ego as a separate consciousness; this is incorrect, yet the contingency recognizes the power of this thinking. Maintaining the goal to provide materials that can be easily assimilated, this publication has addressed the ego throughout as if it were a separate consciousness. The reader is hereby informed that the self created this gross matter, known as the ego, which can only be diminished through changed behaviors.

Early in the student’s life experiences, the thinking, speaking and actions become interspersed with negativity, giving birth to gross matter that maintains the frequency that connects the student to the lower fields of consciousness; this gross matter is commonly referred to as the ego, which gains primacy over the soul when energy levels exceed those belonging to the soul. The typical student has achieved this feat by the age of 12 years; however, dependent upon the life experiences, this can occur much sooner. This gross matter, known as the ego, begins to provide the connection to the lower fields of consciousness in response to lesson presentation or challenging life experiences, further fueling the quantities of gross matter that overwhelms the student’s ability to respond utilizing the higher choice desired by the soul that ensures lesson integration.

The unaware student continues to increase the quantities of gross matter with each experience of discord, until the response fueled by the lower fields of consciousness becomes automatic, the higher response desired by the soul forgotten. The frequency emitted by this gross matter provides the automatic connection to the lower fields of consciousness each time the student is challenged; the strength of this gross matter increases with each connection, encouraging behaviors and characteristics that ensure lesson failure, giving birth to that which is known as the ego.

Primacy of choice, whether higher or lower fields of consciousness, is achieved once the student consistently responds properly or improperly to discord; failure to recognize faulty behaviors ensures that the response belonging to the lower fields of consciousness will be utilized each time the student is challenged. Behavior modification weakens this connection, while continued use of the faulty behavior strengthens this connection, thereby granting primacy of choice to the lower fields of consciousness, maintained by the frequency emitted by the gross matter known as the ego. The student is no longer aware that other choices are available, for the connection to the lower fields of consciousness is automatic, supplying options from which the student chooses that ensure lesson failure. As long as the student remains unaware that there are other choices available, these behaviors will continue to be selected.

Notation to reader: The balance of this publication refers to the ego as is commonly embraced by humanity, as a separate consciousness that has will and intention.

The ego wishes to maintain primacy over the soul and can only do so, as long as the student remains connected to the lower fields of consciousness. The student must identify all fields that provide automatic connection, utilized as response to lesson presentation. Due to the strength of the ego, the response is not recognized as having been choice by the student. As long as the student remains unaware, the ego wins time and again, strengthening the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, starving the soul, assuring steady diet and growth for the ego.

To recognize the presence of wounding that is a result of failed lesson presentation, the student must ask:

Do I love unconditionally?

Do I judge the self or others routinely?

Do I have unresolved emotional experiences in my past that still evoke pain or anger whenever touched upon?

Do I consider myself to be a joyous human being, one who accepts all things as equally welcome?

Is my mind at peace and easily quieted?

Negative responses provide the student with the recognition of the wound, created when the unaware student selected behaviors from the lower fields of consciousness in response to lesson presentation, thereby resulting in lesson failure. Recognition that lesson failure has created wounds that influence future lessons is the first step on the path to healing.

The self has forgotten its divinity, for countless wounds have been inflicted by the life experience, damaging the view of the self, as well as others. Remembering the self’s divinity is primary to knowing the self. Recognition of inappropriate response to lesson presentation brings possibility that the true self may be brought forward as the not-self is exposed. Willingness to embrace that the self is divine is the next step on the path to healing.

Contained within the self are myriad wounds as the result of experience that has been judged as negative; responses have been selected from the lower fields of consciousness, thereby changing the true self to the not-self, that which is unknown to the student. The soul is the teacher, representing the higher fields of consciousness response, while the ego diverts the student from the lesson plan, representing the lower fields of consciousness response. To know the self, the student must detach from the self’s behaviors, reviewing all in a logical fashion, utilizing assessment versus judgment; for assessment utilizes all bodies equally, so that right conclusion may be drawn. The act of reaching higher is taught by the soul, responding to the student’s request for assistance; efforts must be focused upon changing the behavior, disconnecting from the lower fields of consciousness, arriving at different conclusion. Awareness of the connection to the lower fields of consciousness must be accomplished, recognizing that lower behavior response has been selected; implemented solely to diminish the positive stores of energy available to the soul. The process may only be broken through awareness of the connection; continued lack of awareness awards victory to the ego over the soul.

The student must know the self, which is accomplished through assessment of the self; seeking assistance from the soul to learn the lesson, committing to changing the behaviors in future, disallowing automatic connection to the lower fields of consciousness. The soul is aware that occasional mistakes will be made by the student; recognition must be made to the soul of the self’s behaviors to maintain the soul’s endorsement. The student must admit defeat, redoubling the efforts that endorse the soul and diminish the ego. Permanent surfacing of the soul to aid the student is prohibited, until the student recognizes all lower consciousness behaviors, modifying these to the higher presentation, so that the soul may regain its primacy over the ego.

The consciousness known as the Self volunteered in service to the Creator, to aid the soul, each maintaining the goal, to prove that separation from the Creator is a matter of choice. The self is hampered by the blockages belonging to the soul; the soul is responsible for awakening the self to its true divinity, guiding the self to learn the lessons, so that it may then step forth to teach the soul. This only becomes possible with lesson integration that leads to disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. Evolution of the soul only becomes possible if the self is able to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness, whereas the self then presents the self as teacher to the soul.

Recognition of the self’s divinity, as well as the goal to learn the lessons from the soul, until the connection to the lower fields of consciousness has been severed, will lead the self rapidly through the lessons. Until the self remembers its divinity, committing the self to changed behaviors, the struggle will continue between the ego and the soul, prohibiting the evolution of both the soul and the self. The soul’s evolution is dependent upon the self. Until the self places all energies behind learning the lessons that further the evolution of the soul, the self’s evolution also remains at a standstill. This singular recognition should propel the self forward to learn the lessons chosen by the soul, for this alone enables the self to further the self’s evolution. This partnership represents the desire of the Creator, to join with others in order to accomplish.

Looking no farther than the self, the student may begin to learn and to heal through contact with the soul. The soul answers the student’s request for assistance, willingly teaching the student and is the only teacher needed in order to learn; teaching the student that the path to healing is traversed by following that which is inside versus that which is outside the self. The soul will provide all that is needed by drawing others into the life experience that are necessary to learn. This singular recognition allows the student, the self, to embrace all things equally, understanding that all things have been provided in order to teach.

Awakening the student to the soul within is the primary goal of the lesson plan. The soul lies within, awaiting the student’s invitation to step forth to assist with lesson integration; once extended, the soul begins to guide and teach the student. This relationship, when nurtured appropriately, convinces the student that the soul is primary and that the purpose of the incarnation is evolution, first for the soul, then for the self. Soul evolution is impossible until the soul is first, placed above the other five consciousnesses in all things, so as to garner the knowledge that is necessary; that which furthers soul evolution. Whenever one of the other five is primary, the soul’s evolution is threatened, for each competes to satisfy each and, until merged, are not interested in supporting the other to achieve soul evolution; rather, each of the five serve as blockage to soul evolution. The student that determines that the soul is primary need begin with the merger of the physical, the emotional, and the mental bodies; merged to support one another, merged to provide that which enhances the possibility for soul evolution.

The ego manipulates each body, distorting the lesson, prohibiting further progress, as long as the human remains unaware that the improper body is at the pinnacle. Once merged, these three bodies are aware of the self’s desire to maintain balance; this, however, does not prohibit future lesson to test the student’s true desire for balance, for merger merely discontinues the continuous battle of each body to gain primacy. The student must learn to address the bodies in the appropriate order, the spiritual, the physical, the emotional, and lastly, the mental, in order to increase the possibility of soul evolution. Failure to recognize this imbalance prohibits further progress upon the path to healing.

Energies are maintained by the soul that would allow the student to heal the self; these energies are not released to the student until a relationship, based upon trust, has been established with the soul, for all but minimal energies must be expended to provide this service. Requests for healing depletes the soul of vital energies needed to maintain communication with the student; assurance must be received by the soul that these energies will be replenished rapidly, for no other energy source may be accessed by the soul. Healing begins with the desire for the life experience to be different; recognition has been made of the hollowness, the unimportant nature of all things. The student yearns to find purpose; unable to do so, due to ego’s well-fed status that has prohibited contact with the soul.

Recognizing the soul, extending invitation to come forth to share the life experience; purposefully providing nourishing energies by sharing the beauty of nature and loving interactions is necessary, to provide the fuel needed by the soul to communicate with the student. The student must seek the presence of the soul, requesting that the soul allow the student to experience all things through the eyes of the soul; this vision is the goal for all students, to live and experience all things through the eyes of the soul, for this guarantees lesson integration. The student’s desires are cast aside, in favor of the soul’s desires, when the student recognizes that the attention cannot be turned upon the self, until the soul’s evolution has been attained.

The concept of the soul will be diminished by the ego, emphasizing the absurdity of the student speaking to the self; recognition that the ego wishes nothing more than to prohibit the relationship with the soul will allow the student to overcome these judgments to establish the relationship with the soul. Discovery of the soul leads to diminishment of the ego, introducing possibility for the soul’s primacy; the ego will do all possible to prohibit this outcome. Commitment to the self, to discern the voice of the ego from that of the soul, begins the healing process; vigilance is necessary in order to accomplish appropriate assessment.

Learning that the soul wishes for the student’s success above all else, while the ego wishes for failure, allows the student to project the outcome to be experienced should the urging be followed. The soul wishes to be open to all things; all experience is welcomed as an opportunity to learn the lessons that have been chosen for the lifetime. The ego seeks to limit the experiences, judging and diminishing all opportunities that could further the student’s path to healing and soul evolution. The ego does not wish for the student to learn. The student must determine if learning or failure will be experienced, prior to responding to the urging created by field connection, remembering that the soul is ever-patient, the ego is demanding and urgent.

Commitment to the self’s healing through lesson integration is primary; the student must desire change so that the life experience can be different. Contact with the soul follows by nurturing the relationship. Behaviors and characteristics of the fields that have dominated, causing lesson failure for the majority of the lifetime, need be identified. The student must address all issues that arise that have resulted in the selection of inappropriate responses, provided by field connection that fuels the ego, due to the student’s lack of awareness that choice was available. Lesson presentation signifies choice as being available, awaiting recognition. In order to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness, the student must recognize the behaviors that have been offered by the field, deterring lesson integration, thereby consciously selecting the higher choice; one that will ensure lesson integration.

Choice is expressed by the student when awareness detects that field connection has been made; this recognition is informed by activation of the emotional body, causing the student to become upset or angered, silent or shouting, defensive or cowering. Calling forth the soul as soon as the recognition has been made reinforces the desire to reach higher for better solution. The soul is available to assist the self at all times, requiring only that the student request the assistance. Failure to recognize the reaction of the self to field connection guarantees that choice will be automatic; choice for response from the lower fields of consciousness. The student need be aware of behaviors offered during times of discord, becoming ever-alert to the arrival of these behaviors; otherwise, field connection overwhelms and response is automatic, causing lesson failure before the student becomes aware of lesson presentation.

The soul steps forward at the invitation of the student to guide and to teach; presenting the lessons, observing the student’s navigation through the lesson, assessing the end result. The result cancels future lessons, or grants permission to the soul to magnetize the same lesson again, until it is learned. Gathering with those that are like-minded, each pursuing the own path to healing, dramatically decreases the degree of difficulty felt by the student when one is attempting to heal the self alone; for the group intention solidly supports all participants, instilling and amplifying the desire to improve the plight of the life experience.

Learning the lesson allows the student to begin to heal the self, for changed behavior prevents recurrence; further cementing the healing that is rewarded. Doubt and fear diminish the student’s potential for healing the self; the student must believe the self can heal the self, embracing the concept completely, rather than bandying the words about with disbelief and disdain. Doubt and fear are absent when the belief is unshakeable; when the student believes in the soul, believes in the self, desiring evolution for each. The full embracement of this concept expedites traversal of the path to healing, for when the soul is embraced and nurtured, far greater energies become available, which may be utilized to heal the self. The soul gives of these energies willingly, for it wishes for the continuance of the housing, as this endorses soul evolution.

The student must be committed; dedicated to learning the lower fields of consciousness behaviors that are a part of the lesson plan, so that understanding and recognition may be achieved of those behaviors that diminish the likelihood for successful lesson integration. Welcoming all lessons, faithfully calling the soul forth, rather than accepting field connection at the first sign of discord, the student must request assistance from the soul to reach higher for better conclusion, overruling the emotional body that has been enlivened with lesson presentation. As long as the student remains unaware, field connections funnel behaviors that ensure lesson failure; for the lower fields of consciousness do not offer behaviors that enable lesson integration. The student must observe the lesson, understand the lesson, integrate the lesson, and set the course for changed behaviors that endorse accomplishment in future.

When the student is uncommitted, uncertain, doubt-filled and fear-full, the soul is disinclined to expend energies to assist in healing; for the student will continue the faulty path, amplifying the possibility for soul digression in the lifetime. The soul would prefer to discontinue the life experience, rather than jeopardizing energies brought into the lifetime, earned due to previous accomplishment. The soul is disinclined to have its warehouse depleted and will be desirous of proof from the student that the path to soul evolution will be pursued with great vigor, should healing be provided. The soul is desirous of union with the student, for this guarantees soul evolution. Convincing the soul of the self’s support for its evolution grants access to the energies, belonging to the soul, that encourage healing and lesson integration. The student that recognizes that the soul must be first, until all lessons have been integrated, will rapidly achieve lesson integration.

Accepting that field connection is automatic, prohibiting awareness, empowers the student to change course as soon as field connection is recognized, knowing that the self is on the course to lesson failure. Recognizing the behaviors supplied by the field to ensure lesson failure is primary, for the arrival of these behaviors indicates confirmation that the ego has provided the automatic connection to the lower fields of consciousness without the student’s permission. Calling forth the soul, requesting assistance to reach higher for better solution ensures that other choices become available. Failure to do so indicates the student’s permission for field connection, thereby strengthening the connection in future when similar lessons present.

Once the lesson has been integrated, the student’s frequency is modified, no longer attracting those individuals that were previously frequent visitors prior to integrating the lesson. Repeating lessons indicate that the lesson has not been integrated and the soul is continuing to attract others with the lesson plan needed. The student must remove all negative energies from the emotional body once the lesson has been integrated, for these negative energies call forth additional lessons. Transmuting all energies of failed lessons must be performed; freeing the emotional body of the energies that sends signal to others that lesson is needed.

The self can heal the self by committing the self to the goals of the soul, learning the lessons chosen that ensure the evolution of the soul. Only then may the self, the student, step forth to begin addressing the lessons needed to ensure the self’s evolution. Placing the soul first is primary, for the soul encourages the self to modify those behaviors that would also impede integration of the self’s lessons. Integration of the soul’s lesson plan enables the self to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness, prior to addressing the lessons that will ensure the self’s evolution, thereby increasing the likelihood of the self’s successful lesson integration.

The majority of Earth’s students are unhealed, joining with others who are also unhealed to experience lesson presentation, each with the purpose to learn and to teach. The unhealed state prohibits true union between two, for while the two may be together physically and joined at the mind, until all lessons have been learned and integrated, the two remain unable to join and express as one. Successful navigation of the path to healing necessitates that the two who are joined each commit to healing the self, for it is in this way that each can aid each, in recognition of behaviors that are not seen by the self but are easily seen by another. The two that join bring catalyst to each other, causing lesson presentation so that each may learn.

Naturally drawn to the other that can teach the self, the reason for this drawing may be and may remain unknown, until the decision is made to walk the path to healing; the student may then glean that the lessons presented were exactly that which was needed to be learned. This is the purpose of relationship; to teach, to grow together, and to learn from each other. Relationship is not always intended to last the lifetime of the student, for the student may have many opportunities to grow, to change, and this may not be possible with the initial partner chosen; this approach is equally valid when referring to any relationship of the student with others.

Honoring the other for the lessons presented, moving forward when growth has stopped, when there is nothing left to be learned from the other, when there is nothing left to teach the other; for this may provide indication to the student that it is time to begin looking for another that will further challenge the self on the journey forward to soul and self evolution. The burden of learning is lessened when the beloved supports the learning, encouraging and nurturing forward progress that benefits each. The partner that does not support the learning need be focused upon, for this human will prohibit growth for the mate. Healing will be prohibited, change discouraged, all at the urging of the field, all to the detriment of the soul and the self.

The soul desires nothing more than for the student to pursue and accomplish recognition of that which is known as unconditional love; however, the student is incapable of either receiving or providing unconditional love, as long as the connection to the lower fields of consciousness is maintained, for all love expressed through this connection is conditional. The student may believe that the self loves unconditionally; however, this is impossible as long as the connection remains stable to the lower fields of consciousness, for judgment prohibits the elimination of condition.

The student’s needs are utilized to measure all things; the partner either fulfills or falls short of providing that which has been determined to be needed. These needs are influenced by the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, which prohibit the student from accepting another that falls short of providing that which has been determined to be needed by the self. Therefore, the other loves conditionally when the needs are being fulfilled, withdrawing the love when the needs are not being fulfilled to the level that the student has determined as necessary. This withdrawal of love from the other weakens each, for the connection can only strengthen when it is continuous, funneling love from one to the other, without condition. This strengthens each in times of weakness, for the energies are there to be drawn upon, to aid one to reach higher, to be better, to accomplish that which the soul most desires; that which nurtures the human above all other things, that which endorses healing, resulting in evolution for the soul and the self.

The student who walks the path to healing is searching for the mate that will provide love without condition; all conditions placed are indications of field connection that need be severed, for as long as this connection remains stable, interference is provided, causing conditional love to be extended to the other. Conditional love does not nurture the student; rather, it deepens the yearning for the other that will embrace the self without condition. Love with condition is often abandoned, rather than nurtured, for the desire within, to be embraced without condition, causes the human to pursue new relationship that will fail in similar fashion. Failure is assured, for the self loves conditionally, attracting others who do the same, so that the lesson may be learned by each, to love without condition.

Recognition of the behaviors that cause one to love conditionally must become the focus of the student. Each recognition that is made that the self is not receiving that which is needed indicates that the self is not supplying the same to other. Correction of these behaviors will find that others are capable of providing that which is needed to nurture the self; for those things that the student seeks most deeply, yearns for without satisfaction, are those things that the self does not provide to the other. Once recognition is made and correction pursued the yearning diminishes, for the self has satisfied the self, seeking outwardly to others in order to enhance, rather than to complete the life experience.

The student seeks outwardly for that which need be provided by the self; the yearning for the other to complete the self diminishes when the salve of self-acceptance has been applied. The relationship will be viewed as opportunity for further growth for the self; opportunity to aid the other, opportunity to share of the self deeply, opportunity for soul evolution when two join together in order to learn. Relationship is intended to teach acceptance, for love is at the base, the foundation, of the relationship. Love enables embracement, acceptance of the other who acts as mirror for the self of those things most in need of modification to move forward on the self’s path. Focusing upon the other causes the student to miss the clues, the examples that have been provided to the self, ensuring lesson failure; for the lesson has been missed, due to the misdirection of the student’s focus. Relationship is intended to teach; all examples provided to the student giving birth to dissatisfaction indicate that the lesson has yet to be learned, the focus need be upon the self in order to learn.

Often, the student rejects the other, accepting behaviors that are offensive to the self conditionally, unaware that the behaviors lie within the self; otherwise, acceptance of the other would be automatic, offering to nurture and encourage change only if the other believed it to be necessary. When universal acceptance has been embraced and practiced, no insistence for change by the other is present. Universal acceptance may be gained by the student who uses all things unacceptable, as the example to the self of that which is in need of modification, pursuing the modification of behaviors for the self to rectify the thinking that disallows another from being the self without judgment. Behavior modification leads to healing of the self that is necessary to accomplish the sharing of unconditional love and universal acceptance with another.

The impact that the path to healing can have upon the young child is immeasurable; explaining the connection to the lower fields of consciousness early, before habit and automatic response has been initialized, will aid the young child in overcoming the challenges handily as they are presented within the life experience, for all will be understood. The lessons will be presented as the soul requires; however, the student will be better prepared without decades of conditioning that demand the negative response, whenever challenged. The parents must heal the self first and then begin to aid the children in healing themselves, for this process ensures that the parent is assisting the child from a healed state of awareness; rather, than an unhealed state that has been tainted by the own lessons that have yet to be learned.

The strengths of the child must be the focus of the parent; field connection that activates in infancy must be recognized and addressed, as the behaviors surface within the life experience. Characteristics and behavioral tendencies come alive as soon as the infant becomes capable of communicating and navigating the body. It is important that the young child understand that there is choice, and that the higher choice is the one that nourishes the soul, nourishes the self, increasing the likelihood for success in the lifetime, in all things. Close attention need be paid to the lesson plan assigned, determining those responses to be anticipated when connection to the lower fields of consciousness is activated. These characteristics and behaviors need be explained to the young child, providing higher choices as the preferred response, one that is more beneficial to all, in which to select from. The parent need teach the child to always reach higher, to refuse field connection that endorses the strength of the ego, for the soul is rapidly diminished when behaviors are not corrected.

Ego has not yet gained strong footing due to the natural joy that is expressed with the soul’s frequent presence upon the surface; it is this presence that need be nurtured, providing encouragement to the child to nurture the relationship with the soul. The child must be taught that all experience is provided in order to learn, emphasizing that there is always choice and that choice is the lesson.

The student recognizes that the life is incomplete; what is lacking is unidentifiable, for outwardly all things are successful. The student does not know why the self is unhappy, for much success has been experienced; the self has done well for the self and is hardly lacking in those areas of importance to the self. Yet, the yearning burns deeply within for more; something that has yet to be experienced. There is discomfort within that is not understood, for social consciousness has deemed the self as successful, capable, worthy. The student becomes the committed disciple when the yearning for more that is unidentifiable becomes known, beginning to recognize that outward success does not feed the self, nor does it dampen the yearning for deeper relationship; self-satisfaction is absent, joy that cannot be experienced materially, for joy is the spiritual experience which leads to bliss.

Failure to recognize the yearning for something more indicates that the student is not seeking the spiritual experience, for the focus is still outward; the student remains convinced that the experiences, the possessions, will satisfy the cravings of the self. Recognition that possessions and experiences that feed the ego do not promote spiritual growth is necessary; for this leads to the natural diminishment of the student’s desire for such. As long as the student prefers to seek outwardly, satisfying the self with material possessions, experiences that do not feed the soul, the unconscious decision has been made to remain unhealed. The student that recognizes the yearning and makes contact with the soul, nourishing the soul diligently with positive energies, so that it may surface frequently to communicate, is the student that begins to replace the yearning, with the relationship of the self and the soul.

Recognition has been made by the student of experiences provided and encouraged by field connection as distraction, intended to deter the student from the goals of lesson integration. Determining that the life experience is to endorse evolution of the soul and the self, the student becomes the committed disciple. The spiritual experience endorses evolution of the soul; all other experiences are provided as distraction, prohibiting the student from focusing upon the self and the self’s path to healing. The majority of the student’s life is consumed with distraction, which prohibits the ability to concentrate solely upon the self and the self’s healing, for the attractions, the distractions, are many and oftentimes, more attractive than the path to healing; distraction is attractive to the unhealed student. Setting the course; planning that which is needed in order to heal, pursuing the course with great vigor, enabling the ability of the student to overcome the attraction to distraction that endorses lesson failure, are the goals of the disciple.

Healing the self requires that the goals be set, listing all activities that endorse healing, committing the self to these activities alone; for the path of discipleship is impassable when the attention is placed elsewhere. Focusing upon healing the self, experiencing all things as lesson, learning each as presented, notating those areas that draw the attention, to determine if furtherance or diminishment of progress will be experienced; for all things that diminish, that distract, that deter, emanate from the lower fields of consciousness. Ego does not wish for the student to learn; for each lesson learned weakens the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, lessening the fuel that the ego can draw upon to distract the disciple from the true path, which is to heal the self and to then aid others to do the same.

Trusting the teacher, focusing upon that which is provided, integrating the knowledge deeply, living it for the self, so that the self may heal; the student becomes the disciple when commitment has been stated to surrender the self to the teacher, seeking counsel of the teacher in all things, informing the teacher of all things, embracing the offerings of the teacher, knowing that regardless of the pain or the difficulty encountered to satisfy the demand, the teacher knows what is best for the disciple at all times, without question. Surrender to the teacher ensures rapid healing may be affected, for the ego is caught with each antic, faced with the loss of energies that will be provided immediately to the soul. The disciple who wishes to defend the self maintains the unhealed status; for clinging to the illusion of the self feeds the ego, never the soul. To surrender the self completely means to trust and have faith without question, to follow the guidance until field disconnection has been made; for it is then that the student who has become the disciple is able to stand alone and hear the voice of the soul reliably. Prior to field disconnection, the teacher is the voice of the soul; for the higher realms only become accessible after the disciple has healed the self. Ego wishes to prohibit this access and is well aware that the disciple cannot move forward, until disconnection has been made from the lower fields of consciousness.

All things naturally progress following the plan that is maintained by the soul, for the soul will inform the disciple of that which is appropriate and that which is not appropriate, at this time. The connection to the lower fields of consciousness fills the disciple with desire for premature exposure to spiritual mysteries. The disciple need be aware that the self is proving the self to the soul and no other, for the soul will call for the most appropriate teacher with each successive level that the disciple accomplishes. The disciple must then recognize the teacher that has been magnetized to the self by the soul, so that the circuit may be closed, thereby allowing the teacher to connect with the student, to begin funneling energies that endorse knowing and healing the self. The teacher assists; the disciple must do the work, for the teacher cannot force the disciple to learn. The teacher may only present materials that are appropriate; the disciple must understand and integrate that which has been provided by the teacher.

Until disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness has been achieved, the soul presents each challenge for the disciple, prohibiting access to the higher fields of consciousness that enables initiation until the lessons have been learned. The soul may provide the student with periodic glimpses of the higher fields of consciousness through intuition, flashes of insight, or unique approaches to common problems to entice the student, increasing the desire for the spiritual experience. Guiding the student to those experiences that are spiritual in nature increases the likelihood for the student to discover the soul within, as well as the true purpose for the lifetime. The spiritual guide may be called for by the soul to increase the energies that would allow reduction of negativity within the life experience; recognizing the desire of the disciple to experience spiritually may cause the soul to grant permission for the use of occult exercises that encourage this reduction. The awakening of the kundalini provides access to the personal power, enabling rapid progress to the student that recognizes that negative energy production, resulting from connection to the lower fields of consciousness, diminishes these energies, redoubling the efforts to change the behaviors that endorse this diminishment. Awakening of the kundalini prior to field disconnection is rare, endorsed by the soul only in those instances where the disciple has accomplished the fourth initiation and has consistently proven willingness to comply with the soul’s demand for the spiritual experience. Arduous testing will have been provided by the spiritual guide and must have been accomplished successfully by the disciple.

The disciple that is provided with access to the powers of the kundalini, while connections to the lower fields of consciousness remain stable, will find it necessary to maintain a life of austerity, prohibiting particular substances from the diet that diminish sensitivity, such as meat, sugar, processed and artificial foods, to prohibit diminishment of these energies. Lesson presentation will be minimized through isolation of the self from those who remain unhealed; isolation nurtures these energies by minimizing the introduction of negativity to the disciple. The disciple need be aware that the healing process requires lesson presentation; isolation of the self lengthens the time necessary in order to heal.

Once disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness has been achieved the kundalini strengthens rapidly, allowing the disciple to eliminate the restrictions imposed to protect the energies, while field connection remained active. There are many substances upon the planet that desensitize the human; the disciple need be aware that all things represent choice. The disciple that has healed the self is best capable of determining that which is right and that which is wrong for the self, recognizing that judgment often diminishes more effectively than the substance. Recognition of the connection to the lower fields of consciousness by the disciple that has achieved activation of the kundalini may be difficult to integrate; if restrictions are necessary to maintain balance, this is an indication that field connections remain stable.

Activation of the kundalini and all other energetic capabilities are provided by the spiritual guide for the disciple that has learned the lessons and knows the self, having achieved disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. These great powers cannot be afforded to the student, for the student is likely to diminish the energies of the soul until all lessons have been learned. The disciple’s relationship to the soul is critical; for once it has been stated that the disciple wishes to experience all things through the soul, true testing begins. Each lesson that is integrated increases the trust of the soul for the disciple; each failure is monitored closely, example drawn to the attention of the disciple so that the lesson may be recognized, understood, and learned. The disciple will be tested to verify that the stated desire is indeed heartfelt; the result of this testing determines the teacher to be magnetized to aid the disciple. When the teacher is called for by the ego, the disciple will receive the teacher that is the most appropriate mirror for the self to recognize the ego within the self.

The ego camouflages as the soul successfully as long as it has primacy over the soul. Impatience will be nurtured within the disciple, to move forward to the next and the next level; rather than concentrating upon the lesson at hand, which has been provided in its natural progression for maximum healing benefit. The lesson that is provided before the disciple is prepared falls short, bringing possibility for diminishment of the warehouse containing the energies that were brought in for the lifetime. This energy must be protected from marauders who wish to steal it, using it improperly. There are many faulty teachers upon the planet who have no difficulty finding followers; for these followers have all been fueled by the field and the spiritual path is only being walked to endorse the ego.

Once the disciple heals the self, great service to others becomes possible, paying forward the service received by the self to another, who then does the same; where there are two, the healed disciple bears the role of teacher, the other is student. Recognition that disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness grants impartiality, the student need pay heed to the teachings of the teacher; embracing that all teachings maintain the goal to allow the self to heal the self, revealing the antics of the ego, encouraging disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. The student that integrates all lessons flourishes into the teacher, for the ability to aid others has increased due to the personal experience encountered on the path to healing. Once the student has healed the self, repayment in kind is necessary, stepping forward as teacher, extending a hand to another, so that the other may do the same.

Ascension requires healing and removal of all negative energies associated with the consciousnesses. Ascension is accomplished by disconnecting from the lower fields of consciousness by learning the lessons, releasing the energies created due to lesson presentation in the current lifetime, releasing samskaric energies from the soul’s previous lifetimes, brought in as fuel for the lesson plans and lastly, releasing the self’s samskaric energies from previous lifetimes, thereby integrating all lessons for each consciousness.

Samskaric energies need not be addressed until field disconnection has been achieved, for as long as field connections remain stable, lesson integration will be prohibited by emotion, unduly lengthening the process; the disciple that has successfully disconnected from the lower fields of consciousness will be capable of rapid lesson integration. The soul’s failed lessons of previous lifetimes will be provided to the disciple by the spiritual guide to determine if lesson integration has been achieved. The disciple must be able to determine the impact of the failed lessons upon the self’s life experiences, explaining to the soul the behaviors that resulted in lesson failure, providing solution that endorses lesson integration. If the disciple is unable to achieve lesson integration, additional lessons will be presented to further test the disciple’s ability to recognize, understand and integrate the lesson. Once the soul’s failed lessons have been integrated, the spiritual guide will begin presentation of the Self’s failed lessons of previous lifetimes. The same procedures will be followed until the disciple has proven that all lessons have been integrated.

The committed disciple understands that the goal is union with the soul, learning the lessons that the soul has chosen for the current lifetime, assisting the soul to integrate previous lifetime lesson failures. Failure to unite with the soul, placing all efforts behind the soul’s accomplishment, ensures failure for the disciple; for the disciple is unable to influence the Self’s evolution until the soul’s evolution has been ensured. The disciple that unites with the soul, modifying behaviors to allow lesson integration, achieving disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness, releasing all samskaric energies belonging to the soul, then steps forth prepared to address the Self’s evolution. The Creator is desirous of union; this partnership has been specifically designed to teach the human that joining together with others is necessary in order to accomplish.

The Planet Earth began operation as a School of Learning thousands of centuries earlier. Known as a veritable paradise where experiences like no other could be had, prior training sessions had begun and ended upon the planet with many concluding in disaster, as the civilizations had each failed to achieve the goals. The first students contained the abilities of many other consciousnesses throughout the universe, for they were born with memories intact, of having once been one with the Creator; these memories caused the human to desire nothing more than to return to the Creator, without accomplishing the training. Students readily accessed the fields, containing memories and knowledge appropriate to the soul’s evolutionary status; the fields that confirmed that all were One, for all emanated from the singular source, known as the Creator.

The student was influenced by planetary energies, making more predictable the behaviors to those who observed and watched the first experiment. As the students began detecting the lesson plan assigned by the soul, the scales of balance were once again abandoned, as those who sought the spiritual experience banished the ego, preventing its disruption in their experiences, expediting return to the Creator. All subsequent offerings provided in the lifetime were rejected, for nothing was desired more than this return. The light was consistently chosen. The dark was not understood. Soul evolution was at a standstill. The balance of dark to light, allowing all things to exist in harmony upon the planet, had become threatened.

The Masters of Light had embraced that access to the higher fields of consciousness would have to be veiled to appropriately challenge the student. These fields allowed the student to access all knowledge of previous lifetimes, as well as all knowledge of others at the same evolutionary status as the self, thereby providing access to other’s lesson plans, which eliminated challenge for the self. The entire universe operated in this fashion, as all things emanate from the field of the Creator. The concept, to remove conscious knowledge of the fields, was given in answer to the plea of the Masters of Light for solution. The veiling of this knowledge promised opportunity for the evolution of the soul, for it gave birth to the concept of true choice and free will.

The solution would be implemented by the Masters of Light, moving quickly to incorporate this veiling into the curriculum, for the next learning cycle. The systematic removal of all knowledge of the higher fields of consciousness, from that which would become known as the lower fields of consciousness, was first. Prohibiting the human’s awareness of the connection to the lower fields of consciousness would be accomplished through the genetic encodement and the implantation of the frequency within the human cell that denoted the lesson plan chosen by the soul for the lifetime; this frequency would also be utilized to allow or deny access to the higher fields of consciousness. In future, only lower consciousness fields would be available to the student, until the soul was discovered, called forth to teach, thereby enabling lesson integration. As subsequent humans were born upon the planet, a clean slate, free of memories would be provided, although for many a yearning would be felt deeply within; seeking that which had somehow been experienced before, yet could not be remembered, as the fields were now veiled.

Universal acceptance was the goal, as it was known that universal acceptance led directly to the experience of unconditional love; it was this that was most desired by the Creator. The first program had been simple, involving only a singular lesson plan for the lifetime, providing obstacles to learning that were focused to challenge the student, to choose between the light and the dark. Many millennia had since passed and these early lesson plans, all of which had veiled access to the higher fields of consciousness, had each failed to challenge the human, due to lack of complexity. The new lesson plan would be one that had been greatly expanded and, it was believed, would now provide the challenges necessary, endorsing true choice and free will, leading to soul evolution.

A contingency, known as the Masters of Light, consisting of those who maintained the goal to aid humanity, was appointed to monitor the progress and decline of the students throughout the learning cycle. Safeguards had been placed, enabling release of information near the end of the learning cycle, to aid those who suffered difficulty with the lesson plan; this would only be allowed if the balance were in jeopardy. Determination would be made by those monitoring the cycle, regarding the methods to be employed, to awaken humanity to the plight imbalance presented; including the compilation of data that would be necessary to teach the student how to integrate the lessons, how to achieve true choice.

One hundred ten years prior to the end of the learning cycle, the Council determined that intervention would be mandatory, appointing the recently Ascended Master Kuthumi as the leader of the contingency that would aid humanity in its hour of need. The Ascended Masters Morya, Djwahl Kuhl, Racozi, and Hilarion would assist the Master Kuthumi who would be supported by his teacher, the Mahachohan, Lord of Civilization. The Immortal, Guan Yin, would maintain contact with the contingency, informing of earthly conditions that could impact the mission. Millions of souls volunteered to incarnate upon the Earth at the end of the learning cycle, in order to assist humanity with its transition. Those disciples who are reading this text are those who volunteered for this mission.

Intervention of the Masters of Light would only be permissible if the balance of light to dark was threatened. Assistance that would inform the student of the presence of the fields, as well as knowledge that would enable the student to know the self, to heal the self, would be provided to those seeking such. Millions of souls would be incarnate upon the planet whose missions would be activated; choice and free will, free movements throughout the lifetime, would determine if the mission would be accepted or abandoned. Opportunities to provide teachings that would awaken those slumbering would be utilized to lay the foundation. Although that which could be shared would be encumbered by limitation, placed to prohibit detection of the learning system, the transmissions would prove to be of great value. Opportunities would be sprinkled throughout the learning cycle, escalating in the final four decades. The goal to be achieved was balance, for this was the desire of the Creator.

Dear Student,

All unhealed humans are genetically connected to the lower fields of consciousness, prohibiting true choice and free will, for automatic choice is provided to the unaware human through this connection. All humans are born unhealed, each containing five components that participate in a balanced lesson plan, structured to teach true choice. Healing requires that all components be merged, thereby enabling the Self to earn the right to ascend; for ascension is the reward for the student that has learned to exercise true choice and free will.

The lesson plan for the lifetime is determined by the soul, which is housed within the spiritual body. Obstacle to the lesson plan is provided by the field, creating gross matter that is housed within the emotional body of the human, emanating the frequency that maintains the connection to the lower fields of consciousness. The Self is a separate consciousness, housed within the physical body, responsible for examining the choices provided by the soul and the field, utilizing the mental body to discern the choice that is most appropriate for the self.

The student must accept that the self is wounded; embracement of the concept of the lower fields of consciousness enables the student to understand the source of this wounding. The student that wishes to heal must know the self, accomplished by learning that which has been chosen for the Self by the soul as lesson; committing the Self to the lesson plan enables recognition of that which has prohibited forward progress in the lifetime. Learning the lessons provides the student with the ability to heal the self, leading to permanent disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. The soul’s evolution is primary; the Self’s evolution is secondary.

True choice is prohibited by the lower fields of consciousness, for the automatic response is initialized by the field for the unaware student. Calling forth the soul is necessary to enable forward progress, providing energies with which to overwhelm field connection, so that true choice may become available to the Self. The student must become aware of the Self’s behaviors, dedicating the Self to change, leading to disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness. Disconnection enables the merging of all consciousnesses; Self, soul, and the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, merged as one, benefitting all, continuing forward on the path of soul and Self evolution, aiding others to do the same.

The Path to Healing is a roadmap that enables the student to know the self, for it provides understanding of the blockages placed by the soul with the lesson plan that is intended to teach that which has yet to be learned. The automatic connection to the lower fields of consciousness prevents the student from recognizing the separateness of the consciousnesses that comprise the housing and the possibilities that become available should they be merged. Each student is provided with a lesson plan that brings knowledge that need be watered with personal understanding to achieve wisdom, for this alone provides true choice and free will, resulting in lesson integration. Awareness of each consciousness is awakened through the lesson plan that tests each, encouraging the disciple to learn the lessons that will enable merger, bringing forth possibility for ascension.

The soul has chosen wisely for the student in all things, encoding the lesson plan to be followed for the lifetime based upon planetary alignments, as interpreted by the I’Ching and the Tree of Life, further delineated and merged into a singular system, known as the design of the human. The Path to Healing will allow the student to determine the fields belonging to the soul’s lesson plan, so that all energies may be concentrated to modify the Self’s behaviors that are detrimental to the soul’s evolution. The knowledge of the lesson plan provides the student with all that is necessary to heal the self; acceptance of the lesson plan allows commitment to be made to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness. Those students who wish to learn by focusing upon the positive will not be interested in this system, for the student must recognize that wounding has resulted due to the connection to the lower fields of consciousness where only the negative resides.

Many millennia were invested in The Path to Healing’s simulation; while the simulation contained components of both dark and light, the myriad experiences of the Earth known as distraction were not weighed to determine their impact. All introductions of the light have been distorted by the dark, for the human is still unable to choose the positive over the negative with great consistency. The provision of true choice and free will has proven to be far more difficult than was anticipated, for the enticements are many that encourage the student to remain unhealed.

The end of the learning cycle is upon us, increasing the sense of urgency for the student to step forward upon the path to healing. The field of social consciousness has no sense of urgency, for its function is to prohibit change that would enable field disconnection. I regretfully inform you that your life as you know it is about to end. Now is the time to commit the self to healing. The soul within awaits your call.

I leave you with the blessings of the Creator. Namaste’

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Leader of the contingency for the Masters of Light

Great energies would be needed to make contact with those messengers previously agreed upon who would then step forward to resume the mission to educate humanity. Much time would be needed to train these messengers in the use of the system and to then disseminate it to others who would be seeking guidance. Advance planning would ensure that ample time remained to aid those students who wished to walk the path to healing prior to the end of the learning cycle. Diligence and commitment would be required in order to be successful.

Many would step forth to take up the rod to teach, having utilized this system after all else had failed to finalize the self’s personal healing. Lack of knowledge of the fields would cause the path to become impassable by most, for knowledge alone would become the key, enabling rapid passage of the tests provided to teach. Once healed, many thousands would step forward as preincarnatively agreed to teach others to do the same, for the personal mission would become activated with field disconnection.

The new lesson plan would be greatly supplemented and genetically encoded to guarantee participation, veiling all knowledge of the fields from humankind. The Lord of Chaos, the leader of the team responsible for providing balance to the lesson plan, thought that the Masters of Light had gone completely mad! Why, it seemed that this would surely give the Dark Lords the advantage, for the only challenge would rest in the design of the scheme that would prevent this knowledge from surfacing. The devious Lord of Chaos had quickly determined that it was only discovery of the system itself that could jeopardize those of the dark’s position. There was no way to prove the genetic encodement, while the promised complexity virtually guaranteed that the human would never detect the lesson plan.

Knowing that the plan had been conceived and based upon that which could never be physically proven by the human, his confidence grew stronger by the moment. He slowly shook his head and a scheme began to formulate; one so evil that much time would pass before its completion. But time had always been irrelevant to the Dark Lord, for all time flowed simultaneously within his realm. He slowly and methodically began to devise a scheme that would maintain the secrecy necessary to bestow this new lesson plan upon humanity indefinitely.

Diminishing the belief in all things unseen and unprovable would be the course of action that would guarantee that those of the dark’s choices would be accepted over those of the light. It would be fear, the source of all Dark Lords’ energies, which would fuel this disbelief. Lesson plans based upon planetary energies! Ha! Ha! Ha! The Lord of Chaos would see to it that all divination systems lost favor by the time the learning cycle drew near its close. The scheme to diminish all things divine and unprovable would take several millennia to perfect but when all was said, the Lord of Chaos knew that his scheme held great promise; the promise that the human would remain in the dark, due to disbelief.

Preparations were finalized as the new cycle of learning was determined to begin and end with the Earth’s new timekeeping system, to become known as the Mayan calendar. The plan was unveiled and the balance strived mightily, to prevent the human from learning by diminishing the value of the offerings of the light. Success for the Dark Lords became probable when the concepts of Peace and Oneness were destroyed by the human’s embracement of the states of competition, separateness, and independence, more than two thousand years prior to the end of the learning cycle. Humankind had become bored with the lessons and had chosen the dark as the solution, for its offerings had become far more enticing.

The final century of the learning cycle gave birth to gross materialism; pursuit of material goods became primary, the mind ranked supreme, and the truly spiritual experience became a rarity. The disparity between those who had, and those who had not, grew ever wider and those who had, no longer cared for those who had not. The Masters of Light’s technologies, introduced in the final decades, bringing those that were like-minded together, to water knowledge with understanding that led to wisdom, were distorted by the Dark Lords; utilized to encourage separation, providing the forum for negativity to proliferate, disseminating information widely that made truth-seeking more difficult, encouraging distraction that consumed all personal time. Far more became imperiled, for distraction increased dramatically, eliminating the time needed for the path to healing. The gift to humanity became the fatal blow, for that which was intended to unite, now distracted the masses.

Seemingly, time passage accelerated, for distractions abounded, easily undermining and prohibiting the unhealed soul’s progress. The connection to the lower fields of consciousness enveloped humanity; imbalance was prevalent, yet embraced by social consciousness, as a natural result of living upon the Earth. The messengers were recalled and positioned appropriately, as soon as it was determined that the path to healing had become impossible to traverse without intervention.